Horoscope and Tarot  ❤️ You ARE Loved!

Horoscope and Tarot ❤️ You ARE Loved!

Hi everyone and welcome this is Reverend
Renee with the Oracle reading for March 8th so we want you to stay tuned we’re
gonna do an Oracle reading strictly Oracle’s no tarot today and we want you
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Tarot using the daily horoscope app there are links in the infobox and we’ve
got some extra special information for you today we’re gonna look at your three
main energies for March 8th three main energies for March 8
happy birthday Pisces if you’re having any birthdays today happy birthday to
you happy birthday to you okay so here we are we’ve got the shadow side coming
out probably has to do with Mars and maybe some if some stuff happening with
the Sun and Neptune can jump now a lot of times the Sun Neptune conjunct can
mean that you are definitely in a more of a psychic mode more of an intuitive
mode but you also have to be careful cuz Neptune can make you think things that
aren’t true okay or it can make you see things that aren’t necessarily where
they are so if you’re feeling a little bit antsy make sure that you drink
plenty of fluids make sure that you eat make sure that you talk to someone that
you’re very familiar with that you can tell them what your thoughts are about a
situation they could come back to you and say hey I agree with that or no I
don’t think this is exactly what it really is that way you can stay in touch
with how things should be we’ve got the heart chakra some things going on that
you know week you could make it through you can you can deal with it just want
to make sure that you stay I always say focus on something outside of yourself
highly positive music meditation is sort of outside of yourself if you do guided
meditations if you’re dealing with the internal you want to make sure that your
thoughts are positive mental conflicts looking back what it shoulda coulda let
that go you got to make the most and the best of where you are now also we’ve got
the secrets okay it’s time for us to be honest with ourselves about where we are
so that we can clear our hearts and take chances
okay tour being positive I’m it says willingness to follow intuition when
others are doubting you do the right thing okay don’t let confusion set in
and you will have triumph you will have triumph in your relationships you will
have triumph after overall you know sometimes in life we go through things
and we have this archetype messing with us and doing things but it’s going to be
okay everything works out everything is okay get what you want understand what
you want listen to yourself okay and make sure that you are in a good place
around it by people who love you and just know know that you are loved
so all this confusion doesn’t get to you because this is a tricky time you know
March is one of those those months away it could be it snow or it could be warm
and that’s how it is in our psyche right now you can be snow or it could be warm
so be careful with that and know that you are loved take care bye bye

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