Iran claims victory despite no US casualties in Iraq missile strikes

Iran claims victory despite no US casualties in Iraq missile strikes


  • Rob The Old says:

    Iran is the unwelcomed nation in the middle east, not America.

  • shehu musa says:

    The only reason USA is keeping quiet to this atrocity is because of the traitor democrats

  • Paul Piper says:

    Very sad that 40 people died from probably mandatory funeral attendance. There seemed to be a lot of shouting in the streets. / and when the wicked perish, there is shouting. Proverbs 11:10.

  • classickruzer1 says:

    Wonder how many fell on their own soil ????

  • Sakura UwU says:

    They are not getting “victory” America is gonna win

  • Matthew Russell says:

    American president is corrupt? Says he 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • persain empire says:

    They are enemy not only for iranian but also for world

  • Dan Rode says:

    Cuff the orange cheeto

  • Dan Rode says:

    Deflection Donnie diapers

  • Irish Bob says:

    And what have we learned here today? "It is safer to be in Iraq, when Iran is lobbing Ballistic Missiles at you, then it is to attend a Funeral in Iran". School is out…..

  • Dan Rode says:

    Elect Elizabeth Warren. A grown-up.

  • Dan Rode says:

    Moscow Mitch

  • metalblades4 says:

    More died in the stampede these idiots caused at the generals funeral..

  • Dan Rode says:

    13000 documented fibs by the orange cheeto and counting..

  • Dan Rode says:

    Donnie diapers the born liar and bone spurs cadet coward..

  • Angelika :3 says:

    Poland 😊😊😀😀😁😁😁😁

  • Carl DiFrancesco says:

    They hacked that plane

  • Go-G-Go Channel says:

    I find it very hard to believe 17 missiles hit the al asad base and no one killed??? BS news!!! Tell the truth.

  • Virgo Blue says:

    I think they declared victory because we did not retaliate but there were no casualties. So I'm confused. Or maybe they call victory for destroying the bases and trying to expel us troops or send them into hiding.

  • tino v says:

    Iran just proved they can fire their missiles with precise. The strikes were only a warning and US generals got the message and trump simply backed out!!

  • Chanie T says:

    May Gd keep our men and women overseas safe and sound.

  • See Nomore says:


  • Albert Vasquez says:

    I'm glad nothing happened. We need a cool down period. Whew that was close. I guess I'll never get to visit iran in this lifetime. 😥🇺🇸

  • regi says:

    be a vault tec salesman is the best career opportunity

  • Vybz Tv says:

    Iran jokers 😂😂😂😂

  • TrumpWatch Now says:

    "we slapped them"… Iran has about 1/1000 the power of USA… the fact they even pretend to be fighting us is so comical i feel sorry for them having to act like this to save face with their deranged population

  • toëntje says:

    Let them have a little victory .. I let my son's win ones in a while ..

  • joel lee says:

    I hope the democrats are ok

  • Keke Harris says:

    More ppl died trying to get a chicken sandwich from popeyes than they did from these missile.

  • Ivory Poet says:

    im thinking the current democrats should move to iran. They seem to have similar beliefs.

  • Lucas Stclair says:

    Trump played games we can see.through this the Iranian and US governments completely concocted this bogus situation and lied to both their people I voted trump in 2016 I will not be voting in 2020 fck the games

  • A P says:

    So, Iran told Iraq that the strike was coming. Iraq knew and therefore no Iraqi casualties. Iran notified Finland who notified the US and therefore, no casualties. This was simply a show of force and saving face. War over. Let's shake hands and move on. What is sad is that the MSM is trying so hard to start the war themselves.

  • mohammad mahdi says:

    How brain washed are people in US so it is not surprising that they have someone like Trump as their president!!

  • Ice Man says:

    What a joke

  • dizzy dex77 says:

    Iran is/was a deepstate proxy country and soon to be set free.

  • AWLIYA TV আউলিয়া টিভি says:

    Good news

  • My Fake Guugl Account says:

    Do we really need to keep taunting them by saying what a joke their attack was?! They're happy enough to declare a victory; let them have it! All they wanted was to save face, so why is our media going out of its way to embarrass them? Do we really want Iran to REALLY try?

  • Lieutenant Columbo says:

    It's ok.. Keep messing with us, and Fred and Barney will be your new neighbors!

