Is There Really A Planet X?

Is There Really A Planet X?

I’m Fraser Cain, the Publisher of Universe
Today Have you heard there’s a giant planet in the
Solar System headed straight towards Earth? At some point in the next few months or years,
this thing is going to crash into Earth or flip our poles, or push us out of our orbit,
or some other horrible civilization destroying disaster. Are these rumours true? Is there a Planet X on a collision course
with Earth? Unlike some of the answers science gives us,
where we need to give a vague and nuanced answers, like yes AND no, or Maybe, well,
it depends… I’m glad to give a straight answer: “No”. Any large object moving towards the inner
Solar System would be one of the brightest objects in the night sky. It would mess up the orbits of the other planets
and asteroids that astronomers carefully observe every night. There are millions of amateur astronomers
taking high quality images of the night sky. If something was out there, they’d see it. These rumours have been popping up on the
internet for more than a decade now, and I’m sure we’ll still be debunking them decades
from now. What people are calling Planet X, or Nibiru,
or Wormwood, or whatever doesn’t exist. But is it possible that there are large, undiscovered
objects out in the furthest reaches of Solar System? Sure. Astronomers have been searching for Planet
X for more than a hundred years. In the 1840s, the French mathematician Urbain
Le Verrier calculated that another large planet must be perturbing the orbit of Uranus. He predicted the location where this planet
would be, and then German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle used those coordinates to
discover Neptune right where Le Verrier predicted. The famed astronomer Percival Lowell died
searching for the next planet in the Solar System, but he made a few calculations about
where it might be found. And in 1930, Clyde William Tombaugh successfully
discovered Pluto in one of the locations predicted by Lowell. Astronomers continued searching for additional
large objects, but it wasn’t until 2005 that another object the size of Pluto was finally
discovered by Mike Brown and his team from Caltech: Eris. Brown and his team also turned up several
other large icy objects in the Kuiper Belt; many of which have been designated dwarf planets. We haven’t discovered any other large objects
yet, but there might be clues that they’re out there. In 2012, the Brazilian astronomer Rodney Gomes
calculated the orbits of objects in the Kuiper Belt and found irregularities in the orbits
of 6 objects. This suggests that a larger object is further
out, tugging at their orbits. It could be a Mars-sized object 8.5 billion
km away, or a Neptune-sized object 225 billion km away. There’s another region at the edge of the
Solar System called the Oort Cloud. This is the source of the long-period comets
that occasionally visit the inner Solar System. It’s possible that large planets are perturbing
the orbits of comets with their gravity, nudging these comets in our direction. So, feel free to ignore every single scary
video and website that says an encounter with Planet X is coming. And use that time you saved from worrying,
and use it to appreciate the amazing discoveries being made in space and astronomy every day. Thanks for watching.


  • MorDreadful says:

    I FOUND PLANET X. It's in between planet W and planet Y which is next to Planet Z but I found nothing after Z. A few years ago planet X was supposed to be just past Mars, Then it was just passed Jupiter Then Just passed Saturn then nearer to Jupiter. Yeah……….it is getting closer? How about, IT DOESN'T EXIST. As for Nibiru? Same "planet" named by Sitchin who did NOT even understand Sumerian who themselves left a dictionary of sorts. And a crossing can be anything, Planet Zebra Crossing, Planet "Ford in the road', Planet Pelican Crossing, Planet 'I am crossing my fingers', If Nibiru means Crossing or crossing point look how I can use it, I am nibiru(crossing) my fingers (I am Planet Nibiru aka Planet x my fingers?). In fact, Nibiru is used hundreds of times by Sumerians in different situations, so in theory there should be hundreds of planet Xs coming this way?. Those who want a planet X/Nibiru/Wormwood are coming up with their own deception then accusing others of hiding something that does NOT even exist in order to prove the existence of a non-existent object. Why am I even typing this?

