– Today I’m taking you guys
with me to do something that I’ve never done before on my channel. I’m taking you guys with me as I go to get a tarot card reading,
I’m really excited for it. I really enjoy going to psychics and tarot card readers and mystics, it’s just incredible to me
that they possess this talent or gift that not a lot of
people know how to tap into. Now, I do believe that we
all are a little psychic, I think some people are
more psychic than others and I think other people
have just learned how to hone in and how to use that tool. Now when I say I think
everybody’s a little psychic I wanna give you some examples. Have you ever been driving down the road and started thinking of a song and when you turn on the
radio, that song is playing? Or thinking about a friend
that you haven’t talked to in a long time and all of
a sudden your phone rings or you get a text message
and it’s from that person you were just thinking about? That’s what I mean when I say I think we’re all a little bit psychic. I think we all possess that
gift or talent and some people just know how to use it and
some people block it out. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m
very excited to take you guys along and get this tarot card reading. I was introduced to a lady named Terri and she is going to be doing
the reading for me today, you’ll get to meet her in just a second. I’m very, very grateful
that she agreed to do this ’cause she could have easily just said no, but she was nice enough to say yes. Well, that being said, let’s
go get a tarot card reading. (mysterious instrumental music) All right everybody, I’m here with Terri, thank you so much for having me, I’m so excited to get a
tarot card reading from you. You also have this amazing shop here, and I wanted to give you the opportunity to just show some of the stuff
that you have around here so that if people are
interested they can come for themselves and check it out. – So I am a practitioner, and these are some of the
chicken feet that I made. It took me three months of curing and salt to take actual chicken feet
that you buy at the market and turn them into talismans. These are charged for protection, and I made them with intention,
and one would hang this in their doorway, or inside their hallway, in the entranceway of their
home to protect their home from intruders or people
with ill intention. And they’re different colors,
they can be charged also for prosperity because the idea
is a hoodoo/voodoo kind of thing, the chicken will scratch
and get the money for you. – That’s what I was gonna ask you, can you put different intentions? So there’s prosperity, or
protection, or anything like that. – I was actually reading at an event for, there’s a local museum
called the Muckenthaler just down the street, it’s
a 100 plus year old house, and they have these themed events and they got me to come
down as a tarot reader. But it was a gris-gris
woman kind of New Orleans style thing and my mother
was from New Orleans so I looked into all
this stuff and thought, oh it would be great to lay these out. I didn’t finish painting
them but I had the bare ones just laying out there and people were like oh is this real? Oh it is. It had been cured but
it wasn’t painted yet so it was part of the
atmosphere and I ended up with 20 of them, I’ve sold half of them. – And you said you’re a practitioner? – Yes. – How long have you been? – Well I have been interested first in the Goddess movement in the seventies. Many of you out there
listeners are probably fallen away Catholics
and Catholicism itself has so many interesting rituals. I’m a singer as well
and so I always enjoyed Latin mass and all of that, the pageantry. I wasn’t so much about the
women not being able to ascend to equal positions and whatnot, but I did like all of
the stories of the saints who turned out to be based
on a lot of goddesses. And a lot of other aspects of the church and the teachings were based on paganism. So that’s what drew me
into it, ironically. And I started studying about
where all this came from. So it was just kind of an
exploration of different belief systems and I’m
an eclectic so I kinda pick and choose, find different things that resonate with me. – That’s kinda exactly like I am too, as far as it goes with
religion and spirituality. I always just tell people
whatever resonates with you, whatever feels right to you, go with that. You don’t have to be completely Catholic or this or that, just
whatever makes you feel good, whatever brings positivity
to you, go towards that. – And you don’t have to
discard your religion to integrate some of these practices. I did a podcast on the Ouija Board, prior to that, up to
about during the fifties, the Ouija Board was the
most popular board game in households, nobody thought
it was anything to do with Satan or evil or anything like that. But right after the Charles Manson murders and the McMartin case and
all of these things happened, everybody was like, oh
the Ouija Board is bad! But before that it was just a thing that people sat in their parlor and did. And it was kinda romantic,
you have pictures of people with their knees touching, a
guy and a girl in the picture you know it was kind
of like a cutesy thing so you could get next to the boy. – I did a video on the
Ouija board too because I was getting frustrated
with people claiming it was just such an evil thing and I told people for a long period of time
it was a communication tool. People went to it to try to
talk to their loved ones. It wasn’t something that was evil or bad. I think a big part of it
was the film industry too, like the movie The
Exorcist where they had the Pazuzu demon or whatever in The Exorcist and it just kinda spun
