How the Deep State Hides the True Science of Astrology – Laura Eisenhower [Part 2] Edge of Wonder

How the Deep State Hides the True Science of Astrology – Laura Eisenhower [Part 2] Edge of Wonder

the Edge of Wonder presents
Cosmic Waves 2019 Featuring special guest
Laura Eisenhower Hey everybody, this is part 2 of our episode
with Laura Eisenhower The more that I listen to you talk, the more real a lot of the things you
talk about seem to become, I’m putting it together and
I’m understanding, but a lot of folks at home what you’re saying
doesn’t necessarily seem to be scientifically proven, how would you explain that to someone, these are actually astrology goes back
thousands and thousands of years, I mean there’s even a famous quote by JP Morgan where he says something about these
millionaires don’t believe in astrology but billionaires do right, something like that, what makes
this a legitimate science, and how do you not prove but how would you explain to someone
who doesn’t understand astrology how these mechanisms work, okay well it was targeted and called
a pseudoscience for a reason because it holds so much validity that I mean if we use it as a tool that would be way too helpful right, some use it in a very superficial kind of way, like oh what’s your star chart and
your career and your loved one, and what’s the year gonna look like, is this gonna be the year you fall in love, psychic readings, yeah exactly, and it’s so
much deeper than that, I do medical astrology,
I’ve been studying that for years, and after 20 years of being
in the astrology field, it’s just proven itself time
and time again, so that’s one thing, it goes way back, if we look at 12 houses, 12 signs,
12 strands of DNA, the crystal diamond sun DNA is
actually 12 strands and beyond, And now that we have the 13th sign, the Sun moving through the 13th sign, the 13 has to do with the mother arc
energy that’s anchored back into the planet, so yes that sounds like okay so three
hours of a presentation that’s gonna make a little bit more sense because I do trying to explain it, but the best way to understand it is
this is the architecture and blueprint that we all carry, okay this specificness to each of our
astrology maps is about as similar to like the uniqueness of a snowflake that we all you can’t ever have the same
snowflake but we’re all snow, Ben you’re a special snowflake, I know but isn’t that a term
used for something else okay, I knew you were gonna say that. so one of the most important things for me is to not just take something at face value, I want to see how it can be found in
many many other areas and places, so when science is science all by itself, and it doesn’t look at all these other
things that connect to it, and it’s teaching us that junk
DNA is junk DNA, and we don’t ask like well let’s try
and understand it more, and we just buy what they’re telling us, to me that pseudoscience, to me that is limiting and it’s telling
us something that is a falsity, and it is basically stripping us of our curiosity, stripping us of our capacity to
really discover who we are, and anything that puts a lid on something
or a limitation on something must be questions, so I’ve always questioned things like
junk DNA and things like, oh you can’t do that or that’s impossible or that is like how science operates right now, they want to throw everything out
of the kinds of curiosities we as human beings should have, things that we like to dig into and find
out more about so that we can learn, and you’re criticized, and you’re thrown into this bucket
if you try to go do that, it’s such a dangerous thing, and I’m not saying all of science, there’s certain good things about science, of course, but when when we restrain ourselves, completely buy those things, and you’re using it as a weapon against
something or someone or even astrology or something like that, like you were saying like, it actually blew my mind when you told me there was a reason it was
claimed to be a pseudoscience, and it was like basically
thrown under the rug, and it’s because it’s so relevant, like I couldn’t believe you said that, I was like my gosh it makes so much sense to me, well the separation of spirituality and
science just like right and left brain masculine and feminine, all these I mean this duality, integration of polarity is the way to go, and we need to bring the spiritual
sciences in with the practical ones, working together, I mean this is in essence what Einstein
and all these scientists back then were doing because the theories and the things
that they were coming up with didn’t exist right, but now it’s like if anyone
tried to do that now, people would be like no you can’t do that because it’s like you can only work it within this box, that’s it, and anything outside that box, it’s not science anymore, it’s like
what you just said, like pseudoscience all kinds of stuff, but after researching so much and trying
to understand what is going on that’s when we finally realize like this
