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miss a show. On January 4th we have a Cancer Full Moon.
The Cancer
Full Moon is conjunct Sirius (the dog star – Sirius is a First Degree Fixed Wealth Star
and is the Sun of our Sun). The Cancer Full Moon is pregnant with possibility for your
giving birth to a new home space. This could represent an actual new home or place of residence.
Or, even more profound giving birth to a new space and relationship with yourself, within
yourself. The symbology is of The Divine Mother giving
birth to her innocent child. It’s an Intensely emotional time for you! And you will be transformed
and changed irrevocably by the events occurring for you now! It’s time for you to release
any resistance to your imminent birth experience. Relax into any labor pains, align with your
higher self and allow life to birth new possibilities for you. Remember how things start is how they go!
So, start by being fully engaged with the process of new birth that is happening for
you now! This energy is going to be playing itself out throughout the entire 2015! Here’s the line up of celestial energy: January 4th the 14º Cancer Full Moon is exact
at 8:53pm. World Clock Time Zone converter posted beneath this video. Cancer is a distinctly feminine water sign,
very psychic and sensitive. Also, this year the asteroid goddesses will play a powerful
role in augmenting the planetary energies. Giving them a distinctly feminine and more
receptive influence. 14 – number of magic, focus of getting practical
and grounded, 1+4=5 which is the magician, the power of your word, your agreement with
yourself and the universe. The 14 is mirrored in today’s date, January,
a 1 month + 4 day=5. The Cancer Full Moon is trine to Neptune and
Chiron in Pisces. Neptune is just moving off of a conjunction to the First Degree Wealth
Star Fomalhaut, a royal star and exactly conjunct to the First Degree Wealth Star Alpha Cygnus
which is especially fortunate for Venus and Mercury energies. Venus at 1º Aquarius is conjunct to Mercury
and Sextile to Saturn conjunct Pallas Athena (the warrior goddess) in Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury are conjunct Altair (the
Eagle) a first degree wealth star. Especially beneficial for your Mars and Jupiter energies.
Helps you have courage and see the big and long view! At the Cancer Full Moon Mercury conjunct Venus
enters the sign of Aquarius and enters its retrograde shadow and as I said the pair are
be Sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Pallas Athena. So, notice the events occurring
now as they will be a recurring theme through February and 2015. Your mental attitude is
going to go through a lot of profound shifts in 2015 and indications of what’s shifting
will surface now. At The Cancer Full Moon Jupiter in Leo is
within orb of a conjunction with Juno (the archetypal wife, symbolizing commitment to
partnership) Jupiter retrograde along with Juno will exactly trine Uranus in Aries conjunct
the south node and sextile the north node in Libra at the end of February and 1st of
March leading to your Solar Eclipse experience on March 20th. The Solar Eclipse New Moon
is at 22º Pisces conjunct Chiron. The Cancer Full Moon is square to Uranus and
the South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra, as well as opposed to Pluto conjunct
the Sun, Vesta (keeper of the home) and the 1st Degree Magnitude Fixed Wealth Star Vega
in Capricorn. Vega is very fortunate for Mercury and Venus. The opposition between Cancer New Moon conjunct
the Dog Star Sirius (the Sun of our Sun) and the Sun conjunct Pluto and Vesta represents
Illumination and release of any blocks or anything that’s holding you back or preventing
your birthing greater possibilities for yourself. Remember Mercury and Venus conjunct in Aquarius
are also conjunct Altair the Eagle and Sextile to Saturn which is conjunct Pallas Athena
in Sagittarius at the time of the Cancer Full Moon. This is a
grand illumination and coming together of
your head and heart and birthing a new vision. This Grand cross in Cardinal Signs is the
ONLY harsh planetary energies operating at the Cancer Full Moon, but the planets making
up the Grand Cross are also nicely aspected. So a lot of the breakdown breakthrough energy
brings mostly opportunity to realize and birth the incredible possibilities available for
you now. Have courage, keep the faith that things are happening for you and for the greater
good of humanity. When you’re giving birth Resistance is futile
and will only prolong any discomfort of the birthing process. When you’re pregnant with
possibilities ready for birth the only way out is through. Intense pressure is
a natural part of the birthing process. Keep
breathing and focus on loving and nurturing your new baby! Now I’ll pull an Angel Card. As we have a Taurus Full Moon ruled by Venus at the New
Year. The angel overnighting the entire year is Chamuel who assists you with being in right
relationships and assists you with creating material abundance. Archangel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. Thanks so much for joining me for
this special January 2015 Astrology Forecast
for the Cancer Full Moon. I’lll be back soon with a new astrology
forecast. Be sure to look for my new Google Hangouts on Air show, Be Your Greater Self, to find out how you can use
your astrology chart to
your own greatness. Please leave your comments and questions below. I always
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I really appreciate you and the opportunity to connect and share with you. Wishing you success and happiness always. Until next time relax, enjoy your life and
stay connected.

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