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different cases in which this Jupiter can result in a maha purusha yoga named hamsa
yoga., which can bless a person with good ethics, knowledge, luck, wealth, name and
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of planet Jupiter through different houses i.e planet Jupiter in the first house of a
birth chart. By understanding the first house, and planet
Jupiter in astrology, you can understand the different areas of life that can be influenced
from this placement. And then by checking at the dignity of mars, you can understand
if that’s going to be more easy or challenging. So, let’s start this by understanding the
first house of a birth chart. First house / ascendant or rising sign shows
the physical existence of a person. initiation, experiences in the present, identity
of a person, and how we are projected to others.
Head is the body part associated with the first house.
First house is the most important house as, the planets influencing the first house, design
our characteristics which we carry through out our life.. And what is Jupiter in astrology?
Jupiter is the teacher of gods. Jupiter is associated with ethics, wisdom,
spirituality, knowledge, belief system, judgement, law,
Fortune, wealth, expansion, hope, opportunities, optimism, excessiveness, happiness, long distance
traveling. Jupiter is the karaka of children.
Jupiter aspects the fifth, seventh and ninth houses from it’s position in the chart. So how’s that going to be, when a person has
Jupiter in the first house of a birth chart?? This can show the person’s beliefs, the person’s
optimism, ethics , judgement capacity, fortunes, wealth and wisdom.
Jupiter in the first house can show how far a person can follow the higher belief system
of the country, which is law. And the belief system of his community, I e the religion
he’s born in. and how confidently he can express his beliefs.
This can also show the person’s happiness and joy towards his life.
Jupiter in a chart always show the kind of teachers a person come across in his life. Jupiter in the first house aspects the fifth
house, influencing the house of education, progeny, relationship with children and creativity,
aspects the seventh house, influencing the relationships with others and legal partners
in our life, and aspects the ninth house, influencing his beliefs, relationship with
father and higher knowledge. And remember, the effects of the influence
depend on the dignity of Jupiter in the chart. A good dignified Jupiter can strengthen the
areas of life it is aspectng where as Jupiter in a bad dignity can make things more challenging.
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