is in essence these evil forces that built this box. That’s Saturn, right yes, and you see that in the chart, you see the role that Saturn plays, and sometimes it cuts off a
person’s imagination, their connection to the truth frequency
which is also in the chart, and also the power of alchemy, so you see that in the chart just as much
as you see Saturn keeping a person from it, and so being able to look at
somebody’s chart and say okay this is where you
need to cut the cord, then all of a sudden something opens up, because as children we get it, we have access to our imagination, we’re not looking at things as alien, we remember maybe our
experiences with them as well, and the thing is as long as we’re in lockdown, we’ll always look like, we’ll always look at things
outside of us like aliens, do they even exist, but if we’re able to expand
our consciousness, we can each even meet
some of these beings, not as our controllers but as our friends, when they know that we
can’t be controlled, they’re not going to try anymore, and I mean we’ve already met
one of these beings already, you guys come on, so the thing is, anytime something knows it can control, it’s like in anybody’s nature to be like
well as long as you’re allowing me to I will, the minute you plug up that receptor, they can’t plug in anymore, and then they start to show some respect, so even like the devil energy, nothing wrong with Capricorn, but how you’re gonna use power, cuz devil is power, are you using it to enslave others, to
try and control others, and manipulate others, or are you gonna use it correctly for the greater good, and then the devil is no longer evil, and it’s up to us to change the frequency
of these lower octaves of planetary consciousness, each planet has a shadow side,
each of us has a shadow side, and the more we can understand
the shadow part of it, it no longer has a grip on us, but the minute we believe the
things that tell us you can’t, it’s not real, then it stunts our growth, and that’s the most dangerous thing, Ben’s mind is blown. it’s just like frustrating because science is like… one of the things that really kind of blew my
mind about your presentation was this was something I started to put
together as you were talking, okay let’s everybody take a step back
and think about our solar system for a second, there are nine planets on our solar system because Pluto is planet, I’m keeping that, also there’s a Sun, and if we believe that there is a divine creator
that all of this was arranged by a consciousness, then all of that has a tremendous
amount of meaning, and all of those things would absolutely
connect to almost everything else, especially including ourselves
who live in this dimension but that wouldn’t be something
necessarily straightforward, but it is a truth right, that we actually must live in, and it’s only through the understanding
of the spiritual that everything happens or is for a reason that we can even come to those conclusions, exactly, that’s what I was just gonna say, that’s the only way that we can really
expand and understand how that works, but I feel like science has taken that from us, when there’s a spiritual block it
becomes a physical block because if we can’t process it and clear it, the physical body is the final
frontier where it acts out, and it has a symptom, and if we trace it back to what
are the origins of it, it’s either a belief system that worked for us
that was our truth got cut off, it got manipulated, it got criticized,
it got traumatized, and the glands connect with the stargates
are organs connect with the planets, I mean medical astrology is a real thing, I mean I do readings all the time, Oh Saturn square Pluto
in your sixth house, it’s like instantly this person’s
like contending with, I mean they tell me first cuz I’m not gonna tell them, I don’t want to do anything by suggestion, a lot of those people have tumors, because it’s a concentration of energy
because the alchemy can’t flow, the circulations is cut off, and Saturn’s putting a limit on it, it begins to grow and create like a
bubble like a tumor, and so there’s tons of aspects like the whole chart, every challenging aspect can become a
physical ailment if one can’t look at the root of that energy, Does it come from mother father
ancestor society friends exs, and it tells you because the planets
fall in different houses, There’s 12 sectors of our life, and where the planets fall show us where
the energy is being expressed. So if somebody has a whole bunch
in the seventh house which is the house of partnership, they might be very ill because of their really
bad experience with their ex, if it’s in the fourth house, it is probably their
upbringing, if it’s in the twelfth house, it’s probably past life The Edge of Wonder presents
Cosmic Waves 2019 featuring special guest Laura Eisenhower, Now let me ask you a question that kind
of blown my mind right now for a lot of different reasons, Because I kind of understand a little bit
about Chinese healing and some of the things you’re saying
