Leo December 2019 Healthy Changes

hello Leos and welcome back to Deku Tarot
and to your December 2019 a monthly reading for Leo Sun moon rising and Venus.
it’s the end of a decade and that will be the beginning of a new one very
shortly again it’s for Leo Sun Moon rising and Venus if it doesn’t resonate
guys the messages aren’t for you so let’s see what’s happening this month
for you guys I’m gonna shuffle the cards go over the astrology a little bit here
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this video in the description box Leo there’s a lot of six health energy that
we’re about to go into because we’re gonna have a lot of capricorn well we
already have a lot going on with tap requirement we’re gonna have even more
going on with Capricorn for the next year starting December 3rd when Jupiter
moves into Capricorn your six house so there’s gonna be a lot more focus on
daily habits health routines breaking negative health patterns breaking
negative daily routine type patterns so maybe getting more rest drinking more
water eating better exercise routines you really want to vibrate higher in
terms of life on December 10th we have mercury moving into Sagittarius which is
your fifth house um so you’re gonna be focusing on pleasure fun your business
it’s gonna give you a huge creativity boost as well cuz it is the fifth house
we have December 11th 12th the full moon lunar eclipse inin Gemini which is your
11th house so it’s gonna bring up a lot of stuff about 11th house which has new
friends and you know your social groups your community so you might be focusing
on where you stand in friendship groups you know you might also be wanting to
bring more leadership quality because you are Leo to some friendship groups
you might want to lead into of a community in terms of a project
there’s a lot of social group stuff going on there for you guys in your very
show social sign so there could be some hierarchical social group stuff going on
that you might be dealing with or have on the line there December 20th 21st we
have Venus going into Aquarius which is your seventh house so it’s gonna be all
about relationships you know maybe we could be meeting new people what’s good
for our relationship it’s gonna really help in terms of communicating and
sorting out relationships okay on December 22nd we have the Sun moving
into Capricorn and on December 26 we have a solar eclipse in Capricorn sorry
New Moon solar eclipse and it’s gonna be in your 6th house all of this so we’re
gonna be really focusing on this rejuvenation on recalibrating in terms
of our life focusing more on healthy matters you might also be trying to take
some power back in terms of your career and in terms of life this is a really
great this is a really great time honestly and it will be all throughout
2020 in terms of sorting out just feels like sorting out routine stuff sorting
out daily life stuffs that you can just make your life a lot lighter easier
we’ll talk more about that in the yearly though okay okay so we’ll see what your
energy this month is okay we’re using the gustav klimt deck let’s check out
what your energy this month is all right Leo’s go saw a moon rising and Venus
what is their energy December 2019 too many parts one face up please
Neil summer 2019 for your energy I just feel like you guys been putting a lot of
attention and energy into maybe the material money creating whatever
material is for you yeah and your focus and your energy this month will not your
focus but your energy does monthís stick Pentacles getting what you’re putting in
and you need to make sure that you are doing so as well but there could be a
lot of exchanges going on this month there could be also a need to ask for
help or need to reach out to people to right wrongs to balance some type of
scale here six of Pentacles we’ll see how that comes up because I feel like
that’s gonna have a lot to do with your focus so let’s see what your focus is yeah we need to lighten the load and I
just feel like by incorporating your practices asking for help where it we
need to especially with finances work health routines just a little bit of
guidance here and there just putting efforts into these areas you will see a
lot of the burdens of your daily life a lot of the accumulated stress maybe even
for some of you weight things that have been keeping you less active and having
less energy being able to do less it does feel like we’re going to be trying
to take care of those things you know right some wrongs get and balance the
scales because the six of Pentacles success for me are always a good sign
that you’re on the right path you’re getting your due dividends here you’re
gonna get back what you put in but again the six of Pentacles does have you
asking for help or receiving something you know you have to put an effort first
ask for something or do something to receive that money to receive again that
stability whatever this gift and again it does feel like it’s very materially
folk materially focused but it could be that it could be that receiving more
money again and that maybe that’s why we’re so focused on the material and on
finances is because it’ll lessen the load and some other area of our life
maybe we want to move I’m getting for some of you I’m getting that whatever
