I Tried Believing in Astrology and This is What Happened

I Tried Believing in Astrology and This is What Happened

– I wasn’t even going
to wear makeup today, and then I got caught up in this being a video about astrology and
wanting to wear red on my eyes. Hey guys! (coughs) So this video, this
video (laughs) is here, and happening. Oh, are people going to be mad? I feel like people are going
to be mad at this video. I… (claps) Try things here on this channel. If you’re new here, welcome,
hit that subscribe button, and mostly I like to
try things that I don’t usually do in my day-to-day life, and astrology, and believing in astrology, falls into that category. I do feel like I should start
with a little disclaimer, because I wanna be respectful, and because this is the internet, (ding) and say that I am absolutely not trying to make fun of anything that
anybody else believes in in this video. I understand that
astrology and zodiac signs are very important to some people, and a very important part
of their belief system, and I’m not trying to knock that. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or anybody else, believe
whatever you want to. If you believe in astrology… I just don’t. (groans) (laughs) I also really haven’t
given it a fair shot, but let me rewind and
start from the beginning for any of you who know even
less about astrology than I do. Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects,
usually stars and planets, have on human lives. So there are 12 signs, 12 zodiac signs, and essentially it’s believed
that your personality and a lot of characteristics about you are determined by the time
and place you were born, based on the position of the
planets, the moon, the stars, at that time. Astrology differs from
something like the Enneagram or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in that it’s not based on… Reality? No, no no no, sorry. (laughs) Oh, god, I’m just. It’s a joke, I’m sorry, I’m joking. It’s not based on you
filling out some type of personality measure
or answering questions about yourself or anything like that. It is based solely on the time
and place that you were born, which is why I struggle with it. But, like I said, I haven’t
really ever given it a fair shot, so that’s what I’m gonna do over this next week. I’m gonna try to believe
in astrology for a week. What do I know about astrology already? I basically know that
I’m an Aries. (laughs) And I also know that when
looking up what that means in the past, I haven’t really connected with the characteristics of an Aries. As far as I know, Aries is
the first sign in the 12, the first born. (laughs) I am the oldest child. And we are meant to be
fiery and opinionated and stubborn and
confrontational and explosive, and I’m just not that way? And I just don’t really connect with a lot of the Aries traits. But to be fair, to tell you
things I could relate to, to give this a fair shot, I’m being fair, I absolutely am passionate. I’m not afraid to stand
up for what I believe in, even though doing so often
causes me intense anxiety. I can absolutely be outgoing. I could be stubborn. I could see that, I could see it. I do believe that I am right. Period, full stop. That’s just based on my sun sign. So over the next week,
I am going to research my own birth chart. I’m gonna read and follow
my horoscope each day, and I think I wanna do some
compatibility testing as well. See if the people in my
life are the right ones. And if at the end of the week it sucks, at least I tried. First thing’s first, let’s
look up my birth chart. I’m just on the Co-Star website here, because it’s free. Also I’m using this lav
mic for the first time. We’re doing an experiment. How does it sound? Does it sound good? The audio you’re hearing
right now is from the lav mic. The audio you’re hearing
now is from the camera. Is there a difference? I hope so. I was born in Steinbach, Manitoba, baby, in 1992, April 12th, at 7:27, to the second? Oh. (laughs) To the second. A.m. or p.m. Get my chart. Please be good, please
be good, please be good. Please get Scorpio. Gimme a little Scorpio in there. People like Scorpios, right? (blows raspberry) But I don’t
know what any of this means. Ooh, I do got some Scorpio
in there, my Pluto. (laughs) What does that mean? Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries. Like, it looks almost like I’ve just got a little bit of everything. This is the problem that
I have with astrology. This is where I struggle to buy in. If they’re gonna tell
me that I have aspects of one, two, three, eight. If they’re gonna tell me I have pieces of eight different
signs, and I get to just pick and choose which
ones make sense to me and which ones don’t,
what’s the point of that? How is that helpful? Okay, let’s read about me. Sun, Aries. “The sun determines your ego,
identity and role in life. “It’s the core of who
you are and it’s the sign “you’re most likely to already know.” Correct. “Your sun is an Aries, meaning you are “fundamentally assertive.” (high-pitched hum) “And persistent.” True. “And courageous.” Oh my god, thank you. “Naturally competitive.” (laughs) Okay, that’s true, just a little. “And fiercely independent.” Oh (beep). Okay, okay, okay. Four out of five so far. That’s not bad. “And you push things forward
