Knight of Disks tarot card meanings and description

Knight of Disks tarot card meanings and description

The Knight of Disks is the fiery part of earth
and it represents the 21st degree of Leo to the 20th degree of Virgo. This card is the
symbol of mountains earthquakes and gravitation. But it also represents the activity of the
earth regarding the producer of life, which is the counterpoint of the queen of disks
of course which is the Great Mother The knight in the picture is clothed in armour he is
short and sturdy and his helmet is thrown back and so he is not fighting, he is more
concerned with the production of food and sustenance. And supporting things. The horse
he rides has all four feet on the ground as opposed to the other cards where they are
in the air or leaping around. He is looking ahead to the background, as the queen of disks
does as well to the mountains and fertile fields beyond. in his hand he has a flail,
the flail of course is the symbol of harvest time, using the flail to bring out the seeds
from the crops and things like this. One his crest he has the head of a stag which is one
of the beasts of the land. The disk is solid according to Crowley it represents nutrition.
it is not used in a defence thing here. because he is at rest, the knight and his just waiting
for things to happen. one of the characteristics of the Knight of Disks according to Crowley
they can be dull, heavy and preoccupied with material things. They are laborious and patient,
the sort of man who you give a task to and he will get on with it and keep on going to
the finish. Quietly and without histrionics or flamboyance. that passion is inside, smouldering
away. the knight of disks is in some way connected to Capricorn. Capricorn of course is more
fiery and explosive. it is the devil card, which is the idea of passion, and being trapped
and all the rest of it. it is altogether more a docile card of nature. If ill-dignified
then there is a kind of a then the element is stupidity, and slavish kind of behaviour
that comes out. There is a jealousy thing there, obsessive capacity within this things
going on, he doesn’t know what to say about it. and they don’t have the courage to improve
themselves, so it is self-limiting, they don’t have time, or they won’t like me, or I won’t
get promotion, so I won’t really bother about things. The interesting thing is that this
card is its servile nature. Crowley links in with the kind of characters that Thomas
Hardy drew in his books. They are sturdy yeomen, they are solid and reliable people but lacking
imagination or the ability or intent of purpose to better themselves.


  • MoonlightDoom says:

    Do not think he has an answer for you

  • Mat dei Tarocchi says:

    @jeka100 the Prince of Disks is Aries/Taurus in the Golden Dawn system. The thing is, Waite mixed the court cards, and the King, who in the actual system is the Prince, is widely regarded now as the highest court card, which he is not. In reality, even in the Waite deck, the sequence should be Knight-Queen-King-Page. Waite alludes at it when he hints, in his book, at the fact that the Knight is older than the King. But to answer your question, the King of Pents is not the Knight of Disks, but the Prince.

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