this is you know a lot of our stresses a lot of anxiety a lot of the burdens that
we carry the too much too many burdens too much stuff going on maybe you have
maybe you’re somebody that works a lot of different jobs as well but something
has to be lessened and you to make some compromises because the six
of Pentacles yes is about balance but it is also about compromise it’s also about
needing to ask or do something to receive it does also you know again that
generosity is repaid their material here but and if you have been very generous
and you’ve needed somebody to pay you back or you needed some money back for
some stuff that you feel like you know you’ve spent too much on and I’m gonna
warn you guys this month try it and now it’s the holidays but try not to spend
overspend because if you keep things in check and you keep things in balance
it’s going to feel a lot better when you get to the end of this season and then
beginning of next year and you suddenly have a lot more things going on and when
we hit Capricorn season and all of next year is gonna be really Capricorn heavy
so it’s gonna have us really like highlighting focusing on the money on
the more serious aspects of maturing aspects of that needing to be mature in
terms of how we are spending our money and in terms of who we’re spending time
and material and generosity on you need to cut back in some areas and you’ll see
your life lighten interesting let’s see what else you’re focusing on this month
I feel like that’s not done communication moving up I just feel like
you really want to get somewhere fast you need places to go you need to do
something there are changes that you want very suddenly you could be
receiving also a lot of information this month or sending out a lot of you know I
think digital information it feels like when I get the knight of swords here
he’s very the knight in the page of swords for me for some reason often
represented digital communication quick communication reaching out to some of
your hearing something through email he’s also very harsh he’s kind of not I
wouldn’t say he’s a very soft energy very action-oriented almost military
like kind of energy very serious there’s a lot of bravery determination we’ll see
what else again yeah we really want I don’t know why I just get the feeling
some of you want money so that you can move you want something to work out in
terms of in terms of you know the material and financial so that you can
get somewhere else you’re trying to I don’t know it just feels like when I get
the four of Pentacles reversed I often feel that it’s like destabilizing a
created what is the word foundation foundation that you have created through
hard work especially in terms of money terms of home because four is kind of
hacked a lot to do with the home the family the money the stability and kind
of being present where you are and when I get the four of Pentacles when verse I
have to say you know it just feels we just don’t feel secure I just feel like
financially a lot of you guys are photo so focus on it because you are so
insecure about it you’re like insecure about where it’s going so now let’s look
at let’s look at the week’s let’s look at it week by week now and I’m gonna
actually use I’m gonna use for that we’re gonna use the Hobbit week by week
here for cards for the week’s movie suicide let’s look at it week one and
then we’ll see oh the progresses in terms of energy and then we’re gonna
look at your major ops close and defining events okay so week by week one
for Leo Simon writes and Venus is the energy I’m not surprised that that’s
fair I would say this is a lot to do again with boundaries boundaries are a
big thing with you guys found it’s always kind of a push and pull given
give and take kind of situation that we really need to focus on in terms of our
boundaries do we let people overstep their boundaries too often friends
people that we love and they get make excuses for it especially in terms of
work if we want to be nice they want people to like us you might let people
overstep your boundaries too much or you might have overstepped some boundaries I
mean it could also be obvious I mean opposite I find that Leo’s have problems
on both sides of that you know for stepping boundaries and letting others
overstep their boundaries hanged man comes up there for a week to
needing to sit needing to look at what isn’t working here this is asking you to
slow down and really focus on what doesn’t feel right on what’s coming up
to kind of block you at this time you might be try and move forward in some
ways you might want to lessen the load but for some reason you can’t and you
really need to look at why this is coming up and what needs to be changed
if it’s something that has happened in the past and with the tube has to you
know Capricorn Eclipse is kind of finishing out here this month with the
last peppercorn eclipse and this 26 I just feel like we’ve heard we’ve learned
some hard lessons and it’s gonna come back once again so think back to what
you’ve learned around them what was happening and if that energy is coming
up again but in a different and transform the way it’s time to look at
it and how we can shift and change moving forward