with energy and enthusiasm “and persevere through anything.” True, true, and true. Okay, I hate this. “You need to learn to
understand other people “as complex wholes.” Oh, I understand. Other people’s wholes are very complex. I think I understand
that (laughs) just fine. Alayna, stop. Ascendant, so this is my rising sign, is Libra. “Your ascendant is the
mask you present to people. “It changes every two hours,
so if it doesn’t make sense, “text your mom to confirm
your birth time.” (laughs) Astrology not making sense to you? Call your mom. It’s definitely your
fault and not astrology’s. “Your ascendant is in Libra,
meaning you come across “as compromising,
courteous and fair-minded. “You seem inclined toward
balance in all forms, “aesthetic, romantic and judgment.” Ooh. Uh oh. Okay, wait, so what this is saying is that my ego, my identity, my role in life is that fire Aries sign,
but the mask that I present is that balanced,
compassionate, fair-minded version of myself. (gasps) Ooh. So at my core, I’m fiery and competitive and fiercely independent,
but I don’t want people to know that. I present and feel more comfortable being balanced and compromising. (gasps) Oh no, why is this right? No, I’m mad. My moon sign is Leo. “The moon rules your
emotions, moods and feelings. “Your moon is in Leo,
meaning your emotional self “is dramatic, proud,
expressive, idealistic “and somewhat self-centered.” Well, I do make YouTube videos. (laughs) “You need a lot of love,
care and validation “from other people.” True. But who doesn’t? Who doesn’t? Who among us? “It’s in your eleventh
house, meaning you find “security and safety
through your friendships, “social life and social status.” Eh. Not really, but I do make
YouTube videos. (laughs) How many of these are there? Oh my word. Oh wow, it really breaks down every aspect of being a human. “You prefer face-to-face communication.” Okay, that one’s a bit weird. I… (laughs) I like, don’t talk to
people unless they’re face-to-face in front of me. It is not at all in my nature
to talk on the phone or text. I pretty entirely connect
with people face-to-face. Stop it, Co-Star! (laughs) “You tend to be forthright “and direct with your crushes.” Absolutely. “You make a lot of inside jokes, “touch them a lot and
maintain eye contact.” Oh (beep), come for me! Mars. Oh my god, how many
more of these are there? My Jupiter is in Virgo, meaning I grow and find understanding
through careful thought, goal-setting and hard work. True, but this is the problem. This is turning into. (laughs) This is not meant to be like
an anti-astrology video. That’s not, I’m just sharing my thoughts. Here it says that I grow
and find understanding through goal-setting, which is true, but Aries are supposed to be impulsive, which would be like the
opposite of setting goals and following through. So the way I see it is it’s offering me both ends of the spectrum
and I just get to pick which one I relate to? I dunno, seems fishy. Okay. I mean, overall, I’m
surprised by how much of that did feel accurate. I wasn’t expecting that
much of it to feel real. Overall, pretty interesting. I’ve been scouring the
internet trying to figure out what horoscope site I wanna use, and I found something called
The Horoscope Hotline, so you know I’m about to try that. Let’s see what my horoscope
has in store for me today. – [Woman] Welcome to
The Horoscope Hotline! Your free daily horoscope, brought to you by The
Authentic Psychic Network. You must be 18 years or
older, brought to you– – Check. – [Woman] By continuing,
you’re consenting to allow us to send you text messages
about our services and special offers. – Um. – [Woman] In addition,
we may also call you for marketing purposes. Please– Men, press one. Women, press two. – Okay, why just men and women though? And why are they different? What–
– [Woman] Men, press one. Women, press two. – Yes, I heard you, thank you. – [Woman] In a few seconds, we’ll ask you to enter the month and date of your birth. We also want you to take full advantage– – (sighs) This is a whole process. I’m giving my phone
number to telemarketers for this video, you guys. I’m doing it for you. Subscribe. – [Woman] Today is positive for unions and partnerships, Aries. Regarding business matters, enlist the aid of a Gemini for best results. – Seven of Wands.
– [Woman] Keyword, courage. – Okay, whoa, so many thoughts. (laughs) Okay. So first of all, the fact
that they’re talking about partners and unions, and
then she said to partner up with a Gemini, Dallas is a Gemini, and then the fact that the
word of the day is courage, I, literally today, posted in the Compassion Revolution Facebook group, linked in the description,
literally about courage. I don’t know how to feel. I hate this. (laughs) For this week’s video, I’m
trying to believe in astrology. – Okay. (Alayna laughs) Oh boy. – Hey baby. What’s your sign? – [Dallas] Oh my god. – [Alayna] Do you know
anything about astrology? – Well as a Gemini, I kinda flip between believing and not believing. (Alayna laughs) (ding) – Good morning. It’s day two. Let’s read my horoscope. Here’s a question. How are horoscopes effective or correct if they only take into
account your sun sign? What if today my Aries
energy is lying low? Maybe today my Libra is rising. Eh? Eh? My Aries horoscope for today is, “Do not accept things at face value today. “Just because someone
