Ingraham: All the Democrats’ lies

Ingraham: All the Democrats’ lies


  • Christopher Roman says:

    Democrats = liar = lazy = haters; pelosi is disgusting and truely a hater. My question is what kind of turd votes for these idiots.

  • Chris Jackson says:

    If this is monarchy it beats the HELL out of what we've been getting.

  • Roger Quintanilla says:

    The fact of the matter is that the Democrats are experts at inventing the lies and passing them as facts.  They have been doing it in education system, on the tube (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, LA NY Times, Wash. Post, and of coarse in Hollywood through their crappy TV shows and Movies.  See what happens to a conservative actor regardless of race or gender when they find out.  I am Hispanic and get more hate from Democrats then any Republican.

  • JunkPunk Productions says:

    It’s about a two faced self centred incriminating idiot supported by more idiots

  • Dean Tait says:

    This headline should read: "All Democrats Lie". Yes lie, lie, lie, repeat, and repeat until enough people believe us. What a bucket of B.S. We've already had our Monarch. His Majesty King Hussain Obama. Blah….

  • Mr Hansen says:

    The Founders warned us about the Democrats

  • White Punks Vevo says:

    Democrats are either totally delusional believeing their own lies, or else they believe the public is so ignorant they will believe anything liberal democrats say.

  • White Punks Vevo says:

    Whenever I hear Nancy Pelosi or the rest of her band of liberals speak it sounds like an episode of south park

  • sky driver says:

    We will impeach them all next November

  • Renato Dela Peña, Jr. says:

    Love your gestures Laura, completing the gaps of Nancy.

  • Bettye Wiley says:

    These lying democrats

  • Janet Leslie says:

    Nancy and all her buds saying their FACTS"?? And how horrible the president is. I wish they would tell us exactly one thing Trump has done that's so bad. The way he pulled America out of the pile of other countries debts. ,Made other countries pay up their dues, not exspect America to police the world for free. Got more jobs than they know what to do with. . Most countries wish they had Americas problems.

  • Game says:

    The Democratics have been a success at being a failure

  • Richard Walker says:

    Pelosi looks just like a corpse. All she needs is a body bag. We shall make her dig her own grave. Before she destroys everything she can.

  • Metal Detecting Colonial Florida says:

    Far from channeling the founders, they're a bunch of Flounders.

  • Navah Wolff says:

    Trump is our President forever

  • Navah Wolff says:

    I wish to Nadler to pelosi and to shifty S to have a great sickness

  • Navah Wolff says:

    I love my Amazing President

  • Navah Wolff says:

    I love king Trump!!! Do you have any problems with me loving King Trump?

  • Navah Wolff says:

    King Trump!!!

  • Charles Scott says:

    We need call them the PARAKEET PARTY they are repeating the same thing. And they say nothing here is staged and everything is based on genuine thoughts. Yeah right!!!

  • Gloria Rider says:

    "Love your personality "Laura!!"

  • TrueDepth says:

    Politics in a Nutshell.

    Right: 2 + 2 = 4

    Left: 2 + 2 = 6

    Centrist/Moderate/Coward: Obviously the answer is 2 + 2 = 5

  • D. Berg says:

    My skin crawls every time I listen and watch Nancy Pelosi speak. I feel sorry for every one of her relatives for having to listen to and watch her incredibly horrible attempt to appear to be normal.

  • Chris Michalkow says:

    Frauds like most PEOPLE in GOVERNMENT'S

  • Chris Michalkow says:

    Can these PEOPLE be charged with treason?

  • robert malone says:

    Ingraham you are so twisted in the mind but then you also work for Fox that says a lot.

  • Michael O'Brien says:

    She is unfit to be speaker

  • Eric Wetzel says:

    Garbage, Both- R and D Lies, that's the Problem…

  • Jomoalan Williams says:

    Another sign of how America has lost it's way, is when the economy is more important than the Moral Fiber of the " president of the US. " trump followers say ( in the hearts & mind mostly ), so what that trump is Morally deficient, a Racist, a Criminal Con man, puppet of russia, the economy is great & my 401k is solid. trump is a symptom of a greater sickness, that of the people who will follow someone who also say's " I could shoot someone on 5th ave, and my people would still follow me. That is the greater sickness of how far this country has fallen. With the exception of dictators like Putin / Russia, ( who helped put trump in office, and laugh at him as a wanna be dictator), the vast vast vast majority of leaders around the world, look at trump as an ignorant buffoon, while just LAUGHING, YES LAUGHING at him. The majority of people around the world look at trump and say " What The Hell !!!!!! happened to America, to elect such a Racist, Ignoramus ". History will look back at this time, as when millions of " americans " sold their Souls " , for a good economy and their 401k. Country OVER Party. trump is a " Clear & Present Danger ". The Constitution says we are to Protect this country, from " All Enemies, Foreign & Domestic". The greatest danger to America is NOT just trump, it;s Also All the Misguided " americans " who encourage such traitrious behavior. trump followers, for America's sake, Please Please Wake Up !!!!!!!! The Danger is greater than you think. Please!!!!!!!!! Wake !!!!!!!!!!! UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  • RealYRM says:

    "The facts are uncontested…" Follow this up with zero facts, and all opinion. "The president abused his power." (how? what exactly did he do? who is the victim? the supposed victim said there was no pressure and the call was fine… which witness had any first hand evidence? what is the evidence? who is the whistleblower? does the whistleblower have photos of himself on social media with his arm around Schumer, Pelosi, Hillary, and Warren? *yes*)

  • James Wright says:

    Sooooooooo; now tell us about all of the Republicans and the Presidents lies.

