Jordan Peterson is NOT a Christian

Jordan Peterson is NOT a Christian

A provocative title, I know, and your click-bait
senses are likely tingling, but please hear me out, because I will deliver. First and foremost, however, I want to make
abundantly clear that the purpose of this video isn’t to criticise Jordan Peterson’s
views. Rather, it’s to demonstrate that according
to many of the most popular definitions of a “Christian”, Peterson is not one…
and that therefore, many of his Christian followers ought to cease asserting that he’s
championing their beliefs. If you think, for example, that Peterson is
a theist (that is, that he believes that a literal supernatural conscious being called
god exists), then I’ve got news for bucko… “When someone says do you believe in god,
you know, there’s three parts to that question. The first question is who is the ‘you’
to which they are referring? […] The second is what do you mean by belief? The third is what do you mean by god? It’s like, you can’t just leap to the
assumption that the person asking the question and the person answering the question have
the same views on those.” “People might say that I don’t believe in
god, and it’s like – it depends on what you mean […] The Greeks thought we were the
play things of the gods because we serve lust… we serve thirst, we serve hunger, we serve
rage… you know, and those things all transcend us. So that’s why they were gods. You know, rage – that’s the war god. Well, why is it a god? Well, it exists forever. It exists in all people. It takes them over and directs their behaviour. It’s a god. Well, you can quibble about the details – no
it’s not a god. Okay, fine, it’s a psychological force.” Now I feel pretty dirty making this video,
because who am I to say what people are and are not? It honestly feels aggressive… but it’s
not. Simply explaining why someone does or does
not fit a definition is not inherently aggressive – and even it was, then it’s not like Peterson
is dirt-free. Indeed, one of the reasons for his prominence
is precisely due to him telling people (rightfully, in my opinion) that they’re male or female
according to the biological definition of sex. What’s more (and not so right, in my opinion),
is that he’s stated that Richard Dawkins isn’t a Darwinian (according to a definition
that Peterson has essentially made up): “So I don’t think Dawkins is a Darwinian… I think he’s a Newtonian, because he believes
there is truth!” And that Sam Harris is a Christian… which
is just perfect, considering the title of this video: “You can’t be a non-believer
in your action – you see, because, Harris’ metaphysics is fundamentally Christian. So he acts out of Christian metaphysics and
says well I don’t believe it… it’s like, yeah, you do! Because you’re acting it out. You just say you don’t believe it.” Anyhow, let’s get on with it… this is
Jordan Peterson is NOT a Christian. In 1953, Bertrand Russell, in reply to being
asked “Can an agnostic be a Christian” remarked that “If you mean by a Christian
a man who loves his neighbour, who has wide sympathy with suffering, and who ardently
desires a world freed from the cruelties and abominations which at present disfigure it,
then, certainly, you will be justified in calling me a Christian.” He then, however, among many other objections,
went on to say that “I think also that all who called themselves Christians in an earlier
time, and a great majority of those who do so at the present day, would consider that
belief in God and immortality is essential to a Christian, [and that] on these grounds,
I should not call myself a Christian, and I should say that an agnostic cannot be a
Christian.” His point being, of course, that if one defines
a Christian to be merely “Someone who is kind and decent” then most people are arguably
Christians, including many Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and irreligious people like myself
and Dawkins… people who, as Russell noted, don’t necessarily believe in a god or an
afterlife, let alone the supposed divinity of the bible and the alleged resurrection
of Jesus Christ. But needless to say, Russell wasn’t the
first to recognise the problem with such a loose-weave definition. Christians have long debated what constitutes
a Christian, some citing scripture and others action, but outside of the nasty disputes
between specific denominations, (“The system of religion that is Protestantism is not Christianity!),
there seems to be around six prominent definitions, and one of them is indeed the aforementioned
“Someone who is kind and decent.” Now I’m sure you’d agree with me when
I say that Peterson fits this definition – he’s seems to be a pretty decent guy… but, again,
so was Russell… To be blunt, this definition tends to be employed
by insincere people who want to create the illusion that there are more Christians than
there actually are… you know, the same kind of people who assert that so long as you’ve
