Important Psychic Message for Every Viewer (by Astrology Sign!)  SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 15

Important Psychic Message for Every Viewer (by Astrology Sign!) SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 15

Hello everyone! This is Karma Palmo
with a September 15 through October 15, 2019 channeled psychic reading for all
astrological signs. I’m doing something different today with the Guides. I’d like
you all to know, if you don’t know already — I’m a Psychic Channel or
channeler, and I find that a 12 signs of the zodiac are a good way to group
viewers for the Guides. And, I’m not sure if this has ever been done before, and
this is an experiment. [laughs] So here we go. This is a general reading, so everything
shared may not apply to you. Also do remember that everyone does have other
aspects to their charts. So besides your Sun Sign, if you know your rising sign
and your Moon Sign, just for example, you can draw information from those readings
from the Guides as well. I’m calling in my Guides now. I’m doing that
telepathically. Fire signs… Aries… Guides, can you please assist me with that? Aries,
Leo, Sagittarius… Alright there’s something is coming up for Aries right
away… here we go. Okay, so Aries, I’m getting, is going to be coming into their
own. They’re going to be coming into a fortune so to speak. And this fortune is
coming from within. It is not the fortune you seek right now necessarily, it’s a
fortune that you may not ever have expected. It’s a fortune that is — it’s
very good — and this fortune is complex in nature. You’re going to be coming into a
fortune that’s good, and not something you imagine — not what you asked for, but
it’s going to be something very special. And I’m telling you this now, the Guides
are telling you this now, so that you’ll look out for this when it happens and
see it for what it is. So it’s a gift, it’s a fortune, it’s a
flowing of energy toward something that you’ve wanted without even
knowing you wanted. Alright, that’s interesting.
So other fire signs…Leo. Alright, they’re saying that Leo is a lioness. Leo
is a lioness and not just a lion. This message is for all of the female Leo’s
the female Leo’s need to be aware that there is much more to their constitution
than what they are allowing themselves to accept. By this we mean to say that
you are not allowing yourself to come into a piece of — they’re saying “information” — and this information will bring you power… Okay, this is Karma. I believe
they’re saying that — I have to interpret this not with words, because they’re not
really giving me words. I’m interpreting this energy telepathically and
sometimes it doesn’t come as words, it comes as energy that I need to translate.
It’s hard to describe what this process is like. Okay, so they’re saying that it’s
similar to what we picked up with Aries. Female Leo’s out there are going to
be coming into it sounds like their power. It is power, in the sense
the sense that you’re owning who you really are. And it’s almost like this
ferocious — not ferocious and in a bad way, but ferocious in a sort of
passionate way. Leo you’re going to be expanding, and you’re going to be
receiving and allowing and letting more in. Letting people in. letting money in… letting “prowess in,” the
Guides are saying. So go with that, run with that, you female Leo’s out there.
They covered a little bit of ground there, and I’ll move on because I want to get
to everybody… The Leo males — Guides, please can you give me some information that
would be of assistance to the Leos, the male Leos… [chuckles] They’re saying Leos are lions.
And lions have a job to do, and that is to bequeath flowers of information for
your beloved, and don’t hold back. And in this particular case, the
message that they’re giving me is about romantic situations and relationships,
and possibly friendships too, but especially when it comes to a romantic
type of relationship or situation. You need to open up, and you are going to be
opening up more and sharing more of who you are inside. And this applies to a lot of the men who are listening… I’m picking up,
Aquarius men get out of your head… Libra and Gemini… so that’s all the air
signs and the fire signs. That’s interesting… yeah, Sagittarius too. So all
of the air signs and fire signs, you’re going to be opening up to a new kind of
power within yourself where you feel like it’s safe to open up and let
your energy, and let your, you know, your love shine. Let your… yeah, be
real, be here now. This is not a joke. This is not a cliche. This is what’s
happening right now on this planet, in your lifetime. And this is for everyone.