says something is true “doesn’t mean that it is. “Your curiosity will be piqued, “but minding your own business
is probably the wisest tack.” Tick. Tactic. So basically I’m supposed
to be suspicious today. Oh, read more Aries horoscopes. Finance, singles loves,
couples love, work, sexscope. Clicking that one for sure. “Half the planets are in
retrograde this month, “while the other half in fiery Leo.” (gasps) I’m part Leo! “Is this gonna ruin your summer fun? “No way! “While the rest of the signs are in panic, “you’re enjoying all the chaos. “This month will be hot, hot, hot!” So apparently Mars is in retrograde again, but I don’t have to worry. Yes, yes, yes! Retrograde can’t touch me,
retrograde can’t touch me! Does anybody actually know
what a retrograde is? (laughs) – So you’re gonna be reading something? (Alayna laughs)
Wait, what? – We’re gonna be checking our
compatibility with the stars. I’m an Aries. – Mm-hmm. – So you have to tell me
if this sounds accurate. “You like to go for the
gusto, taking bold action “on your feelings.”
Me. – Oh, you.
– Yeah. – Oh, okay. – (laughs) I saw the look on your face! – I was like, mm, wow, this is so bad. – Accurate, how do you feel? Does that represent me? – It’s all right. – (laughs) You’re a Gemini. – Yeah. – Oh, it doesn’t say
anything just about you, only about our compatibility. It’s okay, the Leo in me loves being the center of attention. – I thought you were an Aries. – When Aries and Gemini come
together in a love affair, they connect on a physical as well as an intellectual level. – Both? – Signs that are too apart in the zodiac usually enjoy excellent communication and a deep understanding of one another. – Is that us?
– Aww! – Aww, wow. – If Gemini feels that Aries
is being too controlling, or if Aries takes Gemini’s
flirtatious nature too seriously, arguments may set the
tone of the relationship. – (gasps) Oh, we’re always fighting. – That’s because you let me control you and I let you flirt, so we don’t argue. – All that flirting I do. (Alayna laughs) Thank god you tolerate it. – I see those female basketball
accounts you Tweet at. – Oh my, oh my god. That’s actually true. (Alayna laughs) – Can you sit up a bit? ‘Cause I want. Can you just sit up a bit. Control, control, control. (Dallas sighs) Oh.
– Oh, you use your thumb print and then you–
– Look at that! Okay, so you were born in? – I don’t know, I can’t even see this. I’m getting a seizure. – You know what time? – Like, 7 a.m. roughly, I think. I don’t know. – Not roughly!
– I don’t know! – This is a science! So your sun is in Gemini. “Fascinated by everything,
your childlike energy “is often scattered in
a million directions.” – Wow. Quick-witted, absolutely, eclectic. – (laughs) True, true. – Deathly handsome, wow. – Okay, this is interesting, because your rising sign is also Gemini. You are just Gemini. – I’m so Gemini. – And then your moon is in Leo! My moon’s in Leo! Oh my god, we were meant to be! – Wow, oh my god, our moons
are hanging out and… (Alayna laughs) – This is fun though.
– Mercury is in Gemini? I thought it was in retrograde. – Do you believe now? – No.
– Are you believer? – I don’t even want… (laughs) – Good morning everybody. Another day, another horoscope. Don’t look at my shirt,
it’s an embarrassment. “Going along with whatever
the rest of the crowd thinks “is what sheep do, not
what you should do!” You hear that everybody? It doesn’t count as a kiss! “Why on earth would you
buckle to peer pressure “at this stage of your life?” I’m asking myself that question every day! “Be proud of your independent thoughts,” like the kiss didn’t count, “because no one else
thinks like you.” (laughs) It sure seems like it if you go down into the comments of that video. “And no one can contribute to
the thought-provoking ideas “that you can.” Preach it astrology.com. Suck it, shirt. (ding) Oh boy. Oh boy, I don’t wanna film this part. So. (laughs) Welcome. I’m gonna put my glasses on again, partially because we’re
about to talk science, and partially because I want
a little more protection between me and you. Science. Astrology. Oh, they’re not mixin’. I wasn’t sure if I should
include this part of the video. Did I include it, future Alayna? I’m filming it. Is it in the video? I dunno. But it’s science. Science isn’t offensive, right? (laughs) Essentially, there was
one piece of astrology that I could buy into,
because it’s something that I’ve heard everywhere,
and that is the idea that considering that our bodies
are made up of, what, 75, 80% water, and the
moon controls the water on the Earth, like the
moon controls the tides, why then would it be
so farfetched to think that the moon would also
in some way affect us? And I had also heard somewhere
that there was a study done that found that there were
more ER visits on full moons and people had more trouble
sleeping on full moons, and so I thought, huh,
if the moon can affect us and our behaviors, it’s
not that farfetched to then say that the planets
could affect us at birth. So I decided to ask science. So first of all I was looking at studies of the full moon and the
effects that the full moon has on us as little teeny tiny puny humans, and really, long story short, it’s a myth. There’s no evidence that