actually are very close to how the organs operate, they’re very connected, I was thinking of just Taoist thing, go ahead go ahead, Totally connected, yeah I mean the fact that the emotions
and the planets that people have can relate to those things is like outrageous if you really start to think about it right, so that’s another one of those things, like well how do you prove that, well it’s like actually have you noticed
from your talking to these folks and working through these things with them that it’s actually healed some of those things, oh yeah, that’s actually easily documentable, like it could be documented, oh yeah totally, this is just in a way proves that the deep state is actually using astrology to do a lot of
the things that they’re doing Cuz they work with the planetary
energy and the earth grids. They take this science away from
us so we don’t understand it, we are disconnected from that
aspect of ourselves, and from that divine aspect, because the true gaia circuitry and the
stargates are a replica or we’re a replica of it, our energy meridians, the energy just
like the Chinese understand, the stargates connected to our chakras, and the ley lines, I mean we have no idea so many how
interconnected we are, I mean Thomas understand this, like iridologists understand it that you
can go down to the finest detail something on our body, and it can explain more than we can imagine, And so Chinese medicine and just the four
elements including the fifth one, DNA connected because there’s 12 stargates on earth, funny 12 strands of DNA, the 13 gate is the core of the the planet that has returned, when we phase lock into that, we actually bust through the nets
through the web that we’ve been under, and we actually are able to move from
carbon-based to crystalline, and this is the alchemical process our
bodies are going through, and that’s why so many people have
ascension symptoms and why astrology is a great tool to work through this right now, and just I mean same thing, it’s like as you’re talking, like all these ideas and all this new
understandings are coming to me, because Michael Salla was
talking about this too, how the particle is when you really
go down to the root, the really microscopic particles
like going further down, how it is connected to the universe, and how we’re all connected to everything, so anything that actually happens and this is Dr. Michael Salla saying this, but then this is also what we
understood through science and through like Buddhism and Taoism because it talks about this as well, and it says that we’re all connected, so whatever happens out there
affects us here and vice versa, so whatever happens here also affects out there, so if things are getting really chaotic here, things could be really chaotic
out there and vice versa, so if we come together in
a more peaceful way, and really all meditate or
pray or whatever, we believe in whatever we want to do, and raise our I guess you could say vibrational
level or whatever you want to call it, we can like stop for example instead of
having like an asteroid come and destroy earth, we could actually physically change this
where instead of like having destruction, it’s like let’s have something beautiful happens, change the earth from the inside and create
like a beautiful environment instead of destruction, it’s just like let’s open up something
and invite this light in, but there’s so many dark elements
here still on this earth that are still stopping that from happening, yes, it’s just like right now I’m realizing all of this, This conflict that’s happening right now
with us here and us out there and all of this in this community, and this is what all the programming
are is that we’re not in our authenticity, we’re not feeling our emotions or our
anger our sadness or our pain or our inspirations, we put blocks on it, and
we just follow the narrative, and all these kind of blockages, the less we have breakdowns and
breakthroughs within us, the more there’s going to be catastrophe outside of us, because it’s trying to show us something, just like physical symptoms in our body, it’s here to help us, anything we see outside
of us starts off as a warning if we can’t hear it,
it’s gonna get louder and louder, and if we fail to listen, then it’s like we might have to create
a whole nother experience but the thing is it never ends, so planets like you’re honest that are
like the wrecking ball like the tower card, gives us the shock and upheaval we
need to have Great Awakening, and that’s the truth frequency that
you’re honest represents, Neptune is the creative imagination
multi-dimensional awareness but it’s also the planet of illusion and addiction because if we’re cut off from it, then we’re looking to something
else to appease it, so understanding the role that Saturn plays
in a chart can really actually set us free because the rings and the history of Saturn
have separated us big time, I just want to say that I really appreciate
you calling it Uranos instead of Uranus, I just you know after our video the
other day with donkey balls, yeah people probably still are like what One other thing too, I know my gosh, we have to look at the zodiac too
