How To See Wealth In Horoscope & How To Increase It [Eng Sub titles]

How To See Wealth In Horoscope & How To Increase It [Eng Sub titles]

Music Friends, the topic that we are going to discuss in details today is most important in our life. Important for the reason because, whenever we face any problems in our life, we consult an astrologer and the problem usually is related to finance It is either shortage of finance, or if there is a flow it does not stay, high expenditures. In short managing finance is a big concern. Today once again we have with us here Shri Sunil Kaushik, who will tell us about how to check wealth in our horoscopes and how it was originated. Shri Lakshmi, as it represents wealth, so how can we multiply it based on planetary positions in our chart, or by yantra, mantra. We will have a detailed discussion on it with Sunil Kaushik. Sunil Kaushik: Thank you Mohit brother, it is a pleasure in conducting this session with you. Used to enjoy with Barun brother also, but since some time it is not happening with him. With you also it is equally good. You raise questions in a way that is helpful for our portal as well as for our audience. I like that. Mohit Verma: Thank you so much Sir, you also devote your time and answer all our questions very patiently which is very helpful to our audience. Sunil Kaushik: Our main connecting link is sitting there (on a lighter note for Mr. Sunil John). He is the main person for all of us to be connected here. Mohit Verma: That’s right. Sunil Kaushik: He (Mr. Sunil John) has been giving us these opportunities from time to time, with this selfless campaign started for the benefit of the people. It is very interesting and worth appreciation. Past few days, I had a question coming to my mind, that lot of people come around the same question of – when will I have good money? What is the quantum of the same in my chart, or my life will go like this only? I also was thinking on the same and tried to gather things related to it from Parashar, our Puranas and how we can use our modern astrology for it and it tried to sum it up and to this I also checked with my personal experiences in certain charts. During our session, I will be telling you about the personal experiences of Lakshmi Prayog having done or getting them done with the people. God has sent every one with an account created for them in terms of their birth chart. Which has already written in it, what will a particular person do. A good astrologer when opens a chart, will start giving relevant information related to the native depending on their knowledge. And the native may agree to the predictions given. This means our blueprint is already done. So in that case, it will also have an area for wealth which is already decided that how much a person will own in his lifetime. And as said in our religious texts and as per the message conveyed by Bhagwad Gita, we get fruits as per our actions. 2 principles work for us continuously Karma (our actions) and Bhagya (our luck). Dharma (religion), Maya (attraction) and Moksha (salvation). Attraction or Maya is as a result of our Karmas and when a person has enjoyed his Maya, he moves towards salvation. So the quantum of Karma to Maya, one cannot abstain from it. When a person is doing some work, depending on his dashas (planetary periods) he will move ahead and if a person is doing nothing and his favorable period is going on, it will take him forward from there. If a person is already on stream line which is coupled with good planetary periods, it takes native to good heights, hence doing karma is important here. Through our karmas only we can get our wealth or it can be increased as per my personal experience. If you keep working continuously even god supports us with blessings. Mohit Verma: So Sunilji, as we know Lakshmi represents wealth, what are its different forms? How did it originate and how can we categorize it? Sunil Kaushik: As we know wealth is described as a form of Lakshmi and it has originated during Samudra Manthan (churning of sea), that time 14 gems were discovered along with Lakshmi. This means water is Lakshmi. Moon is also included in that. Hence moon increases wealth. So this means water in a form is Lakshmi. Towns/cities situated on river banks are quite prosperous why because agriculture is good, good business or trading sources available. So water is directly connected with Lakshmi. Laxmi is described in 8 forms and nearly 5 to 6 sub forms. Called as Ashthalakshmi amongst it the first one is Adilakshmi and she is sage Bhrigu’s daughter. This means sage Bhrigu has source of Lakshmi in his daughter’s form Sage Bhrigu is source of Shukra or venus