June Crypto Bitcoin Prediction Horoscope Forecast

Hi there friends and fans of crypto astrology
and crypto woo and astrology. So these are my horoscope astrology videos
that I’92m focused on. I’m going to talk a little bit about Bitcoin
and crypto some forecast also a little bit about the crypto charts. So I’m going to talk about Bitcoins chart. I’ll do a video that will come out later this
week analyzing Bitcoin a little bit more from an astrological point of view but this is
the June horoscope overview but just to give you a quick heads up on what I see with crypto. I did release my crypto report and it’s available
and you can just get that link down below to buy the crypto forecast report talking
about the next few months of a of the astrological aspects on bitcoin which is the overall rulership
of the crypto market. It also has a bonus coin in there that I expect
to do very well in the next few weeks to 2 months. Anyway cryptos has broken through an upward
level that is higher than many people expected. I have been expecting this wave to take us
up to $9500 to $10,000. I haven’t said it out loud because you know
I like to keep things under wraps until I feel very confident in them.Now I’m sure we’re
going to at least $9500 probably $9600, $9700 it could go up to $10,000 if it breaks through
that level were ‘a0going up to $12,000. Now the reason that’s unknowable is because
people get fomo and they get all excited when they see things taking off like that and they
want to be part of it. So it’s not known for sure which way which
way it’s going to go that’s not written anywhere it’s just what might happen what’92s most
likely to happen. I’m like 99% sure we’re going up to the 95-96
one hundred dollar level and quite likely that’s not going to happen on the 27th 28th
29th of May maybe on the 30th somewhere between the 30th and 2nd of June because there’s certain
bad aspects holding Bitcoin down these last few days although it was really good on the
26th if you have my report in the report it says the 26th is good then there’s a mixture
from the 28th 29th 30th of some bad aspects and some good aspects but the bad aspects
go away which allow Bitcoin to rise more. So were about to see it go up to that top
of this wave extension and then it’s going to come down it’s going to come down to the
lowest point we’ll probably possibly ever go to again in our lives. So this is a major major timing issue on bitcoin
and when it’s going up and when it’s going down number forcast are quite difficult which
is why I don’t do them. I much more comfortable with time because
based on what were doing in the market because we can tell if their going to go way up or
whether it’92s just doing up down you know like waves smaller waves in the larger movement
so what I’m saying to you is that I see the high happening here but by the third most
likely could go on a little pass that but not too much and then I’m saying it go down
to a low okay. The dates are in my report so yeah so that’s
my forecast on Bitcoin and on the crypto market so as Bitcoin goes up a lot of money is going
to come out of the other alts and then as it goes down that money will move back into
the alts. When the money moves back down into Bitcoin
and goes into the alts were going to get the serious popcorn season we already had a little
bit of alt season popcorn in May it’s already sort of starting but we’92ve seen coins go
up ‘a0500% in like a day. It was like crazy but like when you put popcorn
in the microwave and you listen waves it has waves come in sets it also has froth and mist
that goes off the top of it like the white water and for it and you start hearing the
first pop, then pop, pop, pop, pop, were like pop and were about to get pop,pop, pop, pop,
pop,its going to go crazy in June although June is going to be crazy in a lot of ways
not just in the crypto market. So June’92s going to be really a lot going
on when things are happening in June that will come very fast and very furious and like
people are just like not going to be prepared for it or not going to know what to do next. So let’s talk about talk about June. Let’92s talk about the forecast of June which
could be somewhat overcast and a chance of storms of very strong chance of lightning
and thunder towards mid and late June so astrologically that’92s what it looks like. The planetary things that are going on. First of all Mercury enters the shadow on
the 20th not for a while but something to be very aware of cuz this is going to be very
significant especially since Mercury rules Bitcoin and so anytime Mercury goes retrograde
there’s going to be more intensity or activity taking place around Bitcoin. I want to get way more into that into another
video. So Mercury retrograde enters the shadow it
doesn’92t go retrograde until July but the shadow is when the craziness sort of foreshadowing
of the events to come happens during the shadow. Also in June we have right after Mercury enters
Cancer on the 4th which will bring a lot of energy to emotions of people being maybe more
emotional than usual or acting in ways that are not very rational and not thinking them
through. Emotions definitely unless we’ve done a lot
of work on them have a tendency to just pop off without being you know thought through. Especially because we’re in this shadow total
solar eclipse which comes up on July 2nd you should look at my video about that and also
my blog post I talked about how to use it through meditation it’s a really powerful
