LEO May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

LEO May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

LEO May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading
Monthly Horoscope welcoming you Leo’s this is the energy
vibration reading for the month of May I want to say thank you for being here I
thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful positive energy vibration
clean your ears and let’s see what is going oh
so for you Leo’s I want to say thank you for being here please like share these
videos I change up the energy vibration from the reading so here you guys are
going to be seeing a card the energy for this month is the energy of strength and
you Leo guys have in the first week the energy of the devil whatever is
happening whatever is transpiring you’re dealing with people of no energy
vibration or situation where there is outside influence that is coming at you
outside influence that is coming at you okay then we have the I princess listen
to your own intuition about the situation because you’re going to be
very very much right on target so some of you in the first week is going to be
dealing with a situation where the situation is not really healthy you’re
right about whatever else to inspire you’re going to be bringing an end to
into the situation in the third week and if fire water and hurt where you bring
balance in a situation so you Leo’s are coming in the month of May with people
situations outside influence this is definitely outside influence and listen
to your intuition because you’re aware of this you can feel it you know this
that nearest outside influence which is coming in the form of negative energies
people sending a lot of negative energies see you and that sort of a
thing the energy of the world is here there is an ending in the third week
with a relationship okay there is definitely some of you are
going to decide listen to your intuition about a relationship it can be a twin
flame relationship a soulmate relationship
the marriage or it could be as a relationship if you notice there it has
to do with family members twinplane relationship these are situation from
the past healthy and unhealthy and unhealthy okay so some of you could be
in an unhealthy relationship and your is as if you feel this and you know this
and you want to bring this to an end okay then we have the energy of the
tower which the outside influence is going to come to an end because it’s as
if the universe said no we’re stepping in we are going to take over the
situation no it’s as if some of you call upon divided intervention because you
felt as if this situation was not healthy for you okay then we have the
energy of the star where your spirit guides are giving you all hope to go
forward hope that things are going to be working out in the most positive way but
they’re saying in order for things to work out an end has to come – and some
negative energy negative forces or negative situations some of you could be
in a relationship that is driven by sex and as this air for your guides and
angels are saying this is not the relationship you should be in there is
too many red flags there’s too many situation that is going on it could be
also be that outside influences of negative situations coming in now as you
go to the end of the month you’re having a positive energy some of you a Taurus
Virgo Taurus or a Capricorn you could be reconnected with a Taurus
or a Capricorn and this situation is going to give you some fate and hope but
the energy is that where you’re dealing with someone it could be sex base it
could be animal it could be drugs that you or and you know really so aligned
it’s as if your spirit guides as hell you the empress is here an empress
definitely telling you something about a new cycle that is going to be happening
for you because whatever that was blocking your financial abundance is
going to be lifted now whatever that was blushing your financial abundance he is
going to be lifting now some of you who are in business it’s going to be very
successful as you come to the third we going in the fourth week the first week
is not a good positive energies for you tall for you Leo’s be aware of this be
tonight of this let’s look and see what’s coming out justice comes out so a
situation is going to be balanced because here whatever energies that was
blocking you from moving forward is going to be ending and what is happening
is that a lot of you Leo’s are going to be in the the response of being in a
situation where it as do i do just do i move forward do i do i release this
energy it’s all about fate and oh that things is going to be happening for you
guys and here you have the energy of the star wonderful situations are coming up
especially some of you your spirit guides is going to be
helping you especially connected with an organization or group of people they are
going to be coming in and showing you a good situation and positive situation so
whatever that has been happening and transparent you are going to be realized
in that a group our organization is going to be helping you to balance out a
situation and people in business it’s going to be very good if you are in
network groups organization in that sort of a thing with other people this is
also going to be good you are going to be connecting with the right people in
the right time to the right situation so this is going to be wonderful so not to
worry about that sort of an energy that is transpiring really wonderful positive
energies coming out whatever if you were on drugs if you
were an addict to something that is going to be ending as if you have been
working on release in whatever you were an addict two informations secrets about
an organization is going to be coming in some of you are going to be finding out
secrets about the organization this is going to be coming in and you’re going
to be finding how to something that has a happen and transpired now let’s see
what other energies or here for you Leo’s I think your reading is very
positive because whatever is transpiring is that some of you you were blocked
