Guide to Astrology: Symbols, Chart & Houses : Astrological Signs

Guide to Astrology: Symbols, Chart & Houses : Astrological Signs

Hi, I’m Molly Mackey with Expert Village and
today we are going to go over the different symbols and try to memorize the different
symbols as they relate to an Astrology chart. The symbols are very important because most
Astrologers will only mark your chart using a symbol. They will not actually write out
the planet so it is very important to memorize these. So I’ve drawn them out really large
so you can take a look. The first we will start off with is the most obvious, the Sun.
It is a very simplistic symbol of a round circle with a dot in the center. Now the Sun
in your chart is really where you stand out, where ever it is placed is where you are going
to shine. It is where most of your personality comes from depending on where it lies. We’ll
go over the chart and those specifics in later topics. Next is the symbol for the Moon. Again,
very simplistic, it looks like a little half moon slice. These are easy to memorize obviously.
The moon in your chart is really about your emotions. Many times it is regarded as the
mother figure in your chart. Just as the moon changes quite frequently so do our moons and
emotions as well.


  • Najla Nashi says:

    I can't find all symbols for 12 planets, I have Saturn, Uranus, Vinus, Pluto, sun, Mercury, Mars ,Jupiter, Moon and Nepton remains two what are they please?

  • ChapmanGriffith says:

    Tomom, there are only 10 planets Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune and Pluto.
    There are 12 signs and 12 houses. I hope this helps.

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