time. You know our minds don’92t work very well
when Mercury is in Cancer because we’re very emotional and there’s a tendency to be very
reactive to things so there’s a lot of subconscious stuff that is ruling our beliefs and dictates
our responses to things so the more we can be aware of what’s going on underneath the
surface the more we can consciously purposely not react to stuff going on and certainly
there could be a lot of news and information and just general chaos that is designed to
trigger us emotionally. So it’s really important to not engage in
that. I know that I personally had to during the
election to just completely surrender all of it and disengage completely from all the
triggers they were pointing at me as a woman to make me upset. I was like I can’92t take any of this anymore
I am detaching completely and I’ve been able to look at it all from a distance now but
I can’t sit around and listen to those things that are on the news and stuff. I don’t know all this social Warrior Justice
stuff it just really gets to me so I can’t let it. Not that any of those things are not relevant
it’s just that when we get whipped up into an emotional state about them we can not respond
in any sort of a realistic normal sane, rational solution-oriented way. I want things to be practical. I want them to be solution-oriented. I don’t want to be reacting emotionally you
know I just told you that Cancer rules my chart so I have to detach. It’s just like otherwise, it’s just not good
for me. So that’s mercury in Cancer is very intense
of words and information that can be very emotional and then on the 9th we have Venus
going into Gemini so that means that Venus which has been in her home in Taurus where
you know she’s nice and comfortable and has her creature comforts around her and feels
like nice and safe and kinda like dug in there and knows how to get her good food and that
kind of good thing moves into the sign of Gemini where it’s all about ideas and communication
and just things moving very fast very hard to keep up with that much information moving
that quickly. ‘a0It may be a good idea not to try and to
try and focus on the things that are, so like the metaphor I have for me that works for
me. I love the ocean I grew up surfing, real body
surfing in the ocean and when you look at the water the water has big deep currents
right it has stuff like that. So what I look at it is this information is
a lot of froth. It’92s a lot of froth choppiness at the top
which has nothing to do with the big waves of things that are really going to have an
impact or that you can make a difference with. The waves are more powerful to use the froth
the chopped and of course the currents are the most powerful okay so the current in astrological
terms is moving towards cryptocurrency as money that is unstoppable that is a done deal
that is signed sealed and delivered. So anybody who is in crypto at all anybody
who just gets a little bit of Bitcoin little bit of Bitcoin Cash little bit of like maybe
a few of the top 5 crypto and just holds on to it is going to do just fine because you’re
so far ahead of the rest okay of the rest of everything that’s coming in at this point
of time. However there are the waves and the waves
are the movements of the Bitcoin market right and that’s what I’m talking about in my report
is where those waves are up and down so we can really use those waves to make benefit
for ourselves. To make a lot of money to know when to get
in to know when to get out. I don’t think anybody should be trading unless
you know what you’re doing trading is very difficult. Some people have just jumped in and done really
well but it’s a it’s a very risky move. I have a pretty high tolerance for risk as
I talked about before which is why I got into Bitcoin really early in the first place and
I don’t want to trade every day at all. I don’92t want to be chained to my computer. I like to set certain things based on the
bigger movement and leave it alone live my life and do business and make things happen
and create things that’s what I like to do.So that’s sort of what my report is focused towards
not someone who wants to trade on a day-to-day basis. If you want that that’92s fine but there’s
a ton, just know that with all this energy in Mercury there will be so much activity,
ton of choppiness in the froth and that’s what Mercury energy is a lot of froth. Yeah you can do well but I think you’ll do
better on the waves that’s my personal philosophy. Okay we also have a full moon in June on the
17th we have a new moon first. Sorry the new moon is on the 3rd let’s take
them as a pair. So the new moon or full moon always comes
in a pair as opposing each other. So the new moon is in Gemini, the full moon
is in Sagittarius. These are two signs that are mutable signs. The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius,
Virgo and Pisces and so it’s more challenging for Virgo and Pisces cuz it’s square, which
is a heart aspect and by sign and it might not be by degree. I don’t know what you know you need to know
what sign you know where your planets are in degrees but the the the new moon is at
12 degrees Gemini so it’92s echoing the upcoming eclipse total solar eclipse in July cuz it’s
that same 11 12 degree range. So intense flurry of activity in communication,
news media, lots of new stuff. Breaking news, breaking stories, new information. It’s going to be pretty intense because it’s