We are all opening up. This time period is about that,
about waking up. Waking up. So I’m talking really fast. I’m trying to cover a whole
lot of ground because, you know, there’s 12 signs, and I need to be fair and cover
everyone [soft laugh] and give everyone something. And the Guides, of course, are giving us the
information. Alright I’m gonna move on… Sagittarius. Another fire sign.
Sagittarius. Guides, what do you have to share with us about Sagittarius? Alright
I’m getting the message that some Sagittarians are having technological
issues. They’re having some issues with their phones and the service. The service
with their phone, and other service companies that provide utilities. You’re
having some issues there, and I’m looking at this, and I’m seeing this as an energy
thing, that there’s this energy vortex around some of you that is really tight.
And Sagittarius, that energy around you that’s really tight — and by tight, I mean
it’s dense, and it’s it’s a kind of a fog that will lift, and it’s something that
you’re holding on to. It’s an old anger, an old resentment. It’s a
feeling of pain and that’s what it all comes down to. You’re
feeling pain from a loss. You’re feeling pain from an embarrassment where you
felt that you were small and not enough… mm-hmm, so Sagittarius, the Guides would
like you to know that you are enough, and it’s okay to be who you are,
and that this pain you feel will subside. And this energy around you will
dissipate — if you are willing to forgive someone. I’m getting this real strongly for
some of you Sagittarians. There’s a real resentment going on, and it’s
deep, and you may not even be aware of it. But if you are able to forgive — we go
through things and maybe we can’t forget everything, we won’t forget every hurt
that we’ve had, but the Guides are saying that if you can forgive — and by forgive
it means, kind of like, let it go. Let it go from your heart, and this will lighten
your heart and the load that you’re carrying around. This is what the Guides
suggest for you, Sagittarius. I’d like to I’d like to get some information for the water signs now. I’m going to jump around a bit. Water signs. I’m going to be asking for
information for the Cancers, the Scorpios, and the Pisces… Yes, they have information.
Cancer, they’re saying we want you to expand your consciousness in the sense
that there is more to life than what you allow yourself to see. This is, I’m
feeling this is a male energy, possibly this could apply to the female Cancers
out there. I’m seeing some Cancer males who watch TV a lot, possibly sports. You
guys who have been sort of burying yourself in distractions such as
television, and kind of zombie-ing out in a way, because you want to get away, you
want to escape your work life. When you come home you want to just escape. And
this message is for the Cancer males. There’s a lot of energy coming to the
planet right now which is going to help people open up. And this is for you, Cancer males — the guides want you to know that it’s safe to open up, and that you can look
away from these distractions and look within, and look at yourself and get to
know yourself a little bit better. And that does apply to the
Cancer women as well. The Guides are saying that the process is a little bit
different because men and women are different. We have different brains.
Cancer women are going to be opening up. There’s a lot of women who are listening
who are the sign of Cancer, and those women are very open emotionally. So I don’t
think that the guides are saying that. What would you like the Cancer women to
open? In what way could they open, Guides? Oh, okay. So they’re saying, the Cancer
women can open in the way that they speak to others. Be more open with your
feelings, and sharing your feelings. You feel a lot. You have a lot of emotion. But
you haven’t been sharing. And sharing your emotions sometimes is, as you know,
obviously a two-way street, and you’re allowing others to get to
know you, and to care about you, and share your burdens, and things that are heavy
on your heart right now, especially. And if you can share with other people
you’re going to feel a lot better. And Cancer men, that’s also the case
with you, but first you need to go within and get to know yourself a little bit
better. And that’s not gonna be easy for everyone. It’s not easy for anyone
actually, to really look within and do some inner work, and get to know yourself,
and you ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, and start to peel
away some layers, and get to know yourself. Thank you, Guides. Can you tell
me about Scorpio? Scorpio… for this time period,
September 15th through October 15, 2019. Okay, they’re saying, we see a coming of
age for you as well. This coming of age is not pertaining to
earthly emotions or earthly emotional issues. This is about the spiritual. This
coming of age is about growing up. [Karma Palmo adds]
that sounds judgmental. I don’t think that’s the way the Guides mean it.