which is karak or source of Lakshmi. And Venus represent wife, so wife is a form of Lakshmi (Lakshmi swaroopa bhava). Role of wife is very important in proper management of house. So first form of Lakshmi is Adilakshmi called as daughter of sage Bhrigu. Second form is Dhanlakshmi in varied forms. Dhanlakshmi means gold and money. Gold is your asset and your liquid money is whatever you have. After Dhanlakshmi is Dhanyalakshmi and it is originated from Dhaan which means Anaj (foodgrains). As the time has changed so has the economy, sources and methods of production have changed. However, in earlier times Barter system was used villages. When my grandfathers were small we had mustard fields and the exchange used to be with wheat and mustard seeds. Mustard was the most expensive at that time, so what we used to do is fill our bags with mustard seeds and take it to the shopkeeper and in return take our favorite toffees. So wealth is also in form of Dhaan or Krishi (agriculture). After this is Gajlakshmi. Gaj means elephant, however meaning of Gaj is quadruped. When our religious text were been written there was no modernization at that time, it was rural environment so Gajlakshmi means Pashudhan (livestock) and Chaupaya (quadruped) in one’s house. . As I said mine’s is more of rural upbringing, in our house we had 3 cows with 4 to 5 buffaloes. And whatever milk production we had been taken care by female members in our house, we used to use for our home and rest for sale. So this is Gajlakshmi prosperity got from quadruped. After that is Santanlakshmi. You must have heard about people having lots of money but do not have children or if they have they are not worth, then what is the use of wealth they have? Or whatever money was there was wasted by the children, or will be wasted. God forbid anything like this to happen. So happiness from children is Santanlakshmi. After that comes Veerlakshmi, you have everything you want but cannot protect your wealth, you lack that courage to earn and take care of your wealth so where will Veerlakshmi come from? So the strength and courage required to earn money is Veerlakshmi. Next is Vijaylakshmi, which clearly means victory. Winning over desires in one’s life which are not good and also over those which one wants to achieve, this is called Vijaylakshmi. After that comes Vidyalakshmi, there are lots of people having money but lacking education or knowledge. Many a times we ask god to give lots of money and money through education is Vidyalakshmi. The trines in our horoscopes (1st, 5th and 9th houses). Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kalika. If native has all these 3 included is said to be wealthy. Now the sub forms are : Aishwaryalakshmi, the person is wealthy and prosperous and enjoying it. Next is Saubhgyalakshmi, person with golden touch we have many such industrialist in our country. Then is Rajyalakshmi, native has everything but not blessed with Rajya. For example there was a well-known mobile company but had lots of legal cases on it, in its own country. This shows it was lacking Rajyalakshmi. After that is Varahlakshmi, which is broom if there is no cleanliness in the house, or if you see some places selling liquor or related places where is there no impact of cleanliness. So there is this type of Lakshmi which shows prosperity in this way. That is why broom is said to represent Lakshmi and we should respect it, one should not touch it by feet and after brooming the house, it should be kept in such a place, where it is not easily visible to outsiders. In the end is Swasthyalakshmi, a person has everything in his life but cannot fully enjoy it due to health issues, there is no use of such wealth, as our elders said “pehla dhan nirogi ka hai” (First wealth is health). So been healthy is very important. Sometimes it may so happen that people say they want to meet you and pay you something, but we refuse to meet saying that we are not feeling well. So this is Swasthyalakshmi, if someone is deprived of good health, god forbid it shouldn’t be with anyone, one cannot enjoy wealth because of health problems. So these are 8 main categories and 5 sub categories of Lakshmi which are worshipped during Diwali, Akshaya tritya and Navratri festivals. As It is said in Durga Shaptashati: “Ya devi sarva bhuteshu nidra rupane sansitha” sleep is important and so is Vaibhav (wealth). According to me simply talking about Lakshmi and understanding it are two different things. There is a written recognition on a coin that is a Lakshmi and using or enjoying that wealth is another type of Lakshmi, one cannot take both together and move ahead. Person is wealthy but cannot