been baptised you’re a Christian… Moving on, let’s go to the other side of
the spectrum. Many define a Christian as “Someone who
believes that the Bible is factually and historically accurate”. So, is Peterson a Christian according to this
definition? No, absolutely not… He not only accepts scientific facts and theories
that contradict biblical literalism (such as that the earth is 4.6 billion years old
rather than a measly 10,000, and that the diversity of life is due to evolution by natural
selection rather than divine creation), but his religious beliefs actually depends on
such facts. His affection for Jungian archetypes, for
example, is effectively the description of our psychological evolution. “You’ve got the scientific atheists on
the one side, and you’ve got the religious fundamentalists on the other, and what they
both agree on, whether they like it or not, is that there’s so much power in the scientific
method that it’s difficult to dispute the validity of scientific facts. And they seem to exist in contradiction to
the older, archaic stories, if you also accept them as fact-based accounts. So what do we do about that? Well, if you’re on the scientific atheist
end of things you say, well, those old stories are just superstitious science, second-rate,
barbaric, archaic, form of science, you just dispense with them, they are nothing but trouble. And if you’re on the fundamentalist side
you say well we’ll try to shoehorn science into this framework, and really that doesn’t
work very well. It doesn’t work very well with the claims
of evolution, for example – in fact, it works very badly. And that’s a problem, because evolutionary
theory is like… it’s a killer theory! And it’s… it’s really really hard, and
it’s not a complete theory and there’s lots of things we don’t know about evolution,
but… you know, trying to hand wave that away, that’s not going to work without dispensing
with most of biology.” A third definition is “Someone who professes
belief in the existence of Christ”. Now, as to whether or not Peterson fits this
definition depends on how we define “belief”, “existence”, and “Christ”. “What do you mean by Christ?” If we define “belief” as “Approval of
something”, “existence” as “Having subjective or objective form” and “Christ”
as “A humanoid called Jesus Christ” then yes, Peterson is a Christian… but, again,
so was Russell… But if we define “belief” as “Acceptance
that something is true”, then it depends on what we mean by “true”… yeah, that
rabbit hole again. “Well… what do you mean be true?” To avoid drowning in minutia, if we define
“existence” as “Having objective form” and “Christ” as “God in the flesh”,
then no, Peterson is not, according to this definition, a Christian – because he doesn’t
believe that a literal god exists, let alone that it literally embodied a human being. “Well, you can quibble about the details
– no it’s not a god. Okay, fine, it’s a psychological force.” A fourth definition is “Someone who professes
belief in the teachings of Christ”, and, again, as to whether Peterson fits this definition
depends on the meaning of critical words – which in this case is “belief”, “teachings”,
and “Christ”. Now since we’ve already covered two of these
words, let’s focus on the one that we haven’t. If by “teachings” we mean “Ideas and/or
principles taught be someone” then yes, it’s fair to say that Peterson is a Christian
according to this definition (in so long as we’re using the aforementioned definitions
of “belief” and “Christ”). But if by “teachings” we mean “Ideas,
principles and facts taught by someone” then no, Peterson is not a Christian according
to this definition, because, for example, he isn’t convinced by Jesus’ claim that
he literally resurrected: “Do you believe Jesus rose again from the dead… literally? […] A historical human being that existed–”
“In a body? In a body?” “Yes.” “And it was a physical body and it was on
earth?” “Yes. That it was on earth, and that was literally,
eh… was literally, eh… it came back to life… after death.” “I would say that at the moment I’m agnostic
about that issue.” A fifth definition, as sourced from Acts 11:26,
is “Someone who’s behaviour, activity and speech are like Christ”. Now I personally think it’s fair to say
that Peterson is indeed a Christian according to this definition, because he has, on multiple
occasions, expressed his admiration for Christ, and that he tries to emulate him. However, personally, I would call such a person
a “Cultural Christian”, because, like Russell, I think that at the very least one
must believe in a literal god and an afterlife to be a Christian… And this actually brings us perfectly to a
sixth definition – and what I would argue is perhaps the most accurate – “Someone
who believes in the teachings of Christ, his death on the cross, and his resurrection.” “A true Christian is a person who has put
faith and trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ, including his death on the cross