the moon affects us, really in any way. And with that, my last
ounce of potentially believing in astrology, poof, disappeared. (laughs nervously) So I then thought,
okay, let’s look at some research journals and
see if there have been any published studies on astrology itself, and I found two. Um, and it’s not looking
good for astrology. Basically in both of these studies, researchers looked at,
I’m taking these off because the glare is driving me crazy. Both of these studies took natal charts, birth carts, or astrological summaries. They had participants see
if they could identify which personality summary matched them, basically to test the
accuracy of the categories that astrology presents, as the signs. They presented them with one real summary and one fake summary,
and people weren’t able to decipher which one was the real chart and which one was the fake chart. They also did this with a very well-known personality measure called
the NEO Five-Factor Inventory. (trying to pronounce) Inventory. Inven-tory. Inventory. And people there were able to identify which was the real personality measure and which was the fake one. In the 1983 study, they also looked at whether or not astrologers
could correctly match a person’s natal chart to
their actual personality, and they found that their choices were no better than random. So that’s not looking great for astrology. Again, that being said, I understand that there is a lot that
science doesn’t understand, and there is so much that we don’t know, so I know I feel like I’ve said this many times in this video already, but I’m really not trying
to hate on anybody’s belief system. This is just my experience
exploring it for myself. (ding) Good morning, everybody. The time has come. Last week, I ordered a proper birth chart, natal chart reading on Fiverr. I found this guy that
has super high reviews, also a bit cheap, and I ordered a ten-page natal chart astrology
reading, and it has arrived. The horoscopes just haven’t
been doing it for me. They just haven’t. So I’m very curious to see
what insight into my chart (trying to pronounce) pkdobrica will be able to provide. Let’s do it, view delivery. Oh, his name is Dobrica. Dobrica, not pkdobrica. (laughs) I’m probably butchering that, I’m sorry. Let’s download my file! Ooh. We open with this,
(laughs) which I don’t know what that means. Oh, interesting. So the first thing that this says is, “Inevitably, every chart will contain “some contradictory influences. “However, this may still
be an accurate reflection “of the person whose chart
is being interpreted, “as people do experience
conflicting desires, “events and circumstances in their lives.” Ah, so that’s how they
explain kind of the offering of two opposite ends of a spectrum. Okay, balance of signs. My Aries is strong and
my Pisces is strong? How come I didn’t se any Pisces before? “Initiating, pioneering energy. “Independent, bold, courageous, assertive, “fiery, inspirational, direct, decisive.” Sure, yeah, okay, yeah. I feel that. “Can be egotistical, impulsive, impatient, “aggressive, and lacking subtlety.” See, and then those, those
I just don’t relate to. But maybe that’s my Leo narcissism
coming through. (laughs) Balance of modes. (laughs) Again, I don’t
know what that means. Wait, so we have planets,
signs, houses, modes, quadrants, quarters! I’m so lost. (sirens) Okay, can there
not be fires right now? This, so far, I’m a couple pages in and there really hasn’t been anything that has been wrong so far. Hah? Okay, the houses. The Libra is on my first
house cusp. (laughs) I don’t understand this lingo! I don’t know what any
of this means, I’m mad. Scorpio on the second house cusp! Yes! Ah, my moon. Okay, now we’re talking the language that I understand, kind of. Oh wow, he’s gone into so much more, so much more about the
moon than I could have ever imagined that there was. Not bad. Not bad at all. A lot of that was spot on,
but a lot of it wasn’t. I don’t know. After doing a deep dive for a week here, for me personally, I think that it’s fun. I can see how this could be used as a tool for self-improvement, but I
don’t think that it’s for me, and again, that’s not to say
that it can’t be for you. I tried it, I tried it for a week. I don’t really know what
more I could do here, other than have a real person (laughs) come on here and give
me some kind of reading. Would you guys wanna see that? Let me know in the comments,
because I did look at getting an in-person
reading for this video, but they’re like $175 US, which, (tuts) girl. I did have a lot of fun this week. Talking with different
friends and learning about the different signs and
looking up who’s what, it’s been fun. It started a lot of conversations that I don’t know if I
would’ve had otherwise. Do I feel like I believe in astrology now? No. Will I continue to read
about it and look up memes? Yeah, probably. But that’s it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. I love you very much, and I
will see you in the next one. Bye! (kissing sounds) Good boy. If you were to have to
guess what my star sign was based on my personality,
what would you guess? – So you’re either Aries or… You’re Aries. You are Aries. – Okay, wait, how did you? Wait, why? – ‘Cause I have psychic powers, obviously.


