Kemadruma Aur Sakat Yogas In Your Horoscope [Eng Subtitles]

Kemadruma Aur Sakat Yogas In Your Horoscope [Eng Subtitles]

Music Hello and welcome to Saptarishi’s astrology channel. In our last discussion we talked about Gaj – Kesari Yoga. Continuing with the same series, today we will be discussing about Chandradhi Yoga’s. Along with that, we will be also discussing about other yoga’s like; Kemdruma yoga, Adhi yoga, Sakat yoga, Anapha , Sunapha and Durdhara yoga. Today we have with us again Shri Sunil Pandey and I welcome him. Host: Sunil Pandey, you are welcome. SP: Greetings. Host: Greetings. SP: Please understand, that Moon is a very important planet in astrology. And as mentioned in our Shastra’s as “Chandrama manso jatah” which means Moon represents our mind. If you see all the yoga’s are related to mind. Even Maharishi Patanjali has mentioned that “ chitti vritti nirodhah sahayoga” Which means controlling our mental activities is yoga. We need to control our thoughts, if you see entire Astrology is based on mind, we also know that “man ke hare har hai, man ke jeete jeet”. This means if you think you have lost, you lose. If you think you have won, you are the winner. It is clear that if moon is powerful in chart or Paksha Bala (changing cycles of moon’s strength). Then native will be mentally strong and confident. And such a native will be capable of taking pledge/oath in his life and fulfill his motive. That is why moon is important and we have many Raja-yoga and Dur-yoga’s with Moon. Like Gaj-Kesari, Adhi, Anapha, Sunapha and Durdhara are Raj yoga’s and those like Kemdruma and Sakat are inauspicious yoga’s formed due to Moon. So if Raj-yoga’s are formed in then native will be the native will be mentally strong and if there are Ashubh yoga’s then the person may not be mentally strong with less resolution power. It is mentioned in Riga Veda that the reason behind success is self-control. One who has control over self is successful person. So it is seen that everything is in our mind only. In Gita Shri Krishna has told Arjuna that our ten senses are ten horses, controlled by our mind, Intelligence is our charioteer and soul is the chariot. If Charioteer is good it will control our mind, soul. Nothing is bigger than the power of our mind. So today we will be first talking about Kemdruma yoga. What is this yoga? What are its bad effects and how is this yoga formed in the chart. According to Brihat Parashar Horashastra, when there are no planets in 2nd and 12th from Moon, except sun and from ascendant(lagna) in quadrants(Kendra) it gives rise to Kemdruma yoga. As per BPH, It is said that native with Kemdruma yoga lacks education, intelligence and wealth. In order to get success, these people have to struggle a lot and the results are delayed. It is a kind of negative yoga where, even when the native is capable, the results are not as expected There is also cancellation of Kemdruma yoga. Firstly if Moon and Venus are in quadrant from ascendant aspected by Jupiter. Secondly If Moon is aspected by Jupiter; it is cancellation of Kemdruma yoga. I believe that if Moon is aspected by Jupiter, it is ardh Gaj Kesari Yoga (Half Gaj Kesari Yoga) this is what we had discussed in earlier Gaj Kesari video. Moon’s results will materialize through Jupiter as a medium. So if there are no planets 2nd and 12th from Moon, but aspected by Jupiter, gives ardh Gaj Kesari Yoga which cancels Kemdruma yoga and person is helpful, caring and sensitive by nature same as the qualities Moon. Third type cancellation of Kemdruma yoga is when Moon is in friendly house, exalted or its own sign and navamsha along with this if aspected by Jupiter gives wonderful results. Host: Sir, I would like to ask here is, if it forms Navpancham yoga (fifth and ninth combination) then also this yoga gets cancelled, right? SP: Yes, Navpancham or in seventh. Kemdruma is formed only when there are no planets 2nd/12th from Moon, but when Jupiter is in 5th/7th/ 9th it will aspect Moon, which will cancel Kemdruma yoga. One more important thing over here would be, if there are auspicious planets in quadrant from Moon like Mercury, Venus then also it cancels Kemdruma yoga. Host: And if it is the reverse, like if it forms Navpancham yoga with Saturn, Mars or with Rahu in quadrant from Moon, what will happen in such a situation? SP: In that case it does not cancel Kemdruma yoga, if good planets are in quadrant then results are more favorable but in case of malefic planets in quadrant, the native will get good results partly but that does not cancel it completely. But with auspicious planets in quadrant from Moon, it will be seen as Kemdruma yoga but with positive results. And also if Jupiter is in 10th from Moon, this is very good cancellation of Kemdruma yoga, as we had discussed last time that, 10th house is best amongst quadrants and Jupiter in 10th from Moon and with no planets in 2nd/12th, it is complete cancellation of Kemdruma yoga. Host: So this with Jupiter but if Venus is placed in 10th from Moon then? SP: Yes, it is good but more better with Jupiter. Gaj Kesari yoga is formed with Jupiter because Sun and Moon are spiritual planets and the remaining five planets like Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are materialistic, but when Moon has conjunction with Jupiter, which is more of Raj yoga type. We now come to Adhi Yoga, which is also a wonderful combination of Raj yoga formed by moon. And according to my study, this yoga is formed with moon and lagna (ascendant) also. And Adhi yoga is formed when there