based on what wasn’t working in the past week three is looking good okay here
last week your third week is two of cups which is great we’re going to look into
that a little bit because that feels love you don’t be good stuff fair
exchange and then there were last week is a little bit mmm because it’s five of
swords which could bring up some fights some conflict coming on here let’s now
get some cards for what is going to be your major obstacles and defining events
this month going back to the Gustav Klimt deck here what are your office
goals and defining events this month will be Oh I think there’s some of you and I mean
we’re gonna look at this in the love reading as well but there’s relationship
problems coming up here and how we approach relationships and what we carry
what why we put ourselves in them when it ends up feeling like a 10 of Wands
and and ends up fighting I feel like some of you are gonna look at a
relationship that you thought was sunshine and happiness and how we’ve
really been in relationships and I don’t know why I just like there’s a sudden
rebellious nough Slyke I don’t want to do this anymore I can’t do this I need
to do something totally different because you’re gonna look back at the
past year and you’re gonna be like oh my god I thought I was growing change of
doing all this stuff but what I need to look at is what I really need rather
than what feels comfortable and what I want whoa what is happening mmm yeah
again money is like what you guys are focusing so much on the material and I
gotta be honest like I think the materials gonna be okay it usually is
for you we’ll look at that don’t worry ace of Pentacles reverse that you don’t
feel stable you don’t feel secure at all there’s just a misuse again if there’s
been misuse of wealth I have to say you need to pay attention to how you spend
your money this month it is the holiday season I know that’s tough please don’t
get mad at me for trying to tell you what to do I don’t want to tell you what
to do but if it’s gonna be detrimental to spend a ton of money on a ton of
people and looking real good and buying this buying that it’s probably not worth
it you know again holidays are all about the material we need to focus more on
the spiritual on the coming together and less about how we look to others and how
we think that you know we’re coming across let get away from the aesthetics
and more into the spiritual more into the feelings right now because I think
the material is really distracting you yeah oh my gosh meanwhile we have the
tower coming in for what are your obstacles we’re gonna have to look we
have to ask about this one all right let’s ask about the tower here because
listen that ain’t nothing to sniff at or an obstacle and now I’m getting like
heart palpitations about it yeah that’s a defining event alright
especially over go or again if you have been again spending too much money
without thinking about the future it’s gonna become a major problem and you
might have a major major upset in terms of some other plans that you had if you
don’t spend sorry if you spend too willy-nilly so I really gotta warn you
guys watch how you spend money I’m gonna try to get this video out as soon as
possible so I can try and help you guys before you do it but really watch the
bank account because you need to be thinking more long-term I know sata2
decide to tear your season is like super fun for you guys and it’s like yeah yeah
but it’s very creative and fun and you’re not really thinking in that
down-to-earth practical way but Capricorn season and all 2020 will slap
you so hard if you don’t start thinking long-term about the finances work
situation right now it’s like you’re worried about money but you’re also like
doing whatever you want and I have to just warn you that that kind of that’s
not gonna work for you you got to look at the emotion it’s almost like you guys
some of you are like emotionally spending because of maybe a breakup or
maybe something else going wrong and just watch it okay because she’s kind of
looking into her own cup looking at her own mystery as your own emotions and
maybe that’s really what we need to look at here not maybe that’s what you need
to be doing in the face of all this well I don’t know I don’t have fun and do
this you really need to be looking more at what’s making you wanna oh yeah
run away eight of swords reversed it will become very clear to you you know
where you were getting yourself stuck and where and how to move forward here
hangman and eight of swords reverse almost there a hand in hand in some
aspects just because I feel that it’s a pause or you need to really evaluate
your own position and why you can’t move forward and why things are feeling
stagnant stuck or you don’t feel like things are changing and
moving on the way that they should you will see things I love this combination
here love this that’s great he looks at
something in a different aspect he goes to the past he looks towards what he
wants his future to be and he tries to bring that all into a line and what
needs to be done what needs to be change how this needs to shift and he sees it
very clearly you can release yourself from this and you’ll be like oh my god I
didn’t know I had such a hand in all this I thought it was X Y and Z’s fault