like the Wheel of Time, like the wheel of necessity, and we’ll keep looping in these
patterns until we get it, and then we’re liberated from the
wheel and we can get back into the zero-point Unified Field, and when I say zero, look at the turo, because that’s where we can start
to explain some of these numbers, the full is the zero, and the full means
that you’re in your divine innocence, you can fall down, get back up again without any judgment, you’ve set yourself free,
you’re not feeling punished, you’re not feeling guilty,
you’re not feeling shame, you’ve worked through that dark side, and now you’re in the 0 which is just
connection with the divine, and you’re just able to flow like a child of the earth, a child of the cosmos, and that’s the most elevating energy
actually because it doesn’t even have a number, so we go through all these numbers, we go through all these different
aspects and different transits, and we experience all these different things, but the epiphany at the end
of the day is that we can just be fools which
we do really well don’t we, yeah I mean that’s really
what’s going on here yeah, it doesn’t mean we always have to be but we don’t want to lose that side, because when you become adults, it’s very much a saturn energy, responsibilities discipline
structure control mechanisms passing it down generation to generation, that’s damaged DNA, and it’s all encoded in DNA, and the damage and all the different wars
that we’ve gone through that have limited us, it’s all in there, and every chart shows your story in a lot of ways, or your particular mission, your path your challenges your gifts, what you brought in, and then it goes into a larger picture
with the north and south node which symbolically is the hora boris
the serpent biting its tail, it’ll show a much larger picture than
just this incarnation, and so it’s a really powerful map and you don’t need to
understand it to evolve, but if you want to get
down to the nitty-gritty, if you’re really struggling, it’s much better than pharmaceuticals, Chinese medicine understands
these kind of principles, and so it’s a nice blend medical astrology
with like what ;Chinese alternative practitioners understood, you can use astrology what you were
talking about to really work on yourself, sometimes we don’t have yeah, you don’t need yeah you like you’re saying you found
that you can heal yourself through paying attention to these things, and then looking inside, and and figuring these things out right, you can remove a block that’s been
there for 20 years by just giving it a voice, by saying you have permission
now to come out of hiding or to release or to actually hear what it’s all about, this is how we’re taking down the Cabal, we are exposing secrets, we are exposing things that have been hidden, and the minute you give it a voice, it’s no longer a block, same thing with the physical body, and I think the important thing is that it’s not this astrology is the
end-all be all by all means, I think it just paints us a kind of a window
into a little bit more detail about who we are ourselves, that’s how I see it, I know there’s some people
out there that are like You don’t need astrology
if you don’t want it, you live out these aspects
anyway whether exactly I mean with me I
kind of grew up with it, and I slowly kind of distance not distance but just gotta stepped away from it over time, cuz I was like I understood a lot about it
with my own self and everything at that point but I was really shocked to find like
how much you’re really of course it doesn’t paint the full picture but I always use this analogy, it’s kind of like if you have a ocean of water that you are that’s like 100 miles long, astrology can go down like the first like
30 40 50 60 feet to show you a good readout of that but there’s still this deeper part of
your soul and who you are, and those aspects are there too, the disbelief in astrology will
show up in your chart, and even falling away from astrology
will show up in your chart, I mean it pretty much covers
anything and everything, yeah because planets like Pluto, that’s like falling off the face of the earth, when you go through a Pluto experience, you’re no longer really functioning
in the chart anymore, it’s like a portal, it takes you somewhere, you actually die and come
back into the physical, it’ll just show like it’ll more like wave at you like oh you got a Pluto thing going, see ya, you don’t have to worry about
the rest of the aspects, you’re gone for at least a couple
months if you’re lucky, hopefully you’ll come back
again and transform, um I recommend it if persons struggling
doing their inner work, we’re living out these patterns
whether we realize it or not, and if you don’t resonate with astrology, take the time to really breathe
into your triggers, the things that are coming up for you, get to know your physical symptoms,
get closer to yourself, listen to it, pay attention to your relationships with others, and how you feel about yourself, and the balance in your life of