as payment for sins, and his resurrection on the third day.” “Christianity is a relationship based upon
the merits of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins, rose again from the grave,
and he invites you to know him personally.” So, is Peterson a Christian according to this
definition? Well, it depends on what you mean by “death”
and “resurrection”. If by “death” you mean “The end of something”
and by “resurrection” you mean “The revitalization of something” then yes, Peterson
is, according to this definition, a Christian… but then again, so is Russell… and so too
is anyone who “believes” in the “teachings” of “Christ”. “When you make an error some part of you
has to go. That’s a sacrifice; you have to let it go. Sometimes it’s a big part of you. Sometimes it can be such a big part of you
that you actually die – right? Instead of dying and being reborn.” But if by “death” you mean “The cessation
of all biological functions”, by “resurrection” you mean “The reactivation of all biological
functions”, and by “three days” you mean “Literally 72 hours”, then no, Peterson
is not a Christian according to this definition – because while he’s convinced that a human
called Jesus probably existed, again, he’s not convinced that this human literally resurrected…
he’s agnostic: “Is his resurrection real? Did his body resurrect? I don’t know… I don’t know…” Now I’m sure that by now you get my point,
and hopefully you appreciate the reason I find it of such importance, but to make it
all the more clearer, here are just a few traditional Christian views that Peterson
does not evidently hold (views that most Christians would consider to be of absolute necessity
to be even considered a Christian): 1). That a god (as defined as a literal supernatural
conscious being) literally exists; 2). That this god consciously and literally created
the universe; 3). That this god literally created humans in
their current form; 4). That original sin (as described in Genesis)
literally exists; 5). That a literal man called Jesus literally
resurrected after literally three days; 6). That our consciousness literally continues
to exist after our death, and; 7). That we will (as conscious agents) receive
punishment or reward after our literal death. Now if by any chance you’re irritated by
how many times I’ve just used the word “literal”, then know that I am too… but I had to! It’s simply the case that when it comes
to Peterson’s religious beliefs, unless one is extremely precise with their words,
Peterson answers as if they’re speaking metaphorically, and it seems like he’s counting
on them not realising this – because when people do realise it, and sufficiently press
him, he shuts the conversation down: “So people often ask me ‘do you believe in god?’,
which I don’t… I don’t like that question. First of all, it’s an attempt to… to…
it’s an attempt to box me in, in a sense – and the reason that it’s an attempt to box me
in is because the question is asked so that I can be firmly placed on one side of a binary
argument. No, Peterson, people are not trying to box
you in – they… (I) just want to know what you literally believe
rather than the vague, metaphorical, contradicting nonsense that you tend to spew. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it
again – you’re incredibly precise and in fact brilliant in many areas, but when
it comes to religion you’re the opposite… you’re vague and arguably deceptive (and
those of us who’re paying attention can indeed see it). When I ask someone if they believe in a god
and they answer “yes”, the only box I put them in is the theist box… because that’s
all I can ascertain from the question. From there, I can, and do, ask them what they
mean be “god”, “belief”, “faith”, and, need be, “truth” and “reality”… Look, to get back on track, this video isn’t
meant as a dig at Peterson and his views – it’s meant as a dig at Christians not paying attention
to what Peterson is saying; the primary point I want to convey is that for all intent and
purposes, Peterson is an atheist who just so happens to personally find immense value
in Christian myths / archetypes. He, like Dawkins, doesn’t believe in the
literal existence of a god, the literal resurrection of a humanoid called Jesus Christ, or that
our consciousness will continue to exist after our literal death. If you can still call such a person a Christian,
then yes, Peterson is one, but arguably, so is Russell… Anyhow, as always, thank you kindly for the
view, and an extra special thank you to my wonderful patrons and those of you who’ve
donated via PayPal. Thank you! Oh, and on the note of patron, in celebration
of hitting a milestone (thank you, by the way!) I will be presenting several potential video-series
for you all to vote on soon – and whichever gets the highest votes will become a reality
– and so be sure to stay tuned! Until next time my fellow apes, until next