echoing all that stuff in Cancer. Their will be new stuff coming out about Julian
Assange. You’ll see new stuff coming out about the
United States. We’re going to see lots of announcements from
the President. Things are just going to start to heat up. Maybe we haven’t had any start yet but it
will start probably around the new moon. The full moon and the new moon is things that
are starting right. Things you want to start. So if you have some information you need to
get out or knowledge, trips, short journeys not long trips, that you want to deal with
or do, right now this is a good time to do all that. Get all your sort of ducks in a row all the
little details, nail them down. Talk to your siblings, talk to your neighbors. Create your you know your team of people that
you’re close to. This is a good time to talk to everybody at
the new moon during the next two weeks. After that, the new moon and that’s all things
are starting that are related to communication and then the full moon in on the 25th, I’m
sorry I said on the 17th at 25’b0 of Sagittarius that is the end of something. That’s when you want to complete it’s a chapter
we’92re closing. So it’92s a chapter related to philosophy,
education maybe you get your degree you get your certificate or whatever it is. Foreigners, long journeys, trips abroad maybe
you leave a country you’92ve been in that’92s abroad or there is some sort of closing out
of some ideal philosophical broad picture, educational kind of element with the full
moon in Sagittarius. Of course where ever that house is in your
chart is going to be that area where that will have an impact on you personally. So we are opening your communication and closing
out old useless beliefs during this cycle of the moon. What else is going on, so when I talk about
Mercury I’m talking about Virgos and Gemini people and you are always having a lot of
mental activity because you’re governed by Mercury. So when I talk about all these planets all
this energy moving into Gemini it’s particularly powerful for Geminis and a little more stressful
for Virgo because it’s square for Virgo. So it’s tends to communications that you have
to deal with whether you want to or not its belief systems you’ve been carrying that don’t
work for you that you need to let go of that you’92ve been really clinging to but you
need to release it because their hurting you and you know it’92s like why am I holding
onto it if it hurts. Stop, just let go. So when I talk about Venus I’m talking about
Taurus and Libra people so when Taurus. When Venus moves into Gemini that means Taurus
and Libra people are experiencing a lot more communication than normal. They’92ll be more on the phone you know digitally
like texting and running around town and try to handle a lot more details then is normal
for those signs were a little bit more. Although Libra’92s pretty social because
it’s an air sign. Taurus is a little more routine. So when we talk about the moon and the moon
cycles I’92m talking about Cancer. This is going to be really big impact on Cancer
people. So when we Talk about on the 21st June 21st
Neptune is going retrograde at 18 degrees. Pisces Neptune rules Pisces so Pisces people
are going to have to dive in deep go back and think about the past go like figure out
where your real spiritual nourishment comes from and where it is in your chart will dictate
what that’s doing to you personally. It’s more challenging for Sagittarius, Virgo
and Gemini people because this is a hard aspect cuz it’s a mutable sign and they operate it
at 90 degree angles from each other, these signs. So it’s about connecting to your spiritual
Source. Find that connection if you haven’t done it
yet, whatever has been going on for you over the past 9 months to a year is going to be
getting a big review during the retrograde of Neptune which is starting now. So you have some re-evaluating of what’s been
going on in your life over the last year and how you were spiritually aligned with it and
what you were doing to get your needs met on a spiritual, intellectual, philosophical. ‘a0It’s just like emotional, it’92s like
electrical, it’92s almost like the energy it’s prana, it’s the prana. It’92s the life force energy that goes into
your body makes me think of Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters. He’s a Pisces and he always talks about breath
in that good-ass prana baby breath in that good ass prana because that’s what Neptune
retrograde is telling you breath in Source energy. Connect yourself to source and the breath
is the most powerful way to do it. So Neptune is wanting us to reconnect to our
source energy our energetic source and it will bring up issues from the past year. That have taken us out of connection to our
source and ask us to reconnect and help us reconnect that’s true for everybody is true
for all signs. So then we have on the 21st of course the
sun moves signs and goes into Cancer and again that’s more of that deep subconscious emotional
stuff coming up and that’s going to be heavily related to the July Eclipse. I will delve into that more. I think I’ve talked enough about what’s going
on with Cancer people here already and then on the 27 Mercury goes into Leo which is when
we’re really going to see a lot of activity around strong personalities in the media. The President, Gemini people information about
coming out about a powerful people being really like suddenly really starting to get really
intense. So a couple of signs I haven’t talked a lot
