Jeff Bezos’ Extortion Claim And The ‘Saudi Angle’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Jeff Bezos’ Extortion Claim And The ‘Saudi Angle’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • Butch Lake says:


  • Lexx S says:

    Why would you mess with the richest man (that we know of)? If I was Bezos I would literally buy up everything trump just to tear it all down.

  • devtank says:

    I feel an urge to watch All the Presidents Men again…

  • Rob Scott says:

    AMI will be found as a foreign agent for the saudi's and the GOP will be found a foreign agent for the Russians

  • shinyshinythings says:

    The president openly calling for a change in ownership of a paper that has published unpleasant stories about him … is something I’d expect hearing about a third world country. Not my own. We have had enough.

  • Arturo Garza says:

    MSNBC is now getting their sources from former pornstars? They couldn’t be more pathetic.

  • Tim Newth says:

    OMG this exposes a few of the criminals that run the world. The willful ignorance that republicans use to support Trump is ugly. Trump wanted into the billionaire club, but I think he just got declined.

  • DataWaveTaGo says:

    Inside the Spy Scandal at the Heart of Jeff Bezos’ War With the National Enquirer

    In 2017, the Israeli firm NSO Group sold Riyadh a $55 million spy program termed Pegasus which hacks smartphones to obtain their contents. This capability was desired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to spy on his enemies abroad—including, it seems, the doomed Jamal Khashoggi. Since somebody appears to have hacked Jeff Bezos’ smartphone and passed its salacious contents to The National Enquirer, the Saudi angle is one which investigators are pursuing with vigor right now. If foreign intelligence services are collaborating with gossip merchants to smear private citizens and silence critics, that’s an alarming development which one expert recently termed super-doxxing, and it’s something which all Americans should be concerned about

  • Jean Roch says:

    Don't call royalty "the royals". The correct term is "the medieval inbreds".

  • lam dao says:


    When dump promised to DRAIN THE SWAMP and LOCK HER UP,

    as usual, he got his pronouns and consonants wrong.

    What he meant was



  • jmgrant44 says:

    Noah called Michael Sanchez, Mark Sanchez. Must be a Jets fan.

  • Rob Parks says:

    Going deep, I see what you did. Lmmfao

  • hauskalainen says:

    Journalism should be like the medical profession. You should be held to account by the mass of your fellow journalists.

  • Sons of Atonement M.C says:

    Bezos… your girlfriend…Woof! Lol
    If bezos and Sanchez had a kid together, that'll be a real sight to see 😆! bezos having his stank eye and Sanchez with her cockeye lol lol. Anyone remember "Crazy eyes" from Mr Deeds? Lol lol lol lol

  • TheDesertsweeper says:

    As a foreigner interested in US politics this sort of story amuses me because it's nothing new – such things seem to happen all the time in the USA and people say there "may" be illegal activity. But then the years go by and….nothing is done about it.

  • DharmaOfDog says:

    Poor Trump – his childish jealousy never ends. Trumps insecurities come from a Life being built by fakery & lies. If he really was the Man he claims to be, we'd actually have a President. Any affiliation with the well known Sleaze Rag the Nat'l Inq is typical Low class Trump

  • Cross Snep says:

    Drumpf's met his match with any 5th grader

  • ScytheNoire says:

    Wonder what Pecker's prison name will be.

  • ifyoueverfind78 says:


  • Jason Faulkner says:

    Hey MBS and clan Saud … guess what? In 10 years over half of all new vehicle sales will be electric. EV don't use oil. Currently, over 50% of all oil on earth goes in to vehicles. So say hello to your future of $15 dollar per barrel oil, and a Kingdom under siege from its own subjects. Enjoy your karma burger, with a side salad of justice.

  • ricksalv1 says:

    this country would be so much better off without the National Enquirer.

  • M A R says:

    Best thing for this country after all is said and done, should be deportation. Let him choose where-Russia or Saudi Arabia. He seems to favor those two. We don't need this guy trying to take our democracy away.

  • dhruvhnk says:

    Bezos a richest man on Earth,a true billionaire,publishes material he is blackmailed with and doesnt care if he is bald.Drumph a phoney billionaire,Vlads sugarbaby ,paid 130 K to more men women and beasts to be counted and too vain to admit he is bald.Who do you think is the better "fighter"?