  • sign543 says:

    The most useful question for evangelicals is: By Christian, do you believe that Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God and whose sacrifice on the cross for your sins you necessarily believe in order to gain entrance into heaven. All of the “what do you mean by…” nonsense…he needs to quit that and ANSWER WHAT HE KNOWS is being asked. Using that evasive bullshit is very annoying. Just answer the damn question! 😂

  • Kingsley Kronk K says:

    8.14 … oh sh!t he's cornered me.

  • thirdlynephilim says:

    However, I like him because he softens the masses to listen to the truth. Honesty, God can use anyone to do his will.

  • Ashley Johansson says:

    Hes the same reason everyone hates Dave Rubin, because hes vague so that he can appeal to everyone.

  • the book of me says:

    This dude is not a christian. He's satanic. Wolf in sheeps clothing

  • James Richard Wiley says:

    Jordan is a closet Atheist Christian or Christian Atheist depending on his book sales and number of fans.

  • YoungWood says:

    Fantastic video. I have supposed this for a long time, especially after watching his videos discussing the philosophies of Nitzche. People who operate under pre-conventional morality need something like religion so that they may be productive members of society. Peterson is trying to deliver this blissful ignorance to those that struggle to find meaning in life. It is truly a hard thing to do as an Atheist, as I (and assuming the rest of you) want to do is educate people about how ridiculous true belief in a god is.

  • Rays K says:

    You know, people usually interpret things based on their own viewpoint, experiences, conscious and unconscious bias, their understanding of the subject, knowledge that they current have and the research they done based on all available sources or just from the sources that they like. (I do this too)

    To make it simple, majority of people only like the things that agree with their viewpoint and only minority of people who have the willingness to be open-minded and actually listen to the "others" viewpoint.

    My viewpoint of Jordan Peterson is that, he is a Christian but his viewpoint of Christian religion is kind of different than most of us Christian view the Christian religion.

    Here another explanation of the "viewpoint" I'm talking about:
    Is there another living being outside of earth? Some people might say Yes and some No.

    There is no actual evidences that aliens existed, we don't see people shaking hands with alien or alien visiting earth as tourist despite the conspiracy theory, image of aliens + crash spaceship + personal experience of alien witnesses + etc. Some believe the government are hiding them but why would the government hides such extraordinary findings? Also why majority of UFO sighting are on the West especially America and why only a few/none on other part of the world?

    To truly know we must go looking for them outside the earth, problem is we don't have the technology to do that yet. Maybe 2000 or 5000 years from now or more, we probably can. Who knows we might finally found God along the way or not. (This is my viewpoint of course)

    I don't have problem with Atheist and I don't mind Atheist call my belief as fairy tales. (Although not in the past though haha, yes I'm one of those "Go to hell" type of Christian until one day I decide to consciously be open minded and actually look at the perspective of others. Plus, I also allow people to critic my belief, challenge it and even shaming it.)

  • heradsinn says:

    Well, it was a nice few months listening open mindedly to Jordan.

  • jabba dabba says:

    When some one addresses you as “you” and who they are addressing is you’re first question, you are absolutely insane. Wtf. Jordan Peterson is like Timothy Leary.

  • William Roby says:

    I just realized that your intro music is the same as Chris Stuckman's intro music on his anime videos. YouTube universe Easter egg.

  • DerMeister812 says:

    As a Christian myself: Jordan Peterson is not a Christian. The Bible gives some pretty easy to understand specifics on what it is, such as…believing in Jesus Christ and following his teachings (I guess Peterson missed the definition of the term "Christian"). See the dialogue between Christ and Thomas for more specifics, or Paul in "Romans" or "Hebrews" for yet more specifics. I guess 'it depends on what I mean by specifics' though, amirite?
    But I do respect your reluctance to label a person's beliefs, so that is refreshing. That said, liars do need to be labeled liars (such as Peterson).

  • John Grant says:

    Great quote from Russell. Hits the nail on the head: being a cultural Christian doesn’t cut it. Neither does endless equivocation, JP’s forte. “Brilliant in many ways.” Not so sure about that.

  • S Z says:

    He even said already that he is not but does admit that he couldnt rule out that Christianity is true. So agnostic is what he says he is. I am praying for him.

  • klou32 says:

    The way he pauses for eternity when asked if he believes Jesus rose from the dead? Surely he has thought about that, and would know his answer given that it is the central premise of christianity, wtf

  • Radical Prophet says:


  • Maciej Kadłubowski says:

    Literally wonderful! xD

  • Hrodebert Coad says:

    It depends what you mean by "is"

  • Mr Purple says:

    is Jordan Peterson overrated?
    Well it depends on what you mean by overrated and on what you mean by Jordan and PETERSON AND BY IS???!!!

  • Mr Kitrid says:

    The only thing I learned from this is that Russel was a christian.

