Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Sagittarius Compatibility

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Sagittarius Compatibility

In order to get a Sagittarius in a relationship
is like pulling the wings off a butterfly. If you enjoy seeing someone express freedom,
you would let the Sagittarius have his or her time to fly. They’re going to do it anyway,
so if you’re involved with a person with Sag, or if they have a Sag moon or a Sag rising,
these people, they won’t have their wings pulled off, and it’s not that they want to
go out and have exploration and different sexual encounters, they usually want to go
out and enjoy other people. They want to, they just want to fly, they want to flit,
they want to have new adventures and they’re horribly optimistic about anything that happens
to them. They always feel as if going around the next bend is going to be good fortune
so a lot of people can’t deal too well with the Sag because of their high level of optimism.
Also, a Sag, when they break up in a relationship, will always look at greener pastures thinking
that, well, you know, that was fun now let’s see what’s going on around the corner or in
another pasture, and that tends to hurt people. Sags also have a straightforwardness that’s
very cutting, they don’t, most Sag?s don’t feel as if it is cutting. So the more sensitive
signs should be really careful about teaming up for a long period of time with a Sag because
they will have that straightforwardness and they won’t offer a lot of security or stability,
like an Aries sign doesn’t offer a lot of security and stability as well. So if you’re
looking for security and stability, don’t look to a Sag to give that to you because
it’s not going to happen. But, if you want to have a partner whose sense of freedom you
can enjoy being around because they’ll certainly drag you with them, then choose a Sag because
they are very optimistic people.


  • ayana1083 says:

    haha im a libra n sag's r fun fun fun i love them long time

  • aznboi1214 says:

    this is gay im nothing like a sagitaurus but i was born one horoscopes are gay and wrong

  • candyDREAMER says:

    im a sag rising and this is pretty accurate for me. the one this i can't stand is the feeling of being tied down in a relationship. And it's not as much a fear of commitment versus the other person wanting me all to themselves and long- term binding promises. I've also been told I can be very blunt and lack tact.

  • UghYah says:

    omg im sag and im bisexual… who knows might be a coincidence…

  • Ophiuchus123456789 says:

    Sags are very interesting to me. I always draw them even though I'm a Taurus.
    Maybe Sags are so optimistic and open minded, they even enjoy a moody tauren like me.

  • Free Reign Network says:

    Amen! Agreed!

  • Free Reign Network says:

    I know right! That's why I ,love Virgos they see the details I miss and are grounded.

  • Free Reign Network says:

    My deal breakers are pessimism, jealousy and laziness. Anything that threatens my liberal spirit.

  • beatitbuzzkill says:

    sag 4 life!!!!!

  • tragicharmonyband says:

    i am a sag, and my boyfriend is an aries. this is the most amazing relationship i have ever been in and i hope this is the last on. if you are sag, i would advise you to try a relationship with othr fire signs, fire signs go amazing together. best of luck 🙂

  • EMJKfunnTim3s says:


  • Cristian Rico says:

    "give them time to fly… theyre going to do it anyways" ROFL!!!

  • cheesesmiles says:

    i LOVE saggitarius ppl! so happy all the time and carefree, funny as hell!…lucky ppl. i love them dearly

  • Jessica Decker says:

    i do agree about the emotional security thing, im a sag and the only way for a sag to give emotional security is if we fall in love. and the stability thing…we dont like being in one place for long. so i do believe for a sag to give emotional security and stability, we have to 1. be in love and 2. the person that we are in love with can't be one to stay in one place to long and 3. we CANT be tied down and controlled or we will leave.

  • Jessica Decker says:

    Crazyfrankie666 im falling in love with a leo right now!! lol i love his dominance and action too and his outgoingness. lol

  • Melange Govix says:

    Hi I'm a Sag! It's kinda true! thanks!!!

  • K de la Cruz says:

    VERY TRUE! They're great friends but that's it haha never count on them for a relationship. Sag women…well, there are 2 kinds: the ones who are still optimistic in love and the other ones who rebel fr. being heartbroken

  • Merdenoms says:

    So true! And I'm a Sagittarius woman.

  • brighttail100 says:

    I'm a Leo and I wanted to know if Leos are compatible with Sags. I have a crush on my friend who's a Sag so I've gotta know!!!!!!

  • Mike Santos says:

    @brighttail100 – true compatible with sags is Leo, and Aries . why? Cuz you guys are the Fire – signs. powerful sign according to some book. lols

  • nitromeplay says:

    IM A SAG!!!!!!!!!
    party time!!!

  • 015sunshine says:

    sag are great ppl, i love thier sense of humor.

  • Julia Roberts says:

    GOD. i mean im a SAG and when he said when a relationships over they just look over and find something new. I DO THAT ALL THE TIME but if i dont like you im not gonna sit with them for the rest of my life and think about them i got better things to do. and people ALWAYS GET MAD cause i say things without thinking then they'll say "Whats your sign Sagittarious?" i'll say yeah and they'll say " Oh,…..well thaat makes a lot of since." ASSHOLES

  • celinewah says:

    @aaaaddddaaa Exactly! Me too!

  • lakshaye kumar says:

    @crazyfrankie666 u deff right about tht

  • cheesesmiles says:

    @FaceMeetsBullet haah yes! you guys are so awesome!

  • ladynice75 says:

    Im a sag and all he said is true, I just met a guy and we clicked instantly he felt it too, we kept repeating same pattern what we like etc just like a mirror only to discover at the end that we BOTH ARE SAGS 28 and 29 nov our b days 🙂

  • Jorge Diaz says:

    i love being a Sagittarius

  • julia avjan says:

    i am sag girl and i love both freedom but i can equally committ to a man that i love..its just a matter of falling in love with the right person…

  • Terri Johnson says:

    @chrazyfrankie666 – I agree, Sags are the most faithful and can provide that emotional security WHEN WE ARE WON OVER! That's the catch, win us over, and you have us for life. Mess over us and you will PAY!

    Now they have this new sign, makes me wonder.

  • zak says:

    I'm not sure why he didnt say what star signs we go well together with :/ I have a sag girlfriend and i'm sag myself, in my opinion I think we go together well but I'm suprised, he kind of just said he wouldnt recommend having a relationship with one :/

  • Shea O'Neill says:

    i know my friend is a Sagittarius, there was someone at our lunch table at school that he didn't like and he didn't even beat around the bush he just said, "I don't like him"

  • Omnomnigon says:

    im a sagittarius and most of the stuff i hear for my sign are usually bad -_-….but the sex is good!

  • ebonygoddess1000 says:

    i'm a sagittarius and i'm the type of person who doesn't talk much, or go out much

  • ebonygoddess1000 says:

    but personally, it depends on the person, regardless of the their sign

  • negrita305 says:

    gemini girl and sag guy??????????

  • Sandring44 Ⓥ says:

    What's your sign? 🙂

  • cheesesmiles says:

    I'm an aquarius ^o^/

  • Sandring44 Ⓥ says:

    awesome 😀

  • Unidente02 says:

    Flitty and unstable Saggitarius? Wrong in my case! I believe in being loyal and faithful to my partner, and reliable as well. Disagree with you, sir.

  • Andrea Piers says:

    It sounds to me like you hate the Sagittarius and fire signs like Aries I'm sorry they are the best at love and sex! and if they are optimistic it surely is not a bad thing!!!

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