use or enjoy that wealth makes no sense. Eight main categories and 5 sub categories represents Lakshmi. Mohit Verma: Sunilji you have briefly explained about the origin and different forms of Lakshmi. We now come to daily routine queries of people about how to check position of wealth in our horoscopes. Sunil Kaushik: Every horoscope has a basic foundation just like any building has. While checking in charts , 2nd house is house of wealth, 11th for steady flow and 9th house is your Bhagya or luck. So these trines are important. Even 5th house is considered by some astrologers. How is horoscope made? It is just like when we consult an astrologer before constructing house, for best suitable timings. What will the astrologer do, he will select the best lagna (rising sign for that muhurta), day, tithi (lunar day), yog and nakshatra (constellation) etc., And will tell you accordingly for example suppose if he finds that it is tripushkara yoga or dwipushkara yoga, And may also say that after constructing this house, you may build many more. So this is the importance of Muhurta, for buying a new house, car as decided by the person. Just think how will be that Muhurta which Almighty has fixed for you! That day will also have specific combination of tithi, vara (weekday), yoga, nakshatra etc., Nanda tithis or lunar days of 1st, 6th and 11th are good for overall happiness. And these should be used accordingly. There are five groups of tithis and they are: (1) Nanda (2) Bhadra (3) Jaya (4) Rikta and (5) Purna. Nanda tithi is ruled by Venus, Bhadra as the name says gentleman ruled by mercury, Jaya means victory so is it obvious that it is decided by Mars hence this tithi is ruled by mars and then comes Rikta, whatever loneliness which comes in our life, or leads towards sanyas or Samadhi is done by Saturn hence Rikta is ruled by Saturn and last is Purna, which means fulfillment of everything in the end is ruled by Jupiter. Moon is not given any tithis, because one makes tithi and other distributes it. Rahu and Ketu are not assigned to any because they don’t have any light so no importance of any tithis for them. Therefore 5 planets are given ruler ship of tithi groups. So whenever a native is born under any respective tithi, his wealth status is seen accordingly. Like those born under Nanda tithi can earn wealth through sources of entertainment as it is ruled by Venus, but this is only one parameter of it and the starting point like further we proceed with panchang and then the horoscope. Natives born under Bhadra tithis (2, 7 and 12) gentlemen work earns wealth through different modes of communication for e.g., writer. Those born under Jaya tithis as it is related to victory are likely to earn wealth through matters related to victory like defense/military services, engineering and surgery (medical science). So here we see as and when a native is born under specific lunar day, his wealth quantum is seen accordingly. He can also increase it with his efforts and right directions and progress further in his life, starting point been tithi. Mohit Verma : Sunilji I have a question coming in my mind. You have discussed about the tithis, we see tithis according to the movements of moon. The one as explained by you here as Nanda, Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta and Purna how will you relate these with the one we generally count as ekadash, dwadash (1st, 2nd) etc. Sunil Kaushik: How do we relate them with lunar movement? These are tithis based on Moon movements only. Mohit Verma: Yes, but how do we relate them? On which particular days would we consider them? Sunil Kaushik: Which all days? Mohit Verma: Like we have the new moon day, after that which tithi will come? Sunil Kaushik: 15 tithis of Krishna Paksha (period of waning moon) and 15 tithis of Shukla Paksha (period of waxing moon). First tithi is Ekam (1st), second is Dwitiya, third is Tritiya, 5th is Panchami and 6th tithi is Sasthi. So first tithi is Nanda, 2nd is Bhadra, 3rd is Jaya, 4th is Rikta, 5th is Purna. Mohit Verma: Okay, so it will get repeated. Sunil Kaushik: And after that 6th tithi will be Nanda. Mohit Verma: Okay it will be Nanda. Sunil Kaushik: So, as I said before 1st.6th and 11th gives happiness to the person. 2, 7 and 12 gives Bhadra Karya, 3rd 8th and 13th is Victory. 