Have the Zodiac Sign Dates Changed? | Zodiac Signs

Have the Zodiac Sign Dates Changed? | Zodiac Signs

My name is Lawrence Grecco. I live in New York City, and I’m a Life Coach
and an Astrologer. I’ve been practicing Astrology for over 20
years. You can check out my website at zenrising.com. I’m here to talk to you today about Horoscopes. So, astrologers have always known that, over
the past few thousand years, the Earth has shifted on its axis. As a result, the constellations, um, in the
sky now are in different, uh, locations than they were thousands of years ago. However, Western astrology and the zodiac
signs have never been based on the physical location of the constellations. they’re based on the seasons. So, for example, every year, we start with
the sign of Aries at the time of the spring equinox, which is usually on or around March
21st. Then, all 12 signs follow after Aries. Another example of how Western astrology is
seasonally based and not based on location is if looking, if we look at the sign of Libra. So, every fall, on or around September 22nd,
it is considered the autumn equinox. And, on that day, the length of daytime and
night time are roughly equal, which really speaks to the sign of Libra because Libra
is all about balance and equality and harmony. So, once again, Western astrology has never
been based on the physical or literal location of the constellations in the sky. it’s based on the seasons so, the zodiac signs
and the dates, uh, under which they fall, have definitely not changed.


  • Miya Thompson says:


  • Annie Liu says:

    Yay I'm still a Taurus!!

  • Deon Leo says:

    @Dororoisawesome: same here ^~^

  • jackh0lesTV says:


  • Nicole White says:

    I have always been a Leo until now ..he is telling me I'm Virgo ? When he explains Leo it's so true. X but when he explains Virgo it's so not me (21st august)

  • lindakbray1 says:

    Why all the bashing of people?

  • Squizr says:

    1:47, There's your answer 🙂

    And I learned something new to day 😀

  • Stroodlecutie44270 says:

    @wimpykid422 ME TOO!!! ♥

  • Jehosh27 says:

    With Ophiuchus in mind, my sign would then be an actual Ophiuchus. (Dec. 9) However, everyone says that I'm still a Sagittarius. So what do I choose? Easy: Both. Sagittarius defined who I was years ago. It was the foundation of me. Now, Ophiuchus is the new version of me, the direction I will follow henceforth. Is it really so weird that I want to be both?

  • Jehosh27 says:

    @GretelThePentecostal Thanks.. glad to know I'm not the only one.

  • BTMaverick707 says:

    Astrology is a farce… im sorry people but it is.

  • whycantipost says:

    He's kinda sexy. Is that weird? I think he just comes across as smart and well balanced or something lol.

  • Lissy Love says:

    so because it is based on seasons does that mean it will be different in the southern hemisphere? eg, in new zealand the 1st day of spring is september 1st & the astrological sign would be virgo. however doesn't virgo represent autumn & the harvest? so in the southern hemisphere should it be aries or pisces?

  • Amaya Kazumi says:

    Yeyiiii i'm still a scorpio😉

  • Shamari Scott says:

    I was always a capricorn not a sum saggitarius

  • Little Blue Fox Artist says:

    I'm so happy I was a Leo all along not a Virgo 😊

  • Farhad Khan says:

    I am still Taurus good

  • cyril glibratv says:

    western and eastern are true the dates are still the same it just shows where ya stars are

  • Magduraa says:

    Astrology doesn't make any sense anyway, the stars change all the time and the zodiac signs are almost never accurate.

  • Petty Murphy says:

    This is the most asinine thing I've seen in recent time, the origins of astrology are all based on the Stars, so if it's no longer /never has been based on the stars then it's essentially based on nothing at all. Idiots

  • Paul Bergeron says:

    This is a cop out. It’s based on the stars. You can’t be born under a different sign then say no I’m the one in front because it’s based on seasons. No.

  • Matthew Yalamas says:

    The. Definition. Of. Astrology. Is. The. Study. Of. The. Sun. Moon. Planets. And. STARS. What… is this guy teaching? Earthology? Seasons are different everywhere. It is a fact that as we have moved through our galaxy, we have a different angle and field of view of the stars around us. Thus, the signs HAVE changed. Who actually is uneducated enough to believe this guy!!??

  • savvageorge says:

    Zodiac signs are also called STAR signs. They are bases on the STARS. If you are using star positions from 2,000 years ago then your star sign is incorrect.

  • Rachel Borg says:

    It's seasonal then?? Cause Australia's summer is in December lol.. This guy makes no sense… And astrology is to do with stars and planets hence why they talk about the rulings of planets in horoscopes e.g Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.. The star signs may or may not of changed and it's up to each individual to decide that.. Same with believing in it or not.. But please don't believe this.. It's not seasonal.. Cause in every country the seasons may be different so it obvious that's not how it works

  • Lol lol says:

    I didn't get it, so the dates do not change? Becuase if it is i will still be a Gemini because i was born under that constellation before even it changed.

  • Traveller Gaming says:

    But the seasons are different depending on where you are in the word bro…

  • tired but not tired says:

    no your zodiac signs is still the same I am TAURUS may 7

  • When you wake up and realize, your thing is wet! says:

    Capricorn 4 life!

  • Thomas Amadeus Nechala says:

    I am and will always be Capricorn, I don’t care what the others say

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