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    Sorry for my english. I appreciate your work 🙂

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    Just for more information: astral bodies all rule specific circumstances and parts of our personality, the body’s placement in your chart houses are also essential to understanding how Jupiter or Moon influence your life. Jupiter is not you in general, it applies to your aspirations, world view, and expanding yourself out into the world. Whereas your leo moon may take less planning to make decisions about your emotions, a Jupiter in virgo will make sure that you are methodical when it comes to things like believing in astrology or marketing your career. Your sun is probably close to the descendant, which is opposite the ascendant or mask you put on in the world, explaining why you are firey but don’t necessarily identify that way in the world. Of course there’s no need to believe in or practice astrology, I’m just offering information for anyone interested. Each chart is extremely different and always complex, just like humans. However, there is no way to quantify a personality or life, so of course astrology can’t express all of the intricacies that make you you. I love u Alayna , might do a reading of your birth chart for fun!

  • Starr Ortiz says:

    wow we have the same bday just a different year

  • Yaquelin Diaz says:

    Yes for the in person reading. YOU WILL BE SHOOK

  • cosmicwave says:

    different aspects according to different planets, thats the point though lol. of course you have a little bit of everything, everyone does. but where they are placed is what determines things.

  • Saz says:

    i've always thought that astrology is just a bit of fun, but i'd also imagine that the things that actually affect your personality are your geography and what season your birthday is, more so than the planets. idk there's s many other factors that can affect you that i just can't take astrology by itself. but that might just be my indecisive cancer ass.

  • cosmicwave says:

    and yes, most people know what the retrograde is. Literally what it is, what it means and how it effects us all differently. Your unbelieving nature through out the whole video is a shame.You should talk to someone who actually studies astrology and can depict things for you better. Because if you not only dont believe it but know nothing on the subject, odds are you are not getting the right information because you cant read it. Reading astrology is difficult and takes alot of research. oh—and btw double gemini is insane lol watch out.

  • Susanne Stokkebekk-Bøhm says:

    I don't believe in astrology, but I don't believe in ghost either and I think it's strange that you take such a scientific approach to astrology and not do the same with ghosts.

  • Ana Maria says:

    Anyone that uses CUSPS is a FAKE astrology lover . And that s the tea.

  • Øath Ghost says:

    There's actually some science to astrology, that the miniscule gravitational pull each planet has moves the cells within your brain during development to form your personality. People who are born when the planets were pulling certain cells will have similar personalities for that reason, and breaking it into the houses makes sense even more so. It's not all spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

  • Øath Ghost says:

    You should do the cafeastrology natal chart

  • SoloDolo Lestrange says:

    As a Gemini, I also think you are adorable lol

  • Kristen Mehl says:

    You should checkout Soulshine Astrology, she does super cool readings if you decide to jump back into this.

  • Jamayka Savage says:


  • This is Alice says:

    Even tho I dont believe in it either, I do really relate to my sign. My partners fits him very well too. And thats on oddly specific things.
    After reading a bit about it I feel like alot of people I know shows very clear behavior and traits within their sign. Might be something to it. I do find it interessting atleast😄

  • Girl With The Black Hoodie says:

    Yes I want an in person reading lmao cuz I don’t even know half the terminology.

