Is the Drifter Evil!? Destiny 2 lore Forsaken | Myelin Games

Is the Drifter Evil!? Destiny 2 lore Forsaken | Myelin Games

We discovered some kind of alien monolith,
a facility left by the inhabitants of that planet long gone by then. But trapped inside was a creature. In a cage of some sort, frozen in ice. An exhibit? Was it some kind of zoo? Still not sure to this day. We should’ve brought a scientist. All we had were… well, guys who thought
we looked tough in dark colors. Welcome back guardians. Today I wanted to discuss the Drifter from
the new hybrid mode Destiny 2 Forsaken, Gambit. Many of you have likely heard the Drifter’s
lines during Gambit, or wondered why he has access to the Taken or how he summons a Primeval
or what his ship is pulling, you know that giant asteroid thing his ship is pulling or
why he is called a rogue lightbearer… AND consequently you may have thought, is
this guy a good guy or bad guy? Well, you will be pleased to know that all,
and mean all, of these questions are answered within the lore. The snake symbol of Gambit, why it is called
Gambit, why he has Taken, everything is answered. This video is packed with a tonne of lore. If that wasn’t enough, the Drifter also
has a deep and complex story that is intertwined, with Dredgen Yor, Thorn, The Shadows of Yor,
Shin Malphur and the new exotic Malfeasance. When this video goes live, I will also be
live over on twitch if you want to say hi. Link in the description. As usual, the artwork at the beginning of
this video was provided by Gammatrap, all patreon donations go towards paying for the
artwork. This is myelin games, and I hope you enjoy
this latest destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
There are three main sources of Lore for the Drifter, the first is the book within your
Triumphs, called, a Drifter’s Gambit, the second and the third source of lore is the
Gambit weapon and armour lore tabs. In relative chronological order, the Drifter
is revived as a Guardian, or as they were referred to in the early days of the Collapse,
the Risen. Soon after being revived, the Drifter leaves
Earth. This is told to us in the Artifacts and Old
Friends chapter of the book a Drifter’s Gambit. It reads,
“He told me he left the system as soon as he was risen. Not immediately, sure. Had to get his bearings, find a ship—get
it fit, get it flying. But soon as, he was good as gone. ‘Drawn to the outer,’ he says. I can appreciate.” The Ancient Apocalypse Hood lore tab expands
further and explains how the Drifter left the system at the Dawn of the City Age with
his crew, and that they were in search of something greater than the light. The lore tab reads,
Anyway, my crew, or a little subset of it, we leave the system together. Dawn of the City Age at the time. We were looking for somethin’ greater than
Light. ‘Cuz we had seen that Light can be the cause
of… so much strife. The Drifter doesn’t specifically describe
what he saw that made him somewhat against the light, however other lore tabs describe
how the Drifter lived through the Dark Age. For those not familiar with Destiny’s history,
we had a golden age when the Traveler arrived, with great technology and prosperity, however
following the Collapse was the Dark Age, when many humans turned against each other. In addition, the first guardians, were not
necessarily good, and some become warlords. The Drifter speaks about how he had kept all
his weapons from the Dark Age, so it likely that he witnessed Warlord Guardians, and hence
this encouraged his search for something more powerful than the light. The Warlords were eventually defeated by the
Iron Lords and the Drifter likely witnessed guardians fighting guardians. The Ancient Apocalypse Greaves reads,
No one made Dark Age guns anymore. Drifter had looked far and wide. The one source of Dark Age weaponry in this
system was him. Gambit. Dark Age weapons had been forged at a time
when Light fought Light. Everything was just a little more efficient
back then. And lethal. In Drifter’s opinion, of course. From what I have read, it seems that the Drifter’s
experience during the Dark Age, and seeing light vs light, is what triggered him to leave
the system and pursue something more than the light. It does not outright say in these lore tabs,
however, you could suspect The Drifter as a member of the Shadows of Yor, Guardians
who pursued the Darkness like Dredgen Yor. However, in my opinion, the Drifter is a true
Drifter, he fits in with any group in order to ensure his survival. Regardless, the Drifter left our system in
search of something greater than the light, and what did he and his crew find? Well, they found a planet with energy that
suppressed and consumed the Light. The Drifter compares it to the abilities of
