Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Relationships & Astrological Signs

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Relationships & Astrological Signs

For an ongoing relationship we are going to
talk about the sexuality and the sensuality of some signs. It is not to say that all signs
can’t be compatible for life or that the first signs we spoke about aren’t good for a lifelong
match. That is determined by the couple. It’s determined by choices, it’s determined by
working with the relationship. These signs that we are going to talk about now like Taurus
are very good for the longevity of the relationship and maintain the steady course. Within the
relationship, Taurus people, or most Taurus people are very attractive people. Taurus
people really like a sense of security around them and they tend to be more loyal to their
mates. Taurus people are very good in the bedroom but not as experimental as Sag or
Gemini or as intense as a Scorpio but they tend to fill the gap fill void. They bring
a lot of heated passion; one thing about a Taurus is their anger. When they get this
ferocious anger about them then they usually become very affectionate afterwards and the
want to forget what happened. On an ongoing relationship Taurus will stay the distance.
Another one would be Cancer. All Cancers are home bodies. Cancer people love to be in the
home. Cancers have a high sexual drive. Cancers please very well. They draw people into themselves.
The woman will draw the man more into themselves. The Cancer men are very sensitive about pleasing
their mates. Usually what the Cancer and the Taurus it?s a good sign say if a person is
Capricorn and have Cancer of if a person is Virgo and they have Cancer. It means that
the sexuality could continue in the bedroom where as the Sagitarius might want to go off
and experience something new from time to time. Another sign that has a very good sex
drive but it tends to be a little more self-centered is the Leo. Leos have a very good sex drive.
It tends to be more about them in the bedroom and their performance which contrast to a
Libra. To make love to a Libra would be to know how to satisfy another human being in
order for that to be returned. Libras can be very narccistic and Leos are the king of
the jungle. The kings and queens of the jungle and they want all the attention given to them.
In the beginning of a sexy, intimate relationship, a Leo would either go overboard with their
lovemaking skills only to show their prowess and show that they are the kings and queens.
The Libra will want a lot of attention for themselves they will want a lot of satisfaction
for themselves because Leos and Libras tend to be self-centered and narccistic.


  • Crystal Nibarger says:

    Taurus' rules!!! & OMG am I like that!!!

  • DeSiree Elizabeth says:

    im a taurus.. and he is right about leo in the bedroom!!

  • askquestionsplz says:

    scorpio wat wat

  • Constipated Pirate says:

    …. gemini most experimental in bed 😉 …. anyone tried the seated jackhammer

  • Annette young says:

    self centered!!!!!!! not this Librian

  • Carmen Briseno says:

    im a libra to ….What the HELL? I lovvvvvve to please my well,not yet "boyfriend" but I'm getting there He FN ROCKS my world makes me shiver and quiver from the tip of my head to the very ends of my delicate and sensitive toes,He's a virgo WOW WEE yes yara yara critical but NOT IN BED he's docile and opened not way off the charts …But in OUR world damn every sexual intense moment is as HOT and INTENSE of an ERUPTION every single time we r 2gether MY MAN MAKES LOVE CREATES AND RECREATES …BAM

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