hello everyone welcome back to my
channel so in today’s video I am going to be creating this makeup look inspired
by the Leo zodiac sign that just started this week and if you like videos like
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you’d like to see how I did this then just keep on watching okay so to start
this look I have already done my brows with the brow perfect pomade from Lidl
now I’m going to conceal one eye up with the revolution conceal and define and
I’m going to film this eye and I’m going to set the under-eye area
and I’m using the Kiko matte fusion pressed powder okay so the Leo sign has just started on
July 23rd and on my search I found the color palettes to be very orange red kind
of purple and also gold so for that I’m using the revolution x tammi
tropical paradise palette because I think there’s a few shades that can kind
of relate to that and this doesn’t have a red but then I’ll use a red lipstick
so I’m going to start by building the outer corner and I’m going to use this
shade and I’m going to pack this color on the outer corner and along my natural crease now here going to the inner corner I’m
just going to kind of drag it in and blend with what I have but I need to add
more and I’m also taking this color on the
outer corner on the bottom lashes I mean on the lower lash line I’m just blending a little bit of the
edge of this one and now to blend the upper part I am going to take this shade
and again I’m starting by adding it closer to the outer part I’m also taking this orange shade and blend the lower lashline now I’m adding a little bit more of the first
shade and blending it and now I want to add more depth to the
outer corner so I’m going to add the black shade on this palette just a
little bit to the outer V I’m just adding a little bit more of the
first shade on top of this okay and now I’m going to do a half cut
crease I’m just dragging it a little bit over a
half it’s like two thirds maybe okay so I’m going to do this cut crease
on sort of three parts on this outer part I’m using this very dark orange
shade and then moving in I’m going to use this shimmer orange then closer to
the *inner* corner I’m going to use this gold shade and finally to highlight the
inner corner I’m using this one so I’m going to do that by pressing the shadow
and then dragging it a little bit out and then the other one and drag it a
little bit on top of the other and the others just like that I’m also dragging this last shimmer a little
bit on my lower lash line and I want to add a little bit of the shimmer orange
here on the lower lashline I’m also going to add this shimmer to my brow bone okay so for eyeshadow that’s done and
considering that the Leo sign is a fire sign I think this look adapts very
well to that on my waterline I’m using the Kiko everlasting Kajal and then I’m
drawing a winged liner with the NYX epic ink liner okay so this is the eyeliner and for
mascara I’m using the Kiko standout volume buildable okay so now I’m going to do the other
eye off-camera and also my base and then I’ll come back to finish the look okay
so the other eye is done my base is done I have used the kiko full coverage
two-in-one foundation and concealer I also used a little bit more of the
conceal and define concealer and I used again the matte fusion pressed powder now
for bronzer I’m using the Kiko gold waves bronzer it’s this one and it’s my
current favorite for blush I’m using the Kiko lip me lots blush
this is kind of a coral with a little bit of gold shimmer I think it looks really nice
with this eyeshadow look and for highlighter i’m using a w7
glowcomotion this is kind of gold shade and it’s allegedly a dupe with the mary
loumanizer from the balm okay and finally for my lips as I said
I’m going to use a red liquid lipstick for that I’m using the Kiko smart fusion
lip pencil this is in the shade 514 and I’m using the sephora cream lip stain in
the shade 01 and finally to set this look I’m using
the Kiko prime and fix refreshing mist okay and so this is the look complete I think
that it does very well represent the fire side of the Leo zodiac sign it’s
got the kind of purple orange gold red and I also really like these kind of
warm tones and if you liked this look then don’t forget to leave me a thumbs
up and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below
let me know if you are a Leo or if you have any Leos in your life I have a
very special Leo in my life it’s my fiance and I also have a lot of Leo
friends so this look is a little bit more
special for me and yeah if you want to see more videos like this then it would
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and Thursday but that is everything for today’s video thank you so much for
watching bye


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  • Aaliyah Marie says:

    So Pretty!! Loving the look! 💕💕 YOU COMPLETELY SLAYED ME!!! 😍😍😍 I just want to say how much I enjoyed watching your video. Can’t wait to see more! Just left a like 👍🏽 BTW I also have a channel, I would love for you to check it out when you have a chance and show some love and support! Us smaller YouTubers need to stick together, let's support one another! Lol Thanks! 😘

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    That palette looks amazing!😍💕Loved this!💕 Also your makeup looks beautiful!🌸💕

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