‘Ingraham Angle’ panel reacts to CNN’s Cuomo likening coronavirus to 9/11

‘Ingraham Angle’ panel reacts to CNN’s Cuomo likening coronavirus to 9/11


  • Leo Tully says:

    "I can handle things, I'm smart… not like everybody says… like dumb. I'm smart, and I want respect!" Not this time, Fredo.

  • Paul Sommerhalder says:

    A Wuhan Covid researcher broke a vial, cleaned it up with a paper towel and the rest is history.

  • space man reviews says:

    Ol Fredo now pedaling a deadly virus!

  • shaunbir klair says:

    Call me crazy, but a conspiracy I came up with is that the Democrats let go of the virus to hurt trumps chances at re-election. Keep reading now listen to me they knew he cut CDC budget which limits vaccines to disease. This might come back to bite him because people will look at this decision and say why did he do this during this pandemic. Now why China? China is the biggest importer of goods. A lot of business runs there. Knowing full well that trump relies heavily on the stock market they used this virus to limit production in China and possibly cause an economic recession. A Democrat will come in supposedly “save” the day and make the Democrat look strong again. Just my opinion. I know it’s long, but who knows about the Democrats don’t trust them one bit.

  • Bob Hadden says:

    Cumo=Fredo hasn't a clue.
    Such a Fredo

  • papyaman says:

    the republicans always have their tail between their legs
    when it comes time to fight back…!!!!

  • John DeLellis says:

    CNN needs to be shut down.. TDS at its finest…

  • Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Idiot Republicans are a menace to our Great Nation. Vote Impeached Trump OUT!

  • NYBuc buckie says:

    I am beginning to wonder if Freddo will ever wake up!

  • Perlet Menzies says:

    Your corrupt politicians are out of control……

  • Nick Mirth says:

    Cuomo and the rest of CNN are a joke. A bad joke. Using you TDS to drum up business so you can cover the costs of the Sandmann case? Can't wait to hear you idiots crying after Trumps re-election. Trump Landslide Victory 2020!!!!!!!!! Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Heath says:

    CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza.

  • googo151 says:

    Fredo, is a [email protected]#$ing idiot!

  • Loading . . . says:

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  • Saintly Beginnings says:

    I do want to say that the guy that mentioned xenophobia likely meant the increase of hate/ blame/ fear towards asians- especially those who immigrated or cane on a work permit long before this outbreak, but have the accent.

    If that is what he meant, he said it very poorly, but I agree. There has been an uptick if such behavior in Italy and elsewhere in which outbreaks are occurring.

  • Stealth 107 says:

    Ingraham is so fuqen boring.

  • Brent Gray says:

    They don't hate him as much as they hate his winning

  • Joseph Castrona says:

    That's why the American public called CNN Cuomo, FREDO .

  • Andrew says:

    Fear mongering Democrats, first the world is going to end in 12 years because of climate change and now we're all gonna die of coronavirus and it's Trump's fault! I tell you they're false prophets and history proves they are liars. It's more likely you'll die in an automobile accident for driving like a fool.

  • Kenneth Morfin says:

    Laura, Wuhan china at one time housed the China biological chemical weapons factory for china n north korea, I believe it's still there and this is a biological attack to disrupt our booming economy. China murders thousands of their citizens every year. Find the weapons plant/bunker you will find ground zero. That's why China didn't want our scientists there, we would have found it and exposed this terrible planned attack.

  • Jacob Michael says:

    Fredo is so full of shyte

  • Barbara Scott says:

    The. Kingdom. Of. God. Is. At. Hand. Repent and let Jesus in your heart as Lord and Savior ✝️❤️⏰⏰⏰

  • Peter Carey says:

    More pearls of wisdom from Fredo Cuomo. Yeah, not the brightest bulb in the pack to say the least.

  • Shell Shell says:

    What they are doing by trying to pretend as if Trump did not move fast enough and doesn't care is wrong. If they know a better way of handling it then speak up and inform the people so they will be useful. But don't tell us lies and then try to blame Trump because it doesnt help the situation but only polluting the air with more negativity! I need to wear a mask to keep from getting the Cuomovirus!

  • Dan C. says:

    Yes , it definitely appears this Covid-19 is a very serious world pandemic unfolding , and it also definitely appears that President Trump's administration is doing EVERYTHING possible , and has been for more than 6 weeks now since the very beginning … containment measures began immediately , a national emergency alert was issued , flights from China were banned , 40 airports were put into full monitoring mode of all incoming international flights , all the states have the financial backing of the federal Nat. EM status to support their preparedness planning for a worse case scenario , our highest level research laboratories are operating in full emergency crisis preparation , our CDC working with and aiding the world in EVERY way possible , President Trump has addressed the nation twice so far , has VP Pence coordinating all related Health and Security agencies involved … special 1st responders and medical personnel are being supplied with the over demand of personal protective equipment needs , a vaccine is being worked on as fast as possible , a viral treatment medication is also … the President has made a remarkable effort , no one could have done better , and if you listen to the "Do Nothing Democrat" critics trying to politicize this virus against Trump , you'll know they would of had this virus spread throughout the country already !!!