  • Ashley Croft says:

    I knew it. these people over the internet on youtube here are crazy, and planet x does not exist. The people here are just scaring us and its a rumor and just a hoax. They should just take off all the videos about this crap and stop scaring us.

  • George oldtimer says:

    this vidio was in 2013, what does this man think now, the same thing or not.

  • Anthony Chiello says:

    can we create a magnetic field for ships and a moon base. to keep a crew safe from the radiation in space.

  • Co #LLJW says:

    Hey Fraser, I have a couple pictures of a ball like object right next to / behind the sun? Like I mean it looks like a smaller sun honestly! Any thoughts? Please get back to me asap, thanks!

  • Deutsche Hierarchie says:

    3 years later and here we are again. Same type of morons repeating their foolish propaganda. Seriously it seems like every 3 or 4 years they repeat the same mantra that planet X is going to hit earth. They said it in 2005, 2010, 2013, and now as I am typing this in 2017. Give it a rest stupid people. Nibiru is never going to hit us on earth! Ever!

  • Deutsche Hierarchie says:

    Those of you in the comments watching this in 2017, please feel free to ignore the "nibiru doesn't exist" comment this guy made a few years ago. Look on any scientific article regarding nasa, especially any nasa printed themselves. Nasa proved the existence of a ninth planet a few years ago. It's in the back edge of the solar system near neptune and pluto. And it isnt going to hit us. Not this year, not in 20 years. Just no.

  • Nick Kelly says:

    I believe that the Planet X that most of us came here for is the idea of a Planet so massive in between Mars and Jupiter that shattered ejecting huge masses of rock in between their orbits and created the Asteroid belt, I know that's what I came here for at least.

  • Christopher Eric says:

    I've never heard of "Planet X" or "Planet Nibiru" being called Wormwood, that's very interesting and also it makes it more clear(I've never cared for the story, because as you've been saying, it's very silly).

    In the bible, Wormwood is a "star" that was accompanied by a woman wearing purple and it turned 1/3rd of the worlds water bitter and toxic. Most humans died.

    These days it is seen as symbolic and a metaphor, which actually makes it worse because they believe it will "happen" again as punishment. It makes sense now.

    How I learned all of this? The game Chrono Trigger, and despite being heavily based on biblical stories, it's one of the best games. But it's just that, stories.

    These dooms day stories are so juvenile. We're better than this.

  • alex gachupin says:

    the ending! beardless Frasier lol..yeah the beard is better brother

  • eyedstarrry says:

    We need something or one not scared of ANYTHING, very tall, has space stuff, and go over ( I think Neptune)? and check if Nibiru is there. Simple really

  • Johnnywick says:


  • mesoth says:


    Sorry, but just I can't ruin it.

  • mesoth says:

    0:29 Would that really work?

  • XayXay says:

    so we goin die in 2 months or nah?

  • cyrilio says:

    You look so strange without the beard here at the end. The beard definitely looks better 😊

  • Michele courtois says:

    Can you do another video about this

  • Franny Dimitri says:

    Nibiru is the ancient Assyrian word for Jupiter, according to the university of Chicago's language translation dictionary, which is available for free to download . (took them 70 years to translate too!)

  • Fazzah says:

    There's no planet X Anyways….

  • iZone - says:

    Fraser people say that Niburu is hidden and known by russia and people say he will reveal it at november 9th. Is this true? I know this vid was made years ago but ur still replying and hope u will reply to mine. I can easily get anxiety and people KEEP SAYING THAT NIBURU IS KNOW BY RUSSIA AND THEY ARE HIDING IT, BUT is this TRUE?? Plz tell me

