How They See You? ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Looking In ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Tarot Pick a Card

How They See You? ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Looking In ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Tarot Pick a Card

Hello travelers my name is Bryce and I read tarot. Welcome to Occult Gate. Hello travelers. Welcome back to another pick a card. For all of you who are new, welcome to Occult Gate. My names Bryce I’m so glad you are here. So here I am again with another pick a card. I am trying to keep them coming in a much more consistent way. I was thinking I could try and revisit
some of my older videos some of my first videos. Because really I was not anywhere
near as comfortable around the camera as I am now. So I may not have done quite as good of a job as I could now. I figured that I would revisit one of the
old ones. entitled
“what do people think about you”? Now I just of course want to thank each and
every one of you for being here. I’d like to say HEY! to all my Patreons I really
appreciate you guys thank you so much you guys unbelievable you know I really
when I get my situation together with this channel, and get myself on track
again I’m really going to put together something special for you guys I really
really appreciate you guys and I do notice you
I really want to you know give a special thanks to all of you because it really
is a vote of confidence so I will not disappoint you I have I have some things
in store so thank you so much Patreons! and you know to all the travelers
out there you guys leave such great comments and
you’re so good to me I really appreciate you guys I’m so lucky and look how big
the channel is growing isn’t it something? and I’m so glad you guys are
here to watch it with me if you’re here it’s for a reason that’s what that’s what I think. you know I do offer private readings you can go check out my website. also if you
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getting started with some other types of videos this week really excited about
that yeah I have a very clear vision for on where I want this to go and I’m going
to take it there I’m really happy about where this channel is and you know the
viewers I have you know I’m really lucky (radio static sounds) and I’m really thankful for that guys
yeah I really can’t express it enough as you can see in front of me I have four
groups of cards Group Alpha Group Beta Group Gamma and Group Delta Now all I need you to
do is to sit back relax close your eyes BREATHE you know just let your mind relax let
your body relax clear out all that dense venergy that you’ve accumulated
throughout the day Clear out all the static all the fuzz the distortion all the random pieces of
information just feel it all flow out until your in a void it’s just you and your mind now I want you
to ask yourself: . . . How do people think about me? once you have done that, open your eyes and
choose the group of cards card that stands out to you you the most for those of you who have
trouble picking I recommend the divination wheel, alot of people find success with
it let’s see what the cards reveal wheel instructions: 1. Position finger or cursor over pause. 2. Close eyes and breathe. 3. Focus on the question. 4. Pause video when ready. 5. Card / Group Selected! all right group alpha well you know we
asked the cards a simple question: what do people think about you? and what I’m
getting here you know with the eight of wands this tells me that overall people
feel that you can quickly change your mood or like you can quickly change
directions or or they feel that you can quickly change motivations you may seem
to be one way but you know in a snap ( quickly ) you can quickly change directions you know;
this is a good thing this is bad thing know people may feel that you’re
unpredictable but it may give you an edge when it comes to certain things
also it makes you versatile so I would not see this as a disadvantage and this
is just a perception also with the devil card people likely think of you as
someone who can sometimes be a little overbearing a little controlling maybe
they feel that you’re bossy sometimes that’s likely means that people feel you
can be a little overbearing you know, even if it’s so this is an
aspect of your personality this has function I wouldn’t worry about it too
much. but these two things I’m not so sure that you’re aware that people
perceive these things about you . when you think about it, I’m sure that
this would dawn on you. it’s always good to be aware of these things just because
yeah it helps you interact with others. I’ve also seen some more positive
looking things that people think about you. The High Priestesses this tells me that
people are always kind of wondering what you’re thinking
you seem to have a little bit of a mysterious air about you and this can
have a lot to do with the fact that they feel that you could change the direction
at any given moment and also that you know you’re a little controlling at the
same time but you have this mystique about you. no one really knows what you’re up
to and that’s a very good thing because it provides this air of mystery about
you. you know and it makes these other
attributes more attractive. and I’m also seeing this is a
strong card the Empress and this is telling me that you know apart from all
these things this is the card that ties these things all together. the empress
suggests to me that there is a strong nurturing caring almost mothering type
quality to you and you know this comes with the fierceness of that too.
you’re very loving and caring person until someone crosses you or yours and
that’s when things can turn hairy quite quickly. and also you know you can be
overbearing you can be controlling because that’s all of these cards
together you know this tells me that not only do people likely respect you to a
degree, they’re also very careful across you and
that’s a good thing! they think twice and.
but on top of all I see that there is this
beauty too you and this air that surrounds you is a mystery and that makes you very
intriguing and it makes people stop and listen when you talk. if you have something to
say people they listen so group alpha this is good
I I hope this helps if you like tarot pick a cards go ahead and hit the subscribe
button. let me know what you think in the comments down below, I would love hearing it and add me to Instagram if you like @ occultgate333 Thanks for watching! all right group beta well we’re asking
the cards what it is people think about you and me right I can tell right off
with the hangman that people feel like you’re always waiting for the best to
come you’re always waiting for a better situation you know maybe they feel like you’re never going to be satisfied with the opportunities that
are posed to you because you’re always kind of looking for better ones, never quite
good enough in their eyes they think that you are kind of silly for passing
up some of the opportunities they feel like you passed up they may feel like
you’re being a bit unrealistic about it also I can see with two pentacles people
you know overall they think you are a joker they think you play around too
much they think kid around too much and they think that you don’t take things very