  • Terry Hawkins says:

    Y'all call Chris childish NAMES…..but NONE of you Trump supporting assholes will say it to his FACE !! Keep your STUPID and NAME calling on Fox and social media…. you'll live longer than you SHOULD !!!

  • Lies Lies And More Lies says:

    HHS whistleblower claims US workers received coronavirus evacuees without proper precautions A whistleblower at the Department of Health and Human Services is seeking federal protection after complaining that more than a dozen workers who received the first Americans evacuated from Wuhan, China, lacked proper training or protective gear for coronavirus infection control.
    cnn /2020/02/27/politics/hhs-whistleblower-coronavirus/index.html

  • yukonjeffimagery says:

    Liberalism is much more of a threat to America, than Corona virus.

  • Michael Downes says:

    They shoot horses don't they??

  • Dev Guy says:

    only ones deranged are these morons on fox news lmao

  • Richard Frye says:

    There is one reason Cuomo could be right, that the Chinese started this virus in a lab to take down the world and the US

  • Sam Baggins says:

    Maybe a great writer but he seems to be an idiot.

  • 富士田 says:


  • G. Buchnoff says:

    Hey Chris!!! Have you graduated to 35 pound dumb bells yet?? No, I'm not talking 'bout arm curls; I'm talking 'bout your bench press!!!

  • slow bill says:


  • Lies Lies And More Lies says:

    And you are forbidden from perverting The Ten Commandments by The Holy Trinity. Into supporting your insane, suicidal, Satanic-anti-abortion-psycho-lie. That you grossly obese, sadistic, [email protected] losers. Place upon your EVILgelical-Satan-worshiping bodies. 2O of 20

  • Our Life In The Philippines says:

    Cuomo pathetic as usual and beyond cure from TDS.. Do not even know why anyone should pay attention to the guy..

  • Lies Lies And More Lies says:

    Smart, strong, Democratic-Socialist-Superman government. That addresses the extinction level threat of catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW] is very, very good. 19 of 20

  • Lies Lies And More Lies says:

    In it's attempt to bankrupt-the-entire-economy-and-government. As it has done to all the failed business attempts; it has had. Small, GOP, IQ #45, sperm-count-zero, corrupt, government; is not good. Just for anarchy, small-government, and avarice's sake. 18 of 20

  • Lies Lies And More Lies says:

    Tangerine Caligula's bureaucracy is mismanaged. As the GOP, incompetent, tangerine, Trumpzilla has done for 3 years. All the agencies, personnel, and funding to deal with the coronavirus. Have been fired, departments eliminated, and funding cut 90%! 17 of 20

  • Christopher Dyer says:

    Cnn needs to be taken off the air

  • slow bill says:


  • 20alphabet says:

    I hope Fredo gets corona virus. 👍😃

  • Alex333 says:

    Both Cuomo brothers are clowns.

  • K Joyce says:


  • Suhail Anton Turgman says:

    Where is the WHO when you need it, it has not found a vaccine for the TDS Virus nor the Corona Virus

  • Alpha Orionis 911 says:

    CNN smells like Schiff!

  • dV hiLL says:

    The political timing release of this (Agent) is awfully suspicious ,not to mention China sure would like to see our markets drop,and get ready for dimwits in comments below

  • missmindersue says:

    NO VACCINE 💉 4 ME, NOPE, NEVER 👍🏼 don’t care who makes it No Poke 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Pete Randolph says:

    Fredo up to his usual hijinks.

  • Brandein Gargulio says:

    The media is getting me so freaked out and scared about this. I take vitamins every other today and I never get sick, have never had the flu and my immune system seems to be super charged because my boyfriend got sick badly recently and nothing happened to me and I keep a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables so I think if I contract it, I’ll survive because of how young I am, but I’m still quite frightened.

  • StrnFn9099 says:

    The steroids have clearly melted Fredo's brain. Guy is a mess.

  • Ron Thompson says:

    Cnn is news for people who like being lied to ,that's one reason they are in 15th last place.also they make up stories,they are biased,hatefilled news . Jim tried to tell Trump they fact check their stuff I almost fell off the couch. Trump 2020

  • Suzie Q says:

    Xenophobic responses to germs? The left loves filth look at their cities.

  • Steven Austin says:

    Ironically, because of Trump's mismanagement, Fox News will be hit more than other networks because of its more elderly viewers

  • Rodfather Fishing says:

    F this propaganda I'm switching to democrat. leave politics out of this. It is serious you idiot's

  • Roxanne McCray says:

    Fredo presuming to be a Journalist again ! Mr. I am Smot keeps forgetting ( along with MSM ) We the People are SMART !!! Norm/Herd

  • Marcus says:

    Russian Trolls are below note their emboldened text to be noticed

  • Everything liberals touch turns to crap. says:

    Fredo cuomo

  • 666sigma says:

    Kudlow and Mnuchin are top health professionals?

  • truthsout says:


  • Stephen says:

    I don’t know which is worse, TDS or COVID-19.

