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Hello everyone and welcome to the show
this is Reverend Renee with your daily horoscope and Tarot we have a seven
numerological day which is a day of contract partnerships commitment things
of that nature this reading is for the 21st of February subscribe and share
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the info box your special numbers for the 21st of February are two eleven
twenty twenty to fifty nine now the moon is still in Virgo or at least it was
this morning so this is a tough time for actually it will be the morning of the
21st I’m recording this on the 20th so it kind of gets confusing because a lot
of you watch it the day before and this is a tough time for the laissez-faire type
people laissez-faire is a French term means to leave alone it’s people who just kind
of let things fall within May they’re kind of bohemian they don’t really get
into the black and white of things but your boss your roommate your spouse is
not hearing it and they’re demanding that you pick up after yourself get your
own socks up especially if they have Virgo Suns or moons and if you know
someone who has been convicted of a crime they did not commit or they feel
like they got too much time file your Appeals by mid-may 2019 all right it’s
just you just you heard it from me get started now go ahead and get it filed
you want it filed prior to mid-may okay now we’re not going to ask a
question to the Oracles today we’re just gonna let them speak and see what they
have to say we’re gonna do our three a three card reading today a three card
giving us energy past energy present situation future possibilities future
possibilities you know I see this all the time what I’m just about and it’s
kind of like the the universe is very mathematical these cards are
mathematical a lot of times the configurations that you get you kind of
can almost tell exactly what the next card is going to be because all of these
situations seem to play out in the same way the archetypes don’t change the
story doesn’t change so we’ve got the situation that you may find yourself in
where your paradigm shifted somebody did something to your Wheaties and made them
inedible or it is to say this in layman’s term you got hurt okay the
person the very one that reached out to you and and acted like they loved you so
much they were your best friend they turned around and stabbed you in the
back and one of the things that we have to learn about people is that the most
charismatic people the ones that make you feel comfortable right away the ones
that tend to know exactly what to say and they just make you feel like you’re
so welcome a lot of times those people cannot be
trusted and it’s the ones that kind of hold back at first that end up being
your best friends later on but you got taken in they were just so welcoming and
open when you first met them and oh he said the right thing and she just made
you feel so uncomfortable and and got you out of your shell and then you found
out that they act that way with everybody mm-hmm so after the
with the situation for a while you you got angry and you went and you said okay
fine I’m gonna get with mine I’m gonna get out of here and you did but as a
result you have stepped over into a new spiritual Lane and now you have a scroll
with information that you can teach other people so I’m talking to my fellow
readers my fellow spiritual counselors my fellow new-age advisors this scroll
contains information from the Acacia that you were introduced to in the
physical realm and sometimes as we are talking to people sometimes we almost
forget that there was a time when we didn’t know either
and so one thing I will say is if you are graduating or in the process of
moving into this earthly initiated state first of all you should be very happy
because it’s going to take you to a very peaceful wonderful prominent level
second of all deal with this in a very grateful way because a lot of times when
you’re in this stage you may want to give up but honey that’s not the time to
give up that’s just the part of the process now let’s look let’s look at our
animal totem to help us deal with this process okay all right animal totem for
the day is the peacock yes it is about vision of course wisdom beauty and
guardianship oh wow I love it the many eyes in the Peacocks tail feathers are
associated with vision and wisdom in Greek mythology the bird was a symbol of
the goddess Hera who kept it in her temple as a mini high guard
the Muslims of Java believed the peacock guards the gate to paradise in Europe
peacock mythology is varied and depending on the culture may represent a
bad omen or symbolize the soul you are about to be elevated whether male or
female you’re about to be elevated to the sea
those that see and do we see because we’re just knows they believe it or not
most CEOs don’t even really care many times you’ll see that we will advise you
of something and a lot of times we don’t even remember what we said to you
because we’re just we don’t invest that way we’re just not that into other
people’s business we are into the business of spirit and soul elevation so
welcome to the cloud people for those of you listening to this show you take care
bye bye

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