Thorn, as Thorn can consume the light of Guardians, permanently defeating them. Have a listen to the Ancient Apocalypse Hood. We searched far and wide. Must’ve been… hundreds of years. We found a planet beyond the system bristlin’
with an energy that repulsed Light. Naturally, we were curious. We landed. Intended to settle and conduct the research
necessary to make this energy portable. A weapon outta legend called Thorn had similar,
Light-repressing capabilities. I am not too sure what this energy is yet,
is it the Darkness, is it Taken energy? The Drifter would not have encountered the
Taken yet because he would have already left Earth by the time Oryx attacked. IN addition to this energy, the crew found
creatures caged upon the planet, and the creatures seem to have absorbed some of these light-repressing
capabilities. The Ancient Apocalypse Robes reads,
We discovered some kind of alien monolith, a facility left by the inhabitants of that
planet long gone by then. But trapped inside was a creature. In a cage of some sort, frozen in ice. An exhibit? Was it some kind of zoo? Still not sure to this day. We should’ve brought a scientist. All we had were… well, guys who thought
we looked tough in dark colors. During our long stay on that planet, we found
many of those monoliths, each with their own captured creature. Anyway, this thing—the creature—looked
like it shared common bioenergetics with the Hive, but there were no records then or since
that I’ve ever seen of humanity’s encounters with them. And the creature had a property the Hive did
not have. It produced a field that repressed Light—like
a Darkness Zone but contained to a gooey, vacuous form with no head. So, whatever lived on this planet, had captured
these creatures, these hive like creatures, and either experimented on them, or after
the planet was abandoned, the creatures somehow absorbed this dark energy. The Drifter and his crew discovered that the
creations frozen in the cages were also roaming the planet and one of the crew members is
killed in his sleep. Have a listen to the Ancient Apocalypse Gloves,
it reads, Plenty of ’em roaming around out in the wild,
where it was cold, but less cold than the frozen cages that contained the ones in the
monoliths. How’d we find out? Well, one of us died in our sleep. Not that uncommon or tragic, actually. Happened a lot. Damn cold out there. Except this time that fella’s Ghost couldn’t
resurrect him. Turns out one’a those creatures just slithered
by, and close proximity to it from inside our shelter just… silenced that poor bastard’s
Light. It was unfortunate, but it also lit a fire
under us. The next morning we realized we had a potential
weapon on our hands that could change everything in battles of Light versus Light. Slithered by… like a snake, is this why
the symbol for Gambit is a snake! The Drifter encountered these creatures. Whatever, this creature is, it just drained
the light from a Guardian, who then just died in his sleep from the cold of the Planet. Realising that the creatures could be used
as a weapon during light vs light battles, the Drifted and his crew plan to capture and
extract the creatures abilities. The crew had spent a year on the planet with
no success of catching or taming the creatures… and then the events of the Red War occurred,
back in our system, Ghaul invaded and contained the Traveler’s light. The Drifter and his crew despite their distance
from the Traveler, lost their light. When the Drifter and his crew lost their light,
they panicked and turned their weapons upon each other thinking they had been betrayed. Now as mortals, the Drifter was the only one
to leave. Have a listen to the Ancient Apocalypse Bond,
it reads, We were at our wit’s end. A year on the planet, and we had been completely
unable to capture or tame the creatures that had become our sole objective… Our ship had long been rendered useless by
the extreme cold. We had all died a hundred thousand times over
to the cold… One day, when we had settled in for the night
in another monolith, something swept over the planet. I later learned it swept across the system. All’a you hearing this felt it. You were there at the source. All four of us lost our Light. And we knew it. We looked over at the monolith-creature in
its frozen cage. It seemed to stare right back. I think I mentioned we’re all raving psychos
at this point. Well, we did what all measured raving psychos
would do. We thought we each had been betrayed by the
others. We drew on each other. To this day, I’m not sure how many of those
guys drew intending to kill. But I’ll tell you this. I was the only one who walked out. The creature in that monolith watched it all. When it was over, I stuck a finger straight
up at it. It was just me now. How’d I get from there to here? Maybe I’ll get to tell that story someday. So, we don’t know how the Drifter escaped
