LEO Psychic Tarot Reading | Weekly Horoscope | April 1-7

LEO Psychic Tarot Reading
Weekly Horoscope | April 1-7 welcome this is the energy vibration
reading for the for the Leo’s sun moon rising sign I want to say thank you for
being here thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful lectures and
so for two years like shares and support thank you so much for the positive
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the monthly reading okay I want to say to each and every person this is a week of
the fire week so it’s gonna be a very positive week is the first week of April
week begins from the first on total sentence so let’s see what’s coming out
for you yet what is coming up for them years in this week okay we have the
energy all but the I princes and that is your angels and guides come in and
alerting you to a situation we have the energy of the star which is a beautiful
so you have two major arcana I’ve seen it some of you have already make a
decision about a Taurus Virgo or a capricorn man 45 years and older
you’ll have some regrets about the situation whatever it is there are some
regression it’s as if now you’ll see the truth of the situation and to shoot our
organization the week is called for rest ok whatever is happening the week is
calling for rest and whenever a week is calling for risk is that you need to be
focus and understanding is as the central of the week it’s all about risk
is all about having someone breasts okay you need to press whatever is
transpiring and that sort of a thing it’s all about right so you begin the
week with a water energy then you have a higher energy and the water energy that
you have is a six of six of swords which is in the reverse for and that is saying
to you is that you’re ready to make a decision about the
Taurus Virgo or Capcom person okay this is someone who is it’s a promise for
Capricorn yes know some of you Taurus Gerber or Capricorn some of you is the
king of sorts okay so whoever the skinny of sorts is is a situation where you
would make a decision about this person because you’re ready to get back and
you’re thinking you know whatever it is what the person is this is definitely a
person and you really have some regrets connected with whoever this person was
as I said you wish it in whatever way it is I didn’t decide
I know number one to have a connection with you because you realized that it
only brings you sadness and regret so obviously this could be a twin major
or soul mate because the pile sign and the airside goes together sorry I’m
having my coffee so it could be a twin plane or a soulmate situation and this
is someone that has to do with an organization you could admit this person
an organization or you could have met this person you could be a member or
someone but it listen to your intuition okay your intuition is going to guiding
you on the right heart you’re gonna be overcoming and this person could be an
Aquarian so you could have met an Aquarian man and you’ve already decided
hey no I don’t want to have anything to do with you and leaving you behind there
is some decision that needs to be made whatever is that mean there is some
decision that needs to be making but I princess is an article so your intuition
is it going to be very fine after exists largely about a certain decision that
needs to be happening okay yeah you’re trying to find inner
strength to deal in a situation because this is if you’ve decided to let go of a
situation if you have decided I know number one to vibrate with the
situation whatever it was you know normal wants to vibrate with the
situation and you you’re walking away from the situation basically you’re
gonna be receiving some help whatever the situation is you’re definitely going
to be receiving some help and some I mean there is a new star is coming okay
I’m seeing three people which is not very nice people okay it could be you
guys that is Oh Gina Brown but I’m saying that you’re going to be
overcoming a situation and good news is going to be coming in okay so there
people are not and because here I’m seeing that some of you have some
regrets some of you have some regrets about a situation that has a car in our
organization but definitely you’re going to be receiving it helped them seen here
where it could be that three friends three sisters whatever it is it has to
do with three friends three sister and there is going to be some regrets now
we’re going to be looking at what these regrets are all about because definitely
these regrets are coming up any regrets situation doesn’t come up if we’re not
supposed to look at them okay situations don’t come up if we’re
not supposed to look at that and obviously these situation came up so
obviously we have to take a look see whatever that was happening or
transpiring okay so there’s definitely some of you I were
to be receiving help from a aquarium Gemini or LeBron
it is more coming up with a star as the aquarium so some of you are definitely
going to be receiving help from this aquarium but the aquarium could come up
as a government or an organization or an institute or organization and they are
going to be helping you but for the rest some of you have some regrets over a
situation that s tricks are because you’re going to be thinking oh my god I
really really didn’t see this coming whatever this is there’s a continued
sort is going to be coming in because I’m saying you need to rest some good
