Knight of Cups court cards tarot meanings

Knight of Cups court cards tarot meanings

The Knight of Cups represents the fiery part
of water. Which is the swift passionate attack of rain and springs. More importantly it is
solution, in other words, the ability to dissolve substances within the water. And he rules
the 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces. Unusually this is one of the court
cards that actually have wings, although it is not an air card, it is a water card. Not
kind of what you would expect in these things. Crowley describes the figure as clothed in
black armour which he kind of seems to be, but there is an element of green as well for
some reason. He has bright wings and he is on a white charger that is leaping into the
air and the charger is leaping in the opposite direction to the knight of wands. This card
indicates or represents the fantastic active aspect of water for aggressiveness. So when
the water is agitated and moves around if you want to dissolve something in a solution
you have to stir it, there is no point in allowing it waiting to happen. You have to
put energy in to absorb all the material that is there. The symbols in this card is a peacock
in the bottom right hand corner and it represents the stigmata of water in its most active form
which is brilliance. There is a reference to fluorescence, for water to give off light,
fluorescence is all kinds of things with a peacock. And the peacock of course is a symbol
of Melek Taus in other systems. What is the characteristic of the knight of cups? He is
mostly passive having said all this thing about energy and dynamism he is mostly passive,
clearly these are things that are going on with him. There is qualities of Venus or a
weak Jupiter. He is amiable in a kind of passive way. He is quick to respond to attraction
and easily becomes enthusiastic under such stimulus. it doesn’t take much to get this
guy going. The problem is he doesn’t last very long and he keeps on being influenced
by the people too much, he doesn’t know his own mind, he doesn’t know his own self. There
is a lack of depth to him. So he can be very charming but if you want more intellectual
stimulation you will have to find someone with a bit more brains to him. The negative
sense to him is sensual, idle and untruthful, his superficiality as Crowley says writing
on water. If you try writing on water, lines disappear as soon as you paint them. so what
are the consequences of the knight of cups? How can you see outcomes that go with him?
This is the problem that is Swiftness and violence of the fire with this placid nature
of water which creates this conflict within. Very few people can actually harmonise these
diverse kind of feelings, he may be up then he is down, active, like manic depressive
basically. It means that he is not able, because he has these, he loses it, in the sense of
day to day life, because this kind of bipolar activity that is going on. There can be up
and down, creating disaster. This internal conflict can result in schizophrenia or melancholy
madness. The career can go up and down, failure, and disaster. This internal conflict can result
in problems with drink and drugs, which exacerbate these qualities. On the other hand though
he can be really fun guy to be with so its not always bad.


  • cellini69 says:

    I love the way you end your remarks Paul "he's a really fun guy to be with so it's not all bad" Laughs. I miss your vids P 🙁

  • Josine Lovecats says:

    mooije kaard

  • tammy lind says:

    very good

  • Mimi Seton says:

    What about the secretive quality…(not to mention the Cancerian sensitivity and creativity…) .Can't this knight be an indication of a secret admirer of the querant…(or that the querant is the secret admirer of someone, depending on the position/question, etc.)
    Can he represent a would-be lover in the wings that one might not notice easily… because he is shy in love matters and doesn't easily make his heart known? Any thoughts on this, Paul?

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