out of control to where everybody just associates
the board with being evil when it’s just a communication tool. – And they started out, it
was right after the Civil War that people became
interested in spirit boards because they’d lost so
many of their relatives and they wanted to communicate. And that’s what started
that whole progression of creating this device. – You also do wire wrapping classes here? – Table tipping and um, wire wrapping? Oh the jewelry! I’m sorry, we do table tipping too! (they laugh) That’s a whole other thing. So yeah this is a tray
of some of my stuff. – [Michael] You did all these? – [Terri] I did this one
and I did all of these, and I did that one and there’s some more I have mixed in somewhere. – She sells a lot of different
things here as you can see. There’s a lot of clothing behind us, it has shoes, boots,
books, so if you’re in the Fullerton area, definitely
come check out her shop. I’ll leave all the links,
contact information down below if you guys wanna check it out but I know everybody’s
probably interested, and so am I, about the tarot card reading. So you wanna get in to it? – Sure thing. – So I guess I’m ready
whenever you’re ready. – So do you have a question for me or do you just want a general reading? – Just a general reading,
what’s in my future, all that kinda stuff. – And then cut two piles
and just leave them and indicate to me which
one resonates with you. – This one. – Okay, so that would
be like your spiritual and this will be your earthly. So I’m going to turn over four cards and I’ll turn them towards
me and as I read each one I will explain and turn
it back towards you. So this card is an interesting card. In this picture the gentleman depicted, and they’re all in
medieval garb by the way, that was what they wanted
to depict in the cards, the people on the cards
as and the society. In this depiction, he’s
got three full cups, what we see is full cups,
when they’re tipped over they’re not full but he
seems to be not aware of the bounty that’s
contained in those cups. And there’s one coming on a
cloud, it seems to indicate that he – you will get a surprise. Now cups are the suit of
emotions, so it has to do with affairs of the heart and emotions. So you’ll get a surprise
that has to do with that. But it’s also something that tells you to be appreciative of those
things that you have in bounty. This is a card that came mean two things. It can mean greed or it
can mean contentment, you have what you need, and
I get a sense of the latter. Beneath his feet he’s got the pentacles, which are the suit of
money and earthly things. So it seems that you’re comfortable in your earthly surroundings
and you have what you need. But of course, this is the spiritual realm so the things that go with
money and earthly things are also a consideration here. The things that you can
do, like travel or enjoy like a good meal, those are spiritual, those are things that
fill us spiritually too. Things that you can
share with someone else because we have the funds to do that. And that’s a part of life
and it’s good to enjoy that, and I think that’s what
it’s telling me here. – That’s one of my favorite
things to do is to travel. I love traveling different places. Whether it’s spooky for my
channel or just going to a beach. – So this is the card of happy home. Again it’s a cup, like this one. And this indicates not just prosperity but a home that is happy where you can, it’s all about kind of
like a legacy, as well. And what you do will leave a legacy, you’ll leave your mark with that. But also it’s sharing it with the world. They show children here
but it could be anything, anybody that you share it with, that you teach, that you nurture. It just shows that bounty that you have. – It’s funny ’cause
that’s one of the things that I’ve always been kinda worried about. I’m an only child so I always wonder after my parents pass away it’s just me, so what type of legacy am I gonna leave? Usually you have your children
afterwards and this and that who talk about you, but
I don’t want kids really so I’m like, crap as
soon as I pass that’s it, I’m gone, nobody knows who I am anymore so that’s always something
that’s been on my mind is what kind of mark or
legacy that I’ll leave behind. – I totally relate to that too. (they laugh) Absolutely, and what you
guys were talking about with recycling and leaving
the Earth trying to encourage making the Earth a better place, that was the conversation we had prior. It sounds like that’s definitely
something that’s important right now, man, and more
people need to talk about it. The more you can shed light on
things like that is amazing. And also acceptance of
what you were talking about the haunted filmings that you
do, having people accept that. When I was a kid I was told,
no you don’t talk about that. I’d hear things and
experience things and you just didn’t talk about it, you’d
get slapped upside the head. And now it’s good
because it’s good to talk about those things and we
need to be more connected. Both with the spirit
world and with each other. So it’s all part of that
that you have going there. Swords are the card of
intellect and learning and things like law and such things. Aces are the cards of new beginnings, new energy flowing into a situation. So you have that going on,
just new energy coming in. You have the laurel and the mistletoe. You have this almost
divine surge of energy where your ideas, your creativity
will come from somewhere it’s hard to explain where,
and it will take you somewhere. So it’s new beginnings. So now we go to the Earthly realms, and this is of course the pentacles again. This is someone who’s got a