seriously at all they also feel like you don’t progress in the things that you
do, they don’t get what it is that makes you tick. I’m also seeing with nine of
pentacles that people see you as someone who enjoys freedom, they
think your someone who has to be independant
and special and kind of off on their own they think that you maybe
think too highly of yourself and maybe they did you have two lofty of goals maybe
they find you of this eccentric you know but that’s okay because I can also see
the people know that you do work hard and that you are burdened. them thinking
that you are kind of silly and you have lofty goals they kind of have to keep
that quiet because in all honesty they know good and well that you are very
burdened with the responsibilities you do take on and you know you waiting for
better opportunities is really out of common sense of your own you know that a
better opportunity is coming and you don’t feel as if you are too burdened
that you can’t handle it so you know what you’re doing and group beta it’s
a good thing I mean what they don’t understand about you is that you are a
creative person that you prefer to enjoy life but you prefer to be your own
person and you are the type of person that is going to wait around for the
right opportunity. this is something that they’ve never been able to do and this
is what’s going to set you apart for them so you’re not afraid of hard work
and that’s a good thing so group beta this is a good reading you sound
like you’re doing fine and really people are just fooling themselves about you so
don’t worry about it if you like tarot pick a cards go ahead and hit
subscribe let me know if think in the comments down below don’t forget follow me on Instagram I appreciate it and thanks for watching alright a group gamma , i can see right
away that with the queen of swords, that a lot of people feel that you are very logical
and level-headed and your decisions people trust your judgment they know
that you’re very clear spoken you mean what you say. you’re not the type of
person that gossips about people. for the most part people trust to you they trust
your judgment and they trust your decision-making. you know you’re very fair and balanced
and people know that. That being said they may feel that you take things a
little too seriously they do know that you’ll keep your
emotions out of your decisions.. you they may also feel like you don’t
know how to take a joke sometimes. (laughs) there are certain situations that
they may try to keep you out of just because they know
you may not understand. also I can see that people feel that you are very safe
secure and a reliable person they know that you will do what you say they know
they can rely on your word. and many people feel safe around you. you make people feel
stable and secure around, just your presence helps that happen. you are
likely the glue that holds things together for a lot of people. people
trust your authority on things and just you being there makes things feel safer
to them. also I can see the emperor card this tells me that you are seen as a
very disciplined person who has a lot of rules that follow them around people may
feel that you are just tad too strict this keeps people from letting you in on
what’s really going on sometimes so that you may feel lost people don’t want to
tell you things sometimes just because they’re afraid that you are not going to
be quite with that because of rules or discipline or something like that.
also I can see that people feel like you might be a little too stingy like you
hold on to your money a little too tightly and you’re not as willing to
spend as much as you should be but you know what? what they don’t realize is
that you tie all these things together with logic and this makes so much sense.
this security that they enjoy and this judgment that they trust this comes
from the synergy of all these things you are a person who knows what they want
who knows what they’re doing and makes very logical and sound choices and
you are a rock for a lot of people you’re likely the glue that holds somebody’s family or SOMETHING together. There’s a lot of people
that likely rely on you. So you know what group gamma I wouldn’t worry about any of
this at all because it looks like you have your things together and all
figured out so this is a good reading group gamma. I hope this helps if you
like tarot pick a cards go ahead and hit subscribe button let me know what you think of this reading in the comments down below I love to hear it. follow me on Instagram if
you like @ occultgate333 thanks for watching! all right group Delta. well I’m seeing
right off that when asking the cards what it is that people think about you? I
can see that people for the most part sometimes feel as if you are a bit
wishy-washy ( indecisive ) that you can’t quite make up your mind about things
this makes them feel like you can’t be relied on to make a
spur-of-the-moment decision it may they might feel like you’re a little bit of a
daydreamer and they may feel like you overanalyze things sometimes but they
don’t realize that actually you’re someone who imagines every little
scenario and goes over them in their head and this is actually very a very
functional thing to you this is something that really aids you in the way you think.
you’re a very logical thinker you know you do keep your emotions out of things
and people do trust your judgment once you do make a decision. they
look at you as someone who is very reluctant to make the final decision on
anything because you put so much logic into it.
you are the type of person that will not decide on something quickly. you must have time! snd know all the facts before you can move forward.
and this makes people feel like you don’t move forward so but that being
said they also know that you’re very clear spoken that you’re very straight
to the point and you don’t joke around about it. you won’t say
anything you don’t mean when it comes right down to it people
trust you. I can see that you are also a very creative person people see you as
someone who is very sociable someone who is good at making others feel good
about themselves. you’re good at looking at the bright side of things. people see you as someone who’s very caring very kind and very
generous. there’s one thing they can’t accuse you of it’s not being
generous because you are very generous you’re very kind and you’re very wise
people see that it’s refreshing and your advice when given is valued. people
also see you as someone who has had a troubled past who’s seen a lot of things
and when it comes right down to it they’re not so quick to judge your
decision-making. even if it may take you a while to come to a final decision when
it’s all said and done people respect that and you know a lot of this is tied
together from experience it may seem like indecision and over-analysis but
really it’s wisdom you know what you’re doing – sometimes people just don’t understand
where we’re coming from and why we are the way they are. or how its functional. and
that’s simply because of the way THEY are. everyone operates differently. so group
Delta I hope this helps if you like tarot pick a cards hit that subscribe button let me know what you think in the comments down below I’d love to hear about it. follow me on Instagram if you like I really
appreciate that @ occultgate333 thanks for watching!


