Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Pisces Compatibility

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Pisces Compatibility

For a very sensitive and compassionate lover
it’s the Pisces. Pisces are very mystical and Pisces are, they aim to please so to have
a Pisces as a partner or as someone in a romantic intimate nature, Pisces are very, very good.
They’re usually uninhibited; they seek to please their mate. They seek to be compassionate
and gentle and most Pisces are pretty smart and if a Pisces has experience then they will
use all that experience to make sure that the intimacy is very satisfying and very pleasurable.
As far as getting along with other signs, it would hurt a Pisces to think there are
signs out there that can’t get along with his or her sign because the Pisces are extraordinarily
intuitive and very sensitive and so Pisces actually feels if they can get along with
other signs, but there’s a lot of signs that the Pisces nature can’t really deal with the
straightforwardness of a Sag tends to hurt the Pisces nature a lot to where, you know,
the Pisces will take a long time to forgive some awkward comment. Leos and Pisces don’t
get along well at all because of the mutability which is the changeability of the Pisces nature.
Pisces are good with a Taurus signs good with Pisces. The Virgo sign is good with Pisces
because of the need for affection and Pisces can really lavish on a lot of romanticism
and a lot of affection. So Pisces like Aquarius and Aries feels if they can get along with
all signs because of their high level of compassion and their high level of nurturing and caring
and they tend to be taken advantage of and Pisces usually choose the wrong mates because
Pisces will get involved with someone who is really in need and it doesn’t mean that
they’re highly compatible, but if a Pisces finds like a wounded Aries, you know the Pisces
will do everything they can to fix up the Aries and make sure that everything is fine
and then an Aries person once he or she gets on their feet can be, could just storm off
and leave the Pisces in a lump. So Pisces really need to use their head a little bit
more in who they get involved with and who they don’t.


  • Gama Isora says:

    @Harrystylesloveu lol im pisces and my dad is gemini. we dont get along all the time, but u gem are smart fuckers

  • Gama Isora says:

    @zangoish last four signs are the old wise ones. gemini scorpio aries those are the babys. thats why u understand them, ur not ready for the real signs yet

  • Emdie says:

    I am a Pisces (6th March) and i totally agree what this man is talking about… He is saying exactly everything of what i am. 🙂

  • jthmlover1 says:

    @Emdiea haha we have the same birthday 😀

  • Emdie says:

    @jthmlover1 … oh really?…. thats cool… Pisces rock… hehehee 🙂

  • Gama Isora says:

    @veronicachic thats why they ripp on our sign so much. conspiricy

  • TroWu says:

    I'm a pisces and my best friend is a leo.
    And I used to date a leo as well, but that didn't work out because for some reason we always ended up with laughing and giggling and fooling around… seriously nothing could be taken serious.

  • MissAwesomeWolf says:

    @TroWu I'm a female Pisces. I'm dating a Leo that was born in August and it's been ok for 3 years now. Sometimes he wants me to tell him what bothers me and I don't like telling him how I feel. He tells me he loves me and I love him too. He's like my friend and lover. He hasn't cheated on me. He does tell me I'm pretty. Even tho I feel like I'm not as pretty as his friends that are girls! (I know that I just wrote too much lol. Write me back if you want to)

  • julia307 says:

    Im a pisces female and dating a gemin. maybe its because my ascendant is libra ( moon in leo), gemini guys always attracted to me – but it never works!! Im also very much attracted to Gemini but it is a match made in hell. Can Gemini and pisces get along? Both are dual signs and mutable..why is it so difficult? With cancers and scorpios its easier, but I hate scorpios being manipulative ….erggg

    Pisces rule 🙂

  • Dee Minor says:

    ?? very superficial. you cant just go by sun signs.. my dad is a PISCES and my mom is a leo, theyve been married over 21 years so please, take the ENTIRE birth chart into consideration before making such a general assumption.

  • ViciousBeautyNYC says:

    Pisces in the houseeeeee!!!!

  • Mayham says:

    my man is a pisces and i am a scorpio

  • vonnyyay says:

    what about a virgo and pisces compability i know he says that they get long but i want more info

  • derek kimble says:

    @PraptiUltraviolett yeah one got me

  • brian truma says:

    I'm a pisces male , and that part about the Aries for me is completely true for me at least thats crazy. "fucking bitch"

  • Mark Sanders says:

    so many of u left handed aswell….

  • mustlose20pds says:

    Wow, u are the 1st astrologer that I've ever heard say that Virgo & Pisces are compatible. 🙂

  • Miss BeautifuLLL says:

    Pisces and Virgo <3

  • Ghost says:

    @Essa698 what is wrong with their brains? i don't believe in this crap anymore by the way. it's stupid and unscientific.

  • Joseph Garrett says:

    I'm a Pisces man and I'm in love with a Virgo woman, I hope that we really are compatible.

  • claudialsev says:

    @99redballoonanimals im an aquarius and hes a picses and we are insanely compatible. go with it!

  • Info Tech says:

    I think sometimes we are who we do not know. We also say things that somewhat not truely from us sometimes too, it is a pretty difficult feeling to tell, that is why it will take us longer time to reflect the whole thing though. Due to awareness not very enough. 🙂

  • Info Tech says:

    Why we are so sensitive ? I am almost allergic to all western made cosmetic, not pure gold Jewllery , and almost all cats, while other people do not feel it at all? Why ?

  • Dita Harlow says:

    I'm a Pisces and I always have the most fun with Sags, but I have alot of sag in my chart and I quite like Leos as friends (moon in leo). You can't go just by your sun sign, because I have never met a cancer that I've liked, never!

  • SuperStrik9 says:

    I'm a Pisces and my best friend is a Cancer. Imo there is alot of truth between signs of the same kind (in this case water) getting along.

  • luckyvan2 says:

    I'm wondering what the relationship between a Aries(daughter 3/27) and Pisces (mother,2/27) would be like? I just had a little girl and I'm wondering what the relationship might be like.

  • gerald white says:

    man this girl in my class is a pisces can't stand her ass

  • Jon Soares says:

    Pisces Compatibility

    Perfect Match: Cancer, Scorpio and other Pisces.
    Almost Perfect: Taurus and Capricorn.
    Opposites Attract: Virgo.
    Signs To Learn From: Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.
    NOT Compatible! Aries and Sagittarius.

  • rayjones31692 says:

    the reason we have to look at the entire chart is bc Zodiac signs are FAKE just like Dec 21 2012

  • rayjones31692 says:

    Pisces sun, virgo moon, scorpio asc in case someone wants to pull some Pisces/virgo asc crap on me

  • Miss Blondie says:

    there are no scorpios in my world it seems… out of all the People i know, there's only one scorpio and she's a girl.. how sad

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