  • pot as says:

    the apostles creed.

  • Mike Taverner says:

    I have considered Jordan Peterson a Christian, in fact I have always considered him as an atheist . I am an athiest myself, wich does not mean that I like many others do not have a spirituality.

  • Ned says:

    Jordan Peterson is a mental masturbator.

  • Jordan W. says:

    Peterson's wife: Hey honey, can you help me find the car keys?
    Peterson: Depends on what you mean by "help"

  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx says:

    Finally someone pointing it out.
    Jorden Peterson is amazing, but when it comes to religion….. oh boy….

  • Steven White says:

    The reason you and Peterson and everyone should resist is for a very specific reason.

    Vague and arguably deceptive is where you must go. Here is why, and as a logician you should know precisely why.

    Belief can not be assigned a truth value. In other words you cannot say it is factual or false. So logical reasoning cannot apply to the theological conversation without a downfall. If you could assign true and false to belief, it can no longer be called belief. How can someone who relies on logic not be vague and arguably deceptive with that as an environment to come to clear and concise conclusions.

  • Tas says:

    He says religion is what a person acts out, and he says he acts as though he is Christian, and acts as though he believes in God, so even if he isn't Christian, he is religious according to himself.

  • TeamDATL Tae says:

    I mean he has said he is not a Christian. He prefers to live his life as one, and tries to study all religions. He sees the value of religion not the value of a God. It's in line with Ben and his hypothesis of enlightenment driving civilization and science.

  • Gus says:

    I concur, he is a scummy little troll with nothing.

  • Rustedblade says:

    You are correct in your assertion and you really just earnt my respect. I've been saying all along that Jordan Peterson disqualifies himself as a Christian, sure he can claim to be a Cultural Christian but that is where it ends. I dont say this because I dislike Jordan Peterson because infact I love his lectures. I just ask if you say the same about Timothy McVeigh? Or like many Atheists are you quick to point out that 70-80% of prisoners claim to be of the Faith? Are you only refuting Jordan Peterson as a Christian to suit your own Congeniality Bias or do you apply this across the Board? Do you mock Christianity for its Prosperity Gospel Pimps or do you likewise disqualify them as Christian? Joel Olsteen, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar? All Christian because it suits your narrative? Honest questions

  • Bob Smith says:

    Wow you made a video on the obvious . Wow lol
    Anyone with an iq over 70 could tell Jordan Peterson isn’t a Christian . He’s more of an agnostic Christian or an agnostic that’s hopeful Agnostic that’s hopes Christianity is true .

    Wow rationality rules maybe you should stick to apologizing to the lgbt community and stop making videos about things we already know lol

  • Bob Smith says:

    Rationality rules wow are you seriously this ignorant dude Lololol

    The Bible doesn’t say that the earth is 4000 years old . Wow dude even your more well read atheist brethren know this is true lol

    Dude have you turned into a panzy?

  • dragongirl7978 says:

    That God created humans in their current form is not an extremely prevalent Christian belief. It's an extremely prevalent belief among American Evangelical Protestants, but American Evangelical Protestants only make up a small portion of Christians as a whole. The Catholic Church, which is the largest Christian Church in the world, accepts biological evolution, including of humans, and I believe most mainline Protestant denominations do as well.

  • Isai Saucedo says:

    Never thought of him as a Christian . I mean he ponders on the topic because there is nothing wrong with pondering ideas.

  • jtstar10 says:

    JP is an overrated, but nonetheless world champion word salad mixer,..if that makes any sense…..Also, there are more religious people, and he's just virtue signalling to broaden his fan base.

  • alex bic says:

    clickbait indeed. trying to up your views on Petersons name? pathetic

  • Aek Sinsang says:

    And you’re not an intellectual, but a tosser making videos just to criticize smart people you envy

  • Nicolas Broszky says:

    I'm sorry but this is just fucking pathetic.

    Jordan Peterson is the archetypal modern Christian and the ONLY reason you don't want him to be what he is is because you are agreeing with some other points he has made.

    Those points would make you a fucking black piller you dumb twit, that is even WORSE.

  • Aндреј Бугариновић says:

    Oh, I love reading triggered people's comments!

    Keep 'em coming, guys!

  • Brian Kennelly says:

    The guy that made this video is not a Christian. He has absolutely no clue what he is asserting. This much is clear with his post modern neo christian conceptions.

