Heal the trauma of abuses – Family tree  / Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Heal the trauma of abuses – Family tree / Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Dear Chantal Chantal Junod is your husband name you are close to 50 years old you are 45 years old and no children I’ll read you the Tarot I’ll read you the Tarot to thank you of your support to my film Psychomagic, an art to heal I’ll try to heal you, because.. ..you suffered a lot, chantal you said.. that from your birth you have been abused sexually abused until 7 years old you tell me a homeless tried to raped you in the street you had a car accident.. a car frontally broke your bones you have been in death danger after that.. you tried the insemination you had an ectopic pregnancy problems for this child not born and you almost died you see? so.. all of that is.. terrible.. you are looking for a place to live in peace you are also looking for your mission your life mission.. what is your goal in life? you know.. we.. don’t have a story alone.. we are living a life depending of our genealogical tree it means that your family tree from what you told me was full of pain, shocks you weren’t born in a house full of love and.. the pain you have is the product of several generations the Bible is saying when i’m a jealous god the harm I’m doing will breed in you for 5 generations it means that.. I really believe that.. to produce a life like yours at least four generations where life did not find happiness 4 generations.. from your birth, this problem of your family tree is on you so.. in your Tarot we will see with the cards you choose the violence, your world where you struggle to heal yourself and you’ll heal yourself, let’s see how the first card you chose is the the Bateleur what is this character? he has everything in front of him all elements of life also the energy, the active one, the receptive one and a bag full of the elements in the table but in this card the character has a sexual secret this table hides his sex and he is pictured as a magician, an illusionist and what an illusionist is doing? he is looking a way sometimes with talent to cheat his public it is a character who cheat using the dishonesty as an art and this dishonesty can hide some sexual problems so in the Tarot, the one has an impact in the 11 the strength and it says also that there is a sexual secret an hidden secret this character with the same hat infinite the same than the bateleur they are relative they have the same soul she has too a thing with her sexuality we don’t know if she hide it, if she wants to make her talk there is a problem here there is a strong problem here the second card is the 13rd a character.. a divine one.. because of his flesh colored cleaning the unconscious looks like your unconscious full of accidents it means that the sexual secrets from your family tree you don’t know who makes that you have been abused from your birth you want to clean your unconscious and why do I insist it is sexual? because the card matching with the 13 is too having his power her scepter pressed in her sex her scepter pressed in her sex it is a problem in your body you are paying by this ectopic pregnancy you are paying unresolved sexual problems of your family tree and your are paying that with who? with who? now the 17 it is your truth your qualities your love for the world your love for life, for the truth.. your sexual purity your spirit purity, you have it, but what is happening? the carriage the shock of the car the shock of the car according to the Tarot, driven by a man this man hits you by front and this man is the father archetype you see? in your family tree there is a man here and another man here and after, one, two, three, four women because call the Death it is a feminine character so the woman having this problem that affects her sexuality, her life her body because this problem is not solved you should do your family tree, buy if you can or find on internet my book Metagenealogy and you’ll see a description of all the problems we have because of our family tree there is one interesting chapter call birth massage and it explains how the way you born can affects all your life and how all the problems of your family tree are going to meet in your birth you should do it, it is really important to understand what happen to understand the conflict with the father you know the shock you had with the car accident is like a rape it is a car coming in front of you and break your bones you see it is a rape of your body well you are a victim it marks you so, how will you realize yourself i think that the minimum we can live, the minimum of the minimum is hundred years old i think we can 150 years old but hundred years old is possible it means that you are not even at the half of your life and you are fighting for your health you are still half of your life to live so you should work with yourself to realize yourself but work in this way, telling you I I, I, Chantal, I am living in an auto concept of me, but it is not me i was trained since I was in my mother womb I was trained as soon as I was in my mother womb with a false personality I’m the product of prejudice family secret, all of that. and you are the black sheep, the victim of that so you should say I have to stop to say me I am me you have to go in a peaceful place sit don’t move looking for a comfortable attitude set up your breathing and after start to see you to see you as if you were an alien who was coming to a planet, a being mysterious full of wealth you do not know but this planet is yours the nest you are looking for where is the nest I can live in peace with health the nest it is your unconscious your ally you enter in the unconscious and the first thing you should realize is your freedom I’m free I’m free from my name I’m free from my age I’m free from my body I’m free from my country I’m a being free from everything I’m breathing the freedom I’m breathing all the prejudice, all the believe, all the pain all the accidents are not me you enter deep inside you after listen to me Chantal, I’m not a religious believer I’m a mystic being when I talk about God I’m not talking aout a God catholic, jewish or muslim chinese.. no I’m talking of an infinite power eternal, which produced you and the world you live in and this God we call it God because we don’t have another word this vital strength completely on you with this God and you say I’m not my father victim I’m your wife I’m talking of this unbelievable strength I’m you wife I’m your daughter and your mother, receiving you I’m giving you a kind of life so marry your strength, your divine strength, and continue and start to bring out the characters personalities who are there but you have never let come in your body and soul Let in the sexual woman but the sexuality in the purest way, the creative way fight you didn’t make children but you can have spiritual children your creative sexuality, awake it start to think that you are practicing an art and you say I’ll paint and seated start with your mental to paint an incredible artwork and with your mental create a music, a symphony, a sculpture, a poem Give you the time to create it with your mind to be artist and after continue and let come to you all the characters, the archetypes that are sleeping and waiting for you you should do that It is my advice and I’m sure that if you are doing that and if you start to love yourself and realize that until 100 years you have a wonderful life to live well.. I think that you’ll be well the nest you are looking for is your spirit, your soul your unconscious Thank you to collaborate with me


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