LEO AMOR NOVIEMBRE 2019 Características Físicas y Emocionales Tarot

leo welcome to this special reading for the month of November where we will talk about the love physical and emotional characteristics this is my tarot stores channel Jota You want to get you to subscribe also here because from here I will be making publication of Special monthly and disclosures for some countries for the so next year is attentive want invite you to subscribe activate bell and leave me your comments name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings also subscribe for a time we reach 10,000 subscribers from here to the end of the month November return to this video leave a response as to whether or not the comments so leave your question there invites shares this video to your friends to subscribe watches messages that have for you during this leo month we are talking about a person coming from the distance a person which it is away from you may be someone you know through the Internet you know by any of these social networking applications or applications to meet couples is a person who will do the match you that you will be communicating constantly throughout the month of November and this person wants to make an offer or an invitation Some of you may already know this person is in the abroad who they have a conversation and I see this person wants to invite to the country where He wants to pay you even find travel pay you is stay and pay you all always recommend them my warriors when these situations are like that you trust his instinct I’m not approving them you do it because you are responsible for his life but I give the message that comes to you beware always when you have these wonderful opportunities to travel completely free because something can there be hidden depends on you if you accept it or not and what definitely check here positive brand mark as an invitation you want to make a person Some of you might even be receiving messages abroad They attend a wedding a commitment one religious activity may be binding about two people with this letter from the ace of diamonds and you are talking to you from Travel love these things will be closely related to your life during this November I read so very careful because if you are in the ride abroad now You can be meeting there in that city where you are a very interesting person a person You want to make an offer delivery of his heart of his love someone who wants share with you and this can be very special or might be planning this trip for November or December very attentive to these energies mark very bastos positive two of you talk about travel abroad say look your guides that have a communication through social networks with someone which it is in another country or another city Knight of Pentacles speaks to you in a who definitely comes from abroad make this delivery love and the ace of diamonds tells you about these commitments to which you could be attending or could even be your own wedding where you are inviting others people to attend as a a beach restaurant city ranging from whatnot USA for example cancún acapulco they leave Cancun acapulco mexico go to Miami or they go to Spain are having these energies where there are invitations to others may be traveling for a person with which you have been communicating or you know them by social networks that you will to invite you to go to your country then up to you what you want make the man who’ll be knowing you out the letter of the magician He is a man who has a skin tone Tanning is a man who has the medium length hair that has and smooth way He is a man who has a face it seems as if a model but the body is a little chubby then these are the energies of the Knight could be physically coming into your life is a man who It has a plump body is a man It is having a face very nice it could appear even up model is a person who works with his hands me are even saying your spiritual guides You could work on things it works by creating construction can creating ideas can create things like construction may be working with activities where he has to be perhaps involved with his hands crafts creations create artifacts all you have to do with it goes hands with him and is someone who has a power of manifestation quite strong let’s see what else we say regarding this gentleman this can be the person you know and it was a connection here that is quite spiritual effectively and looks go a la carte of the sun that marks us definitely this man you’re going to be meeting You will be sent to your life and this sun letter also refers to holiday travel tours if you have something that I planned this month Leo do it because that will be what you open your energies to meet this gentleman’s letter sun It is also showing me that is blessed this union will be Blessed is marked in the stars obviously you will know You have to do your part to this is given to make this happen and marks that this gentleman definitely going you have good intentions there Children also involved here so that you could be having children or this Knight could have children or you could get to having children ahead look at you telling me your guides also that this man has shown you you in the same way as you have said to him that you will come exactly what you’ve been hoping that you deserve happiness and here are many flowers involved this man could wear a flower in hand when you know could be a flower for you I could not know about or about some sort of a garden florist if in your country there is some kind of botanical or there is some kind of gardens vegetated parks with flowers assists those places because these areas will be the gentleman the woman who’ll be meeting what their physical characteristics and emotional look is this was the letter that you volt is the Queen of Wands is a woman very seductive and you sunflowers here constantly notice if in their countries you will have some type of flower show during the month of November during this December for you Leo warriors because this is very The flowers have a strong very strong intensity for your reading so if your country analyzes look for it in internet if there is a flower fair fair that has to do with fruits more everyone attending that place flowers try to go to that place This is a woman who is quite Sensual pretty sexy enough provocatively is a woman who has many energies around you could represent you because you the Queen of Wands which is a sign of fire and of course you yourself read He speaks of a woman who is in its privileged position tone skin is white has a chubby face It has the hair of a color tone red brown white skin tone will like what he is gold Golden likes to always have garments rings around rings necklaces She likes to always be fine He arranged and is a woman who has a fierce instinct and I see very sensual Catwoman word I said not as batman batman as well is a woman very very very sexy Catwoman very strong with their emotions very with intense which could reach take privacy very relations so let intense as intense Let’s see what else is on it out the letter of 8 bastos and is a woman with whom you are going to to have great communication is convenient if the two people are convenient for your life when remember that you know are here telling your guides you will meet this wonderful man and this woman very sensual But if you you do nothing to know them and one will come to your house knocking on the door saying hey look I am the wife of the video does not jot It will happen so you have to watch please take action have to leave so you I say go to places where there fairs Fairs flowers Coffee also me They are saying attends these places to those events or a florist or a large garden Tell your country in your country where there as large gardens that one can go to visit and perhaps as areas full of vegetation Central Park New York ‘ Tell me about those places let’s see what messages are for you found in these moments in a relationship a message live for you that you need to hear speaks of religious factors says that your love life is influenced by religion that practices you or your spiritual path and teaching you had is religious when you were growing so for some of this may be that you have some kind of conflict at the moment the who are in a relationship that is a message for some separate what I just mentioned you here especially are telling me that if you They are raising children or will have children They will have this conflict now with which religion or belief what the we raise here because it appears that you have a spiritual belief and your partner has another religious belief or or spiritual and therefore they will have that conflict now as we do at the end of the day as I always indicated a decision you have to make but that could be a factor sensitivity in relation to this month if you are single what message You need your soul your soul hears tells you deserve the love a person who definitely have to open your their energy and heart that follows the Love has not yet come into your life then do not worry because love will come your way and your life because you deserve it and you are indicating here that things will go well for you who still believe and having a positive mind because this will open great roads in your love life remember to subscribe to activate the cam to leave me your fingers up comments leave your question Tell me what you think of this reading Share this video to reach 10,000 subscribers on screen these the following will appear moments videos you can recommend here you can visit my website to click and on this side you can subscribe am fee and you decree, a November filled with much love and light progress

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