4th, 9th and 14th gives Rikta Karya and 5th, 10th and full moon gives overall happiness. So our first point was tithis. If a person checks his birth details with the tithi one is born in, he will come to know the benefits of it and how he can utilize the same. After tithi is Vaar(weekday), Nakshatra (constellations) and Karna (half part of tithi) Possibilities increases more with Nakshatras, the classification which is given in much details by Shri Sunilji, which can be used with reference to context. After nakshatra comes karan, which is half part of tithi. And as said karan is defined as the work pattern followed by the native. Which work and how should it be done, so that it is profitable for that person. First karan is Bava, which means mobility and water; you will enjoy it more when I tell you their meanings. Bava is ruled by Indra. Next is Balav which means long hair and its deity is Brahma, third is Kaulav which means defamation, fourth is Taitil which means abscess (tumor like growth) similarly there are 11 such karans, I will give their names here- Bava, Balav, Kaulav, Taitil, Gara, Vanija, Vishti, Shakuni, Chatuspada, Naga and Kinstughana. In this the first karan Bava is mobility and water, such a native should maintain continuous mobility in his work, should do work related to travelling, water, sea products. Should always have innovations in their work. Then such people are successful in their life. Deity of this karan is Indra; such people should always keep water money plant in their work area and also carry some water along with. It helps them to succeed. Second is Balav, which means small child with long hair, such natives should do work, related to beauty products and hair salon to be successful. My Guru had told me once, that there is a big actor whose karan is Balav, who when worked as child artist with long hair, his films were super hit. The movie was about 3 brothers who get separated at first and then meet in the end. His hair style was famous. How far this is true is best known to my Guru. Now there is karan named Vanij which means vyapar (business). Such natives are successful working in business based companies, so what we understand is one should not go against nature, rather take what is given by it and progress in our life. I have told about karan with which wealth of a native is also decided. Bava karan gives excellent wealth, Balav gives good wealth. Kaulav as the name say causes defamation, gives fair amount of wealth so does Taitil. Gara karan is for natives who speak harsh, for poisonous things such native gets normal amount of wealth. Vanij karan gives great amount of wealth. Shakuni karan means birds that fly very high, such natives are highly ambitious. Can do well in imaginary and air travel works. Karan defines person work skills and how wealth can be accumulated through your efforts. We know there are 9 planets and every zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees. Lagna, 2nd, 3rd, 4th up to 12 houses in a horoscope. Bhava and rashis are interconnected in any chart. 30 degrees which make up a zodiac sign, has few degrees in it giving very good wealth and few degrees giving less. Mohit Verma: Now there are specific houses in chart based under lordship which show how much wealth a native will have. Can we also use Ashtakvarga to check for the same? Sunil Kaushik: Ashtakvarga we use for remedial purpose. For Ashtakvarga it is said that less points in 12th house then 2nd house then expenditures will be less and person will save wealth. If there are more points in 12th house then 11th house, income will be less and expenditures will be more. Use of Ashtakvarga is more in remedies when we do that section, because this is a big subject. And I feel this will require 2 to 3 sessions. First will be how to see the sources of wealth and second will be how to check that in our charts and how it can be increased more. It is an approximation as we cannot fix that in figures, but we can surely say the person will have excellent, good, fair or normal wealth status. Last part in this would be remedy section which includes through vastu, mantras, yantras, ashtakvargas and through special practices that how it can increased as in the last part as we do it step by step. We will be now discussing about special points in zodiac signs as I told about the karans, now I will tell about the main points in zodiac signs. A zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees. As we know as the climate changes days and nights become longer and shorter, but nothing changes for a zodiac sign, it is and will be of 30 degrees only. Divide a zodiac sign into 12 equal parts from 0 to 2 deg 30 min which makes one part of it, accordingly you go on dividing it further from 0-2deg- 30 min and from 2deg 30 min to 5 degrees and from 5 to 7 deg 30 mins. You need to go on adding 2 and 1/2. And accordingly 12 parts are formed. Every part has its own lord, lord of 1st is Kuber, 2nd is Padang, 3rd is Haala, 4th is Kirit, 5th is Vihal, 6th is Mayawi, 7th is