  • A for K says:

    12:02 "Tack" is actually correct, it's a sailing term referring to direction. To "change tack" means to change direction, so it means more or less the same as "change tactics." Folks like to get them mixed and say "changing tact" but that's incorrect. (This isn't a criticism, just a knowledge tidbit!)

  • Kali says:

    ok only halfway through this video but you neeed to download costar and the pattern apps and follow your friends so you can literally see how you and your friends compare bc ITS TRIPPY ITS SO FREAKIN REAL also I was like you and always scoffed at astrology and my friend at work was super into it and knowledgeable so she broke things down and explains it still to me so its even more cool to follow bc at first I was so lost

  • Sophie Speliopoulos says:

    Alayna i love you but i got 7 minutes into this video before your attitude squicked me out so i'll see you in the next video peace

  • Coffee Cat Gaming says:

    retrograde is when the planets appear to move backwards in the night sky lmaoooo

  • just-so-darling says:

    Your libra is SPOT ON! Before the video began, I told my girlfriend you seem like a libra. This makes sense because that is your outer presence online! I get people are skeptical of astrology….I can be too! But like you said, it's fun! And I just mine for self improvement!

  • Jenn Agustina says:

    You don't really believe in astrology until you know enought about it that you guess someone's dominant signs and YOU'RE CORRECT. That is when you realize it isn't that vague

  • Melissa says:

    i don't believe in astrology but I just wanted to point this out about the paper you read about babies and the moon… not all science is good science and because of that sometimes papers can contradict each other. Make sure you read through the whole paper and look at multiple before deciding what you think is a "fact".
    So just reading that one paper doesn't show for certain that babies arent affected by the moon.
    Although that paper is probably right tbh.
    Checking multiple peer reviewed sources is always a good habit to get in to!

  • tiffbott41 says:

    Get Dan to do your Reading… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O4f9vwgV_KE

  • Barbara says:

    With your birth chart – there are houses. 12 houses approximately. The 1st house represents you – the 1st house is your ascendant: the main thing. If your 1st house (aka ascendant) is in scorpio (e.g) – your personality is probably going to be a bit crazy/wild. You have different zodiac signs in your houses because each sign is different and have different actions. When you come to finance – you might be very organised and a perfectionist like a virgo but in general (1st house/ascendant) – you might be very crazy or wild like a scorpio (because you have scorpio in your chart). Each sign in each house represents parts of yourself – those parts then come together and join with your 1st house/ascendant and make a whole "object" which is you.

  • Citrine42 says:

    yes the mic is great :))

  • Annika says:

    "I do believe that I am right…period full stop"😂 literally saying that at least once a week and I'm an Aries too😂

  • Princess Aab says:

    LMAO … I'm curious since you don't understand … as you say "Dont believe" in Astrology … can you explain why the Constellations are in the sky for over millennia and none of the Stars associated with those constellations have EVER died Out??? Hence which would change the shape of the Constellations!!! 🤔😏😎

  • Princess Aab says:

    Also if you were doing FAIR Research the first thing you would've confessed and learned is that NO ONE is just 1 sign .. just like your Genetics … you have 46 chromosomes and your genetic makeup is a mixture of All your Ancestors .. you dont pick and choose in Astrology and if perhaps you had gained some intelligence from at least 2 of your Ancestors … MAYBE you would be able to understand how combinations of things can Absolutely WORK TOGETHER!!! LMAO 😎

  • MM Pu says:

    You’re making embarrassing to yourself..because lack of knowledge as an Astrologer …You’re not qualify and not smart enough to be in Astrology field..so don’t try so hard…it’s might have a backlash to ur mind later on.. it’s have been used in ancient history times when humans races began..Dig in deeper with the truth best knowledge teachings and Lectures..blessed you..the most embarrassing for those people called themselves best scientists & intelligent researchers but can’t figure out how far miles fr Earth to the Moon..also those clouds are took 65 years to confirmed the Moon is inside the Earth atmosphere..wtf…so what’s happened with the science principles Concept of all the proof.confirmed documents about all things related with it..
    Oops..I forgot most Pp in the society very fast & easy to forget or ignore things far out of their door house…just my little cents..

  • Amarah C says:

    “8 different signs” ya that’s my thing too, like babes….

  • Holly Miller says:

    No, it's meant to be anti-astrology

  • Isabel Reigen says:

    I use astrology more as an outline of a person. I think a big part of a person is how they are raised.