are benefic planets in 6th/7th/8th from Moon, natives born with Adhi yoga and according to the strength of planets in chart. Is like King, minister or commander. It was during those times when there were kings, this was written, but nowadays if there is Adhi Yoga formed in chart then such native is wealthy, respected and famous reaching height of success. But the difference here is if it formed with benefic planets results are as above and with malefic planets good results are reduced. If Jupiter is placed in 6th/8th Adhi yoga is formed, but better when Jupiter is in 7th and with rest of the planets in 6th/8th and Adhi Yoga formed with Jupiter in 7th is considered best. According to the strength of planets and position the results are increased and decreased As Moon needs support. Now, how do we understand Adhi yoga, when any planet in 6th from moon will have 7th aspect on 12th house, in 7th will have 7th aspect on Moon and in 8th will have 7th aspect on 2nd house. Planets in 6th/7th/8th will aspect Moon and 2nd/12th houses from it which gives support to Moon which increases its strength. It is also mentioned in astrology that, three planets are aspecting moon or in conjunction, gives a good Raj yoga, as everything is based on mind. If mind is strong irrespective of physical appearance. The person reaches his goals in life. There are two things in this. If Moon is placed in ascendant so Adhi yoga is formed from moon as well as ascendant, which is good. But if moon is placed in 7th, then with planets placed in ascendant, 2nd and 12th so here also Adhi yoga is formed with support for moon as well as ascendant, and Adhi Yoga formed this way multiplies the good results. But one more thing, many a times it is seen that. In Adhi yoga as formed with planets in 6th/7th/8th from moon. I have also seen that when planets are placed in 6th/7th or any two houses from moon, then also it gets some results of Adhi yoga. When Adhi yoga is formed with benefic planets it is good, when formed with malefic planets, it gives results but it increases struggles. But it will give results ultimately. I will give an example here, someone who is known to me. Host: Yes sure SP: The person has lagna and moon sign is same. And somehow except Ketu, all the planets are influencing ascendant and moon. Be it placed in 8th house aspecting 2nd house or in 7th house. And the chart also has Kemdruma yoga with no planets 2nd/12th to moon. I have seen the native is highly esteemed and respected person. With highest position in his field. So it is not like that, having Kemdruma yoga in chart and the person is completely destroyed. This native also has no planets 2nd/12th to moon, but planets placed in 7th/8th/9th are aspecting/or conjunction with ascendant and moon are giving the results. So Adhi Yoga is a good Raj yoga. Native born with this yoga and according to the strength of the planets in chart is respected, wealthy and famous. Similarly there is an unfortunate yoga formed by Moon, called as Sakat Yoga. When Jupiter is placed 6th/8th from Moon. You will see when position of Jupiter from moon is good, it forms Gaj-Kesari yoga and when position is not good it forms Sakat yoga. It means moon gives its special results through Jupiter. If there are benefic planets in quadrants from ascendant and moon, it reduces the effects of Sakat yoga or gets cancelled. Now we come to main Raj yoga’s like Su Sunapha, Anapha and Durdhara. These are very important yoga’s. According to Maharishi Parashar, from moon when there are planets, except Sun in 2nd/12th or Ubhay gat position means in both houses. It is Sunapha, Anapha and Durdhara yoga’s in order. Means if there are planets 2nd from moon, except Sun it is Sunapha yoga. If there are planets 12th from Moon except Sun, it is Anapha yoga. And if there are planets 2nd/12th from Moon, except Sun, it is Durdhara yoga. These are very important Raj yoga’s. Here except from Sun refers to five planets only. Rahu and Ketu not included in that. These five planets included are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Rahu /Ketu if placed 2nd/12th from moon does not form Anapha, Sunapha or Durdhara yoga. If native is born with Sunapha yoga having moon planets 2nd from moon. The native is like King, intelligent, wealthy, famous and earns money with his hard work. If there is planet placed 12th from Moon, except Sun it is Anapha yoga, native born with yoga is healthy, good looking, well-mannered and successful person. And if planets are in 2nd/12th from moon it is Durdhara yoga. Native born with this yoga is wealthy, knowledgeable, helpful, happy and having good servants. But one thing here is, if moon is waning. It reduces the results of Sunaphad yoga (Sunapha, Anapha and Durdhara yoga in short form). Similarly the planets forming Sunaphad yoga with moon are not in good positions or in debilitated signs. Then the results of Raj yoga formed are reduced This is very important, as strength of planets is very important along with that of Moon. If they are too good, the results are multiplied. The native will be confident, ambitious and will reach heights. What I mean to say here is, if Sunaphad yoga is formed due to benefic and strong planets it is auspicious and if formed with malefic planets, it will give results, but native will have to struggle a lot. We come to one point here; now suppose if Sunaphad yoga is formed with Mars is 2nd/ 12th from Moon. The native is energetic, strong, and wealthy and is respected. If Sunaphad yoga is formed with Mercury, native is work