I thought it was their fault and that his fall is her fault company’s fault
but maybe I needed to look more at what my role is in all this yeah the hero
fund take it slow take it easy take a step back ask for help if you need it
ask for guidance if you need it from somebody who’s wiser older possibly or
just somebody who really can help you when you were feeling kind of lost in directionless the Hierophant is wise be
wise be slow be traditional about things this month
even when Sagittarius wants you to run around doing this that the other thing
there is a strong pull to a more serious place here that we need to go to rather
than have fun rather than run around willy-nilly rather than focusing on the
material and wouldn’t it be great to have gold flakes in my hot cocoa and
spend $300 on a spa day and a weekend trip to like Cape Cod or I don’t know I
don’t even know why I would say Cape Cod it’s so cold up there probably right now
but you know whatever to Cabo I don’t even know where Cabo is but I know a lot
of people go there on vacation rich people so just don’t do that kind of
stuff is what I’m trying to say is really think hard about the future
really think at what provokes you to do this kind of stuff and to kind of run
around and run away from the more destabilizing aspects of your life the
more emotional aspects and how you kind of hide out in the
because it’s something again that you know you can always have more control
over see how you worry about money but I have to say Leo’s you have great control
over money Vick signs are able to kind of figure that shit out I’m part of my
friends their night of chalices you’ll be able to bring any more healing aspect
if you give more love your bank account but also what I get from this is yeah we
need to face our emotions delve more into romantic place focus on
relationships focus on again we have Venus moving into Aquarius it’s gonna be
a lot more lovely for you and love and a lot more words of love going on dates
the dipping into romanticism focusing on relationships I don’t mean all the good
stuff I also mean you know you’re gonna be really looking at it especially when
you get like I can’t ignore this combination just keeps yelling at me and
like he’s literally yelling at him in this but look at where he’s pointing
even on the deck it looks like he please pointing at the two of cups you need to
it’s like what part of you is trying to run away from the other part of you that
is really trying to show you something unhealthy about relationships or
unhealthy about balance in relationships here let’s let’s look a little deeper at
that the last two weeks seem like they really are focusing on that and I want
to look at it two of cups five of swords and don’t worry we will do love readings
I think for this month because it’s getting wild and I can’t ignore the
pushes to do love readings for the end of this decade I feel like a jerk if I
didn’t I probably will alright but let’s see two of cups five of swords let’s
clarify this for the last two weeks for you oh so it’s starting up you need to work
together if you’re in a relationship you we’re gonna have to go into this in a
different read I don’t know if I can say what I’m getting right now I just feel
like it’s and I want to I don’t want to make you guys flip out but there’s a
couple of threes here’s 3 of Wands 8 of coins through hip clients Queen of coins
and queen of wands for some of you you might feel that there’s competition and
that might cause you to get jealous and maybe a little bit paranoid and do some
freaking out this month uh-huh if you’re in a partnership with somebody for some
reason again I think that what’s important that you need to learn from
that hold from this whole situation though is going to be why these feelings
of mistrust come up and what it is you need to work in work on in yourself in
order to progress in a healthier way in order to be on the same wavelength in
order to be building and creating relationships together instead of you
know oh this is fine for now until I’m done with it you know there is this
almost hairlessness that is being confronted with sudden like wait a
second I’m actually jealous and I’m mad and I’m getting frustrated and what’s
happening here and I want to do something about this all of a sudden I
don’t know it’s like a real switch around but you need to we’re gonna we’re
gonna delve into this you know what I don’t know if I can get any deeper into
that it’s feeling very messy if I’m being honest but relationships yeah they
come into focus I think probably because Venus moves into Aquarius on the 20th
21st last two weeks so we’re gonna have again a lot of taking our power back and and I don’t know why I feel like you’re
gonna want to just doubt that push that energy into relationships but you need
to look at this from a different perspective and I say
because the eight of points is here and before I even started the video the
eight of cups was also there this is you need to change how you approach
relationships how you build yourself up how you are with you know even your
relationship to yourself there’s a lot of focus I think that needs to be
shifted from the material I mean I just think the only thing that I want to say
to you guys I think you guys for some reason are still focused on the material
