How to Manifest the 💰CA$H💰 on Your Money Days!   – Tarot Reading

How to Manifest the 💰CA$H💰 on Your Money Days! – Tarot Reading

hello everyone today we’re here to talk
about money days and the reason why is because I do give you when I do see one
day is of fortune that you can use these particular days to capitalize on your
life it’s already been proven over hundreds of years that the systems that
we use can be interpreted to make our lives easier and if we can learn how to
tap into that energy that does exist on earth and in the sky we can benefit from
various times now sometimes I won’t really pick up on a day because you know
I have to go through every day of the month and I have to really look at all
the different asteroids because a lot of times when you’re talking about times
and days you’re talking about asteroid placement but you’re also talking about
there’s sometimes it’s gonna be the entire month just depending on what’s in
your sign so what I’m what I want to do is give you specific days where it might
be good for you to interview or it might be good for you to have a business
meeting or it might be good for you to go to a casino it might be good for you
to get a lotto ticket if I see something like that if it stands out to me I will
let you know now one of the things I do is I believe that my cards are a group
of people each deck is a group of people I use a variety of decks I use the
rider-waite regular cars I use the Carolyn miss archetypes I use
the psychic tarot I use the witches Tarot which is in a pouch right now I
even used the the fallen angel tarot which is in a box right now I use all of
them because I feel like each one of them has a different group that is going
to be talking to me each one represents a specific group
of archetypes I believe that the things come back to light that are in the sky
and in the air and stars can visit you as people or animals or in your dreams
and it has happened to me so um I am going to be consulting a particular day
this one which has become a new favorite the psychic Tarot and try to get some
more clarification on how you can get the most out of your money days because
it doesn’t make any sense for you to get a money day and don’t know how to do it
okay let me tell you what I know when I give you a time for money I would say a
week before the time comes up please don’t think about it at least 15 minutes
a day you need to start meditating see the money like you know how I’m they
said in that movie show me the money and Jerry Maguire show yourself the money
begin to see the money in meditation times just 10 to 15 minutes a day
probably 10 minutes a day is all you need to do imagine yourself getting the
money imagine a hand handing you the money
imagine how much you run and how much you need imagine yourself doing
something with the money shopping or paying a bill whatever it is you want to
do with the money begin to do that meditation at least
seven days prior to your money time okay that way it’ll start coming to you you
your energy will begin to be magnetized and and the energy that is going to
bring that money to you will be activated and it’ll start to see you in
the spirit because so many times some of you are all you thinking about is what
you don’t have there are some words that are in the dictionary you need to
scratch it out of your dictionary and never use it again
who cares that somebody brought it into the English language the word BR oke I
do not use when it pertains to me I might say that somebody else is broke
but I’m not gonna I really don’t like to use word because sometimes when you use
certain consonants with certain nouns the atmosphere will
pick up those nouns and attach it to you and you could have said well he blah
blah blah blah blah is that word and she blah blah blah is that word but then
they’re gonna they’re gonna bring it to you so if you call somebody ugly then
you’re gonna start looking ugly so just certain words you just don’t say okay
especially seven days before money day number two if I see something weird
about that money day like I just saw something about the Scorpio money day
for January which I did put that date and time in the information box for your
video for Scorpio in January but you don’t need to bring a woman with you
okay don’t bring a woman with you to the
casino don’t bring a woman with you to buy a
lotto ticket don’t tell a woman if you get the money because that’s just not
that’s just what I saw okay so well what do you look for when you
look for money days I look for specific things there are certain things that
there are certain sentences that the the astral world will put together like each
astrology sign each planet each house is a word and then the chart will put
together sentences and if I read a sentence it could be an eighth house it
could be in the second house it could be in the fifth house it could be an 11th
house I had a money day in the 11th house where I had a fortunate placement
in my 11th house on a specific day of Christmas and somebody gave me a lotto
ticket that day and they also they gave me it was when I won $250 on that ticket
okay but it came from someone else so it’s not always going to be in the
second house there’s another time where I found some money I mean just like it
was like 100 and something dollars just wadded up on the ground so you got to be
observant open your eyes on your money turn in
your money days if you’re going to go let’s say you’re using the lotto tickets
as your money conduit as the way that it gets to you well while you’re walking up
the sidewalk to the store you need to be checking the gravel too because that’s
your time that’s your see and if you’ve done your due diligence in
the meditation and in the energy buildup and in magnetizing yourself to draw the
money energy to you you’re more likely to get it so don’t just listen to those
money days passively now I’m gonna do a quick quick reading to see if this
particular set of archetypes of energies has anything else they want to say to
you with regard to month okay with regard to money and how to bring the
money days to you so I once again it was first of all I have the date and the
time second of all meditate to see yourself
with the money imagine I know how much you want to get and do a reasonable
amount because first of all that the energies of the universe know did you
see that that thing about the lady who want millions of dollars in the lotto
and then she used it to bail somebody out of jail you can lose the money just
as fast as you get it and we know that the money will go to specific people as
a test I sometimes as a lesson to all of us put something in your head that you
feel like you can handle and then once you feel like you can handle it then
you’ll be able to get more because we want to bring it to pass but I want you
to just not get it because you’re not ready for it so be be so be realistic
about what you can handle okay so is there anything else that the
that we need to know about how to to get most more out of our money days mental
conflicts okay so you got a you got a believe what’s a mental conflict when
you do not believe that you’re gonna get anything and you’re like okay I heard
what she said but I don’t get nothing you not if you don’t believe you receive
you won’t have it bottom line they say get rid of the mental conflict okay
sacrifice all right that’s a good one remember when I said seven days before
your money day you need to imagine something that would be a good
time to give a little gift to somebody within that seven-day period maybe you
should give a little gift to somebody who needs something that will help to
make that money de pounce on you give and you shall receive oh I like that
what else spirits what else you got for us
universe tap into the universal power that I believe is the meditation one
where the universe that says she’s got it for you she’s gonna give it to you
trust her oh yes I loved it and what else I’m
looking fast because I got something else to do harmony oh if you got
somebody living in your house and they’re at the label eat at jump you’re
gonna get nothing and they blocking your blessings don’t tell them because lack
of harmony will block your blessings and you saw this video and you’re like miss
Renee Tarot said that money my money days I know it ain’t okay they gonna
block your blessing they’re gonna interfere with your with your belief and
provide mental conflict and you’re not gonna get what you need to get from the
universe that’s a great reading I couldn’t send it any better myself so
make the most of your money days alright guys take care


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