How To Use the GEARWRENCH Electronic Torque Wrenches with Angle (85078 & 85079)

How To Use the GEARWRENCH Electronic Torque Wrenches with Angle (85078 & 85079)

Introducing two new electronic torque
wrenches with angle from GEARWRENCH the 85078 3/8 inch drive with a
torque range of 10 to 100 foot pounds and the 85079
1/2 inch drive with a torque range of 25 to 250 foot-pounds. The new torque
wrenches have three modes which makes them invaluable to technicians. The three
modes are…Peak Torque: for applying a specific torque load to a fastener, as
when tightening lug nuts. Angle: for measuring angular rotation which is used
to stretch a torque to yield bolt to the required clamping pressure as when
tightening head bolts. Peak Angle: for applying specific torque load to a
faster and then immediately applying the angle in one action as when tightening
connecting rod bolts. A torque wrench with angle also allows the technician to
do standard torque jobs and anything requiring an additional angle with one
tool. It’s much quicker and more accurate than traditional methods these torque
wrenches are exceptionally accurate for both torque and angle requirements and
offer a choice of multiple torque scales. Setup and use is extremely simple. First
press the power button to turn the wrench on. The numeric display will
default to the last setting in Peak Torque Mode. If you need to change the
setting press the set button and adjust the torque value then press set. Now
apply torque. Rotating the wrench at a constant steady speed until alerted to
stop by the handle vibration, audible beep, and LCD display. The Target Torque
Alert will activate when the desired torque level is near. When working on a
harmonic balancer or head bolts, angle can be easily applied. Once the bolts
have been tightened to the required torque place the wrench on a flat stable
surface. Then press the M button until an A shows on the screen. Then press set to
start the calibration. In a moment the wrench is calibrated. If the desired
angle is displayed the wrench is ready to use. To achieve target angle on the bolt, turn the wrench until alerted to stop. These electronic torque wrenches
with angle come with a GEARWRENCH one-year limited warranty and a 90-day
calibration guarantee.


  • Robert Vaughan ll says:

    Snap On and Armstrong torque wrenches is all I have ever used. I work in a heavy manufacturing facility and always constantly checking torque specs on fasteners on a high speed and high vibration equipment. Can your torque wrench withstand the manfuctoring industries or are they gear more toward automotive?

  • Ozzstar's Cars says:

    I know the digital torque wrench the folks at GEARWRENCH sent me for review works fantastic. Very accurate, well made and works great! Here is the video to learn more:

  • Cardoc2011 says:

    What happens when your in angle mode and you need to ratchet back to finish angle

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