  • Kirk Ryan says:

    Your videos are always so well thought through. Thanks for sharing.

    I have to disagree with you on the intelligence of JP however. He's basically a flim flam man. If by intelligence you mean his mind races and calculates so fast that he can manipulate words and concepts to confuse you and make you think his explanations are valid, then yes he's brilliant. But since he can't explain anything simply and directly (…it's too complicated to explain in xxx minutes….), then he's, by definition, not smart. He demonstrably obfuscates and misdirects to avoid being held to one position. He basically just wants to argue, not discuss. By not expressing his position one side or another of any topic he's free to flip back and forth with impunity. Very dishonest. I find him intolerable to list to.

  • Anurag Kumar says:

    Well after seeing all the comments on this video I think I am the only one who likes it when Jordan Peterson clarifies every term.

  • Danny Souheaver says:

    All I know about this con man is that he tries to impress uneducated people with big words, that works on the idea of belief via authority.
    His arguments are no more meaningful than any other apologist.

  • Hrushi S says:


  • Abraham Serafino says:

    Points 3 & 4 (12:09) are not essential to Christianity if you include the word "literally." Honestly, the rest probably are.

    In the process of leaving my faith, I had to define for myself what exactly constitutes a Christian in order to determine whether or not I still was one. The answer is that every Christian I know of believes that each if the tenants in the Nicene Creed are literally, factually, and objectively true. People who call themselves Christians disagree with each other about almost everything else.

  • C H says:

    0:49: "Who is the 'you' to which they are referring". Lol

  • C H says:

    So… Peterson thinks that a Darwinian is someone whoi believes that there is no truth?

  • Eric Pless says:

    @Rationality Rules He has been fighting the good fight so shame on you for not recognizing that. This is an obvious attack on one the best intellectuals the Judeo-Christian population has in their defense! Criticizing others believers.. sounds rather self-incriminating if you ask me. Point is he is a trail blazer and does away with more of the "graven image" pattern of thought. The terms 'pie in the sky' and 'skydaddy' comes to mind to describe a more extreme ignorant approach that many believers are trapped in. But you miss the countless times that he stands up against many irrational antagonists in order that their mental virus doesn't spread to vulnerable minds!

    If you feel like discussing the subject of Christianity I'd be more than happy to debate on this. But as far as your title and your video description they are both dead wrong!!

  • David Collier says:

    Please explain to me, why is this not, A no true Scotsman fallacy

  • VoltZ says:

    I think he personally admitted to not being a christian already.. but he sees the utility of such theistic works as the bible

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  • yoooyoyooo says:

    I like how he said it depends on what you mean by You. That's very profound and it really gives you pause. When we say you we mostly mean by my image of this very complex bring in front of me that I will construct with 3 to 5 data points and then prove wrong.

  • James Ginn says:

    The resurrection is about reincarnation which was removed from the earlier writings. Its symbolic like everything in the allegory of Christ.

  • James Ginn says:

    You cannot explain many passages of the New Testament from a literal standpoint.

  • Andy Roo says:

    Jordan does not allow others to finish a sentence. He jumps down their throats. He is captious, desultory, labile, and plays the omniscient narrator. He does not know what he means by Jordan. It depends on what you mean by Jordan. Jordan can ask Jordan. One and Two.

  • Jimmy Johnston says:

    Well done. What do I mean by rancid ham?

  • Rebecca Hale says:

    What's to follow with Peterson he obviously has ADD.. and a bad ego problem.. arrogance.. He says no-thing at all. Word salad expert..

  • G. J. Arends says:

    small correction 10:47 according to the Bible, Jesus died in de evening and came back in the morning, so was about 36 hours.

  • Steve Hayes says:

    I have met many Christians, but I have never met one who follows the exhortations of their god, Jesus. These people do not pluck out their eyes or give away all their things or any of the other nonsense that Jesus said his followers had to do.

  • CHaEffer says:

    So…. he's just an extreme mental gymnast?

  • harry nac says:

    I don't mind you boxing Peterson in. He boxes people in all the time.

  • Thunderboy Echo says:

    Jordan doesn't get brownie points for being disrespectful to trans people. Saying that someone is "biologically female/male" sex is rarely used out of belittling them.