self-care and fun and work, and that is basically like working
with your astrology, you don’t need the reading, you don’t need to know the astrology, but if you pay attention to yourself
you’re doing just as good, but if you find that it’s really difficult, it’s a great tool, and there’s enough astrologers out
there that can assist, I’m moving away from doing personal readings, but I’ll be doing a show where I really
help people to understand it and take calls, Laura tell us a little bit about
the show I mean, I didn’t mean it to be No tell us People should know where to find you, this is amazing, explain what happened to you, Like why were you going on the show, like what the show is about, where it is and how to find it, yeah, The Edge of Wonder presents
Cosmic Waves 2019 Featuring special guest
Laura Eisenhower, well I had a radio show before, and I’ve had some offers in the past, and they didn’t really pan out, but this I think is something
that’s just really gonna grow because it’s right near where I live, so Kalispell Montana, somebody
was following me on Facebook, and she was doing some videos with
Northwest Liberty News in Kalispell on child trafficking, and I ended up doing a show with both of them, bringing in some information
about it on a much larger scale, and we were talking about all sorts of things, and then he calls and we’re just
becoming great friends, and he’s like you need to just have a day
once a week that you come in and however long, and he’s just kind of opening it up for me, and yeah so I’m just gonna do a lot
of the things that I present that people who aren’t able to come
to events will be able to get in touch with, things about what’s going on, just the kind of stuff we cover in a
multi-faceted sort of perspective, and I want to have people call in since
I won’t be doing readings anymore, I don’t want people to feel like oh you’re
talking about astrology, you can’t even give me a reading now, so it’ll be a great way for callers to call in, and for me to figure out a way to
still work with people, because I do 10-minute sessions, and you guys know how my mind works, I can look at a chart and in 10 minutes,
I can basically give, 10 minutes is 3 hours, Because the thing is, it’s like a language, so it doesn’t need to take that long, because it also throws like intuitive hits
where it’s like okay well this is what they need to hear because certain things will kind of jump out, and after the redundancy of doing this
for more than 20 years, it’s gotten easier and easier, but so I’m really excited to be able
to do that show, and during this period when these
initiations are so daunting and so difficult, it was still projected upon in our society
where people think they’re going crazier, they’re getting really really depressed, they need to understand they’re going
through a powerful initiation, and they need to understand
that it’s not a destination, the hardest part of it, the most part of it is just a small
small piece of the journey, and just really trust that it’s leading
to something really beautiful, and the whole thing about the community
that we are creating is that we’re really here to be supportive, we’re supportive to each other, and
that extends to humanity, and our cosmic family right, exactly we’re here for the people, That’s what we are all doing, So Laura why don’t you tell us more
about your personal beliefs and your own understanding, as far as just like on a spiritual level? Or like what tacos she buy, does she go to Taco bell,
what donkey balls you buy, Chocolate or mango Laura is just like what did I do,
what did I get myself into, I would any day, hang out with
you guys like seriously, We love hanging out with you, We love having you on,
we love being with you, It’s just so awesome, anyway back to the personal beliefs, tell us a little bit about what you think, I mean obviously you believe a lot in
astrology because you’re doing that, but give us a little more, I just feel like we’re the micro of the macro, and everything that exists is something
that we have access to in our own unique way, and that in order to really achieve oneness
we have to respect diversity because just like the web of life, there is diversity, but if it can all work together and allow
everybody to be who they truly are, it supports an ecosystem, and so support the planet right now, we have to allow that and be willing to
learn and grow from each other because we have so much to share, we all have a little piece, and it’s hidden aspects within ourselves, so we can actually help switch
on each other’s dormant DNA by at least having an open mind
to it instead of a wall because when we say the word wall, it’s back to Saturn, when we say okay the path of being
a teacher and a master is also Saturn which means that we’re gonna jump
over the walls and jump over the hurdles, and not let them block us, so to me we’re a microcosm, our imagination is connected to the universe, our bodies are just like the earth body,
as far as the grids, our DNA, but our DNA also extending into the beyond, and that point of like freedom
