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In Greek mythology Hades rules the underworld
of the dead. It’s that dark dank place where people wander around aimlessly in this grey
shade living uninteresting lives. So it�s understandable that the Greeks kept Hades
at arm�s length because to know Hades not only meant that you were dead, but it meant
getting close to things that you really didn�t want to take a look at, you really didn�t
want to see. This is where Hades seems to occupy a definitive in our lives.
Hades often operates in primal ways, that is, situations that have originated early
or somewhere in the past, and we carry on into adulthood with particular deep fears,
anxieties, depressions, sadness and losses. But it�s also in their resolution where
some part of us on the emotional, spiritual, physical level must break down so that a new
awareness and growth can take place. There�s often a manifestation on the physical level,
and very often Hades deal with the gut, or ignoring the gut as the case may be which
can sometimes cause physical encumbrances. Some of the traditional Hades keywords are
matters of decay, unpleasantries, sinister, the criminal, deeply buried things, dirt and
garbage. And in its positive, antiques, antiquities, the occult and the esoteric, excavations,
and certainly all of the helping professions. It�s very common to see a strong Hades in
the chart of doctors and therapists because they are working with sick people or people
who need their help in some way. In the spiritual emotional realm Hades is
that kind of darkness that we all may feel from time to time where there�s a hopelessness
or a despair, where there seems to be no way out, no options, where the power of Hades
over us feels absolute. But again, it�s also in the resolution of these issues that
drive some of the most beautiful and powerful healing expressions of Hades. Let�s take
a look at a couple of different charts to see Hades in manifestation.
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter best known for her self-portraits. She painted in a style
combining realism, symbolism and surrealism. This is a great example of Hades manifested
and channeled into the creative artistic realm. If we look at her chart you can see that Hades
is front and center and touches on the Meridian (which is the soul, the point of individualty)
as well as her Ascendant (which is the environmant and how she presents herself in the environment)
in this four equal part cross aspect. So the Hades makes a tremendous impact in her chart.
Kahlo suffered lifelong health problems, many of which were the result of a traffic accident
at the age of 18. And in the recovering from her injuries she was isolated for long periods
of time, and it was through this isolation that much of her painting was influenced.
She was also known for her volatile relationships in particular to the artist Diego Rivera.
And so her painting expressed much of her physical pain and emotional suffering through
their symbolism. Beautiful channeling and expression of the Hades energy. �When I stand on the mountain and say �do
it� it gets done, if it don�t get done then I�ll move on it, and that�s the last
thing in the world you want me to do� Charles Manson is an American criminal who
led what became known as the Manson Family, a quasi-commune that arose in California in
the late sixties. Now Manson was found guilty of the conspiracy to commit the murders of
seven people but perhaps what he is best known for is the pop culture that arose around him
in which he became an emblem of insanity, an emblem of violence and the macabre. Manson
believed in what he called Helter Skelter, a term he took from a song by The Beatles
in which he believed there to be an apocalyptic impending race war, and he believed his murders
would help precipitate that war. So when we go to the Meridian, and remember
the Meridian is a snapshot of the soul, the point of individuality, right away you see
this strong Uranus/Hades midpoint structure. In a chart where there is nothing softening
a Uranus/Hades what you get is a classic anger aspect because the Uranus is very disruptive
to the Hades energy. Also, Uranus/Hades prominent in a chart is often an indicator that something
is very �off� in the character. And what strengthens this even more, is the Mars/Vulcanus
completing a 3-point picture. And the Neptune is also there, so with the Neptune you get
a highly charismatic and �charlatan like� individual.
The other midpoint structure that is playing in is the Jupiter/Poseidon midpoint which
gives him an even more prophetic nature. Positively manifested a Jupiter/Poseidon would be someone
with a lot of wisdom or instinct, but that�s not how it�s operating here. The Jupiter/Poseidon
instead expands the twisted vision, that prophetic nature.
And let�s go to the Moon, where Hades makes a strong appearance. Remember the Moon is
not only the emotional nature but it also represents the mother in the early life. Here
you are getting that powerful cross-aspect, the 22.5 degree picture of which Hades is
a part. There were many heavy primal issues around the mother, she was an alcoholic as
well as a prostitute and had him when she was very young. So you start to get this picture
of the early primal issues, the deep feelings of being unloved, the not great character,
the anger and the proselytizing-mythologizing nature. Great example of Hades in negative
manifestation. Finally we�re going to take a look at the
chart of Oprah Winfrey. If we go to the midpoint Sun/Meridian midpoint, and in Uranian astrology
the Sun/Meridian is one of the most important midpoint structures in terms of career because
it is a blending of the Sun, what we would like to radiate, and the Meridian which is
our soul�s essence and the point of individuality. Now around this very career structure we have
a Neptune/Hades midpoint. Neptune/Hades is one of the main structures for humanitarian
work and helping professions.

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