  • Jesus Mark says:

    Of course he's not a Christian. Most people have never seen a Christian let alone heard one speak. People confuse religion, tribalism and institutions. Saying you're a fish doesn't make you turn into one.

  • WHWWD And Philosophy says:

    Watch my video "Nothingness after death" Debunked… let me know what you think.

  • Abid Chowdhury says:

    The more videos and lectures I see of JP, the more I am convinced that he is a complete hack and charlatan. He says nothing of substance, instead using semantics to exaggerate commonplace values known to all. He simply restates them in more convoluted ways to come off as highly intelligent. Could have fooled me if he was the first of his kind, except that Islamic and Hindu apologists like Hamza Tzortzis have used them for their own arguments.

  • vlharris1 says:

    Jordan seems to be unaware that some people don’t suffer from testosterone side effects. Rage? Blimey.

  • Alan Macphail says:

    Peterson is a devout Catholic. Bullshit on him not being a Christian. His entire philosophy is 100% Catholic Apologetics.

  • Jörgen Edlund says:

    Jordan Peterson is a strange bird. At 08:14 it seems as if he's
    never even considered the question of Jesus' resurrection.

  • Jm Vells says:

    Your last thoughts are so accured. I think that had been my reality before i've became atheist. I found in Jesus lessons a good way of life but all the nonsense around him bothers me a lot.
    Now i found in your channel a great support and make me feel so good about my new way of seeing thins. I am still a closet atheist but i really feel great. Thank you and sorry for my english (is not my first lenguage and i am still learning, Literally Jajajaja)

  • Jesse Rochon says:

    Jordan Peterson is a born again, bible believing, spirit filled, evangelical christian. He just doesn't know it yet. Come at me.

  • Earth Man says:

    Peterson is such a tool. He sidesteps nearly every question by saying "What do you mean by" ____? (Fill in the blank) he is intellectually dishonest. Use Webster's dictionary for "God's sake".

  • The Yellow Dart Bubz says:

    I'm a fan of Peterson and was recommended to watch your videos. While I have some points I would argue on your first video, I would have to agree completely on this one.

    However, I believe that Peterson is lying to himself because he doesn't want to admit that he's an athiest. This psychological aspect to his thinking affects how he responds to those questions because he so very much wants a real God to exist. So do I, but I know that absurd.

    I do not think, however, that Peterson is useless or think that his insights are invalid. Many of the things he discussed in his archetypes are the same things you can find in all of the secret teaching schools.

    If you research Freemasonry, satanism, Thelema, or any other secret religion you'll find all the same elements. I think of it as a kind of cosmic psychology and that's what I use his lectures for.

    I wish more people could see this perspective and benefit from it, rather than thinking he needs to be ripped apart.

  • Al Garnier says:

    No he may not be a Christain but, he definately is not an intellectual. He seems to be totally ignorant about bayronic matter and causality. He's still "fearful" and ignorant enough to believe in the supernatural control of material reality without physical interaction.

  • Tmanaz480 says:

    When someone begins their answers with "I would say", it's a red flag for me. Come on Jord, I'm not interested in what you would say, I'm asking what you believe/think.

  • Tmanaz480 says:

    JP knows clearly and concisely describing his religious beliefs would alienate a large segment of his customer base. He must "present" as a Christian in order to peddle his alt-right ideas. Like the flim flam man who hangs around church every Sunday to find marks.

  • Amy Xoxo says:

    It's perfectly fine to say you don't believe someone belongs to a particular faith if they don't seem to espouse the beliefs it holds. I don't see this as aggressive. It's your opinion.

  • Erro says:

    For a clinical physiologist, he sure seems to pretend to be an expert on a lot of subjects which are out of his bounds.

  • Peter Almeida says:

    OBJECTIVELLY, christian is someone who follows the teachings of Christ (therefore 'christ-ian'), like the Anti-retaliation philosophy and the 'give all your wealth to the poor' principle, so, NO ONE IN THE PLANET is christian, NOT EVEN ONE, especially not northamericans, their religion is materialism

  • r4hnsn says:

    I dont think any serious Christian thinks he is or claims to be. Although Jesus did say "who ever speaks favorably towards the gospel, will not easily turn again and denounce the gospel"

  • CryptoNugs _dot_club says:

    I am a believer and I agree with you. He is not a Christian – it's all an archetype and metaphor for him and while painstakingly clear and assertive almost always he always gets cloudy when it comes to those questions. As if he is afraid of some followers not following him. The problem I see is not in that he believes in evolution, because there are theistic evolutionists but in that his understanding of how the Bible came to be kind of seems meaningless in his worldview.