  • juarnna says:

    ya all need to do more research checkout the nebra sky disc before ya make up ya minds ? and far more evidence out there proving the tale is true go study!!! oh and by the way i am sick of people saying HIT US it dont have to hit dickeds, as it passes its pole pulls and pushes our pole, some say thats what causes the pole shifts documented on earth in the past [question] why in the bible does it talk about the red dragon in rev 12 [question] why does mothershipton 5 hundred yrs ago talk of a red dragon will cross the sky 6 days before the earth shall die, in the bible the meek will inherit the earth [after said catastrphie] i have so so much more info to prove the tale of the planet of the crossing and various other names it is refered to, search you will find mussies on a haj walk around the kabala 7 times and a peice of black meteorite is set in silver in the corner why the statue of liberty in usa has 7 points on her crown an the torch in her right hand is showin planet coming through the constelation virgo ,the chinese when they celerbrate with the big scarey dragon, this system resembles at times [dragon face] comin through our system find the uncloked pic they covered up on wiki an google sky a few yrs ago [looks like a dragon face] it also looks like a firey cross at times, also read joshuas long day[ in king james first bible] where the sun was eclipsed for 3 hours ,proved by computer modle something to block the sun for that long would be 6.66 times the size of earth spooky eh its red with horns [the winged disc], the devil is red with horns remember were told from a child the devil is red with horns ,check out jerahmias tale[kolbrin bible] the destroyer please do not dis this tale until yall have done far more research i know lots more bs with this tale but now cba typing anymore,and i dont want a keyboard warrior row too!!!!! just do some bloody research and when you have done enough you will find it all clicks into place

  • b i n g e TV says:

    Nibiru is coming?

  • stevanna` Riggs says:

    Im subscribing to you sir because you know what your talking about

  • Tony YT Create says:

    Thanx for not scaring me for telling me that x isn't real

  • Anik Das says:

    Thanks sir ,

  • O Tee says:

    Im tired of hearing the planet x theory thank god its a relief so its fake right

  • O Tee says:

    I heard the 15 of may theory 2016

  • Mr creeper gaming says:

    It's fake yay!!!!!!! :)reply "yay!"

  • BenLikezGoosebumps says:


  • mind 1 says:

    Conspiracy theorist David Meade said that Planet X would destroy the earth on the 23rd of September, 2017. We're still here, yet people are still passing around the Planet X stories a month later. NASA has gone on record to say there is no Nibiru. Who do you trust – a team of brilliant scientists and astronauts – or some tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists making YouTube videos out of his mom's basement? These stories have been around before, in 2011 and 2003 a bunch of people made the same exact claims, and guess what – the world didn't end those years and it didn't end last month as David Meade and the other "theorists" claimed. Wait, wait, maybe the world DID END?!?! WHAT IF WE'RE ALL LIVING INSIDE A HOLOGRAM NIGHTMARE?!?!?!

  • MrKockabilly says:

    As long as some people have shallow and superficial understanding of science thing like this will happen. It is pseudo-science and maybe some people are profiting from it by luring gullible people.

  • TfgN_ Guard Demon says:

    Nice helpful vid thank you for making this vid

  • Noah Rudd says:

    Yes we are the fourth it’s not wrecked any planets and what’s the point even spreading this what weirdos they re are no planets going to kill us

  • Srinivas Medida says:

    Nice reassurance.

  • Srinivas Medida says:

    what is 2012 plus planet X = (infinity) what is X?

  • Srinivas Medida says:

    So to work this out we have to take 2012 from infinity which is … infinity. so we are left with Planet X = infinity in other words it will never happen.

  • Srinivas Medida says:

    well it will happen at sometime so let's say it will happen in infinity-1 years

  • greatname 779 says:

    Good I have an over active imagination so thanks that planet x stuff scared me cuase I'm a kid

  • David Francisco says:

    Simple answer: NO

  • David Francisco says:

    I have seen clickbaiters but most use fraudulent evidence


    PlanetX has been there deception folks but we do have something in our sky's but they aren't planets✌️n love💛

  • jethro Obispo says:

    I love this guy he always takes my worries away thanks dude

  • our central earth says:


  • ToxemicOregon77 says:

    Now the 23th of April 2018

  • thistle hart says:

