jupiter planet (brihaspati ) in second house from lagna in vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

jupiter planet (brihaspati ) in second house from lagna in vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

Heyyy.. Welcome to this video on the effects
of Jupiter in the second house of a birth chart!!!
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If you want to understand the influence of a planet in the second house of your birth
chart, simply start it from the basics, by understanding wht the second house represents,
and the nature of planet along with it’s role in the birth chart. That’s it!! You are halfway
down the road. of course, This may not be as simple as that. But my videos can definitely
help you with this. So stay tuned..!!
BREAK Well I am astrology video creator, astro hominis.
welcome to my YouTube channel Today is thursday, and as I mentioned in my
schedule, we will talk abt the effects of planet Jupiter in the second house.
So, Let’s start our three step approach!!! Step 1: understanding the house!!
The Second house of any birth chart is a artha house, which is about attaining of wealth.
Second house is associated with the values of a person, the resources available for sustainance
, food intake, early childhood, sensual pleasures,
voice, eating, speech, Earnings, finance, wealth, savings, possessions. Now, step 2:
Understanding the planet: Jupiter is a natural benefic planet.
Jupiter is masculine in nature. Jupiter rules the ninth and the twelfth ZODIAC
signs Sagittarius and pisces. JUPITER is exalted in cancer.
Jupiter is associated with beliefs hope opportunity knowledge wisdom teaching guidance expansion
excessiveness optimism law philosophy fortunes wealth long distance traveling luck spirituality.
Jupiter is the karaka of children wealth and also husband in the chart of a female.
Jupiter aspects fifth seventh and ninth houses from it’s position in a birth chart.
And now step3: understanding the planets in a house.
Effects of Jupiter in the second house. According to vedic astrology, Jupiter in the
second house is not very desirable, from the line.. “karakoo bhava naashyam” meaning a
planet in the house of its signification will not yield much favorable results.
But Jupiter being a planet of opportunities, in the second house of earnings, can give
plenty of opportunities to earn money. Jupiter is a planet of religion and philosophy,
in the second house can show that the person’s early childhood has a lot of influence of
religion and philosophy. Jupiter is knowledge and wisdom, in the second
house of values can show a person valuing knowledge and wisdom above the rest.
Jupiter the planet of expansion in the house of savings, can show good savings.
Jupiter being a natural beneficial planet, in the second house of speech can show good
manners and speech. Jupiter in the second house aspects the sixth
and the tenth houses. Jupiter aspecting the sixth house, can help
the person in healing from diseases or recovering from injuries, and helps the person to befriend
his enemies. Jupiter also aspects the tenth house, increasing
the chances of his relation with higher authorities and opportunities in career.
Jupiter in the second house in fire signs is comfortable. The person may be into consultation
services, or astrology, or healing, or teaching. In earth signs, Jupiter feels uncomfortable,
and is debilitated in Capricorn. The person may he into career related to banking, managing
money, accounts. In air signs also Jupiter isn’t very comfortable.
The person may be in a career related to teaching, or individual professions, or, traveling.
In water signs, Jupiter is exalted in cancer, and comfortable in Scorpio and pisces. The
person may be into careers like astrology, or healing, or writer or finances also. And now, coming to the best of fire earth
air and water signs for Jupiter to be in the second house,
I would say aries in fire signs, because there’s a dhan yoga also forming here.
Taurus in earth signs, Jupiter being a very beneficial planet for Aries ascendants
Libra in air signs, is better than the other two air signs.
Cancer is water signs,as Jupiter is exalted here and also, better compared to the other
water signs. And friends, before concluding, LET me remind
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  • Nicole Lee says:

    My Jupiter in D1 chart is in 1st house sign of Sagittarius. In D9, it is in 2nd house in Virgo. Can you tell me what this means? Thank you!

  • John Constantine Marinakis Kipps says:

    I have Jupiter in Cancer (exalted) in the 2nd house conjunct Moon in Leo also in the 2nd trine Neptune in the 6th, opposition Venus in the 8th & trine Mercury in the 10th

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