this planet, we don’t know if he did eventually tame this creature, we don’t know if the
creature seeing this act of murder encouraged it to team up with the Drifter. BUT what we do know, is the Drifter escaped
and following this, he had some very impressive technology, Malfeasance and his ship towing
a mysterious artefact. Have a listen to the lore tab of Malfeasance. It’ll be a lot safer with you wearin’ one
of these. It’s the culmination of a lot of things. Long time ago I set out to find a replacement
for a weapon called Thorn. This will never be that, but to me, it’s better. We built it together. This weapon, sounds like a weapon that was
born from that time on the icy planet with the creatures that suppressed the Light. He mentioned that he was trying to find a
Thorn replacement whilst on the planet, and I believe Malfesance is that weapon. At this stage, the Drifter seems like a villain,
however, you have to acknowledge that even though he has made a weapon that is similar
to thorn, a guardian killer, he did this because of what he witnessed during the Dark Age,
light vs light. Now here, is where it gets even more interesting. How does the Drifter summon the Taken, well
that is explained, and even though we only see Motes of Light in the Gambit mode, the
Drifter appears to have Motes of Dark. The Book, the Drifter’s Gambit follows an
investigation conducted by Shin Malphur. Well, we assume it is Shin Malphur because
the notes are written by a Renegade Hunter and Shin Malphur was known as a Renegade Hunter,
in addition there are a number of other clues that indicate the book is narrated by Shin
Malphur. For those who don’t know, Shin Malfur was
a Hunter who used a Golden Gun to kill Dredgen Yor. Shin Malphur was mentored by Jaren Ward, and
would eventually inherit Jaren’s Ghost. Dredgen Yor was a Guardian who was corrupted
by the Hive and created Thorn, a weapon capable of draining the light of Guardian. Following the death of Dredgen Yor, a cult
spawned, known as the Shadows of Yor, these were guardians who wanted to walk in the footsteps
of Dredgen Yor, and believed that Dredgen Yor was right in his corruption and pursuit
of the Darkness. The Shadows of Yor would go on to replicate
Thorn. You can see how there is overlap between the
Shadows of Yor and what the Drifter wanted to achieve, and this is how the two storylines
intersect. Shin Malphur is tracking down the Shadows
of Yor to defeat them, and at some point after escaping the icy planet, The Drifter is associated
with the Shadows of Yor. He is described as running with their crew. This is how Shin Malphur first came across
the Drifter. While, the Drifter shared similar goals to
the Shadows of Yor, i.e. pursing something more powerful than the light, I don’t think
the Drifter is a Shadow Of Yor, he was just associated with them. Shin is not entirely sure if the Drifter can
be trusted, but rather than killing him, Shin continues to observe the Drifter, believing
he could be used as bait to draw out the Shadows Of Yor. By chance, the Drifter and Shin cross paths,
and meet, and in fact talk. The Drifter tells tales of journeys across
the system and discovery of powerful relics and artefacts, Unsure, if this is all a big
lie, Shin starts to ask many more questions, and the Drifter changes subjects by asking
if he ever knew a man called Callum. Of course, Shin knew a man named Callum, as
Callum is revealed as a Shadow of Yor and on Shin’s hit list. How the Drifter knew this, how the Drifter
knew that Shin was interested in hunting Callum, we don’t know, did he accidently reveal
Callum’s identity to Shin, or did the Drifter know exactly who Shin was, and who he was
hunting. It is important to note, that Shin believes
his identity is hidden from the Drifter, Shin believes the Drifter does not know that he
is the infamous golden gun hunter who defeated dredgen yor. The fact that the Drifter knew to change the
topic to Callum, suggests otherwise. The Drifter gives Shin Malphur the hideout
of Callum, a Shadow of Yor, and Shin is successful in tracking down Callum and defeating him. The scene is brutal, Callum actually has a
fight with his ghost, Callum kills his ghost with a literally thorn, a bullet from the
gun thorn, draining the light from his ghost only to be momentarily killed by Shin. Following Shin’s successful assassination
of Callum, Shin and the Drifter have a further conversation, and the Drifter reveals what
his ship is towing. He has created a pocket Ascendant Plane, a
prison for a Taken Army, and this is where the Drifter gets the Taken from, for the mode
Gambit. Have a listen. “He’s kit-bashed Vex tech with Fallen components,
married it to Hive magic, and scavenged Golden Age science with a sprinkling of who knows
what, and he’s… “He’s secured a pocket of the Ascendant plane. Not a throne world, nothing that grand, but