    I am so glad it not real I was so scard I know that Dumb to be scard but thank u for reachoring me

  • I’m not gay but, says:

    Thank you for reassuring me

  • Padparadscha Sapphire says:

    They say the world is suppose to end every year IT NEVER DOES were fine

  • Unknowuser2344 AKA JOE says:

    See you June 25 th

  • be4realyo says:

    Kilometers kilometers kilometers…….what ever happened to miles…damm

  • I Love Cats says:

    Thank you we still study it nasa made a false prediction of nibiru it didn’t happen they say we will get a photo now

  • Sanaullah Jamali says:

    its true or false how do you know that about planet x

  • Dawn Adams says:


  • PredatorsPlays says:


  • Shahindran Moonieya says:

    are we orbiting a supersun?

  • Supreme Gamer says:

    They always say something is coming for earth. Of ALL of the planets in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, why would something or someone come towards earth?

  • sarah Brown says:

    I can breath again .hope its true

  • Ewan Qu says:

    Who cares about planet earth's end. I haven't had my gf anyway

  • leeg says:

    They changed it to july 24th (I think.) I swear to god they are gonna change it again once july 24th passes or is near.

  • Mia Arthur says:

    Thank you soooooo much, this really calmed my nerves….. so we're not going to die this year either?

  • Chainsaw Man productions says:

    Is the Yellowstone volcano eruption fake beacause I'm really scared

  • Mary Vega says:

    Thank god Its fake. Im finally out of my nightmare. I can live a normal life again 🙌🙏

  • Connor R says:


  • Horny Toads says:

    finally someone gives those flat earthers, mayan 2012 conspirators and niburu nut jobs a shut up call!

  • Mastertroll noreplyback says:

    Eris second largest brown dwarf in the known solar system discovered January 2005…

  • gerbilkill says:


  • Viyree says:

    Now I feel way more safe cause I watched other vids and it said that it will hit earth in a few weeks

  • Lab Rat says:

    Unfortunately large numbers of people have a predisposition of believing in untruths despite scientific evidence to the contrary and or they simply don't look at the evidence or refuse irrefutable proof altogether which equates to being willfully ignorant..There is no such thing as Planet Nibiru yet the self made true believers will tell you differently because and for all intents and purposes – they just don't know any better and will say nearly anything in support of their faith based nonsense..more rudely stated..they're just plain STUPID.

  • XxSoundBoard xX says:

    they keep posting it now this month and idk if this true im kinda worried you think this is all Fake ass planet cgi ?

  • Astro zen says:

    Sorry mr fraizer but is still fake I'm sorry to bother

  • dkgaming1201 says:

    Thank you for this was kind of worried

  • Peace&Quiet says:

    Yea they're real Mental Asylums are real and people who think nibiru is real needs to go to one

  • Ali K says:

    PLEASE REPLY.. theres absolutely no chance theres a binary twin of our sun which brings this thing along every 3200 or 3600 years? (thats according to the nibiru and planet x people) this thing has really been messing with my head so please reply…and what do you think of what the head astronomer of the navy robert Harrington had to say about this?…because he said its real..heres a 8 n a half minute clip of him please please watch it and give me your feedback…this really has been messing with my head for over an year now!

  • jaynavlive says:

    thank you i was trippin lol

  • TheLucky0ne Channel says:

    Planet x is a fake, they said that the world was gonna end in Dec 30 2018, but nothing shows up only 1 video that is fake also Feb 1st is a fake too its just those clickbaters tricking into you like the info graphics show and other videos THEY ARE ALL FAKE

  • RST Sport says:

    YES its name is planet lemur,,,,,planet X to the unlightened,,,,,it will pass earth with no accident,,,,,,it is still way off on the edge of our solar system,,,,,by the time it arrives we will be well into the new eara,,,,,,love n light to all humanity,,,,,,love ya ol,,,555.