Mohan, 8th is Kinnar, 9th is Sarp, 10th is Indra, 11th is Leela and 12th is Kokil. Now we will try to understand each one of this. Suppose there is a planet placed in 2nd house. First of all in a chart we will see all the 9 planets are under the leadership of whom. Kuber gives excellent wealth, Padang gives moderate money, Haala gives simple category of wealth, Kirit is king and gives best, Vihal is unstable and gives moderate wealth, Mayawi is different in and out, giving moderate wealth. Mohan has capacity of attracting / hypnotizing or loving other giving excellent wealth. Kinnar has been shown as horse in older subdivision of mythological texts, unstable giving moderate wealth. Sarp gives simple category; Indra is king of gods and gives excellent wealth. Leela is dramatic, expert in his work giving moderate wealth and Kokil is cuckoo, very melodious giving moderate wealth. Now suppose if a person’s chart has any planet placed in ascendant above 7 deg 30 min and within 10 degrees. So for planets between 7 and 10 we have 4th which is Kirit. Mohit Verma: It comes in 4th part Kirit. Sunil Kaushik: Kirit is said to be King, so how much wealth will it give? Mohit Verma: Maximum. Sunil Kaushik: Excellent so when this native is under period/sub period of that planet, he will earn best, understood how it is implemented. Mohit Verma: Yes Sunil Kaushik: Now suppose planet placed in 2nd house is between 12deg 30 min and 15 degrees so which part will it be placed in, Mohit brother? Mayawi. Mohit Verma: Mayawi. Sunil Kaushik: Mayawi means one who will be good in acting and drama, such people advertise about themselves and earn money. One should know the correct use of these things. So wealthy people are associated with treasury, financial work, money related to interest amount. Padang is said to be Sun. So such natives connected with higher authority people, good imagination and creativity earns wealth. Haala is said to be liquor, by setting up cough syrup factory and if coincidently gets license for selling liquors, see wealth can come from any sources. Mohit Verma: Yes, that is correct. Sunil Kaushik: Sage Narada has described about two types of wealth one is Shwet dhan (white money) and another is Krishta dhan (black money), even he has said wealth can come from any source, it depends on us whether we take it as good or bad. When a person worships Mahalakshmi, he will always ask for more money to be seen when he opens his cash box, there are some people who know to snatch wealth. So goddess is been worshipped by both the types of people. So wealth can come from any sources, all depends on how we take it, difference is when it is hard earned money it is enjoyed by future generations and that earned by other ways, the person always lives with a hidden unknown fear. So I told you about different parts within rashis and their names and how a person can use it accordingly for their wealth status. During dasha/antardasha, you need to check in which part is lord of dasha placed in and this is to check for wealth, as entire discussion is based on it. So if the person, during that planetary period adds up the work related to that specific part in which the planet it is placed, then the obstructions related to wealth will be cleared to great extent. There is a person known to me who has Cancer ascendant in his chart and undergoing Mercury period (dasha). In chart mercury is lord of 3rd and 12th house. 12th house means expenditures and 3rd house shows travel, so how will be wealth generated? When I asked, he said he was going through problems, before this he did not have problems. Saturn mahadasha was before mercury, and lord of 7th and 8th for cancer ascendant although markesh must have been in a good placement, hence there was no problem. He was working in partnership at 3 different places China, here and one more place I think Taiwan. Ever since problems began, he was very much disturbed. Now in this period, where will wealth come from? There are two types of people, one will take you in his car, reach half of the road will say his car is not working and cannot take you further. Another one will tell you how far he will take you and from there onwards you need to go yourself. Second one will be preferred. So whenever someone approaches an astrologer, it must be seen how current planetary periods can be useful for good results. Mohit Verma: That is right. Sunil Kaushik: There are different ways it can be done, as I told earlier based on the special points of zodiac signs and now we will try to see how it can be done by planetary periods. Now in the chart as discussed above, it is Dasha of 3rd and 12th house and the person told