news is about to come to you and you need to rest whatever whatever the is
transpiring around you you need to rest listen to your intuition about making a
new start okay listen to your intuition about
making a new start because this is going to be turning out much better for you
because this is it because these are major opponent and when these major
arcana comes up and line up together there are saying to you whatever
intuition you have over a project or that sort of a thing listen to that
intuition because what is transferred what exactly is definitely that you’re
right on target with what is transpiring around you okay so let’s look at home
because I change up the radiant again I think when I change it up there is just
certain information that some of you have to make a decision whatever the
decision that you make you’re going to be coming out of this decision on top
some of you just decide on something that hey tell her I don’t want to deal
with it anymore I don’t want to deal wait.you I don’t even want to realize
that it exists anymore and and this is with someone who’s an
aquarium and I or Libra okay and for some of you for some of you this is and
and help yeah people in power is some of you are going to be dealing with someone
in power and they could want to work together with you or they’re working on
your behalf without you even know and say thank you thanks to the universe
thanks the person who is doing that okay because sometimes we’re not aware but
sometimes we’re not aware that people are working on your behalf and this is
like someone who truly truly truly is coming from a good place because only
that sort of but people work on Kabbalah people other people who does something
for someone else without you even knowing it it’s just someone who wants
something back in return okay so you have to be aware of what
when and how these sort of a situation occurs in your
life okay I’m seeing that three women and seen some of the regrets so let’s
see what that think because I’m seeing three women and I’ve seen it some regret
and three whatever three women tried to do to you and this for some of you is
coming that there’s something that Esther inspired and it has to do with
three women three girls it could be three girls three boys but it could be
three people try to and connect together to do something towards you an
organization is going to be seen that and you’re going to be coming out be
very successful okay you’re definitely twice the stories
coming so whatever that three persons three persons try to work against you
okay there is three what a female man they
try to work against you and it’s not gonna work because the universe is going
to find a way to help you situation ok the universe is going to
find a way to help you out of a situation so not to worry so as if
someone tried to stop you or or block you or whatever three person come
together to do something but if it work okay now we have these two energies and
with these two energies what is going to be happening and what is going to be
transpiring is that you aren’t good to choose card one or a two okay and this
is the energy vibration that is going to be helping me you’re going to be
understanding what is happening for you in this week okay and we have the sacral
chakra the sacral chakra so whatever is transpiring the sacral chakra comes up
with the energy of the sacral chakra we have a situation where you’re calling up
on the universal angels and guides and the angels that protects your sacral
chakra to touch open and activate your sacral chakra okay and as you choose and
this is number two so it’s obviously duality there is duality in this week
and definitely there is some good news that is going to be coming in and
whatever to do up to whatever that was played whatever that was happening with
the energy of duality coming in it’s great to be wonderful you have to call
back on your secret chakra okay I’m going to give you a tone that help you
with your secret chakra conflict and the beach is in Reverse so that means the
complete is ended and whatever and whoever was trying to defeat you have to
stand back and watch out it’s better okay so stand back watch how it’s done
okay what’s made or was someone has plucked
something whoever has plop this the situation okay there was some regretful
things but someone has plucked three women three sickness
women or men it could be women or men okay they don’t even look like they’re
or women or a date they look more transvestite okay and there’s nothing
wrong I’m not even sure about that guy you’re just a minute okay so whatever s
transpire yeah but whatever they plan it pulled through now for the sacred chakra
this is good because the sacred chakra is the orange color so who choose card
number one it’s for the whore inch color and what you’re going to be doing is
visualize yourself in orange to just analyze your setting in an orange bowl
or a triangle orange okay and the soul is a B and if you I want I want I want
okay that is the key word I want okay sacred chakra is taking back your power
it’s going to affect the testicles and the ovaries so you might be a little bit
sexual in the suite and it’s because okay Sarah that’s a lesson for you all
their reading and Aaron listen to these readings you monkeys are out I love you
guys I gotta go

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