    Why aren't you a believer? I think according to the teleological and fine-tuning argument it would be most probable that a Creator God exists, not that the universe exists in functionally but harmoniously and beautifully. Evolution is such nonsense! Why does science and reason have to explain everything? Don't people see that science and reason have their limitations?

  • Loren Nerhus says:

    Great video and I would say my views are similar to how you summarized Peterson's in your summary. Since he has dived deep into the psychology behind these topics he tends to come at them from that perspective instead of from the more pragmatic perspective most of us employ.

  • Bingo77 says:

    Peterson is an extremely intelligent person. The part about people trying to box him in is a clue to why he answers the other questions the way he does.

  • Mike Williams says:

    He said he didnt know! If Thomas who lived with and was a disciple of Jesus didnt believe until he saw him in the flesh then how can this label be put on anyone?

  • vincent flannigan says:

    His rise in prominence was not due to him telling people whether they were male or female. His popularity came with him championing and ultimately losing the limitations on free speech in canada for government officials

  • Tollis says:

    It depends what you mean by ohhhh fukkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • WadelDee says:

    If you are pro-choice DEBUNK THIS:
    At 10:48, Rationality Rules implied that life is defined as the activity of all biological functions.
    Murder is defined as the voluntary ending of life.
    Therefore, abortion is murder.
    Or doesn't this count because feti don't have ALL biological functions active yet?

  • WadelDee says:

    12:36 If he had said that "Do you believe in God?" is a SUGGESTIVE question would that have been a valid criticism?
    Also, it kinda reminds me of where Jesus avoids a trap question or whatever it's called.

  • Aqua Peet says:

    It's the same bullship as people claiming that all men that like anal sex are gay, because gay men have anal sex. OR men that like to wear thongs are gay. And the list goes on and on and on…

  • Brian Richner says:

    Peterson isn't smart he's devious … There is a difference.

  • Blake Abernathy says:

    People like to make fun of him for the whole "it depends what you mean by X" thing, but he has a solid point. Fuzzy semantics are the enemy to intelligent discussion.

  • Willy Friedlander says:

    If Christ was not resurrected, we r still dead in our sin!+!

  • WadelDee says:

    I've heard many Christians say that certain passages in the bible are "just metaphorical".
    And I thought: "How do you know which ones are metaphorical? Everything could be metaphorical, including the existence of God itself!"
    I wondered if a Christian who actually believes that God's existence is metaphorical could actually exist.
    And now, years later, it appears I have found one:
    Jordan Peterson.

  • Roger Valor says:

    To be honest, two points on the "literal christian belief", the creation of the world and the creation of man, as Gen 1. and Gen 2. contradict each other probably already on purpose on this matter, cannot be taken as literal in the sense that it was literal 7 days, by all Christians, imho. In fact, this literal understanding became more prevalent through the popular use of Evolution vs. Christianity.

  • Jael Stebbins says:

    Thats a fair assessment and I consider myself a Christian.

  • Alison Self says:

    Great video! You also inadvertently proved that by most Christian's definitions, Trump is also not a Christian. When asked if he asks God for forgiveness of his sins, he said he doesn't do anything to need forgiveness for. Christianity 101 teaches that we are all born into natural sin and need forgiveness…often! Which is fine. I don't care, I'm just wondering what's wrong with Evangelicals that support him??? Also, am confused about the "Obama is a Muslim and Trump is a Christian" when clearly, neither are true.

  • m.blacktree says:

    I get the impression Jordan Peterson is LARPing a Christian, because he's enamored with the stories in the Bible. I also think he knows his audience, and is catering to them.

  • PE Prozent says:

    Small correction: Christian don't literally mean 72 hours. It's a different way of counting days.

  • Mrs Press says:

    I agree. I’m a Christian and I will say that from what I have seen, JP is not a Christian. I think he’s a interesting person and that he is trying to do what he thinks is right and I applaud him for that, but I don’t think he is a Christian.

  • B • 20 years ago says:

    4:40 Where is the money, Belawski

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