about and I will. I haven’t talked too much about Aries. So Mars for Aries people, so Mars and Scorpio
people also so by ancient astrology Mars rules Scorpio as well as Aries and that is the second
chakra which is the sacral chakra. It’92s the chakra of rejuvenation, healing
life force energy sexual energy it’s your energy levels and your expression of them
in the world so this is present for everybody we all have that sacral chakra it’s not just
for Aries and Scorpio people. However the energy of the sacral chakra is
most prominent people who are Scorpios or Aries. So that Mars energies in Cancer all month
long where it is not comfortable and it is a lot of competitive energy. It’s emotional, it’s driven by the subconscious
and there can be just a conflict just a feeling of frustration and needed to get their need
to get their first needing to win and being competitive against those that you perceive
as having gotten ahead of you. I would say the lesson of this is that there
is nobody to compete with. The only person we have on this Earth to compete
with is ourselves and the only person we have to demand anything from or to raise the standard
for is ourselves and the more we use the Mars energy to dig into anything that is holding
us back or standing in our way the the more we release our energy and free it to achieve
things that we want to attract them to us with less effort. So Mars in Cancer is a very good time to be
swimming a lot and to get yourself in the water. I mean, it couldn’92t help workout that frustration
also to work on breathing issues. Yes so for both and it’s going to be slightly
better for Scorpio people to have Mars in Cancer because it’s in a trine to your sun
so it’s a compatible aspect with your sun so it helps you feel like your able to to
overcome some sort of issue that may have been there’s a big victory there for Scorpio
people there’s an overcoming of something that had made you feel frustrated a sense
of lack of a sense of loss. Some sort of competitiveness someone beat
you. This is like the victory I showed them you
know when truthfully you really only showed yourself that you could do it. So you can do it. It’s really about believing in yourself but
yeah so that’s what Mars energy is doing right now. For Aries people it’s a little bit more competitive
and it’s a little bit more feeling of frustration like things are slipping through your fingers. Things your use to being able to just go after
and make happen are going left or going sideways. You know they’re not in a straight line. Cancer stuff never goes directly towards its
goal because Cancers is the crab. Have you ever watched the crab they shuffle
sideways and then they shuffle sideways. That’s why thier so hard to catch at the beach
cuz they go like that. So Aries people are like, I got it, that’s
it I’m done. So when they’re going like this and everything
is going like that you know it’s a little bit like I don’t scramble, I don’t know which
way to go. So it’s a good time for Aires people to take
a pause before taking action and think first before jumping in because things will, by
the time you get to that lily pad it will have moved with Cancer. It just not going to be where you thought
it was you need to think a little bit and pause which is not the Aires favorite thing
to do in life but it’s a good thing to do right now. Okay so I’ve talked about Aires I’92ve talked
about Gemini and Virgo. I’92ve talked about Leo, well I will talk
about Leo because when I talked about the new and full moon here and all that communication
stuff from Leo’s this is very much about about your ways that you are expressing yourself
in the world. The way that you are presenting yourself in
the world the way of being seen in the world and it can be a good time for revamping your
identity and getting rid of parts of it that no longer work. Their could be something that comes up that’s
a fear or a old emotional pattern.If you feel there’s something in your life that keeps
repeating that’s an old emotional pattern. Now is an opportunity for you to actually
clear that out for good by going deep perhaps through like meditation and hypnotherapy work
and stuff that brings up those old patterns for examination so that you can release belief
systems that no longer work for you. So that’s going on for Leo, and a lot of that
energy is social okay. It’s going to be not necessarily in the broad
social picture but like in your smaller groups like your closer groups, right school groups,
groups of people that are in your family, it’92s that kind of social stuff. I’92ve talk about a Venus, I’92ve talked
about Libra, and Taurus and we will talk about Sagittarius and then Capricorn and Aquarius
and I did talk about Pieces already. Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter is in retrograde in its home of Sagittarius
and I just similar to what I said about Pisces. Pisces going through this review of they’re
going to bring in this good ass Prana baby and connecting to life force energy. Sagittarius people because of Jupiter. This is again tied to the new moon in the
full moon because of the Gemini, Sagittarius moon. The Sagittarius stuff is about about expressing
your philosophy and expressing your beliefs and coming into alignment with your beliefs
and making yourself be consistent in the world around expressing your beliefs. Like are you operating in the world in a way
that is consistent with your higher ideals in your beliefs or are you at least building