me he wants to work with foreign affairs and travel related work. So when god gives permission, work is carried out. So 3rd house shows travelling and 12th house shows foreign affairs. He has now 3 offices opened as during summers in India, people go out to enjoy and he helps with exchange of currency, within 3 months he had 3 new offices opened as it was peak season for this type of work. So how should one make use of the current planetary period in their charts to increase the quantum of money. Every house in our chart gives wealth, we all know 2nd and 11th house gives wealth, that is true but it can be also said that they give wealth but other bhavas give special ones. As read 6th lord in 11th house, such a native uses one person against other for their personal benefit. Such a combination can be seen in lawyer’s charts, although they don’t create but settle issues among the people. Dispute between two people cannot be settled without a good lawyer. So this is a very good combination for lawyers. Mohit Verma: That is correct. Sunil Kaushik: 6th lord in 11th. 6th house shows health issues and 11th house profit, so income through medical work. So this way each house can give wealth. You need to connect house with their significators. As we know how human beings are evolved genetically through a continuous process, similar continuous work is been carried out in astrology. First whatever has been told by our rishis, if we that much also it is more than enough. Lots of research has been going on giving birth to new school of thoughts. Mohit Verma: A question has come to my mind, as you said that each zodiac sign which is divided in 12 parts, each part been made up of 2 deg 30 mins, so the sequence remains same for all parts? Sunil Kaushik: Sequence is same for all beginning from 0 degrees and proceeding with 2 degrees 30 minutes each. Mohit Verma: And the dasha/antardasha which we saw, be it any planet, we need to check it is placed in which part. Sunil Kaushik: Yes, in which part and what is the name of that part, is it Vihal, Kirit, Mayawi, Mohan, Kinnar or Sarp. How can one earn when planet is in Sarp part as it shows poison, fertilizers, or medicines which contains certain concentrations of poisonous material in them. So every part can give us wealth we should know how to crack it. As I told you about karan how it influences work pattern of an individual, now since we are discussing about charts, my karan is Bava which represents moving water, new thoughts and ideas. And if you see for past 16 to 17 years I am doing work related to water only. Astrology is out of hobby, which I have been learning and teaching, it is my passion which I have am been doing since I was 13 years. But we need something for our livelihood, so I do water related work. It is how do you use or experiment. So when I understood and did research, I came to know it is related to water and that is how I brought it into use. You should know right method to unlock with right keys. So when the person is born with specific planetary combinations, it should be brought into use accordingly. Mohit Verma: One more question based on these 12 parts, degrees of ascendant (lagna) will also fall in some or the other part? Sunil Kaushik: Yes degrees of ascendant (lagna) will also fall in some or the other part. Mohit Verma: Yes so how can we co-relate, suppose if there is no planet in first house, but degree will come in some part Sunil Kaushik: Planet is going to give results in its period and we will make its apt use in that period. Suppose if someone has Jupiter dasha running and it is in Kuber part, the native can be related to banking sector or gold related work this can be during the dasha, but ascendant degree is giving it the traits naturally. Mohit Verma: That is correct. Sunil Kaushik: One is promised and other is dasha which gives its results. When these two things meet, it shows native’s progress. We have seen each zodiac sign divided into 12 parts each, has decided area of wealth. Main been 2nd, 11th and 9th houses respectively this will be used mainly as they are related with wealth and luck(Bhagya). If there are planets placed in this house, it is very good during the dasha, or their lords and accordingly the native is benefitted. There is friend of mine, who is very much interested in politics and used to always ask will I get a ticket, become MLA? However, it is not seen in his chart, but in son’s chart who is not interested in politics. It was showing Sun prominently, so I told him he is not since your son is not interested; open a chemist shop for him. He said his son needs to be B. Pharm for that, I told him ask some to join as