But growing up into who you are spiritually… if you believe in spirituality and
that we are spirits or Souls or energy, and that there is a higher Source, or
something that pulls it all together, pulls us all together and connects us
all. It’s a really beautiful, positive force. And the guides are asking the
Scorpios to be a little more open to the possibility of that. There are some men who are listening who are very shut down. Those men, who for some reason have been a little broken in that department –and it’s more like a bend. It’s not
necessarily broken, it’s just something that has been pushed down… it’s not
broken inside you — it’s something that’s been pushed down. And it needs to be
straightened out, and opened up, and looked at and allowed. And allow this
coming of age, and actually growing up spiritually… And the Scorpio women have
loved life mistakes to make, the Guides are saying. Scorpion women are having
love life mistakes to make, in the sense that they are wanting something out of
their partner that is not exactly what is intended for them, in the long run.
These choices that are being made by you, Scorpio woman, these choices are
affecting others around you. Now the Guides are saying this may pertain to
some of the men, because we all have a female and male side. So just keep that in
mind. There may be some men who are listening who this applies to as well. You’re
going down a road in a relationship that is not going to be going
that well, and it isn’t going that well, and it’s affecting the people around you,
and possibly children… Yeah your children… your spouse, they’re saying.
So there might be some people having extramarital relationships. And what’s
going on is that this relationship that you know in your heart isn’t really
right, but you’re getting something out of it, but you’re staying in it, and it’s
actually hurting people around you, for whatever reason. It’s very specific to
each person who is listening who is a Scorpio. So I hope that helps you Scorpio.
It’s a mistake. It’s a mistake that you have chosen to make. And it’s
something for you to look at and decide what you’re going to do from here. And,
possibly my sharing this message from the Guides will help you in some way. Alright, Pisces. The water sign Pisces… The fish is in the Sea of Dreams. The emotional Pisces is in a Sea of Dreams.
And this Sea of Dreams is something that is quite wonderful. You’re coming into
your own Pisces… and this is both male and female Pisces… you are coming
into your own. The way you’re doing this is by allowing that which you deserve to
manifest itself in your life. This is another message of abundance and energy. And maybe there are astrologers listening who could possibly connect
with some of what I’m sharing. There is a great deal of abundance coming in,
for a lot of the signs, and abundance can come in many, many, many forms — just keep
that in mind. Pisces is no exception. The Pisces
men and women are going to be coming into their own and allowing all that
they’ve ever wanted to come in, and really, there’s nothing that can stop
this in a way. For many of you, this is a time of great good fortune. And enjoy it.
And allow yourself to — this is from the Guides — allow yourself to receive this
gift, Pisces. This is a gift and the powers… not powers, but the Higher Power
is wanting you to enjoy this time and what’s coming in for you…
it’s starting now, possibly last month, but it’s
continuing probably for at least a couple of years, of strong good fortune.
And I’m not saying that you’re not going to have any hardships at all,
but this is going to be a time where you’re going to be receiving a lot of
gifts. Alright, moving on, to the Earth Signs — Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Guides,
can you help me please give me some information for the Taurus people who
are listening. Taurus men and women are having a hard time accepting this time
period that they’re living through, and this time period that the Taurus earth
signs are living through is, oh it’s a very hard time. Some of
you are having a very, very hard time, possibly even cataclysmic time in the
sense that your lives have been torn apart. And this of course isn’t true for
all Taurus people who are listening, but possibly this is symbolic in nature for
some of you. And for some of you it’s physical in nature. It has to do
with your dwellings or your life or your home being disturbed in some way, your
life being disturbed in some way, a major happening in your life…
a major addiction, could be an event where someone was arrested. I’m picking up, the
Guides are sharing, that some of you have had foiled attempts at success, and your businesses have gone down, and you’ve taken a real hit as far
as your finances and your self-esteem and your sense of security. So the
message from the guides about this situation that you’re faced with, is to
realize that it is temporary and that you will get through this. And that you
need to reach out to your families and friends for help. This isn’t the time to
pretend that you’re not as upset, your life hasn’t been as upset, as it has. The