  • Linda Hoganson says:

    Trump war and Congress to stop investigating him just us a.m. I warned Bezos to stop investigating.

  • Gary Dunn says:

    FBI should just go and raid the National Enquirer.

  • Guy Frawley says:

    Good God America, what have you become? Are you, but a microcosm of humanity?
    You cannot tell me that the the National Enquirer's "business model" was "unknown" till now!
    Just plain sickening! And everyone acts surprised when AOC arrives and gives the Good Old Bucket a good kick!

  • Leo Nabinger says:

    O'Rourke for president Oprah for vice president show us your taxes how about helping out yes Amazon you could make a great difference in this up-and-coming race 2020

  • Guy Frawley says:

    Why hasn't he lost it already? Whats the delay?

  • anonUK says:

    5:23 Only the best people!

  • AlkamistStar says:

    Ari the 🐐

  • SunRaIV says:

    The National Enquirer also has Trump in the pocket ..

  • Matthias Jan Brungers says:

    THIS will break Trumps Neck

  • Thoth_432 says:

    Trump needs to be locked up

  • A D says:


  • 7aoz says:

    Wow really? Trump needs a mini me already

  • Dorothy Gears says:

    That sleaze bag incompetent corrupt immoral pos is your President!!

  • goodboybuddy1 says:


  • kwood68 says:

    Jeff Bezos is too old to be sending naked pictures to his girlfriend. Plus why wasn't he smart enough to know you don't trust sending personals over the Internet. Doesn't he know of Anthony Weiner, does he remember Hillary's email scandal? I can't believe he's that dumb. Come on Jeff, you should know better. Get rid of the girlfriend, she's bad luck, and go back to your wife.

  • Charlie Cross says:

    why are we allies with Saudi they are obviously not our friend ( 17 of 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi)

  • Ryan Malloy says:

    lawyer Ross makes a good point

  • Roderick Schell says:

    What if Jeff Bezos Sue the Inquirer for Everything including all of the Killed Stories locked up in that safe?

  • manspike44 says:

    Google "Saudi government help students flee US" Saudi Arabia have for years help citizens break laws here without repercussions.

  • Alan Macphail says:

    " Not directly involved… " , " Doesn't involve the President… ", " Happened before he worked for Trump.." umm.. It does seem through, that every time they turn over a rock, Trump comes crawling out.

  • KD says:

    Take notes Silicon Valley, and get rid of Saudi royals from your investors. No matter how legit they seem with sob stories of progress, it is just a matter of time before they ask you to start spying on their people and tracking their whereabouts at all times.

  • George Stone says:

    Wow, what a cesspool of evil corruption the Trump family crime syndicate is.

  • Andre Gordon says:

    0:58 Is Ari doing subliminal hip hop messages now ? Lol

    Great reporting as always Ari

  • Dave G says:

    It's all about Trumps tiny mushroom!

  • David Jones says:

    Since Trump has been elected, Democrats have approved of full-term abortions; adult men, dressed in women’s clothing cheering for an 11 year old boy dressed as a girl in a long dress dancing in a stripper bar for them & now they're proposing, all immigrants be provided free medical insurance & for those who don’t want to work, free money for life. Are you proud to be a democrat?

  • Senna458 says:

    I cannot believe that there are people stupid enough to take anything written in the National Enquirer seriously. It is absolute trash …… yet Americans are not only stupid enough to buy it and read it, but they actually allow it to form their political opinions? Wow …. beyond pathetic.

  • Charliebrm1 says:

    At the wrap up, Ari points out that he's only joking about the pornography reference, then he slides in his thanks; (name, name) and Jonathan Alter for GOING DEEP on a story …
    Of course by then I'm all ears to the conversation.

  • J Christopher says:

    The guy on the far right with the dark hair speaking on “dots” seems like he’s scared to say anything negative about Saudi Arabia.

  • AntiSocial Atheist says:

    trump is like a generic billionaire while Bezos is a real billionaire. Trump is also a fake president

  • Dee Pattison says:

    Get rid of the National Enquirer and clean up every supermarket in the country. Maybe people should ask that it not be carried in our supermarkets where even children are exposed to it.