a big enough chunk to matter—and he’s gone and caged an army. A Taken army. Leftovers from Oryx’s reign? Something new? Something old? Something… Hers? Can’t say. Don’t know. But he has ’em there. He says it’s to hold ’em, study ’em—but
the best bet says his intentions aren’t so clean. What…. What? This is so crazy, yet cool. So this is how they justify the mode Gambit,
the Drifter is helping us prepare fighting the Taken, and that is why he is allowed to
run this mode with Guardians. However, Shin Malphur also has another plan,
Shin wants to run Gambit in order to lure out any more Shadows of Yor, Shin believes
that Guardians who participate in Gambit and witness the Taken may reveal themselves as
Shadows. Have a listen. “We watch the action. We watch him. We watch who plays and who doesn’t. On top of that, we watch their aggression—who’s
diving too deep, too fast, who’s less keen to grow their knowledge, their strength. And who’s simply lookin’ to unleash themselves. “The true promise of this Gambit is what you
and I can learn. About our enemies. Maybe even about ourselves. That has to be first and foremost. After that, we assess Gambit’s value and its
risks. If the danger escalates, we shut it down. If any Guardians go too far, we shut it down—and
them, if need be. Shin is trying to work which guardians are
likely to fall to the darkness and the Shadows of Yor. The Drifter gets approval to run Gambit, however
Shin still does not trust him. And it is not long until Shin’s gut feeling
is proven right, the Drifter did not tell the Tower about the Primevals, these Taken
that had never been seen before, ever. Shin doesn’t even know how the Drfiter got
them, or maybe even made them. Have a listen. What concerns me is… he’d never mentioned
the word “Primeval” before. Not once. And that’s a problem for obvious reasons. “Tearing soldiers of the Deep from another
realm is crossin’ a bridge too far as is. But those beasts? Those weren’t normal Taken possessed and set
to rage. They were born of that shadow realm and they
were… angry. Worse. They were hungry for the Light. You could feel it. Even a ways off. Their aura and their rage weighed on me—cast
a shadow I could feel in my core. Regardless, Gambit is continued, Shin believes
that the nature of Gambit will draw out the Shadows of Yor and allow them to defeat the
Shadows. Now, here is another thing that is NOT revealed
to Shin, the Drifter can control the Primevals with a Mote of Dark, not a Mote of Light,
a Mote of Dark. Whilst scavenging, the Drifter encounters
some Cabal and used a Mote of Dark to summon a Primeval and destroy the Cabal. Have a listen to the Ancient Apocalypse vest,
it reads, Drifter licked his finger and slid it behind
a hidden panel on the bank’s outer shell to crack the thing open. It unfolded, ejecting a single, compressed
Mote. A Mote of Dark, he called it. He could see it glow despite the shining sun
overhead. It was chill to the touch, an effect of the
bank. This particular haul was worth a hundred and
two singular Motes of Dark. A one-sided slaughter. The Ancient Apocalypse Grips and Strides continues
the story. Have a listen. He eyed the approaching squad of soldiers
bristling with armor and weapons. The Mote of Dark was cold to the touch in
his hand. Drifter stuck a single finger in the air at
them. He imagined the Cabal narrowing their eyes
at him under the helmets. [Why does your kind always insist on fighting
even when you are so hopelessly outgunned?] Drifter shook his head. “I won’t fight. I like to watch,” he says, and keyed the Mote
of Dark in his hand. An unearthly howl filled his ears and he cursed. He never quite got used to it. The sky turned a shade of fiery green and
split in half. Nine creatures that Guardians would know as
Primevals stepped onto the sand of the Emerald Coast, out of place, impossible, massive,
and wrong. What!?! he calls the Primeval with a Mote
of Dark. He gets this mote of Dark from a Bank on his
ship, and I have to wonder, when we bank motes of light, is the Drifter doing something with
it, is he converting them to Motes of Dark to control the Taken. This is why Gambit, is called Gambit, the
definition of the word Gambit is an act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage,
especially at the outset of a situation. We have taking a risk allowing the Drifter
into the City, the Gambit is, that we can use the Drifter to lure the Shadows of Yor,
but the risk is, we cannot trust the Drifter. That concludes this latest destiny 2 lore
episode. If you would like to support the channel and
cannot think of comment, you can leave the word, Gambit, which essentially represents
the entire lore of the Drifter in one word! As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.


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