towards it if it’s not 100% possible right now so this is a time for Sagittarius to be
reviewing what parts of their life don’t allow them to operate 100% in alignment with their
higher truths. It can also be a lot of issues, delays, frustrations
around higher education and foreigners. Things that are abroad which were seeing in
the news, were seeing it in the news since Jupiter went retrograde and we will continue
to see that in the news because that’92s Jupiter retrograde and we all experienced
that in different areas of our chart depending on what your chart is. So on what your rising sign particularly will
tell you that. ‘a0Yes the philosophical sort of broader
picture stuff is really in focus. Okay Capricorn, so Capricorn, here we have
a lot of signs that have the ruling planet in its sign. Pisces has Neptune in Pisces so it’s been
ruled by that. Sagittarius has Jupiter in Sagittarius which
is being ruled by that. And Capricorn has Saturn in Capricorn which
is being ruled by that. So as we finish up the monthly overview of
June and I’m going to talk about Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius I did talk a little bit
about Sagittarius and the square that Sagittarius is experiencing with challenges around your
home. Things dissolving around your idea of home
or where your home is or who’s in your home. Theirs just a big and it’s causing some sort
of fundamental identities shift as well for you but that’s not the only stuff going on. The new moon and all of this is bringing in
new partnerships for you. So there’s new opportunities around partnership
that’s really great. That’92s going to be really liberating, it’s
going to let you free of old sort of unlimiting belief systems or about partnership, so there’s
a whole new cycle coming for you around your partnerships and that should be really nice. So Capricorn people, so the Capricorns are
experiencing, you want to look at that retrograde video I did because it’92s going to talk
about the long term stuff that Capricorns are going to be dealing with this month. A lot of Neptune focus is going on just a
long-term launching, long-term things, especially around creativity, communication. Uranus in Taurus for Capricorn is also bringing
in more long-term stuff so even though were talking about June everything is like planting
flags for your long scale plans. Not that Capricorn doesn’t always do that.You
kind of do but this is a really profound summer for that for you. That Uranus energy in Taurus is talking about
you connecting in a broader, larger social way with broadcasting the media the internet,
large social groups, that sort of thing and launching your plans. Your genius the hidden genius you have within
you. It’s time to be bringing that out you’re going
to be getting opportunities to do so but it’s a it’s a long-term cycle and yea so it’92s
how you communicate right now. That’92s what’92s going on in June it’92s
really all about communication and the Mercury stuff which is moving into retrograde it’s
all about your routines and your day-to-day life and how you are on the phone and texting
and who your talking to.That’92s really what June’92s about for Capricorns. For Aquarius this month of June for sure look
at the video for the square they’re putting up this week about the square of Neptune and
Jupiter. Neptune in Sagittarius in Jupiter, because
I talk a lot about how Aquarius is going through renovation of your whole entire identity in
the world so that’s a long term cycle but this month in June for Aquarius for the most
part it’s going to be kind of exciting. Their will be a lot going on. You’re going to feel very much center of activity
I mean not really totally the center but like involved in everything that’s going on. You’re in the loop you want to be in the loop
your in the loop. There’s like social activity people calling
you you’re talking to a lot of people and all of that communication can be about creativity,
artistic projects, children and those that you’re just having a really good time with. So it’s going to be a kind of a fun month,
I think, except for how weird the retrograde will be but in general there’s just a lot
of activity and it’s very exciting for for Aquarius. Pisces this month yeah there’s going to be
some tough communication stuff. Some words some re-evaluating information
having to go through old details, having to just dig out the paperwork so just be prepared
for that. Reviewing a lot of old stuff that’s about
papers and information and messages but also the cyclical new full moon for Pisces are
also going to change your whole sort of outlook around home and career so you’re having kind
of an epiphany about your worldly identity the way you relate to the world. Their is kind of an expansion of that or a
change in it in some way. That’92s it for everybody. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope it wasn’92t to long. I’92m trying to give you some lessons and
make astrology a little more useful for you and that’92s it. So I appreciate you joining me and let me
know what you think. What’92s going on in your life? What part of this I’92ve been resonating
with that your already experiencing. Tell me some comments let me know what’92s
going on.You know make sure if you want to get updates to subscribe and hit the notification
bell so you know when I put up a new video and that’s it make sure you like it and I’ll
talk to you later thank you for joining me Namaste.

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