Guides want you to look at this straight on and realize it’s a problem and
whatever this cataclysmic event or symbolic breakdown of some kind or
change, a loss possibly, possibly a death of a loved one. There’s a lot going on
for you, Taurus, and reach out for help. Reach out for help — it’s there. Realize
you have a problem. Realize that there is a problem. Reach out for help. It’s going
to be okay. Let’s see, we’re moving on now to Virgo. Guides, what would you like to
offer a Virgo today? They’re actually saying that some of you Virgos, as
planted in the world as you are, as cemented in place as you are, as you are
the loyal ones, you are the ones who lay the groundwork, and frame the walls, and make the housing — a lot of you are builders and have built objects and houses, and assisted others with projects, you have created
your own individual creations, and you’ve built things, and these things have life
of their own, and when you create them you feel very, very good because there’s a moment in the creative process — no matter what you’re
making or creating or building — where you lose your ego, your ego self, and that’s
the part of you that’s critical or thinks you can’t do it, or thinks
other people do it wrong — whatever it is, it’s a part of you
that really is unnecessary thinking. The Guides are suggesting that
you ignore this ego-mind as much as possible so that you can do the work, and
you can fulfill your dreams, your dreams of one day being fulfilled. And
this is for some of you. This is for some of you Virgos. Oother Virgos are quite
content doing what they’re doing, following the path that they’re
following, and they are on a path that is right for them. And they have already
found their their path, for now. Our paths do wind and detour [laughs] and change and that’s fine, but the Guides are saying
that there are people who have found their life purpose. And some of you are
yet to get it out of that place where you’ve been hiding it. So that is the
message for Virgo. It’s time to acknowledge that piece of you, that
part of you that’s a builder and can build things, and when you build things
you lose your ego, and and when you lose your ego, you become happy and you become
fulfilled because you’ve made this thing that is so beautiful — because it
isn’t about ego. It’s about something else that isn’t about the
earthly concerns of financial concerns and worrying about
money and worrying about relationships and all of that. It’s about
something else. And it’s something that Virgos in this group are capable
of, and this message is for them. They will know if it’s for them… And there are
Virgos in this group who are clairvoyant, they’re saying “clairvoyant.” They
have the ability to imagine things, to visualize, to pick up on things before
they happen. And there is a fine line between imagination and intuition.
There is, as I learned in my training, there’s a sort of membrane that
connects our intuition and our imagination. And it’s almost as if those
two things share a membrane. So Virgos, it is suggested that you and this could go
out to anyone listening. The Guides are saying, this is universal but particularly for you Virgos — this goes
out to you, to trust your inner guidance and it will open up your imagination. And
your imagination is something that can lead you in the right direction. So
whatever you can imagine, and whatever you’re imagining that you feel like you
can’t do, you can do it, because you’ve imagined it. So that’s my message for
Virgo, and I’m going to move on. Capricorn. We want you to know, Capricorns, that this is
a time of upheaval in some of your lives. This time of upheaval is interesting,
they’re saying. This time of upheaval is interesting, for some of you, as it
discloses information about your lives that even you were not aware of.
And this information that is erupting for you Capricorn is “quite nice,” they’re
saying. Quite nice. And if you make the right call in the coming two or three
weeks, especially — so it’s during this time period of this reading. Capricorn, if
you make the right choice right now, you are going to be bringing in a
lot of good fortune, into your life. So the Guides would like you to keep that in mind and when that choice comes, just realize it’s important.
And you can make a right decision, you can make a wrong decision. Either way
it’ll be all right. But you choose one of those paths, you’re going to have a
lot of good fortune. And you’ll know what this path is — in your gut. You’ll know in
your gut, and your heart. You will feel it in your body what the right choice is,
Capricorn. Thank you, Guides. Air Signs. We’re down to the Air Signs, guys! We’re getting through this. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius… Gemini, I’m seeing, is
focused right now on work and life purpose. Questions about what to do whether he or she should change a job. I’m picking that up psychically. That’s
for some of you. I’ll see what the Guides have to say about that…
What’s going on with Gemini and jobs and life purpose? And what can you say to help Gemini? We’d like to say that Gemini has a
special gift, and that gift is the ability to help others see themselves.