spiritual freedom has to do with, to me the zero point unified field, and the unified field is the merging of
polarity masculine and feminine, light and dark, and like all these different
things that are creative because when you integrate polarity, it conceives, and if we’re thinking about creation, creation wouldn’t be able to happen
unless polar forces we’re able to come together and conceive, so it’s a form of conception so when
we integrate these polarities within ourselves, we actually can create our own
reality like an artist would, we’re not controlled by a system, we’re more directed by our imagination, and through trial and error we can
begin to cleanse it from trauma and distortion, and begin to be more responsible with
the things that we generated into our environment, and we’re incredibly powerful like that, we’re always creative,
whether we’re holding on to fear, we’re gonna notice more
things that reinforce it, the more we hold on to, not necessarily like blind rose-colored
glasses positivity but more understanding of
a much larger picture that we are in the process of helping to
co-create with something encoded already in nature that’s taking us towards ascension, then we don’t have to try and strategize, we’re just allowing, but we’re removing all the things that
have put those blocks in place, so to me the more we connect with nature, the more we understand that this earth holds the
Ascension codes as do we in our DNA, and there’s amazing things
going on in the cosmos, the Venus transits have been
correcting the reversals, so on a cosmic level it’s already happening, all we need to do is be able to
rid ourselves of the blocks, not get lost in the distractions, and allow this energy flow to
move through us, and it’ll give us the experiences we
need to learn and grow and come together, the more we resist it, the more divisions, the more we allow something in
this matrix to define it for us, the more loss we’re going to get, and so the true medicine is out there, herbs ancient practices and
healing modalities that actually address you as a
soul, not just the symptoms, and not just a way to numb you down, and disassociate or forget who you are because anything that we have to
heal is an opportunity for the most beautiful growth, which is being used against us, I don’t really have beliefs,
I just notice myself existing, and I only really process what makes
the most sense based on how I experience life where healing has happened, and where digression has happened, and paying attention to what
creates one versus the other, people have religions and belief systems, and it’s really important that you
honor that I tend to be religion, I’m not religion oriented, I understand DNA though, and I know that if we unlock our
dormant DNA and our junk DNA that the higher levels 10 11 and 12
are considered avatar consciousness which is also Christ consciousness, so for the Christians out there, I was raised in that, I understand that, but for me to honor the Christ’s message, I’m not going to stay a lowly person
that isn’t striving to become the best of myself, and if anybody comes in as a master and a teacher, they’re showing us how to become the same, and if we deny those teachings, I think that we’re actually doing a
disservice for ourselves and each other, and to brand somebody like me, oh you’re this you’re this you’re that, maybe you need to turn the sword out on yourself, and wonder why you would have an
issue with somebody that honors the earth that I walk on, the air that I breathe, the sustenance and abundance
that comes from this planet, and my connection to integrity
and spirit and the beauty that I’ve seen emerge from my dedication
and devotion to it, and so I strive to be a christ-like being without an ego identity attached to it, or something to shove in
somebody else’s face, I choose to respect other
people’s paths and journey, and I think mutual love and
respect is what my belief is, and that we have to treat each other in that way, and if we don’t, we need to check ourselves, because we’re a global family here, and if we can’t treat each other
with that love and respect, we have to ask like who’s behind those
teachings that we’re following, because hatred criticism and judgment
is not the Christ way as far as I’m concerned, and to me it’s not about a figure either, it’s about a potential we all hold, that’s true and this is like something
I personally went through myself, I my father was a Baptist minister, I was raised Baptist but my understanding
ever since I was a little kid was that I kept thinking Jesus
is teaching us to be like him, because it’s like why otherwise we just keep making the same
mistakes over and over again, and asking, it’s like well Jesus will forgive me but then I’m like but if you
truly follow the way of Jesus, then you wouldn’t be
making those mistakes, you wouldn’t be doing
these things over and over again, you would just be really
trying to live like Jesus, and so I had this understanding
all growing up, and unfortunately like