  • Revelation 2:9 says:

    There are six things the Lord hates,
        seven that are detestable to him:
    17         haughty eyes,
            a lying tongue,
            hands that shed innocent blood,
    18         a heart that devises wicked schemes,
            feet that are quick to rush into evil,
    19         a false witness who pours out lies
            and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

  • Arrow Phillips says:

    I bet they do…if you punch someone and they hit you back harder so you walk away then you loose… if you hit someone then the hit you so you knock them out then you win and allot of times you become friends after because the respect and fear you at the same time. If I was trump then I would bomb the 52 targets, drop the mic and walk away

  • Julio Hernandez says:

    People is being fooled by irán don't think they ll leave it as it is rember just a slap

  • WaryAmerican says:


  • Rebels r We says:

    Iran Missile strike is less deadly than an Iranian Funeral lol

  • DJay J says:

    Yeah, they rekd that empty sand dune.  It didn't stand a chance.

  • Jim East says:

    Good, let them claim victory and we can forget the whole thing.

  • Coacervate Droplet says:

    circa 1979: "Buy Iraqi war bonds"

  • Ascension5dEarth says:


  • Hamza Khan says:

    I doubt this is the end.Iran knows they will be crushed in an overt counterattack by the US.They will probably start arming their proxy with more sophisticated weaponry.

  • Gill says:

    Is Iran trying to avoid ww3 by claiming they won?

  • RedPillorBluePill says:

    Idk understand how anyone takes this country seriously. They are as crazy as the Dem-O-Crap left. Just say whatever you want and everyone has to believe it's true without question. Lol. Whatever makes them happy in their little piles of rubble.

  • Slicer says:

    Guys just let them think they won for no conflicts😂

  • Dave Keating says:

    Where were the US air defences? First the failure to protect that oil refinery in Saudi Arabis now this? You bring in the 82nd airborne to protect the embassy but you didn't have the sense to bring in air defences to protect your airbase? The satellite images of the strike are up at Planet Labs …. deadly accurate strikes with low yield warheads. If it was a saturation attack and they used bigger warheads that base would have been ashes.

  • arthur says:

    224 wounded soldiers Sent to Telaviv ,dont believe me ,search it

  • Café por la mañana says:

    Se parece a rajoy ese tío.

  • antlerman says:

    ! rocket, 2 dead terrorists. 12+ missiles, 0 Americans hurt. If this is an Iranian victory I would have gone to war a long time ago.

  • atomy China says:

    It shows Iran missiles is not accurate. Better stop firing again.

  • Nuke Em says:

    What's iraqs fault 😭

  • Al Garr says:

    Trump abandoned US troops to be used as target practice for Iran while they ran off into the desert to avoid getting killed. No defense or counter attack. Just a RUN FOR YOUR LIVES strategy. They called his "You better not or else" bluff, and the whole world saw them do it. Watch what happens when he makes empty threats to Russia, China or N.Korea. Blood is in the water. I would a call that huge victory for Iran. And an epic defeat for America.

  • JC Angel says:

    15 ballistic missiles fired…only thing Iran destroys is a civilian airliner…hmmmm

  • Jeff Black says:

    A "slap in the face"?? That's like slapping Mike Tyson, it's not something to brag about, it's something you need to be frightened about to your core.

  • Marcus Figueroa says:

    U.S.—A new policy issued by the United States Department of Defense, in conjunction with online platforms like Twitter and Facebook, will automatically enlist you to fight in a foreign war if you post your support for attacking another country.

    People who bravely post about how the U.S. needs to invade some country in the Middle East or Asia or outer space will get a pop-up notice indicating they've been enlisted in the military. A recruiter will then show up at their house and whisk them away to fight in the foreign war they wanted to happen so badly.

    "Frankly, recruitment numbers are down, and we needed some way to find people who are really enthusiastic about fighting wars," said a DOD official. "Then it hit us like a drone strike: there are plenty of people who argue vehemently for foreign intervention. It doesn't matter what war we're trying to create: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China—these people are always reliable supporters of any invasion abroad. So why not get them there on the frontlines?"

    "After all, we want people who are passionate about occupying foreign lands, not grunts who are just there for the paycheck," he added.

    Strangely, as soon as the policy was implemented, 99% of saber-rattling suddenly ceased.

  • judgebarney says:

    Iran one they attacked like they said they would.
    Obama moved the redline back. Opps, I meant Trump!
    Trump is all talk and no action!
    We need a Warrior in the White House, trump need not apply.

  • yeldarb ! says:

    If that's 'victory' for Iran…. A war would be over quickly…..

  • yeldarb ! says:

    Did Iran thank Obama for paying for the missiles?