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    I picked Alpha. You were 100% right in everything you said! So cool. I have been studying Tarot for 2 years and plan on doing public readings at a well known book shop this spring (outdoors).. I am nervous but will do my best and feel confident that Spirit (and my angels and guides) will assist me and "all will be well." I know that others will be given direction and insight into important matters in their life and I will feel like I am doing what I am meant to do on my journey on earth as a Lightworker. Again, thanks so much and will be subscribing after I post this here. May the cards ALWAYS be in your favor and serve you and others in every aspect or your life and the lives of others seeking guidance from the cards. I hear the cards saying to me and you: "Be assured you are not alone. See how we greet you whenever you consult us. We call you by name and you hear a hundred different voices when you listen to us. There are some names that are still sleeping in your future, so be comforted and let us talk awhile. There may be laughter and tears, but in the end, ALL your fears will disappear." Take care and many, many blessings to you and yours. Namaste.

  • Miss Marjorie says:

    I always get the High Priestes. Im tooooo mysterious ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • ItsMe Calypso says:

    Best channeler on youtube.

  • Debbie Thomas says:

    Bryce, you are awesome! I love your page! Your energy and aura is the best! Thanks for your time and gifts. Your opening is so cool too! I chose group Delta. Love and Light โœจ๐ŸŒ› ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Debbie Thomas says:

    Wow Delta is spot on. Cold chills down my spine. ๐Ÿ™. Thank you Bryce

  • Hira Soraisam says:

    #Delta ๐Ÿ™

  • Samia Aftab says:

    Gamma….and so accurate….I always feel left out ….๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • samanmali ahinsa says:

    Oh my god…๐Ÿคท Delta..and itโ€™s completely right .

  • squirrelly girl 40 says:

    Your page is so well thought out. Love your wheel. Could you possibly put the card stacks up during that meditation time? I like to use my finger to feel the energy over the decks before I pick it out is all.

  • The Jartรฉ says:

    Looks like an innocent, sweet place to be.

    Occult Gate:
    (In cloak and darkness) Hello Travellers

    :O))) and I oop-

    (Low-key I vibe though so it's like – Lit.)

  • Sanikka Padalikar says: logical, people trust my judgement.Perfect,as Work-wise,people wr reapectg my words.

  • Elizabeth Ball says:

    wishy washy yes I guess so, lol! I am a dreamer a creative person I suffer from social anxiety I have a quiet confidence though but a very trustworthy extremely so. Delta btw I do try to tell it like it is and say things the way I see them. I am good staking people feel good and I am generous compassionate, non judgemental and wise. I have had a very troubled life and had a lot of opposition but I like in a dictorship country where you have to conform or you face persecution.

  • Libra Libra says:

    Gamma.. Resonated..Thank You Very Much..Im A Libra ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • SH L says:

    I get that a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

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