very warm and happy heart, and is good with money and practical. It could be a side of you or
someone you know in your life. I’m gonna read that in
conjunction with these other ones ’cause it looks like there’s
a little story going on here. So I’m getting a sense
that you do need to rest and contemplate this,
is that a side of you? That’s good with money,
or you have someone who is good with money that advises you? – I’m horrible with money
but one of my good friends is extremely good with
money, she’s good at saving, she’s good with all aspects of money which is the opposite of
me so I totally could see how that would relate to her. – Yeah so I have a feeling
that you’re going to be contemplating something and
you’re going to seek her advice. And this is just resting,
there’s nothing nefarious about the swords pointing
down or anything. Almost to me it looks
like those tombs in Europe where you would see the
sarcophagus of the knight or whatever just lying in
there and there would be stained glass in the background. It’s very calm, it’s just in
the basement of the church, you know you’ve probably seen those. It’s just a very restful,
contemplative state. That’s pretty much when
we think about things, contemplate things like that. This is gonna be a big change. Now, death is not a bad
card, it’s a card of change. Coupled with this, I
see this as a pair also just like these were a pair. The hanged man is about,
the spiritual side is upside down and the material
side is above ground so it’s about shoving
your spiritual side down and paying more attention
to the Earthly realm and to your material side. And that is not sustainable,
it’s telling me. At some point you will
want to reverse this. So I think that this
is part of the change. I get a sense that you do
explore spiritual things but I think that it could
be more something from your childhood that will
come up and you’ll be like, oh I remember when I thought
about that or I believed that. And you might re-explore
some things that perhaps didn’t serve you then or an
earlier point in your life, and you’ll want to reconnect with them and discover how they
fit in your life now. So big change in that sense. But in regards to Earthly
things, I think it will have an impact on what you
do for a living as well. It could be a change
in career or something in this direction of following the guides. – That’s one of the things that I’ve been contemplating for a while. I have my career which I really do enjoy, then I have this other which
has been a hobby for a while which is YouTube, and the
paranormal, and investigating. Part of me toys with the
idea of will that someday turn more into a career than just a hobby? – Yeah that would be awesome,
have one of those shows on the History Channel
or Travel or whatever and probably do a better job. But yeah, so changes. So is there anything here
that you would like me to pull more cards for, like
a card you would like to have explained or these pairs
that you’d like to have? – Maybe more with the
career future type stuff. – Okay so this one or this one? This is more about money,
this more about careers but I can do both. – Yeah, sure. – So this is kind of an example of this, kind of a similar card, this is victory. Now when you look in these cards, oftentimes you’ll see a castle
or something in the distance. When the castle is close that
means your goal is close. So you’re approaching that goal. And I’ll pull one for this one. So okay, first of all we have
the eclipse, that’s change. You’ve got a lot of change going on. We have you walking away from something that you’ve spent a lot of
time and energy building. So I think that moving in this direction, whatever your current career or job is, you’re definitely, I
think, are going to be moving away from that
and moving into this. – It makes sense because
I did a lot of schooling and college and continuing
education stuff like that. So it was a lot to build up
to the career I’m in now. – And this cave is where he’s going, he’s going to sit and
think, it goes all together. I’m going to pull another card just to get a little more clarity. Okay so there’s something
you’re really tying yourself up about that may be impeding
you from making that change. (cameraman titters) – Yeah because it’s scary. (they laugh) It’s a big type of career change. Especially the career I have now, it’s a stable career
with a stable foundation. On the other hand, the
YouTube realm is not always stable and concrete and
sometimes videos do really well, sometimes they don’t do well. There could be a year or
two where you’re really on your game and then the next year you’re forgotten about so it’s a scary thing to put all of your eggs in one basket. – I know. (she laughs) I’ve been there. Let me pull one more. Okay, so again this is new energy, the page is young, new energy. He’s a bit of a romantic
but it’s also the swords so a lot of thinking will go on, but I don’t see there being a problem. It’s all about thinking
and making your plans, but also following your heart, a bit too. So it’s all part of
this progression I see. It won’t be easy and for
a time I’m sure you’re just doing both and that
probably works well. – Yeah and that’s what
I’m doing now is both but, the bigger my channel gets I feel like the more time and energy it takes. – You’re raising the bar on yourself. – Yeah and so it’s
harder to try and keep up with both of them at the same time. Because I work all day and
then at night I come home and I’m editing and I’m
filming on the weekend, so it takes a lot of time. – Do you want any clarification
on this row at all? – Sure, yeah. – I’ll pull one for each. So this is about harnessing
the two sides of you. I’m sure you have the creative side and then you have the analytical side. So this card is showing that
