Horoscope for a Gemini Mom | Parents

Horoscope for a Gemini Mom | Parents

Gemini moms are the cool moms. You are current
and edgy. Your eternal youth helps you connect with your children and their peers in a way
most other signs can’t. So it’s no surprise that your kids friends stop by to hang out
with you. As a Gemini, you’re also one of the most curious of the signs. You can cruise
Wikipedia for hours, and that thirst for knowledge is often passed on to your kids. That will
serve them well when they start school. Your communication skills serve you well, too.
Your children are comfortable talking to you, and you can relate to them on their own level.
Unfortunately, being young at heart can bite you in the behind. Kids need parents and structure,
not older besties to over share texts with. And as an air sign, your communication skills
are often based on intellect and logic, not emotion. So make sure to let your children
know how you feel and that you love them.

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  • Cristina Yvonne says:

    hi i am a Gemini mom and mu daughter is a Leo we use to get on well like friends but now she has changed so much towards me since she had her little boy, its like she hates me, she despises me, she is rude, calls me names and a lot of the time she tell me to FO … i am however so upset at her atittude towards me is like as if she was my mother instead. As a Leo she is very difficult to talk to her even when we were friends, and she treats people not nice, to be honest i dont know how she has friends still, she now lives alone with her son beautiful boy but as a single mum. I feel like i dont want to talk to her and deep inside me feels i dont like her. I dont really know what to do. Are Leo sign women so stubburn cheeky and rude???

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