Is Scorpio Compatible with Scorpio? | Zodiac Love Guide

Is Scorpio Compatible with Scorpio? | Zodiac Love Guide

Scorpio and Scorpio are a volcanic match. They produce or create a combustible, exciting,
deeply feeling, deeply sexual pairing. Each of them is a sign that goes very deeply
into its feelings. For a Scorpio, the act of sex is not just
physical. It is very spiritual, it’s an emotional bonding,
it’s a connection of energies and is felt on a very deep level. Scorpio tends to be very voluptuous in its
emotions, very giving once it feels safe and also very possessive. Now each of them can use this. In other words, Scorpios being so alike, they
can give what they themselves desire. Scorpio desires a relationship in which it
is safe, in which the other person is loyal and devoted and gives them the intense bonding
that each needs. But the problem here is that once the sex
is explored to its fullest, they then have to get into the personality, into the deeper
issues, in a Scorpio of character and that issues has to do with control. A Scorpio feels deeply vulnerable and as a
result, it wants to control its environment, its relationships, control other people, control
everything so that it remains safe. And in a relationship that is not always possible
because the other doesn’t want to be controlled. Scorpio won’t be controlled by another and
yet here we have two Scorpios trying to control each other. So the picture’s a little bit like two scorpions,
if you can imagine these creatures who feel that they have to be the aggressor and the
one who stings so that they remain safe. And so that concept in a way of two scorpions
locked in a bottle are what two Scorpios are like once they get deeper into the relationship. It can work for a while and if, by some magic,
that they can get along in other areas, it can work also as a marriage or a friendship. But the chances are that the Scorpio is going
to be much too controlling and much too strong for the other to take orders.


  • Pinpon Ochoa says:

    So what im hearing is tht scorpio couple wont make it cuz if so I shouldnt be in my relationship

  • scgoobie says:

    Good thing I've never been wit another scorpio

  • ABlackMorman says:

    I feel like if you let the other Scorpio have equal knowledge as you it honestly will hold your relationship and not being afraid to open up to them simply means a lot like don't make another Scorpio work for you to open up.

  • Frozen music says:

    Both my boyfriend and I are scorpios and we have a great relationship, exactly because we understand our little obsessions and control issues and all that stuff. We've been together for 3 1/2 years now and we've never had an actual fight, because we know the depths of each other's reactions. And I'm sure that wouldn't happen with someone of another zodiac sign, it's just not the same.

  • lukman hakim says:

    It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when normal people accomplish it so easily using Mimmu Fat Blast (Google it).

  • SierraIngram says:

    Why does she keep referring to us scorpios as "it" or "it's"?

  • 518735 says:

    You gotta be tough but its the extreme similarities that usually break it up, try to branch out and it will go fine and agree to disagree In arguments.

  • 518735 says:

    Think of two black holes. I am a October 28th born scorpio and I use a lot of metaphors so just hang with me. It's like two black holes locked in a fight for the kill both are trying to swallow each other but can't eventually they will crumble inwards and explode at once forming one massive black home or both gets kicked away from each other never to be seen agian.

  • sonia ch says:

    let me tell you i believe she is right in most things but a couple being both Scorpios can work because they both know their feelings. my husband and i are both Scorpios and or relationship is very deep and intimate.

  • ZEG TheMusicLover says:

    actually scorpio and scorpio are the greatest couple

  • Di Dxpeo says:

    Yes , you are right, it must be such a headache 2 scorpios won't back down trying controlling the other one.

  • Kueen Kettely says:

    the best relationship ever!

  • Alex Moon says:

    What about Scorpio and Pisces. you guys never made that video

  • John P says:

    my girls a scorpio sun with moin in aries, rising in aries and venus in virgo and ima scorpio sun with moon in aries, rising in Aquarius and venus in scorpio. will it go well?

  • Abir LAHRACH says:

    The answer s no

  • Daisy Valencia says:

    My husband is not the typical Scorpio he’s not assertive controlling or possessive It might be due to the fact he was born on the last day to be a Scorpio but I’m very controlling and ye sI have had to learn to tune it done a bit and just trust each other and hope for the best we have been together for a decade and although I am the dominant one and very bossy I’m also very loving tender and feminine I love to please him any way I can to make him smile it doesn’t have to be my way all the time

  • Noahide Videos Bible says:

    Jupiter. She's got a lot of knowledge. Jupiter is the planet of great information in the Zodiac. She is a vast database of information. The Catholic Church is ruled by the Roman god Jupiter of course, Jupiter-Yahweh is his name. Jupiter – King God of the Romans. God works in mysterious ways, and works through Astrology truths inbred into the nature of the seasons most likely. There is probably something not necessarily so astrological about the truth of Astrology, but something more centred on planet earth and the season and times of the days and year. Passions of men and women born in the months and days of the years over the centuries – especially prominent and powerful people of each of the days of the years – create a spirit and ideology and way of thinking common. For example, the life makeup of souls who have come and gone in history are set in stone. In this sense those born before you in history on your birthday are not changing in their ways very much in their eternal afterlife. In this sense the ways and understandings of spiritual knowledge of each birthday, while truly still being formed anew each day, is also very much set in quite strict stone historically. The planets are a way of correlating these truths. And these birthstones of humanity shape the spiritual knowledge and truth of your birthday – they are vast influences upon your choices and way of life, so set in stone their expectations and pressures of life they have upon the community born each month in their astrological period. You can't help but act like a Scorpio if you are a Scorpio because of what formed before you in humanity. And so on for each star sign.

  • Nycbeat B says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to catch a scorpio man try Scorpio Insiders Guide (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  • Drake Carter says:

    Was with a scorpio for five years. I'm a scorpio myself. VERY explosive.

  • Amal Khan says:

    we respect to always be safe from evil & this situation,, thanks

  • Alex California says:

    Soo true! We are just to much a like.

  • Vinod Gogna says:

    Very true. My wife and I are both scorpios. We have been married for 31 years.

  • TheMarker2015 L.S says:

    Scorpio Venus with Scorpio Venus, we are perfect together 🙂 so loyal. So sweet, I love him so much.

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