in order to move forward you have to harness both
of those in equal portions. And control and have them
work together to move forward instead of going in opposite directions. And then this one. So this is about putting
your ships out there and then waiting for them to come in. Now you can see he’s a man of means, he holds the world in his hands. He’s put his ships out
there and he’s waiting for the returns to come in, so
that’s kinda where you’re at. I’m sure we’ll see something, here we go. The king is kind of always
at the pinnacle of things. So it definitely indicates success, it indicates someone who’s
heart is in the right place, and someone who is very knowledgeable, and so that’s where you’re
headed with full knowledge. – This was really, really amazing. Thank you so, so much, I really recommend if you guys are in the
area and you’re looking for a tarot card reading definitely
come check out her store. Do you wanna talk a bit more
about what other services you guys have here and provide? – Yeah so the store offers
workshops and classes. Firstly we have free lectures, and it’s the second and fourth Wednesdays we have Cal State Fullerton
professor Dr James Rietveld, he’s in the History &
Religion departments. So he does ancient history,
Greco-Roman, middle east, Egypt, and then he’ll
do gods and goddesses and sometimes we’ll do
esoteric subjects like ancient Jewish magic, was one recently. We have one on elementals coming up, he would draw from the Greek
mythos and then through the fourteenth century,
things like fairies and whatnot are part of that realm, and sidhe gods and whatnot. So we have some interesting
lectures coming up. They’re totally free,
they’re an hour and a half every second and fourth
Wednesday at eight o’clock. And then we have the workshops,
most of them cost $20. Currently we don’t have
the tarot class scheduled but we will in the coming months. We do it about four times a
year and it’s seven sessions. And in those seven sessions
you learn first each suit, and then you learn Kabbalistic elements, and Hebrew letter esoteric readings, things about the tree of life, and the various symbols
that exist in the cards. Of course, it’s very
important to mention that we give everyone kind of a
psychic development course alongside of that so we have a meditation and then it kind of opens
you up and you learn to access your spirit guides
or just the things that come through that guide
you in the psychic realm. Then we also have various
other practitioners that come and teach, that
one is held by Carl Young, by the way, he also does tarot readings here as well, he’s very good. We do spirit circles which
are kind of like a séance but we read each other and
again it’s psychic development. So you have a meditation
and then we pass out billets and basically we each get
a name assigned to us, a nature name so one could be
Raven or River, what have you. And you would then put
that back in the bowl and it passes out to others
and someone will read you anonymously and you’ll read
someone else anonymously. And you just sit back and
you see what pictures, or words, or thoughts come into your head and it’s really, really eye-opening. Only once have I had someone
not able to read someone. Just walking in cold,
never having done it. – [Michael] That’s so cool. – Yeah, and then the
other classes we have, we have Wicca practitioners
so we did a basic spellcrafting class, we
did a salt magic class this past Sunday which
was very well attended. Learning how to make magical salts for magical purposes, mostly protection. And we have a practitioner
who’s very good with crystals and she’d also doing an
Egyptian magic class coming up, focusing on Isis specifically. And her name is Jennifer
Morris and we have so many talented people doing different
classes here all the time. We have a person who’s got
a PhD in occult history who teaches the astrology class. Intermittently, when she has time, right now she’s putting out her own deck so she’s focused on that
for the next few months. Shout out to Thea Wirsching
and god I could go on and on. We have a number of people
who kinda come through and do classes periodically. – Thank you, thank you so much again. This is Terri, the name of
her store is Ipso Facto, it’s in Fullerton here in California. So if you’re ever in
the area definitely come check out her store,
get a reading from her. I’ll be putting all her information
in the description below so that you guys can go
check everything out. – And I should mention that
we are on social media, IpsoFactoStore on Instagram
and other platforms. And of course, Facebook we
have our own group, Ipso Facto. You can follow me Terri Kennedy
on any of those platforms or go to our group or look
at our page on Facebook. And we have a website www.ipso-facto.com and you can sign up for classes there, you can purchase any of
the things that you see pictured here, they’re all on our website. (mysterious instrumental music)


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    By you filming and uploading this IT HAS MADE GETTING TAROT CARDS READ a much less scary proposition and a possible future realisation.
    HEY! Theres our connection. I'M AN ONLY CHILD TOO! My FATHER and HIS FATHER as well were ONLY CHILDREN so always a small family, very quiet life (audibly quiet) – also a life without siblings doesnt make you able to deal with people later on in life. Those who grow up with siblings KNOW say if someone gets in your face (yeah i didnt know but this psycho bitch was doing it regularly to me) or how to just be friends with people. Anyway TA GREAT VID luv sam

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