partner who is a B. Pharm. He stays close to my place and has now a good chemist shop running near to Dwarka. Now we come to another part of knowing wealth according to Tajik astrology which is known as Dhan ka Saham. Saham is special feature in Tajik astrology; father of all sahams is Punyasaham. We are mainly going to see about Dhan saham, what we need to check in this is 2nd house degrees, kala and vikala and planet placed in 2nd house indicates Dhan saham and whichever house it signifies. Whichever house in chart is signified by Dhan Saham, these are technical things and I am not trying to teach astrology here, but matter, people or things related to those houses if native tries to correlate this in his life, it can produce wealth. After this special wealth related planets are Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is your karma and Jupiter is wealth and production. If both the planets are placed in Char rashis (moveable signs) they keep on increasing the wealth continuously. If malefic combinations are less in chart, they help to increase. If both are placed in fixed signs give slow and late prosperity. There are many such industrialist in our country who started from petrol pump and have reached heights of success, they will be having such combinations. Saturn is efforts and hard work whereas luck and wealth is Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn in moveable sign increases wealth quantum. Next when 2nd, 11th and 9th houses has more than 28 points as in Ashtakvarga points it is considered to be good with a satisfaction of having wealth from right sources. As said earlier Lakshmi is sister of Moon, so it has special relation with Moon. Having Bhrigu bindu or Indu Lagna which is itself a significator of wealth. 9th lord from ascendant and moon, when you join these durvanks. It will be defined in details when we do remedy session. The result is above 12 points; divide by 12 and whatever rashi, ansh and kala you get gives special wealth point. Mohit Verma: So you mean to say 9th lord from lagna and moon when you join their longitudes… Sunil Kaushik: Not the longitudes, they are durvanks. Like durvanks for Sun is approximately 30. Moon has 12-15 not sure exactly cannot say it now. Which we cover in next session, it is also called as Indu lagna. Mohit Verma: Okay. Sunil Kaushik: 9th lord from moon and ascendant, you need to add those durvanks and if they are more than 12, since zodiac signs are 12, whatever result you get will be 1, 2,3,4 or 5 rashi that rashi is special wealth point. And the native can use things related to that sign to get wealth. So this is another use of it. Mohit Verma: Okay Sunilji, as you said this topic will require additional 2 to 3 session Sunil Kaushik: Yes it will be required. Mohit Verma: So for today’s topic what all we have more or we will be covering it in next session? Sunil Kaushik: For today’s topic we have touched the technical points one by one. Apart from that the special houses for wealth 1st, 2nd,3rd 5th,9th and 11th houses. 3rd, 5th and 9th houses are included 3rd house shows efforts, 5th is intelligence & 9th is your bhagya that is why it is important to include them. 1st is lagna, without which wealth cannot come and efforts for that are important. After this comes planet sitting in zero path, which will be dasha lord naturally and it has nothing in Shadvarga means it is neither in friend or temporary friendly signs nor in neutral bhava in all 6 Vargas. This is planet in zero path. It becomes important to identify such planet along with dasha lord. Shadvargas are Hora, Drekkana etc., Saptavarga is different from Shadvargas, if any planet is in zero path in Shadvargas as it creates obstructions in generating wealth. As said by rishi Narad and Devak there are two types of wealth. One which is earned through sattwik way is enjoyed by future family generations and the one earned by tamasic way, gets accumulated easily but gives problems in future. Today we saw how we can increase our wealth based on the topics covered. In our next session we will see more details related to this topic like what is given in Vedas, Puranas, remedies through yantra, mantras. For now the work would be to go through what is done today and we welcome suggestions given by our audience that will help to clarify more in our next session. Mohit Verma: Today you have briefly told us about the basic information, so now I think our audience will have queries related to increasing wealth in their charts, if it is shown less. So I think they should not miss the next session. Sunil Kaushik: Remedies are also been given in this session, most of it is given. Still there are