and money but you’re gonna be fine like it’s I really genuinely a hundred
percent believe you will be fine with money like I have no worries for you
here in terms of that but you’re going to make a big deal out of that rather
than what you need to make a big deal of which is your emotions and how that
plays into everything else into your life and especially how we go about
relationships and the patterns that were in within relationships and how they
affect us even on a daily routine kind of level and on a mental health level on
an emotional level but there’s a lot that needs to be worked on within you
and then that will spill into relationships in a healthy way if we
were able to do that if we’re able to see where we need to change and how we
need to change and then implementing that change you will see good things
happen but you need to I don’t know why I just feel like for some of you it’s
like a jealousy thing kind of sparks that saying you’re like whoa I didn’t
even know I had that in me anymore I didn’t know I don’t want to be like
that something happens and I think you guys change and you grow and there’s
sense of maturity here a sense of maturing and growing within
relationships we’ll look at that look at that in the love reading because I just
I don’t know if I can get any more into that so let’s see here let’s get a
Doreen Virtue romance angel oracle card or a couple of them here for you guys
what’s happening oh those are two very strange cards to get out next to each
other but you know what for those of you who are in a situation that is just not
seeming to bring you happiness in terms of love it’s unreal of whether it’s
you’re never gonna have those feelings for that person and you’re like oh my
god I keep doing this to myself or I keep doing this people in relationships
I need to seek out passion allow your heart and soul to sing with joy because
thatwill calling your soulmate you have to be happy and passionate and you can’t
just be biting time with people or you know keeping people on a string because
it gives you something to do right now I think that for a lot of you this is kind
of a signifier to say to be healthy and relationships you need to be alone and
really figure out some something in terms of what you’re looking for and how
how you are I mean just your general generally how we go about relationships
but for some of you you might be trying to go after somebody that’s just an
unrecruited love and you need to seek out passion and that will call your
soulmate in but this person in the situation it’s not bringing you like
what you want anymore it feels like and again that’s not going to be for all of
you because I’m sure some of you are in just fine partnerships and you don’t
have anything to worry about that’s fine but it’s just you I’m picking up on
let’s get a Halloween Oracle by Stacy DeMarco for you guys you saw that right
okay um lady de los Muertos maybe do this
weirdos and acceptance and equality and then we also get you the lamp I really
like the lamp because it to me it just says right now we might not know might
not be able to define the things that we want we might not be able to see a clear
path where we’re going but we’re going there and we’re just gonna have to trust
and have faith right now but let’s see lady de los muertos lady here she is
okay acceptance and equality acknowledging that death is a natural
process that will enter everyone’s life at some time and that perhaps until then
we can choose to be life-affirming takes away much of the fear take a light
approach to a situation initially and it may work out better if you are holding
on to something that does not serve you any longer in particular material things
simplify and let go let me get the lamp remembrance this card reminds us oh
sorry um yeah this guy reminds us that it is a positive thing to remember those
who have passed by celebrating their life
rather than mourning their death for those with whom we did not have an easy
relationship or even those we did not like leave us with valuable lessons
sometimes we learn more from our nemesis than we do from our friends and so the
darkness can illuminate our strengths and our true values so that we can live
them more clearly and fully so guys those are your messages leo there’s a
lot of shifting a perspective that you need to look at and I feel that that
lamp message you know sometimes we learn more from our nemesis than we do from
our friends so the darkness can illuminate our strengths and our true
values so we can live them more clearly and fully I feel that that is really
important in the relationship sectors for you that’s what’s gonna be coming up
and you’re gonna have to kind of sift through all that I’m really figure out
what it is you’re supposed to be learning and how we mature and how you
can grow from here based on what’s coming up right now okay all right Leo’s
those are your messages I hope you have a wonderful and blessed month of
December happy Holidays to all who celebrate have a wonderful month guys if
you want to book a private reading all that info is right below this video in
the description box if you haven’t do make sure to subscribe to make sure to
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