efficient, speaks pleasant language and is intelligent. If Sunaphad yoga is formed with Jupiter then native is religious, wealthy, happy, respected by Kings. If Sunaphad yoga is formed with Venus, native is wealthy, having vehicles and is good looking. One point to be noted here is, when Sunaphad yoga is formed with Saturn, native has struggle some life. One thing I have seen is when Saturn is placed 2nd from moon, then such a person is charitable by nature and when Saturn becomes retrograde the result is multiplied, this is my experience Host: This is when Saturn is placed 2nd or 12th? SP: Results are also seen when placed in 12th, but as per my experience when Saturn is placed 2nd to moon, person is of charitable nature. Saturn when retrograde, this quality is multiplied. People can notice, such natives are different from the rest and live for others. SP: Yes definitely. Astrology is a topic of research with experience playing important role. One thing which comes to mind is, if moon is placed in 8th house, will that give rise to Anapha, Sunapha or Durdhara yoga? Host: Here I would like to request the viewers to check in their horoscope, as Sir has given a very interesting point here. If you are able to notice, please mention in comments section. So this particular point can be tested. SP: Yes definitely. Astrology is a topic of research with experience playing important role. One thing which comes to mind is, if moon is placed in 8th house, will that give rise to Anapha, Sunapha or Durdhara yoga? I would like to say here is; just as there is janam lagna (birth ascendant) similarly we have chandra lagna (taking moon as ascendant) So if it is placed in 8th or 12th and there if Anapha, Sunapha and Durdhara yoga’s are formed. Still native will get good results. But if Moon is placed in benefic position from quadrant, the results are multiplied. Native will get good results, even when it is placed in 6th/8th/12th and yoga’s are still formed. So this is also a topic. Host: Sir, one more thing here for which share your opinion. When there is Saturn or Jupiter in ascendant and 2nd house has moon. So 12th has two strong planets. What are your predictions for it? SP: See, this will give results of conjunction. 12th to moon has Jupiter and Saturn and this will give Anapha yoga with combined results of Jupiter and Saturn. Because in Astrology Jupiter and Saturn is a wonderful combination. Because Jupiter is Saturn’s Guru (teacher) and it is seen that in major period of Saturn with sub period of Jupiter, or vice versa, conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter anywhere in chart. As per my experience is very auspicious and such a native will be like judge, fair and having observing ability. Host: Here, I would like to add up my observation. When such yoga is formed, the native is forgiving, apologetic and does not keep grudges for others. Along with that, is not judgmental and if this yoga is formed in ascendant, native surely has these qualities. SP: That is correct Satyaji. That is the importance of moon, when wonderful raj yoga’s are formed with moon. Intense rays of Sun are transformed into soothing rays by moon. It has motherly feelings. So when raj yoga’s are formed with moon, it will have nurturing qualities, helping, forgiveness as you said just now and patience these qualities come automatically. That is the important thing. Host: Such natives have high patience level, while talking with you particularly on this yoga; I recollected a few horoscopes and this yoga as well. I have noticed this in such natives; they have also got results of this combination in their career level, although late. They have gone on good post and in personal life they have peaceful image and patient. SP: It is true and strength of moon is important, that is why in Astrology weak or waning moon is not considered auspicious. But strong moon forms wonderful raj yoga’s and is considered auspicious. Chandradhi yoga’s like Adhi yoga, Anapha, Sunapha and Gaj Kesari yoga. If moon is strong it will have nurturing qualities. Now we will talk about remedies. Aim of astrology is remedies. Just as a Doctor diagnosis stomach pain for a patient but then what is the use? It is useful only when doctor is able to treat patient for the pain. Similarly Astrology is helpful in knowing about defects in our horoscopes and by doing remedies for it with patience. Now remedies are of two types, some remedies are of short cut type. One person had told me when he did short cut remedies he got the results, but next time the problem came twofold and even the remedies did not work. This is a personal experience, the person shared it. So remedies given should be helpful to everyone and it should be Vedic remedies. Host: Here, Ayurvedic point is good fit. Like as you said that the disease when treated with short cut remedies, it came back in double speed. Similarly when we talk about Allopathy and Ayurvedic, if you have headache it can be treated with Aspirin, but if headache does not go, you need to go into the roots of the problem SP: Very correct. Host: So when you are treating the same with Ayurvedic, you will notice that it is taking time like one month but the results are long lasting, and it will heal the problems from roots. SP: It you want to remove it from the roots, you need to have remedy of that level. See disease, or any sad event in life is based on past life deeds. So if we take such measures which will destroy our past life sins it is evident, that yoga’s like Kemdruma or Sakat effects will be