  • Jenny Folsom says:

    I am surprised that Pelosi's nose doesn't start growing on camera like Pinocchio when she says she's not taking any "glee" in this impeachment. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR. These people are strictly out for a power grab and to hell with the American people they are affecting. She is a sickening, narcissistic person who needs to be flushed.

  • OliverDePlace says:

    Easier to report on a couple lies from one or two Democrats than the uncountable lies from trump TEEVEE and trump himself with his criminal buddies, otherwise known as the entire GOP, party of Putin.

  • OliverDePlace says:

    Fox should be taken to task for their disinformation.

  • Alt - Middle says:

    The same slave owner framers that the Demonrats want to tear down statues of. Phony hypocrites!!

  • Solid E says:

    Laura Ingraham is third in line to blow Trump behind Hannity and Carlson.

  • paul b says:

    Is that a dude ?

  • Dian Planes says:

    I will vote for President Trump and Vice President pence 2020.

  • Alexis Gomez says:

    Fake news

  • Doreen M. Moquin says:

    Why don't you tell us about the history of California, Pelosi, Brown, etc.

  • Zed Dead says:

    You flush too much. You're not MAGA!!!!

  • Guilty Spark says:

    If founders were to show up they would have pelosi shot on sight

  • RALEIGH WOOD says:

    Be extra vigilant Patriots

  • Justin Miller says:

    Many of those around that human temporarily occupying the White House have been charged. You are who you associate with – he’s a criminal and lies constantly.

  • Ray Rock says:

    How about meeting baghdadi peelowshit why meet the guy with chuckieshammer. Then trump off him out ur creation? And thats makes ur group furious! Thers more to come coz that partners in the south , ur partners in the south will join baghdadi botch!

  • icicicles says:

    I don't mean to be cruel here but I swear to God that Nancy looks like the walking dead and the more makeup she adds the more she fits the part!

  • jacob billups says:

    Of all the videos of Fox News and republicans in general projecting themselves onto others I implore you all to please recognize this one… The first "Impeachment Lie" in particular is so poignant it hurts. Stating warped opinions and repeating them over and over as fact has become the fox news playbook for years. You come up with slogans for them to burn them in your viewers brains from locker room talk to the "schiff show".

    It really drives the point home when Laura rants on dems acting and basically bullshitting then literally makes some dramatic pause to hear the sound of AOC and Pelosi clinking chapagne glasses on instagram… Oscar worthy stuff from Faux News

  • truth hunter says:

    the 3 goons are at it again and now enrolling other goons

  • Ken Blevins says:

    They tell so many lies they have to get someone else to call their dog.

  • Clayton Pope says:

    Lying demoshits this is a requirement to be a demoshit

  • Darrell Orr says:

    This just goes to show how desperate the SWAMP parasites are to hide more double dealing and theft from the American people. Just to try and through the people off the swamp parasites theft of our money and rights. Treason should go to the PARTY that sold Uranium to other countries!!

  • Daniel James Eyewear says:

    Turley was 100% right. The abuse of power is by Congress, not the President.

  • bill gagnon says:

    I think it's time to start a national recall vote for those congress nit wits who refuse to vote the way their constituantes want them to…..

  • Antony Irvine says:

    What ALL this is REALLY about check out @t & it's ALL VEEEEERY CLEAR.

  • Antony Irvine says:

    What ALL this is REALLY about check out @t & it's ALL VEEEEERY CLEAR.

  • Heritage Karma says:

    Call (202) 224-3121 to voice your disgust over Dems massive waste of time and taxpayer money.

  • Jack Mills says:

    Try them all as "Enemies of the State"

  • John White says:

    Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi along with CNN have been wrong the past 3yrs not being honest. CNN with Demos spend all there time hatingTrump. No-one cares anymore what demos have to say. Like many others I'm no-longer a democrat. Demos dishonest extremely bad leadership no-longer working for Americans its all about them. Americans are voting for President Trump 2020.

  • Sennie White says:

    Journalists used to be respected on the world scene, but no more! Facts?

  • Na Pa says:

    Not only they lies, they would sell the USA for china.

  • Carlos Ayala says:


  • Carlos Ayala says:

    The best job..
    Work for the Democrats and steal taxpayer money…!!
    You'll buy Home like OBAMA…!!

  • Mike Bond says:

    As usual, nothing to see here. More deflection and projecting from Faux News and their Trump Propaganda Army because they're unable to defend the facts detailing what Trump actually did.

  • Clyde Lovett says:

    That was her teeth rat-telling lies did someone fart? THE SMELL TELLS ALL.