  • Alex Greece says:

    let iranians rejoice in their so called victory … remember USA took their head off & that's a major win, remember USA has brought their economy on knees & that's a victory, main objective is to abandon nuclear ambitions & stop threatening & playing proxies against USA & Israel .. so use economic strangling policy. Bravo president trump.

  • Wmj Wmj says:

    We just need iran to throw large events and trample each other to thin the herd out a little it seems to be way more cost efficient

  • lila monaco says:

    Understandable from the point of view of the Mullas, but emothionally unmilitary. A childish play for the fake media.

  • T P says:

    US kills a Iran General.
    Iran blows up some furniture in a hissy fit.

  • Angelo P says:

    More died during Soleimani’s funeral in Tehran. Warned about the ballistic missile strikes 1 hour before ? 😂😂😂 Nobody fcks with the US of A. especially people wearing their laundry on their heads

  • Pratik Smith says:

    I dont see US sent any response!! So umm yeah thats victory for Iran!

  • beatleme2 says:

    aw, Iran, makes me think they are so cute,..let em have their little victory

  • Derek Mills says:

    Iran…. we apologize for taking out your #3… please accept OUR #3 as his replacement!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lar M says:

    Iran claims 500,000 American killed in their missile strikes.

  • RFISH RFISH says:


  • grrdpablo1 says:

    Killed a Streetlight, Blew-up the sidewalk and maimed a Mailbox. It was a success, Iran claiming Victory.

  • TheGOPforlife says:

    The Democrats are in league with the Iran Regime. Iran helped Obama drain the the US treasury and that is how Obama got his mansions.

  • Mark Bailey says:

    Now get real you think Iran claimed victory to fake fox news and no other network, is the cult base rialed up yet, lies and spins

  • Jestermon1 says:

    They've been claiming victory over the US for decades it's what they do.

  • EL OEL says:

    Weird how most commenters seem to have liked it better if Iran had actually killed a few hundred soldiers rather than actually de-escalating the situation as they did. Did you actually want a war?

  • xtr -imm says:

    Mainstream media…War mongering machines… Juz 1q. In case there were casualties on u.s side..will Iranian claim of victory be valid?

  • brandon fuerte says:

    Wait so we're not gonna Hiroshima bomb Iran then? Damnit.

  • Edwin Meyer says:

    In my opinion, this attack was a staged event, Iranian missiles would not have missed their target so completely were this an actual attack. My guess is that US and Iranian officials made a secret agreement that the attack would take place at a specific hour on a specific non life threatening target…in order to appease the Iranian people.

  • movenglish says:

    The satan possessed Ayatollah is delusional under opium he uses everyday, always under the assumption that he is a winner, not seeing that his right hand is already cut off in Iran-Iraq war, and his left hand, Qassem SoleiMANIAC is DEAD by precious President Trump!!

  • inspier says:

    Perfect victory of Trump. Iran failed.

  • Wayne says:

    AMERICA STANDS WITH……..TRUMP 🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸


  • Wayne says:

    AMERICA STANDS WITH……..TRUMP 🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸


  • yourrodandyourstaff says:

    the Iran strike is a fake one , smart! and trump understood that. the purpose is to pacify their people.

  • Qpt N says:

    Let them play the game

  • duanecrump crump says:

    Iran…your still pathetic mortals.

  • madamushroom says:


  • arjay bagasina says:

    Poor rockets😅

  • River City MOVERS says:

    Good for Trump. Iran lobbed a couple of watermelons into Iraq but there were no Americans killed and no real damage. Iran is like a child throwing a tantrum and pounding fists on the floor crying. Feeling satisfied, Iran will do nothing more. They do not want war either.

  • Trev S says:

    You are totally missing the point – Iran just let you know your within reach

  • Freaky says:

    Religion of Peace.

  • Christy Wall says:


  • Firebrand VOCALS says:

    I think Iran got confused between Fireworks and Missiles 🙃

  • jimmy5634 says:

    They’re just happy the missiles worked.

  • stuligin dahooligan says:

    Lol Iran, I would have nuked the Capitol.

  • Joey Morrison says:

    53 died at the stamped at the funeral of that crispy bacon fried general.

    While sending a couple of bottle rockets at a raw patch of Iraqi dirt.

  • Joey Morrison says:

    Iran remind of of the village idiot that watched a Bruce Lee move, bought nunchucks, then set out on a quest of vengeance knocking themselves out in the process of reenacting super cool Bruce Lee ninja moves.

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