Horoscope and Tarot ❤️WOW!  You’re Headed Up.

Horoscope and Tarot ❤️WOW! You’re Headed Up.

and welcome to the show this is Reverend
Renee it’s just for the March seventh daily horoscope and Tarot I’m here we’re
gonna do a three card oracle wheat reading welcome to the show
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in the infobox for that we’ve got some special numbers for you and I have a
little bit of an announcement that I’d like to make and then I’ll give you your
special numbers okay so I am my name is Reverend Renee I am an ordained reverend
an ordained Reverend in a church that is a believer of what I do and I just
wanted to say to all of you your anyone is welcome to watch my videos but if you
are not into Tarot or Oracle cars or things of that nature there is no
mandate on anyone to watch and it you have a right to do what you want to do
and you have to allow other people to do what they feel called to do in the way
that they feel called to do it so no one has the right to make anyone do anything
the way they want to now I do know that there are a lot of people out there
specifically those that practice traditional religions who feel like they
have to make people or force people to do what they want to do or what they
want them to do I believe that is universally against the law and it is
wrong and I everyone who believes that that’s wrong has the right to believe
that’s wrong so if you’re if you’re drawn to the video and I try to put
enough out there so that you know these are horoscopes and tarot readings if
you’re drawn to these readings great if you don’t get into that or don’t believe
in that there’s no requirement for you to watch please go and find
a really good evangelist that you can watch okay I just feel the need to say
that I hope you get that okay so special numbers let’s give these people a few
seconds to click off okay so everybody who’s left really wants the info okay
special numbers for thirteen twenty two and thirty and you’re you’re really all
welcome we’re just trying to make sure that everybody understands we’re not
trying to you know nobody forces anybody to do anything so a little bit of
astrology the Palace retrograde in Libra is kicking butt okay
it’s kicking up old dust and remember I told you guys to self-correct because it
is better to self-correct vent for the universal elders to step in that goes
for everyone okay now intuitions are running high
there’s some major astrologers major intuitive major spiritual mediums being
born in this week so all this energy is gonna be affecting everyone and it’s
almost like another Halloween where the veil between the living and the dead is
very thin so because we are very close to our ancestors right now and those on
the other side let them know how they can assist you in a respectful loving
way and offer gratitude because gratitude is a very positive energy and
energy is never destroyed so offer gratitude there’s a specific way to do
it and there’s a specific way not to do it but the ancestors are closed right
now okay so we’re gonna put down three cards see what the energies are for
March seventh all right okay all right so I’m gonna keep this
out because I think I may be using this again to clarify we’ve got the servant
card delighting and serving others with a free and loving heart let’s look at
the shadow side using a lack of money as an excuse not to move forward with life
so we may be some of you may be feeling like this is a time for a new beginning
especially this time of year and you want to go back to school or you want to
do something with your life but you may not have the money school is expensive
you guys so what you want to do is research look for ways and let me give
you some some heads number one there are a lot of places where you can rack up on
credit hours online classes from from accredited schools and universities that
you can get credit hours and apply them to various degrees so that you have to
pay what you can pay less to get an actual degree okay also you may want to
find programs let’s say you want to be a nurse and you go to a hospital and you
can enter into a program where the it’s a teaching training program you work and
you train and then you can get hours for what you want to do so I’m sensing that
some of you want to get into some things okay go ahead and do it and don’t let
money be the reason why you don’t we’ve got the wounded child stuck in the
middle of our reading so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to go ahead and I’m
gonna clarify all three of these with a card on top of them all right this is my my dsm-5 you guys
okay the servant angel that is that that would definitely be work having to do
with service to others fulfillment of wishes interesting gotcha I get it I get
it okay and then passion ignited okay I’m gonna
go ahead I don’t need another carpet passion ignite it but I get it alright
so a lot of you have been listening to my channel and you’re like okay fine I’m
feeling the love I’m feeling the the the happiness and I want to embrace it and
you can so let’s say you’ve been suffering from some some issue of
anxiety or your going to therapy store you going to counseling and you’re
getting help with some issues that you’re dealing with mentally and you’re
using this this particular set of videos or this channel as a way from a
spiritual standpoint to add value now just like you go through a traumatic
event that causes you post-traumatic stress because something you see here
taste touch smell experience creates anxiety for you you can also introduce
yourself to good things and they will create the opposite effect to add to
your healing so you want to be healed and believe it or not your desire to be
healed is extremely important and I say that because I have had the opportunity
to work with wounded children to work with children who are mentally ill as a
result of their wounds and some of them don’t want to be healed why because they
have been in situation where their fears and their
anxieties have turned into negative energy that they feel protects them so
they have created energies around themselves to fight other people and
they know they don’t they’re afraid their fears prevent them from wanting to
be healed they’re afraid that if they love that they will be hurt they’re
afraid that if they release these negative energies that they will be
vulnerable but the good thing about you is you want to be healed so kudos to you
kudos to you and the Oracles say because you desire it and you need to see this
you will have success and a high level even to the point where you will heal
others your passions will be stronger because they say the place where the
scar was is what once it heals it becomes even stronger than the other
areas in addition to that they are calling you to this place of Solitude
now you March seventh is Ash Wednesday I have said this is this is not
necessarily a Christian holiday this is a earth holiday so get into a place of
solitude allow the energies of the air in the universe and to come and to
minister to you and to help you and to lead you and guide you have pencil and
paper choose whatever holy book or whatever
ancient wisdom that you choose to study whether it be Buddhism whatever it is
whatever you ascribe to a Bible whatever learn get in learn universal law through
that conduit let the let God or let the energies of the air speak through you
again I hesitate to say the word God because people think about Santa Claus
God is not a man or woman let the spirits of the air that can personify as
people as as clowns as angels as one person as men
as nothing let the energies of the air speak to you to bring up out and
complete your healing and notice she’s dressed in blue meaning that she’s first
opening her heart to communication remember when you first felt that pain
and you stop talking it’s time to start talking again okay bye

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