  • Trien Do says:

    All The s. Democri a lies

  • Trien Do says:

    All The s. Democri a lies

  • Brenda Higdon says:

    Hillary's not going to get in the game until they impeach the president then she's going to come in and say I'm going to take over the Democrat Party that's what they got planned

  • Bruce Edwards says:

    president trump committed no crime !!!! the evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommierat traitors !!!! committed a mountain of crime !!!!!!!!the evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommnierat traitors will die in prison !!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce Edwards says:

    100mill ++ trumplicans will reelect president trump 2020 magakaG !!!

  • druu jenkins says:

    I guess Democrats are confusing the word "isn't" with "is." When they say "this isn't political" they mean "this is political." Typical Democrats pretending not to know what the word "is" means.

    I mean they constantly argue about how impeachment is a political process. Yet know they're arguing they aren't being political about it…? How does that work out again….?

  • Burt Collins says:

    I am amazed at all the cruel comments on here.. Your adults,, act like it..

  • tim wathen says:


  • tim wathen says:


  • Mr.Candid richards says:

    Image spending an entire episode trying to prove truths as lies.

  • Mike Murphy says:

    Pedophile lovers.

  • Jane Wrighton says:

    All of these dems are up for re-election in 2020. Do they really see this helps. Maybe not if they have to wait until they check with their party, I mean constituents.

  • Alan G. says:

    My computer doesn't have enough memory for "ALL" Democrat lies. It's their favorite form of politics.

  • Renate Baumgartner says:

    The Founders would have had you swinging from the nearest tree, Pelosi, because what this is is a coup, and the coup plotters are traitors, domestic enemies of our Republic.

  • The Big Lady is the BOSS! says:

    I wonder if she is ever sober!!!!

  • Brian Wilson says:

    Spot On Laura!

  • 100% Canadian says:

    TRUMP 2020,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Lots of support coming from Canada.

  • tony lyons says:

    So not true! Trying to put the spin on truth. It's funny how you all tend to continue to support this trainwreck administration and the embarrassment of our great country is beyond me. All the make-up, foundation, lipstick can't hide the truth.

  • Lorenzo says:

    Trump never lies hahahaha dumb Americans hahahaha

  • frankie schroeder says:

    The Founders? They want Socialism! They're engaged in tearing down the statues… Just shut up you dumb old Wretch Nancy! Feminism wants our Republic… Delivered back to the qUEEN of eNGLAND, Trump want's a Monarchy? More Projection. Dead Give Away. More war with the British Crown? RED AND WHITE PARALLEL STRIPES AND BLUE SHIELD OF 50 STARS. Bring it.

  • Thomas Cho says:

    Not to sound like a racist, but as an Asian American, I find it very strange that most if not all democratic party involved with the impeachment are of Jewish heritage. I know that majority of Jewish Americans are liberals/left wing oriented. The whole situation feels like demographically white .vs Jewish white people. Except Nancy Pelosi who seemed more like a puppet than someone in charge of her party in the House. Rather strange that they are so vent on the impeachment of the president who seem so friendly toward Israel. What is the population of Jewish people in US to dominate the impeachment hearing on the democrat side?

  • Edmund Singleton says:

    Never underestimate the faintness, that almost seems to be
    well hidden of a truly powerful marketing campaign, as proof I offer that ‘blond
    dye head heroine’ in movies always being routed for by members of an ethnic
    group that does not share any physical  resemblance
    in appearance, and why they are all over televison dramas, in commercials and anchoring
    our news programing. Hats off to all those Fay Wray types in every film version
    of King Kong…”the girl can’t help it”, the studio made her do it… And yes, even
    on the radio, you can almost hear the ‘blondness’…

  • Chantel Smith says:


  • Walter Matheson says:

    the republicans might just get another Supreme Court appointment OR even two LMAO

  • Burt Collins says:

    If Nancy uses plastic surgery.. it is her business.. Stay out of hers

  • Twi li says:

    I just count how many people are on their cellphones.

  • makn.ae_ says:

    All these comments are just the right trying to insult the left (they’re not great insults, 2 year olds could come up with better insults), lmao imagine being so afraid of losing because you can’t buck up and realize this isn’t your generation anymore and you need to pass the torch that you’re whining like a baby. Just like your president lmao

  • nmontesinos67 says:

    Nadler and Green have said they must impeach because Trump would be reelected. They don't think our votes matter they think we're stupid.

  • Chuck Wilcox says:

    Great clip so true how everyone can't see threw them.

  • President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen says:

    more fake news propaganda from fox,…. we need a good old fashioned FOX hunt after the impeachment!!!!

  • John Luther says:

    The facts are you are vile traitors phony. Hippocrates frauds.

  • John Luther says:

    The dems lips are moving lies lies lies geriatric lies.

  • John Luther says:

    The founders horrid night mare rat bastard democratic rats.

  • Thomas Cassler says:

    all this crap is to push us away from the real truth about the obammer administration and there tresonist bs ! i bet you !

  • Delta Foxtrot says:

    Bella Piglosi is a brain damaged alcoholic that is 10 years past her usefulness.

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