This is a gift indeed. You needn’t hide your gifts because you think that is
arrogant, or that you are spoiled with gifts. You are not spoiled with gifts. You
are fortunate, true. But you needn’t be hesitant
to share your perspectives and your voice and all you have to offer the
people around you in your life — and to the world at large. You have gifts that
you take for granted, and these gifts need to be shared. The Guides are saying
“need”. They need to be shared. Alright, is there any more information
in this quick, abbreviated reading for Gemini? [Guides] “The Geminis in this group — many
of them have a way of communicating with others that is ‘simply marvelous’ — in the
sense that they have a way with words, and they have a way of speaking that
commands attention from others. This is a gift indeed. [Karma Palmo] So, communications, Gemini.
Communications are really going to open up for you. And I think, for many of you,
you’re going to start thinking about what it is that you’d like to do. What is
it that you like to share? And often that is something, that you are gifted with.
And this is something that — the Guides used the word “need” — you need to
share it. You need to share it if you want to be
fulfilled, if you want to be your fullest. I wouldn’t say that you’re not happy now,
but you would feel even more fulfilled. I’m listening to the Guides… [laughs]… The Guides just
said that, Gemini’s, you needn’t worry about anything else for the rest
of your lives. And that the worry is getting in the way of you finding who you are.
And the path is there. You know the path. You know what you need to do to
circumvent your ego mind, and draw upon that which is truly your inner gift, and
your purpose that makes you happy to do it, and to communicate with others. You
have a really beautiful way of communicating with others. It might be
writing. It might be speaking. It might be both. It
might be some other way that you communicate with others, and it’s just
great. And it may be just the energy that you put out in the world. You have that
to give. And let it out. That’s what the Guides are saying. Let it out. So I’m
going to move on. I’m going to move on to another Air Sign, Libra… Libra, the guides
immediately said the word “play” and playing is needed. Playing is fun, playing is fundamental to your happiness. It is time for you to play in
the world, and lighten up on yourself, lighten your load by lifting your heart
and letting go of some of that worry. You also have worry, Libra. And that worry
is not your usual state. You do worry at times, but your inner self is less of a
worrier. You’ve been worrying lately, and that
worry isn’t a part of an emotional complex — not a complex in the sense of
you have a problem, but a complex situation where your worrying is
actually coming from fear. And the fear is caused by your ego. So if you let go
of your ego by meditating, letting go of your thoughts for a while, letting your
thoughts drift by, finding a way to meditate that feels good to you, Libra —
this would really help you, really help you. I’m getting from the Guides
that a lot of the message for Libra also applies to Gemini’s, the Air Signs. And I’ll move on to Aquarius. What do you have for Aquarius
today, Guides? Okay, so the Guides pointed to life purpose, and work, and credentials.
And by credentials we mean to say, the Guides say, that you have more to
offer then you realize. You are also like the Gemini and Libra friends. You are
also gifted and you, as you know, have the ability to share that information… [Karma]
Okay, so the Guides, in short, are saying, communicate Aquarius. Let it out. Share. Be yourself, and let it out. I have no doubt in my mind that all of these signs, all
of you, have gifts to share. I know this. You have abilities that you’re not
sharing, because you put it aside a long time ago. You put it aside, you put it in
a drawer, in a closet, in back your mind maybe you put it in a storage unit.
It’s a piece of you that you would love to explore, but you’re kind of like, I
don’t know if I can do it, I’m afraid, and that part of you I’m getting this
message for every single person listening, no matter what your sign is.
You can open that storage locker and get that stuff, that symbolic stuff that you
have been hiding, and put it out into the light. And when the Guides talk about
the light, they’re talking about life. They’re talking about bringing it out
into the light where it can be seen and that it can be alive. So let your
gifts out. Let them be alive. Let yourself be alive. That will be the end
result, that you will feel more alive. And that goes out for you, Aquarius, and
for every single person listening.

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