  • Marguerite Galimitakis says:

    I believe what Mr Besos is saying. Trump hates the media and will do anything to stop the media for telling the truth. I love reading the Washington post whom has always been truthful in reporting the facts compare to the moonie Washington Times. Enquire has always…always told lies to make alot of money
    It is a fantasy paper.
    Do not touch Mr Besos
    For telling the truth elements of hate. WHAT REAL ESTATE DEAL HAVE YOU MADE WITH SAUDI ARABIA TRUMP
    THAT IS THE REASON WHY YOU SIDE WITH THEM and not our country. Liar for the liars!

  • DigitalUniverse says:

    i hope Bozos expose each and everyone..

  • Floyd Sever says:

    Ahh, the Mueller investigation-The gift that keeps on giving.

  • M S says:

    This is cooperation and planing of Zionist Jews Israeli by saudi Arabia against american Washington Post, and US TRUMP and KUSHNER JEWS

  • lillian ballard says:

    About same age and have followed Jeff B for years,here and there. A good man. Thank you sir.

  • M S says:

    Trump organize crime thought Bezo is brithish news paper,when they wrote about the Meleania was nothing in modeling, run to kiss her hand

  • Maurice Sasseville says:

    I'm no a Trump fan at all. But it seems like MSNBC is really pandering to people who want nothing more than to see Trump impeached. I personally don't think it will happen. Trump needs to be voted out, I don't think that they'll realistically make a significant case against him. The most they'll do IMO is take down someone from his inner circle like Don Jr. IMO there is ZERO chance that he won't run again, and all this energy spent on the indictment will just give him momentum going into the election if he can avoid direct ties. It'll vindicate everything he said about a witch hunt and fake news to his followers…and enough undecided voters will believe that the truth is "in the middle" and be willing to vote for him again.

  • CA McCain says:

    It's a theory, but it has the ring of plausibility. Go with it. Remember, these guys have only a few dirty tricks up their sleeves; they have become fat and sloppy over the years because they have done this with impunity for decades; and their backs are against the wall. Of course they would try to pull this kind of stuff.

  • CA McCain says:

    Trump is breaking the Magnitsky Act now, because he will not act against the Saudi Prince.

  • Rosita Sultana says:

    Jeff kicked the Hornets’ Nest!! Good job, sir! They fukkked with the wrong guy….

  • CA McCain says:

    Somebody at AMI with a glimpse of a moral backbone, please , please, please unleash all their information. AMI whistleblowers you will be well received. Let the information fly.

  • CA McCain says:

    Enquirer is scum. Trump is scum. His world of scum has slimmed our highest office. And this doesn't disgust Republicans who believe they are the only true Americans who have a monopoly on Patriotism. Who is at fault for that? Fox News and Rupert Murdoch.

  • Kit Datson says:

    Why is it that the "thumbs down" icon is always the same or very close to the same number on different news shows?

  • Steelmage99 says:

    President Trump makes official presidential proclamations concerning the Bezos story.
    When asked, the White House says it won't comment on an issue between Bezos and the National Inquirer.

    W….T….F? You already commented on it, you odious toads!!

    I swear the media (all of them) have zero backbone. Call out the pathetic liar mercilessly. Call it what it is – lying spin!

  • Snaggle Toothed says:

    2:36 Inspector Gadget.

  • Helen Lowe says:


  • Luis Ortiz says:

    pekeer gasz de video of the jenelaist heen kell?

  • ladonna Jackson says:


  • Luis Ortiz says:

    nostracamus no falla

  • Chuck Martin says:

    If people are going to the Bible as a source of information, you can look to John's book where he said that people have gravitated to the darkness and would not accept the light.

  • good morning says:

    Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump liesTrump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies
    Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies Trump lies

  • Cicily Mitchell says:

    You try to blackmail the richest man on the planet via email. You just can't make this stuff up.

  • bisquitnspanky says:

    Protecting/promoting one powerful man by paying people off while blackmailing another. Now THAT is media bias!!!! A billion in debt? They probably think their Trump connection will help them with this problem. Too bad Trump is many billions in debt.