reduced. For this we need to chant Moon mantra, through whosoever inauspicious yoga is formed in chart, one should chant mantras for that. That is the best. Just as Sun represents father, moon is mother and mars is brother as I have already told this in earlier video. So if any inauspicious yoga’s are formed by moon, even if not and raj yoga’s are formed, we must serve our mother and duly honor her. After that if we chant Moon mantras or donate in charity things related to moon, or any other remedies, we get good and quick results. So first remedy is to serve one’s mother, second is chanting of Vedic mantras for moon, and third is if Sakat yoga is formed then chanting of Vedic mantras for Jupiter. And every month Rudrabhishek (Worshipping shivling by giving holy bath)once, this remedy is even for those with Adhi yoga, Anapha and Sunapha yoga, as this will strengthen moon and give better results. For this every month once Rudrabhishek on specific day called Shivbaas, as it gives best results when performed on this day. Those who cannot do Rudrabhishek, after taking bath daily take water in offering vessel and add few drops of Ganga jal to it, take this water to Shiv temple and offer it on Shivling by reciting “Om Har Har Mahadev” and in the evening lite a ghee lamp in front of Shivling, this is a best remedy. If done regularly one gets health, wealth and prosperity. Host: The remedy of offering water as you said, suppose if someone is not able to get Ganga jal, any other? SP: Then ordinary water will do, If not available, if Ganga jal is available it is best. One can also add milk. Host: Yes, milk. I was to say the same. SP: Yes milk. Host: Cow’s milk will do. SP: Yes, yes. And on full and new moon day donate food, chant Sri Sukta mantra, morning and in the evening do aarti with camphor, lite a ghee lamp and keep it next to the temple in our house and this should burn till late. I believe the native who serves his parents, will never face any hardships in life, but suppose if one faces he will come out of it. Similarly wife is like goddess Lakshmi, one who respects his wife like Lakshmi will never face wealth issues. This should be always taken care. Treat your parents like god and wife like Lakshmi, and one will always have prosperity, wealth and overcome hurdles. These are my remedies, and by doing them no matter how much defect is there or moon is weak. Check the chart, it will get reduced slowly. And native will be prosperous, wealthy and happy. Host: Very correct you have said, in today’s fast life we take our parents taken for granted. We say such things for which we do not know the meaning, but when thought on it, it is very hurting. One should not take parents for granted, all the remedies on one side and parents on one. Especially mother since we are talking about Chandradhi yoga’s. If our speech with our mother is good and respectful, this remedy itself becomes strong. SP : If you see Satyaji, the story of Shravan, he was so much devoted towards his parents. He had taken his blind parents to pilgrimage on his shoulders. He became immortal because of that. If we want to move ahead, we have to do something different. If Dhub wouldn’t have done penance he would not have gone to Durloka. Astrology is based on karmaphal siddhant (fruits of our actions). That is why first of all, we need to keep our Karmas good. Host: Exactly we cannot move ahead, without forgetting our origin. Parents are our origin. This is the best remedy. SP: Of course yes. Host: I have seen, there are people who get up in the morning and bow down to their parents and touch their feet, and this is not done for the sake of doing they do it by heart. SP: That is good, and yes they do it by heart. Host: Their personality reflects characteristics of moon. Like calm appearance. We are told right from our childhood to respect elders and touch our parent’s feet. Our parents always tell us and we get to see results when we grow up and start thinking rationally. SP: That is correct, and it should be there and with this we get overall happiness. And by taking such remedial measures it help to reduce the defects in our horoscopes. Host: Exactly Sir. Next is Dhurdhara yoga right? SP: We have covered that. Have given the remedies. We need to check the defects in our horoscope and do remedies for the same. He can be happy and prosperous. If chart has good raj yoga’s, even he can do the remedies and enhance the results. SP : One more thing I would like to tell is, if there are inauspicious combinations formed due to moon, and there are other raj yoga’s, one will not get the results as expected. That is why raj /dur yoga’s formed due to moon are very important. And if there are defects, it can be treated with remedies. Host: Of course Sir, today’s session was very interesting. These yoga’s come to a very simple and basic level. But they are so important, as if there is any hurdle in basic life, we cannot proceed further, due to blockages in our mind. So with these yoga’s blockages will be surely removed and with the remedies, as given by you. Our audience can surely try those and share their experiences in our comment sections. Anything else you would like to mention sir. SP: I would only like to say that, by adhering to our duties and been charitable in life, one will surely get good results and reach aim of his life. Host: With that we conclude our session for here today. Further we would be coming with another combination of yoga. Thank you Sir, for your information today. We will meet in next video. SP: Sure.