special types which can be discussed using muhurta, chowgadiya, what is dhan and tantra. In tantra sometimes it is seen as curse, like curse from Lakshmi for which there is special type of Pooja been done on river bank with sandal sticks been used if available. In which we can invoke goddess and more. Mohit Verma: We are thankful for the detailed information as given by you today. We would be desperately waiting for next session on the same. Sunil Kaushik: I would like to say here that, audiences are requested to give their suggestions on YouTube for anything specific to be prescribed. So that will be helpful. As there are also certain technical things. There are two categories of audience; first category includes those who take this as channel of knowledge and another category includes those who are already know astrology and try to search something more in this. That is why we ask for suggestions. As today we did see certain experiments which can be done, after that is as said by Sage Parashar said – What is the effect of lord of 2nd house in different houses like in 3rd, 4th, 5th and what can we understand from it, we can experiment on this in our next session. As said earlier we will see how we can use Mantra, Yantra, Vastu and Muhurta for increasing wealth. A small sutra before concluding. If there are maximum points In Jupiter’s Ashtakvarga, which is also called as Bhinnashtak having 8 as maximum points. Middle part of 8 is 4 if lower than that, it is reduced if more than 4 it is increased. In Jupiter’s Ashtakvarga in whatever sign, if points have increased more than 4 as 5, 6, 7 or 8. Lagnas and dashas of those signs are used for increasing wealth. When it comes to keeping of cash chest (Tijori) in our house there are three places. North is direction of lord Kuber apart from that in Jupiter’s Ashtakvarga wherever there are increasing number of points more than 4 that also shows wealth. In our next session, we will cover all that and also on Lakshmi sadhanas. Mohit Verma: Thank you so much and we will hopefully have our next session with you very soon. Thank you once again.


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    A) Explained the 8 forms of laxmi
    B) Tithis are classified into 5 groups and the 15 kalas of the moon are divided into each tithi group . You should bring things related to your birth tithi into your life.
    1. Nanda tithi is ruled by Venus (1,6,11)
    2. Bhadra tithi is ruled by mercury (2,7,12)
    3. Jaya (victory) is ruled by Mars (3,8,13)
    4. Rikta is ruled by Saturn (4,9,14)
    5. Purna is ruled by Jupiter (5,10,15)

    C) Karan at birth helps identify which work we should do and how to do it to. There are a total of 11 Karanas in Astrology:
    1. Bava, should work with water/sea related activity. Always keep water nearby. Lord Indra.
    2. Baalav, should keep long hair and work in hair salon or beauty industry
    3. Kaulav,
    4. Taitil,
    5. Gar
    6. Vanij,
    7. Vishti,
    8. Shakuni, select imaginative work
    9. Chatushpad,
    10. Naag,
    11. Kinshtughna

    D) Each of the 12 rashi’s have 30 parts that are made up of 2.5 degrees each. See which “part” your dasha and antardasha planets and Lagna are in and do work/take actions related to those:
    1) 0-2.5 degrees: Kuber, maximum wealth can be gained by job in treasury, finance, banking
    2) 2.6 -5 degrees: Patung chance for great wealth through friends in high positions
    3) 5.1- 7.5 degrees: Hala -wealth through liquor (caveat: tamasic actions may lead to great wealth in the short term, but suffering later).
    4) 7.6-10 Kreet, maximum wealth
    5) 10.1 – 12.5 vhival, medium wealth
    6) 12.6-15 Mayavi,
    7) 15.1-17.5 Mohan
    8) 17.6-20 Kinar, medium wealth,
    9) 20.1-22.5 Sarap, minor wealth, work related to poison, fertilizer, mercury
    10) 22.6-25 Indra, maximum wealth
    11)25.1-27.5 Leela, medium wealth,
    12) 27.6-30 Kokay, medium wealth,

    E) another indicator of potential to exponentially increase wealth is if Saturn and Jupiter are in movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

    F) Wealth is indicated if there are more than 28 ashtakvarga points in the 2nd, 9th, and 11th houses

    G) Check where the lord of 2nd house is and do work related to a combination of (a) that planet, (b) house it’s sitting in, and (c) rashi it’s in.

    H) Indu lagna: figure out which sign your indu lagna falls in… (I didn’t understand the rest).

    Thanks Sunil Sir for sharing your treasure. Hindi is not my native language. If I misinterpreted the info, my sincere apologies. Please feel free to make edits.

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