  • CLAY gaming says:

    Therse so many prof its real

  • Alan Miell says:

    How idiots Believe this is Simply Stupidity

  • Kevin Donaghey says:

    I wish they would lock up these people who are putting this planet x stuff out there

  • Mark Smith says:

    Funny now that they've mathematically proven the existence of planet x

  • François Turcotte says:

    Français ?

  • epic gamer says:

    7042 anyone?

    No just me?

  • Margarita Pagan says:

    Ferrer told you red planet it's wormwood yes it's coming

  • Sue Whitty says:

    It is so good to hear some common sense amonst all of the scaremongering about "planet x". Thank you for some sanity!

  • All 3 Kerry’s says:

    The poles did shift 2019

  • Fabio Nunes Soares says:

    estamos em 2019 acontecendo muita transformação você ainda acredita no que disse em 2013?

  • Lamont DuPlessis says:

    Very, very good video, Fraser and ☺✌Ty very much!!

  • AndrewDestroyer says:

    Its called nibiru they call it Planet X which means it could be real or fake or unknown I heard they called Pluto Planet X but they don’t anymore because it’s been confirmed real. Speaking of which I even heard Neptune was called Planet X to see if it is real. They give nickname Planet X to a planet that is unknown to be real or fake

  • Energy Shandrew says:

    Haleys comet

  • DuckDuckGoose says:

    Yeah, and a meteor barely missed earth a few days ago

  • half track mind says:

    Yeah it's true my friend has already
    Called me since 2001 we been hit by that damn thing over 124;times since 2001. You would think he would stop but no he keeps going.
    Why? And who can help him?

  • Quazie Wabbit says:

    You would do well to further your education and find out the difference between using the word further and the word farther. Congratulations. You got it just backwards in the video. Your friendly neighborhood grammar Nazi

  • Susan Patterson says:

    Thank you for the truth.

  • raven heart says:

    Please explain the difference between the conspiracy of NIBIRU, the Nemesis Star theory and Planet X some people get them confused and all three are different theories

  • battleintahlequah says:

    I'm not saying X iz real. I'm just asking a few questions because I don't know. If there were truth to planet x fo you think our government would tell us. If we knew of the disasters to come if this event were true would we still go to work? I wonder how much information would we really be given since now days we have such fake news?

  • rowingtothedream says:

    1980's I remember a scientist said that in 2019 or 2020 a planet would be very close to earth enough to effect it with many problems. I remember thinking well I have nothing to worry about I probably won't be here if I am I'd be 60. Do you really think they would want the world going berserk if they told the truth today? I had a sister in law that worked for Bell and in the 70's she told me stories how they would try to transport cows {like the fly movie} but they were basically fleshy beef when they arrived. Deep state, they own us with their media, T.V., web, fake politicians until Trump, he refused their satanic bidding. They have lied about every possible thing you can think of, but God is real and they are Luciferians taking God down. They want depopulation, they call us useless food eaters, and God's world they hate. They lied about all the dates to make you believe climate is man made we are the bad ones, they must stop humans from being born. Now they press for abortions and cannibalism…speaks for itself who they are. Demons, remember this you were warned, they created every war and paid both sides but the next is their last.

  • 5avt says:

    Hi. I'm from the future, Planet X doesn't exist dummies.

  • Killsocialmedia says:

    We have a blindspot at the poles. We cant see everything in space

  • Calum Brook Nicolson says:

    Planet X or planet 9 might be a triplet of Venus and Earth or both could be quadruplets of Venus and Earth.

  • Michael Owens says:

    would like this guy to address the first hand accountings in the Kolbrin Bible, a 3,600 year old celtic manuscript! This guy sure didn't do any research!!

  • Stop The Doe Channel says:

    I saw a red object in the sky of 2016 the moon was behind it my family saw it
    I dought its real though
    I took picture but Idk what happened to it hmmm
    Planet is Probably Fake
    Though I did see it in my back yard.
    Where did I see it California, USA

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