How to develop my creativity? Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Paolo T

Dear Paolo T Thank you kindly for collaborating in the creation of my movie Endless Poetry To thank you I’ll read to you the tarot You are 56 years old This is your question: How to develop my creativity? You sent me 3 numbers 3 11 18 The Justice The Justice, between the numbers from one to ten, without counting the first tarot card that start with zero The Justice is the number eight It is the most perfect receptive number To arrive at that perfection, it needs to cut everything that is not useful and to mesure in this balance all what is made from gold, what is good and what is rich luminous in itself cut and illuminate Nine: The Hermite …in the tarot between the odd numbers 3, 5 7 Is not posible to make a symmetrical separation you can not divided in two… the number one is a totality, I don’t count it … and after the 3, the 5 and the 7, it come the 9 but 9 even if it is odd it can be divided symmetrically 3 times 3 nine is ambiguous Also this is why The Justice in its value has two plates it means that it is odd and even at the same time even or odd it is a part of only one reality and here you have the hangman The hangman is focused on himself He has his hands in his back, he doesn’t know how to choose between the odd and the even, between the good and the bad between what it is possible and not possible between visible and invisible he is locked up in itself he is waiting to act it is an endless wait what else can i say, you see the tarot is saying it all You have the creativity that you want, It is in you but you need to cut what your intellect is saying to you …and stop isolating yourself from yourself the creativity is to open a path …to your unconscious to not rest in the cage of the mind open it escalate to yourself like a water well Find oneself. The hangman has …10 buttons in his chest what equals to the tree of life of the Cabal In the tree of life there is 3 columns the column of forgiveness of the generosity the other one is the column of the severity and in the center the column of the beauty then… how are you going to discover the creativity which is a synonymous, in the research, …of the beauty we cannot find the truth because the truth is made from words and the words are not the real things so the best that can arrive a human being is to the beauty then… so how can you discover the creativity that you have First of all concentrate in your mind and don’t be afraid of thinking what you forbid yourself of thinking sometimes it comes very strong thoughts that neglect all what you want pretend that we think You, decide to allow yourself to have the most atrocious thoughts possible most awesome most dementious let yourself come seat in a chair in a corner of your room look into the corner not in the room and let yourself come freely all the thoughts that you think once you have done that be even more brave put your hand in your heart these two hands that are the balance of the Justice put it in your hands tell yourself: “how do i feel?” what are the feelings that have entered in my heart because i’m scared of them because they are mixing with a memory …that hurts me because there are mixed with terrors from your childhood because there are mixed with the anguish of getting older of death Realease yourself Imagine, that you have …your hand in your chest that you are in a coffin, sitting in a coffin and let come all your feelings that you usually felt in your life and that has created around your heart a cage of granite where your feelings are …burried THROUGH A SCREAM!! SCREAM!!! what you feel and release your feelings and be focus, put your hands on your sex and see what are your desires wich you fear of Dare to desire what you are afraid of Here, a comic image is coming to me… If you want to fornicate a dinosaur Imagine that you possess a dinosaur Don’t worry, that is freedom And for last: ask yourself if i were free to do anything that I want tremendous what would I do and let it come to yourself My dear friend Paolo T Loose the fear Mental freedom, emotional freedom Sexual and creative freedom Freedom of action! That is the light of the Hermite that the age has transform into wiseness Free yourself give yourself the freedom in order to develop your creativity freedom Satori Satori in the Zen is the illumination Thank you so much, Thank you so much Thank you so much… For collaborating, in our film “Endless Poetry”

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