  • kingpest13 says:

    Are we great yet? Anyone else tired of being dragged down by this criminal president and his criminal friends?

  • Jean Falco says:


  • bisquitnspanky says:

    Now that he's started, Trump will never stop attacking Bezos under any circumstances. He and Putin are very simple minded in this respect. Trump, of course is simple minded in every respect.

  • Alcathous says:

    AMI is a Saudi agent. And they are now an accomplice in the murder of a journalist to stop his reporting.

  • SO S says:

    Look, if you're going to be dumb enough to send pix of your dingaling over the airwaves, be prepared for any kind of target on your back. There's ALWAYS a server somewhere storing personal & private info. Derp.

  • Lazyo Ranch says:

    Your a payed hack

  • Jerome Baker says:

    At what point does a democracy become socialism? When a big portion of the country are reliant on one social program or another, whether they directly know it or not? So to not strive for a manageable health care system in the United States is going against your own interests! While some may be in good health now it is not guaranteed to always be that way! When most families are a check or two from being financially ruined, imagine having also a turn for the worse to your health? Having guaranteed healthcare would sure come in handy!

  • J T says:

    Gavin deBecker has given the best advice to Bezos. Do Not Bow!

  • Cosimo Kramarawicz says:

    David Peckerhead.

  • Cosimo Kramarawicz says:

    Trump will be schooled!

  • Moebius says:

    With all this Trump vs Bezos stuff going on … I now feel much much better about purchasing from Amazon

  • Bullettube says:

    The National Inquirer is no different then the old Hollywood expose magazines and gossip columnists that the studios had to keep paying to keep scandals out of the public eye. These gossip magazines and their private detectives made their profits not from subscriptions but from extortion and blackmail. They tried to extort money from Carol Brunette, Earl Flynn, and many others but when they stood up against them in court they always won. Jeff Bezo knows he can win this, and I hope for his sake that his girlfriend and her brother aren't in cahoots with each other. Look up the tragic story about Fatty Arebuckle, he was set up and ruined by a false scandal.

  • jedi26 jedi26 says:

    Remember this journalist guy was almost insinuating Trump was behind the leak photos of Bezos! Now we know the person behind the leak for those photos! MSNBC is fake news.

  • jedi26 jedi26 says:

    Listening to this people from MSNBC being insanely conspiracy wackos !!! They are trying to find a smoking gun on Trump! But now we know the leaker of this pics was the brother of Sanchez!

  • Marcela Vargas says:

    All these people have said so far are hypothesis and conjecture. Why talk so much about it if they really have not proof of anything. How is this news???? Not a Trump supporter by the way. It's just funny to listen to a whole 18 minutes of men saying if true! LOL!

  • ReiHinoSenshi says:

    Hm mistress family member was connected to trump? kinda wild toss at ya she was used to set bezos up? Yea it's his fault for taking the bait but intel on relationship status ie bezos and his wife was arguing she meracuoisly appeared to comfort him ect or be in the right places at the right time so it seems like destiny or something. If that the planning and such actually happened (not excusing bazos actions) for all that planing to go on to take out someone..god help us all..muller look into this!

  • Edward S Torbicki says:

    "And we told them to… … take a walk."

  • abdallahsg says:

    Bozo hahahaha 🤣

  • Telly Vin-a says:

    never considered national enquirer to be a legit publication and now there's proof that it's illegitimate

  • Terri Civility says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if this happened, not because of the newspaper, but because Bezo's is considered the richest man in the world. #egosabound

  • kameron steel says:

    And you people are crazy all of these crimes being committed by these people and yet all you do is talk about it 50 years ago this would not have happened but I guess that's the reason the country is so f*** up now be off because all of the convicts are in power

  • kameron steel says:

    You want to pass some laws passing laws that keep these kind of people out of office and out of politics. Pass some laws that will punish them the same way that you punish a person with no money

  • kameron steel says:

    The president and his whole treason staff and bunch of friends should be taken out and shot. It is the best thing this government can do for this government

  • kameron steel says:

    Jeff Bezos is a true power player Trump has made his match intelligence Will trump stupidity every time

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