some of my friends, I started going to church
with them when in my 20s, and I was pushed out, because this was my understanding, I just kept telling them, I believe that
Jesus is teaching us to really while he says walk in his footsteps, like we should walk
literally in his footsteps, yeah we rise and become
better as as human beings because we have so much abilities
that we don’t know that we have, because they’ve been locked away
from us and hidden from us by all these evil dark forces that
are trying to control everything, and anything that criticizes that
makes me wonder but I mean I accept it, and I just think people have a certain
need to have people join their thing, and even outside of religion, people have a need to share something
so you need to think like I do, and we need to just drop sort of the
insecurities or the narcissism or the power struggle, and just say but are you
comfortable with that, do you love it, does it sustain you, and if that’s the case you shouldn’t
worry about anybody else, just hope that they have the same
thing going for them, and let’s maybe drop the competition and battles
over deities and archetypes and gods and this or that, and just allow ourselves to be open to the
highest levels of human virtue and values, and honor this earth, and take care of this earth, and look out for each other,
and that’s what I’ve learned, and I lived in the wilderness for years, and I knew that for me to survive, some of the things that I did out there
I had to have a deeper reverence and respect and oneness with the natural world, and nothing but miracles happen, I mean the animals just like, it’s like uh even rattlesnakes
and scorpions is just like hey buddy, that’s interesting, yeah and I saw just amazing things happen, and that actually healed me, it’s like I just saw how energy
immediately responds back I mean what you put out immediately
responds back when you’re in the natural world, and if there’s anything off, you’re gonna learn real quick, and so I was able to move through a lot of
stuff I was hanging on to, like in zero time, because I could tell that maybe something
would be a little bit off, and the precision of being able to
get through some of those things is a great training not everybody needs it, but we really have to hold
respect for each other, I don’t think people realize that you are
feeding loosh to the dark side or whatever you want to call it when you are seeking to harm
somebody for what they share, I mean yeah, what’s loosh, so loosh is like negative energy trying
to create fear anxiety and others or generating that fear and anxiety
to the point where you’re so uncomfortable in that vibration that you need to throw stones at other people
in order to hopefully sink them down to that level that just shows that you have inner work to do, no big deal we all have inner work to do, but if we don’t take some accountability
for the way we treat each other, and understand the vibratory
frequency that it gives out, then we’re part of the problem, we shouldn’t complain, but if you’re a very very positive being, and you have a lot of love and light, you’re not going to notice the negative so much, you’re always going to learn from it, and be able to integrate it into
something that is creative and progressive, and we all get hit all the time with comments, and there’s a lot that people
could keep to themselves, it’s just, and then there’s trolls
that are just paid to do this, but I know, so Laura thank you so much for being with us today, and we really appreciate it, it’s been great having you, it’s always great being with
you around you and hanging out, we love you and everything
you do so much, it’s just great to have, It’s just great to really connect with
you on a really deep personal level, I can seriously say that you’re one of
my best friends now after like doing all these interviews, not just interviews, just talking to you, hanging out with you both Rob and I just cherish everything, who you are what you do, and we just feel so comfortable talking to you, yeah you’re like family, oh my gosh I feel the same way about you guys, I mean I can’t even put into words, you just did, and I just reflecting back the exact same thing, and I just, everything just feels so exciting having you in my life, no matter how difficult it gets, just knowing you’re there and you’re my brothers, and you’re my family, You got that totally, yeah you guys, you’re awesome great too oh my gosh, this is Laura eisenhower on edge of wonder, see you out on the edge guys, Of Eisenhower Of Eisenhower Falling off the edge Well guys this wraps up part Well guys this wraps up part 1 of our We should’ve recorded that with you


  • Edge of Wonder says:

    Hi everyone, we are back with Part 2 to Laura Eisenhower's interview where we talk more about… Astrology! Stay tuned for Part 3 where Laura personally reads Ben and Rob's horoscope coming to our Platform next Friday May 24 for our premium subscribers! See you out on the edge! 🙂

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