  • Tiberiusduck says:

    His real name is Quiff Cuomo 🤣😎

  • george seward says:

    Misdirection, fear mugaring and globalist agendas are what the MSM are all about. Time to turn the MSM off.

  • Murlynd 73 says:

    It's going to be worse. I'm Trump all the way but from what I have seen there needs to be more info. CDC has only tested 400 people. China has been burning people for three weeks straight and not reporting correctly. Look at Italy. First world nation and they have no idea how it happened. Although if you have been there recently you'd see how it probably got there.

  • Infantry Gunner says:

    You are smoking crack if you think I would take a vaccine for the corrono virus hell no

  • Dave Martinez says:

    I wouldn’t trust a Democrat to shave my balls. 🤷🏻‍♂️💯

  • darkjedi351 says:

    Fredo is an out of touch idiot!

  • Ejay Dagdag says:

    What can you expect, CUOMO is NUTS.

  • Elias Farias says:

    100 of the fortune 500 companies are paying 0 taxes.
    The incumbent has forced big businesses like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes.
    You have to be asleep at the wheel to let them get away with it.
    Incompetent is the new normal

  • Laura Bell says:

    I kinda feel sorry for ole suckabee, he has been lying for the GOP members and now Trump for a very long time. United we stand divided we all fail. 🕊️

  • Momotu Sasa says:

    The Demons from the Dems Lefty's are so full of hate, everything that comes out of their mouth is just evil and negative trash.Look at that CNN Como Fraido Idiot Of A Man,Him and his girlfriend Lemonade they are the twin from Hell.

  • Schmuddel says:

    Globalist shills CNN want you to think that a purely-Chinese problem is something Americans should care about. Pass.

  • Eric Warncke Sr says:

    maybe america wouldnt have to worry about this virus if we had that WALL ; mr. trump ! ! !

  • sunny robinson says:

    The stock market is telling you 👀, don't you see the signs. Recession beware 🛇 corona virus is the cause🤔 China's factories has been closed for 6 weeks our meds, retail , ECT. We are surviving off stocked inventory when that runs out watch out lol😔

  • WS Intern says:


  • Brendo Xd says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank CNN for their continued support in getting Trump re elected president in November, only a small audience but every vote counts. 👍🏼

  • RC RC says:

    Lol trump fans still haven't figured, trump hasn't really done nothing, u speak economy, yet loaned record numbers, the people I'm US has taken record loans and credit cards, yeah good economy? Needing 3 jobs to live? Life is not about working, it's not being a slave to the banks or else..

  • FugleSkarn Productions says:

    The differnce between cnn and fof.. cnn invites doctors, fox invites politicians..

  • T. Noel Trudell-Kays says:

    Is there a more obvious snake on the planet than Mike Huckabee? I bet his breath smells like farts because of all the crap that come out of his mouth.

  • Robert Martinovics says:


  • PrinceTigerBeatz Industy Kits says:


  • Jon Foss says:


  • Paul Carruth says:

    It’s already here and you won’t be able to stop it

  • Paul Carruth says:

    A year away from vaccines

  • T. Noel Trudell-Kays says:

    It make more sense to me that people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome are supporters of the president.

  • Paul Carruth says:

    You have about a week or 2 before it explodes here in the US. I just hope that Trump and Pence aren’t going to try to down play or cover up the truth about how bad it is! No censorship

  • D A says:

    Hahaha Cuomo trolled the entire media. The guy is a living walking troll. There is no way he believes anything he says.

  • Craig Johnson says:

    If you keep quoting cnn you give them oxygen. Smarten up!

  • Quantum Chaos says:

    Wow… kinda scary… the Trump supporters here all sound exactly the same… almost word for word! Kinda like parrots… or sheep….

  • Coldirty Bastard says:

    the CIA is doing it?

  • Justin Body says:

    those that hate Trump hate America..PERIOD!!

  • Kyle Rein says:

    Likening those together cuz they're both fake to violate citizens liberties. 😂🗽what a joke

  • Matthew Smith says:

    VOTE ALL DemoKKK RATS out of office … TRUMP 2020

  • Domepeace_ltd productions says:

    and the most punchable face award goes to fredo once again!

  • Paul Keith says:

    The Californian democrats have every reason to worry about coronavirus. Any major outbreak in America will begin there and have more deaths there than anywhere else.

    Because of how people are living in California, and the fact that there will be no control (isolation) of any outbreak. And the rich will panic and try to escape to all over America.

    This is how coronavirus will spread in America.

    And there is little Trump will be able to do to stop all of this happening.

  • Lewis Trostle says:

    Fredo and all the clowns on the Clown News Network are a joke that's why their ratings suck. Trump 2020👀👀👀👀

  • Brian Homka says:

    No…Governor Huckabee, not 330 million. Biden made it clear 150 million have been killed by gun violence!

  • James clark says:


  • richard alvarado says:

    Gutted the CDC, HHS, and NIH……MAGA just ruined the world in 2016. The USA might do worse than all the top western countries in combating the virus. TRUMP'S A IDIOT. CHAD WOLFE, ALEX AZAR…..LOL!!!!

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