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    यदि चंद्रमा से छठे घर मे गुरू और बुध की युती है तो ये अधियोग होगा या सकट योग होगा

  • Harihar Das says:

    Age piche koi na ho chandra ke , pr sath koi ho tab ??

  • Baimukund Sharma says:

    Jab chandrama Kendra me ho to kya kemdrum Yog Bhang ho jayega ya nahi . kindly answer this question positively.

  • nutan59 says:

    Thanks Saptrishi and Sunil Pandeyji.Sakat yog is formed if Jupiter is 6th from moon, also Adhi yog is formed if Jupiter is 6th from moon.Therefore both Adhi and sakat yog have the same requirements.Both the yogas will exist together ?p

  • Sunday Morning says:

    नमसकार 🙏
    इस महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी के लिये आपका बहुत धन्यवाद ।।।।
    मैं बहुत असमंजस मे हूं काफी लम्बे समय से।
    मता पिता का भी कभी साथ नही रहा, बहुत कोशिशो के बाद भी अभी तक कोई बड़ी सफलता नही मिली,, कमाई का भी कोई जरिया नही बना है अभी तक मेहनत मे कोई कमी नही रक्खी किन्तु काम बन नही पा रहे और अब पता नही क्या जीवन भर एस्सा ही चलेगा!! मेरि DOB है_ 15-7-1991
    समय_ 12:00 am से 1 am के बीच,, जन्म स्थल दिल्ली।।। Name _ Mohammad Asad.
    कुछ सुझाव दें, कुछ परामर्श दें, कोई रत्न अगर मेरे लोए ज़रूरी हो तो बताएं और कब तक भाग्य उदय की उमीद है कृप्या बताएं,, 🙏 जो भी आप बता सकते हों बताएं । आपका अत्यंत आभारी रहूँगा 🙏. . और यह भी बताएं की क्या मेरी राशि मे शकट योग है?

  • Sushmita Sutradhar says:

    yeh yog kya navamsa mein bhi laagu hoga?

  • Sushmita Sutradhar says:

    bohot khub 🙏

  • Prashant Dubey says:

    2.00 p.m.
    Place agra U.P
    12th house mai mangal budh sukr or surya kya fal hoga 🙏

  • Vikram Gupta says:

    I love listening to Sunil ji. He is just a noble soul. 🙏

  • shivnarayan yadav says:

    rudraabisek kis se guruji for moon

  • Narender Mudgil says:

    Beautifully explained..nicely expressed..more if with some charts

  • Bishnu Ghimire says:

    17.20 Min mero kundali me vii yesa he

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