July 31st:  New Moon In Leo ~ Joy and Love ~ www.jeanwiley.com

July 31st: New Moon In Leo ~ Joy and Love ~ www.jeanwiley.com

[music] Hello everyone. Welcome to your soul note for
the new moon in Leo, July 31st. We’ve got a lot of fresh energy
coming online here. First of all Mercury
is stationing direct. It went retrograde earlier in July
at four degrees of Leo, and it’s stationing direct now
at 24 degrees of Cancer. We’ve been reviewing the past,
maybe getting in touch with family, family members, traveling
to childhood homes, traveling and connecting with people and
communicating with people who feel like home. Mercury retrograde is always a
time for us to revisit the past, because there’s something to be
gleaned from that revisitation. Now it’s stations direct at 24 Cancer,
which is about nourishing, nourishing business, nourishing family,
nourishing your emotional environment, nourishing a sense of community. We still are seeing this
Neptune trying the node, the north node and Saturn opposing this
north node through the beginning of October, so this is really working
on our collective growth. Saturn opposition,
that node is about fear themes, fear around authority, control or old fears
around perhaps ambition, success. The node in Cancer is about the
emotional intelligence of bringing form. It’s part of the law of attraction
or manifestation. Bringing form into physicality in
a way that nurtures you and others. Neptune is providing the outlet
for those through the [?] in Pisces. Neptune is now retrograde which
is integrating this energy, integrating the nodal energy
as it’s a flowing energy here with your sense of being secure and safe on
the planet, with your empathic abilities, compassionate abilities,
creative abilities. We can see beautifully how this is outlined in
kind of our collective matching orders right now. Wednesday July 31st is the new moon, and it’s at eight degrees of Leo which
is again about resource management. It is squaring up to Uranus, from one
fixed sign to another, Uranus and Taurus. This can be freedom themes,
jolts around your self esteem, around security, around your personal resources,
but this new moon is also conjunct Venus, saying connect with the
heart, love, money, finances. Leo is about play too,
what gives you enjoyment and fun, and creative, and love and the
playful demonstrativeness of all that. We need that. We need to have fun and
to play and to enjoy ourselves. This may also be bringing heartfelt
developments with children, with younger people,
with romance conjunct Venus. Leo is kind of about romance. When do we feel the most alive? When we are falling in love. When we’re falling in love the world
changes, our perception changes. Venus is also [?] which is about
the wisdom of your individuality and ability to assert yourself
in a wise, intelligent manner. Love, money, children,
creativity, individuality, healing personal identity through
individuation and releasing fear. Mercury stations direct on the 31st
at 11:58 PM Eastern daylight time. It moves out of it’s shadow, the point
in which it retrograded on August 15th, it passes that four degree mark
in Leo. What happens when Mercury stations,
it’s a reset time, and as it’s waking up, you’re
going to find the patterns resuming a sense of
predictability and normalcy, the everyday patterns of life. This Mercury direct station is about
emotional security and awareness of that, nurturing, evolving clarity with
your intellect and your plans, family developments, business developments,
the clan developments, but give it some time to wake up
a little bit. It’ll head back into Leo
on August 12th, and then it will be really ramping up for the
next stage in level of development in mid August, around your creativity,
your heart, your love, your ability to allow yourself to
enjoy life more is really important. Much love to you. I still have summer savings on my
coaching sessions for in six month, and some of the single sessions. You can check that out at
the link below. Be well.


  • Becky Brown says:

    Jean, this was a great forecast for us .. it will help us know what to look forward to and how to maybe handle things better.. I won't lie it's been hard for me lately.. I really thank you and I look forward to seeing you next video..

  • Terry LionHeart says:

    Thank you 😊

  • Sonya Knox says:


  • Tilla Samshad says:

    This new moon will conjunct my natal Juno at 8degrees exact, looking forward, thanks Jean 💙

  • Melody Copp says:

    Thank you ! 💚🐯⚡

  • Jamie Lee Kedigh says:

    Thank you, Jean.

  • martha m diaz says:

    Thank you for your time and insight. Very helpful to me💜

  • Rhondal Kirk Reames says:


  • Cher Bear says:

    Yes. I have meditated on the past the last 2 weeks, like never before. Makes sense. Trying to do the best I can to overcome trauma of the past….

  • RED CARBON says:

    Thanks, you share some great information. Much knowledge from your posts.

  • lučka šterjov says:

    I wish people had time to listen, instead of doing what they do

  • Shannon Pickel says:

    Thank you Jean!😊💗🦋🦉🌟😇🎶

  • Khaartoum East says:

    Play is the word Jean. I saw a TV show the other day [I don't have TV so it was an odd old experience!] and a character said, "Let's have some fun", and I thought, "When did I say that?". I am following all this censorship and general horror and making political videos and songs and all…And nobody cares! You tell them right in their face and they don't care. So what the censorship is for, I can't imagine, the sheeple don't care and even if an atom bomb went off under their chair, they wouldn't react. I have felt that move to play and enjoyment as Leo Season has rolled in. Thanks for that because you are spot on and I am thinking about what am I doing with all of this activism for the half dead population? That Cancer Season esp. with Mercury Retrograde. Oh, what a soppy soaking emotional slop that was? Kind of cathartic but sort of mental too. I wonder how Cancerians live through all of that silent film anxt all the time? Thanks for this it was spot on! ; ) K

  • Beata Sobczak - Gieraga says:

    I'm Leo😍 thank you💖

  • Alma Q Eu Amo says:

    Thank you

  • Jan Wallace says:

    Thank you Jean 😊

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