  • Beesly says:

    omg i actually have some sort of historical context for why people believe in astrology coming from an ex history major (hehe i just dropped it as a junior). forgive me if is slightly off since it was a year or so since i learned about this. SO many many centuries/thousands of years ago in the greco-roman empire, before the Enlightenment, the view on the world was HUGELY different than it is now and i'm gonna try to keep this as concise as possible. it was believed that there were these different spheres that surrounded earth (if you google "modern medievalism geocentric cosmos", it should be the first image with the earth surrounded by these golden rings). each of these spheres surrounding earth held power (local gods were believed to reside here) and outside of the spheres is the Nous (the transcendent, all powerful god). power would trickle in from the Nous and through the other spheres, where the stars were located, and lastly to earth. therefore, since this power goes through the stars, their positioning and such were believed to have some sort of power. since these different positions held power, people found some sort of guidance in that. therefore ASTROLOGY! however, we now know that that's not how the world is set up, so it's very outdated.

    though i can't bash too much on astrology personally because in my opinion, if it offers people some sort of guidance in their life and genuinely helps them figure stuff out, then i think the empirical reality of it is kind of secondary hehe

    TL;DR: historical context: a very long time ago, it was believed that power flowed in from a transcendent god, through the stars (which gave them power), and then to earth. therefore, since the stars had that more power flowed through them, people sought guidance in them.

  • Norbert_Thomas says:

    Put simply
    Everyone has free will .
    Your progressed birth chart is kind of like an itinerary for your life .
    The more you use free will the more likely you are to stray from the itinerary .
    A good astrologer will ask you about the significant events that have already happened in your life . From that an assessment can be made as to what ways you are likely stray from the itinerary in the future .
    Women tend to be more like their Moon sign profile .
    Interesting video, Alayna .

  • marycatcrazy72 says:

    What is your enneagram type though? 🤔

  • KaraDawlish says:

    Omg I was really wondering why you were waving around a keyboard at the end lol I was shocked when it ended up being a whole ass tablet or something, started reading off the back 😂

  • Avory Faucette says:

    Fun fact: Western horoscopes tend to use your sun sign because when you're looking at transits (changes in the sky over time), reading in reference to your sun sign is where you can have the most power to actually change things / do things / take action. Since Westerners tend to be action-oriented and have a strong belief in independence, these became popular. Personally, I read my rising sign.

  • Taylor Bruce says:

    I’m an Aries, rising Libra too 😍

  • melsig says:

    "people like scorpios, right?" oh alayna you really did not know anything about astrology huh

  • monkey93xf says:

    Litterally as you were reading your chart I was like yea. Duh. This is all you

  • Gally Martinez says:

    6:19 call your mom. Moms are always right

  • Erin Clarke says:

    “Balanced in all aspects of life including romantic” is just code for bi

  • shesmoreglamour says:

    yes! please bring a real person for a face to face reading, that'd be so much fun, and probably quite accurate

  • Unspoken Voices says:

    Astrology really interests me but idk where to start and confused lul.Please have someone who knows their shit to come on and explain it/some basics & read your birth chart ! I would love to see something like that

  • NotGonnaHappenDude says:

    I'm an aries too and im so happy that you are one as well

  • WeeWaa13 says:

    Wth I’m an Aries and my sister is a Gemini XD

  • NoThisIsAri says:

    Bring someone innnnn!!! That’ll be so fun!

  • Michael Boland says:

    Lowkey Alayna was thinking in the back of her mind the whole time “you’re only doing this for the video, still not gonna believe in it after this”

  • Michael Boland says:

    As someone who doesn’t believe in Astrology, I’m a Scorpio and can tell ya no people don’t like all of us because of it hahahah

  • Michael Boland says:

    The reason I don’t believe in astrology is because it just says a bunch of vague positive (and some negative but not horrible) traits that can apply to anyone and people want to believe in astrology so they’ll just subconsciously find ways that they identify with their sign. They’re just basically guessing some of the most popular traits that people want to ideally be and saying them

    Basically when’s the last time there was a really negative horoscope that people didn’t want to relate to? … statistically they can’t all be positive

  • blegghhh says:

    if this doesnt involve you getting in touch with an actual astrologer who knows what theyre talking about……

  • blegghhh says:

    horoscopes arent really astrology

  • C Hansen says:

    Im not sure what I believe either, pertaining to Astrology, but I do know that when there are traits listed for a sign, it doesnt necessarily mean each sign is suppose to have all of the traits. I am an Aries too. I think you are someone who would be interesting to know, as well as fun to be around. Too bad you wont read this since you prefer face to face communication, btw, so do I!