your materialistic flow was blocked and now that is definitely definitely going
to be lifted up and this is going to be very wonderful and very positive oh
let’s see whatever the helping energies triumph triumph over a situation
triumphant success is going to be coming out too for a whole lot of you guys
because here is the energy of the devil and this is what is transparent is that
some of you who are blocked or hold there was negative forces and energy
coming at you and this is going to be release you’re going to be triumphant
over the situation as you see the energy is taking down this negative energies in
the first week as we look at the second because as if secrets informations are
going to be coming out and as we look to the third we can afford week it’s gonna
be the best of the month please you guys especially the third week going in the
fourth week is gonna be the best and whatever and whoever that was
you don’t stopping you in an organization this is going to be entered
the solar plex so yeah solar plex chakra is here and
this is the orange energy call upon our Cajun Metatron and angels and archangels
Uriel to touch open and read empower you so realizing that a lot of energies with
the chakras or coming out for a lot of people in
this month and this is very very good then we have the energy of the turd I
desert I so yulia’s are working on the energy point of the chakra you’re
working on the solar plex Accra which is empowering yourself and taking back your
power because your power was being taken out away from you the third eye his ear
and the energy of the third eye is definitely definitely here where
whatever the situation whatever that was playing see the tower comes up twice
because there’s a deist a deep Malaysian add emulation of something that has been
transpiring in your life definitely so let’s call upon the angels
and guides to come in and remove whatever that needs to be removed from
you Leo’s in the month of May you are going to be having the energy of your
spirit guides there was definitely some negative energies and a negative
situation that was transpiring and this is going to be removed so that is good
what’s the spirit guide the spirit guides is the Nightingale I’m not the
energy of the nightingale it said love is all around you this is the number
five and it is four plus one is five so you guys are working with the angels and
you’re working on a new start and this is good self and the month energies has
really been protected by the Nightingale and the nightingale energies comes up
because it’s showing you that it wants you guys to understand that nothing is
real except love and no matter who or what however they’re influencing your
life in whatever shape on form is that only the universe have the power to do
that and not man man has so much ego and if you listen to the message for it a
year 2019 you can go back on my chair and listen to that message the message
was a man uses their power man definitely uses their power and their
ego and this is why some of the other spiritual universal beings do not work
with human directly because of this issue since your main so call upon
saint-germain and it says I believe in my abilities to create miracles so this
is your affirmation so whatever is going on around you you can say this three
times and then says it is so and it will be sent your main Lord of the
civilization of cooperation of it Archangel Zadkiel to transfer transfer
mate the lower energies of the world in the boiling flame so call upon
Archangels sent your mean to bring in the gold and silver boiling flame to
flow through you and surround you in your house in every room of your house
in your car use and call upon sent your mean to send in your horror in this
month of me because this is going to be helping you your guidance is the info so
we invoke saint-germain to surround us in the violet light and see the divine
perfection in whatever and whoever you wishes to transmit this negative energy
your pure intention and focus can create with the images to make miracles happen
using this to help yourself and to help others to ascend so let’s call upon our
k.michelle sent your main to come in you have number seven three plus four is
seven another four energy comes up for you guys a lot of you your chakras is
going to be open this is positive because whenever our chakras orator dies
chakras open is that the universal angels and Mike are going to be
connecting with us in a very positive way and whatever that is happening
whatever that is transpiring around we need to be aware of all the images
that is okay because I will not it’s definitely okay your energy is the
fourth ray of harmony so you guys really need to find the fort energy of harmony
number six again you have 26 about the materialistic stability the fort array
of harmony is here so communicate and call upon the fourth rate of harmony to
balance you guys out and that is especially for the people who are
already on the ascendance but that you are working with the forebrain of
harmony so it’s about bringing about harmony in your life in a really
positive ways okay so you can now accept the free will to change situations
around you and in you and it is going to be the perfect perfect month of
alignment to do that because you’re definitely going to be changing and
moving away from certain aspects in certain situation definitely some of you
who were you know on you know being guided by the ego that is definitely
going to be released if there was negative energies that was forming
around you that just definitely going to be release your her to be removing that
away from your break in whatever that was there and that was placed there so
you’re going to be seeing all of this actually coming out and break him so
there is definitely justice that is going to be coming up again someone with
done you injustice or you could be using the intellect to move away things this
is the the deal for YouTube the extended region is on the website so use the link
to find out where it’s coming out and where it’s going to be affecting you
guys I want to say namaste until next time


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