  • Mark Corben says:

    Would you like a reading?? Cereal! From the top, I'd say that that the definition is wrong. Astrology is the application and association of archetype within a context. It can tell you valuable things about your unique path, but should not supersede your values or intuition, unless those don't serve you.

  • Joie McGrath says:


  • Livy Nielson says:

    The constant energy you have to do a million things is pure Aries to me. Everyone gets tired sometimes but you are also moving forward constantly.

  • Millyn Moss says:

    Me: "huh… i thought she was libra"

    Alayna: "my mask is libra"

    Should I feel ashamed?

  • Millyn Moss says:

    When Alayna doubts her assertiveness, I just want to point out her alter-ego in her I Don't Bi It series. In my experience, alter-egos are generally a more honest outlook on one's personality. By saying, "this is a a character I'm doing," you're able to remove yourself from the anxiety, shame, and/or judgement that comes with being publicly, genuinely you. An alter-ego is a persona that represents you in the way you truly feel yourself. Host Alayna at her core is: witty, funny, assertive, fiery
    These are just some observations I had 🙂

  • Mae Fletcher says:

    Me the whole video: Barnum effect Barnum effect Barnum effect Barnum effect Barnum effect

  • FlyLeelee says:

    You have to look at your whole birth chart. We are more than our sun signs. Matter of fact, all of the energies of the 12 signs play apart in our lives. Some more than others. It's not just about personality but your soul's map in this lifetime 👍

  • Sasha Wiellette says:

    It would be interesting if you tried this with your sidereal chart to compare. Sidereal astrology is the one that kept up with the procession of the equinoxes. The relation of the earth to the constellations has changed over time, which commonly-listed dates don't account for, making them obsolete and inaccurate. For example, the sun was actually in Pisces when you were born, not Aries. I'm in a similar spot as you, I don't believe in astrology as a rule, but am experimenting with it for a year. I've learned quite a bit and seen a definite difference in the accuracy of my sidereal chart vs my "tropical" in terms of my personality, so that puts some hope in actual astrology for me, but idk if that's enough to justify belief in it.

    P.S. Watch me get a bunch of defensive responses from astrology people.

  • Manon Éloïse Albeck Grandjean says:

    I don’t really believe in astrology so to speak but still there’s so much about my natal chart is spot on and actually quite helpful to me in understanding myself haha I guess it’s like “it’s true but I don’t know why it is”

  • Pauline Lg says:

    Don't know if I always believe in it but I find that the ascendant and descendant signs characteristics are very very true

  • rahnee.k says:

    Ok so I think a massive misconception about astrology is that its just some bullshit a person behind a computer is making up. But that is far from the truth. I am doing a degree in astrology so im not just some bullshit source. Astrology is an ancient Mesopotamian mix of maths, science and astronomy. Instagram "Astrology Guru Accounts" are bullshit. 99% of all horoscope readings? Bullshit. You cant just go onto cosmo or other big magazines that have your "Astrology reading" because most times they will turn out fake. Ive even been to astrologers who don't know their shit at all. They go off of your sun sign and in most cases just your sun, moon and rising, they never talk about houses, the rest of the planets, significant asteroids, comets and meteors that were in the sky at the time you were born. There is so much and it makes me sad that heaps of people just say that this is bullshit when its not. It's literally based off of maths, science and astronomy, all things that most people resort to for logic! These massive cooperations have really exploited Astrology and its so so so so sad. Sorry I ranted im a Gemini sun, talks too much 😉

  • TheKateith says:

    As an ER nurse there is definitely something about the full moon. Don’t know how it works but I believe! Also I find astrology a good way to reflect on your personality and traits but not taken as fact 🤷‍♀️

  • Kaitlin Fitch says:

    You're supposed to read your horoscope for your rising sign.

  • ahna goede says:

    So I am a huge believer of astrology and I think I can answer your question about the different sides of the spectrum. The planets have different parts to do with your personality. So although you're an "aries" (lol so am I yay) different parts of your personality will have a different sign. With your Jupiter being all about goal setting you find success in it but you are most likely impulsive in setting goals. You may see how someone does something and set a goal to do that something. Or for instance buying Anna. So although the planets have to do with different parts of your personality at your core you are centered around being impulsive, competitive, and passionate. It all has something to do in parts of playing with your personality. I hope this helped somewhat. I'm not an expert just a big believer.

  • emilia says:

    this is amazing! what's your enneagram type btw?

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