Leo September 2019 Love & Spirituality reading – NO MORE FEELING ASHAMED! ♌

Leo September 2019 Love & Spirituality reading – NO MORE FEELING ASHAMED! ♌

hello my dear Leo this is your love and
spirituality reading for the month of September 2019 with me queen of cups tarot
today from my perspective we went into Virgo season so remember to say happy
birthday to all virgos you know out there I will do a shorter 10 card spread
instead of the usual 15 card spread and if you like it I might continue doing my
reading in this fashion I do this reading in the order of birthdays which
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spiritual growth and for this reading I will use the 78 torrid mythical the
chart of legendary sorry for it doesn’t zoom and it’s a global art collaboration
limited addition so when I opened a stake for
you I see you queen of Wands and nine or sorts so nine of swords it’s the
situation where we feel hurt by our own thinking about ourselves or it might be
what other people are doing to you we can feel very victimized we can see the
tears in her eyes here dinosaurs can also be self-isolation because we don’t
want to be a victim we don’t want to be victimized from other people okay so I
call the divine with love and light and here we have the nine Oh cups together
with nine or swords so I’m thinking you’re going to a rather rough patch
where you’re trying to sort out what’s making you happy and what’s not making
you happy which means that you are currently isolating yourself to be able
to determine what should be welcomed in your life and what shouldn’t and I’m
thinking you’re also working very hard with trying to see in what way you are
creating your own life with good thoughts and good expectations and bad
thoughts and bad expectations so I see I fail to keep the candle alive I will fix
that later on and so I called for arc angels in the
four corners of the world and here we see the 10 of Wands where the nine of
swords so here we can see that you’re really you’re really trying you’re
putting a lot of pressure on yourself to behave in a certain way and maybe
control and like the bad thoughts that you have or control the situations where
people are acting malicious and you might be trying very hard to keep a
positive attitude even if people are at you like this
so it’s kind of heroic but probably not necessary it’s much better if you take
the villain out in the open and show them to the whole village okay
well show them like a look in the mirror you can have a mirror with you and show
okay so this is how I see you act right now so this is how you I feel that you
behave okay but this is like how you sound like can we take this down a notch
can we have a proper discussion because it seems a little bit like you’re
walking on eggshells you don’t want to have the whole house escalating in some
fights so you’re trying to tiptoe like on eggshells a little bit so maybe
there’s a person and in your household or in at the place where you work or
somewhere which is acting up in some way okay so this might be you of course as
well that’s doing like this so six elements and here we have six wants with
the nine of swords so it seems like this is a perfect time when you can put light
on your fears you can put light I think people are behaving badly maybe in your
surroundings so you will call them out and like bravely show them a better way
of doing things so it’s like you’re being called to be some kind of leader
in a situation so whenever a person is acting maliciously a little bit trying
to manipulate or you know make you into a laughingstock or whatever and you drag
this out in the light and you say okay so this is not okay for me and I want us
to be able to have a proper discussion what’s going on with you here and and so
on so you can don’t conform to malicious behavior and think okay so that was a
real bad encounter see you are want to show you a little face there okay this
was a bad encounter better keep myself away from this person yes that can be an
approach to but with the six of us it seems like you are asked to be kind of
brave in this situation and take it out openly like what you see and
what you heard that person say maybe it was a misunderstanding maybe you kind of
saw it much more malicious than what it actually is so when we take up things
for discussion we might hear the truth instead of going around and thinking the
worst okay so six elements earth wind fire water spirit and ether to join us
here today and to give us a clear view reading cool my dear viewers so I want
my dear Luis to have love in their life mm-hmm
and when love jumped we had the king of swords also a page of Pentacles in the
bottom of the deck and so um this might be the people that’s trying to help you
to see things that you have kept covered up before maybe for example if someone
is rude you might have been you know trying to just jump over that the thing
the person just said and continue being nice and and sometimes it’s because the
person is actually a little bit unexperienced so they can act rude of
unexperienced and sometimes they do this maliciously like knowingly the king of
swords is very clear minded very clear-headed so either or the person is
doing like a mistake almost or they do this deliberately you can call it out
and I asked about love and it came the king of swords so I think that you might
currently attract people that’s it’s all about getting in like little bit mind
games like who is the most intelligent here and maybe trying to pull your leg a
little bit okay there okay so it’s done there so I will post a little bit and
fix your candle so it had accidentally drowned itself so I put another candle
for you okay so now well tune in here for a few seconds to you and
energy of September for you so with the – ORS I think that it’s people kind of
annoying you and maybe you want to be stoic or a little bit like the bigger
person and not make a drama of everything but I think you can be very
adult in this situation and and kind of tell the person what you see sometimes
the person will anoint you maybe because they want to have your attention or you
know love me love me please love me and then you say the loving things that you
think they need to hear instead of just going and being irritated with a person
you can say okay yes beautiful you did that great even if it costs a little bit
you know and if someone is you know insinuating that you have said or done
something that was you know wrong or this moral you ask them about that – so
how did you mean can you explain this to me instead of just hiding away in in
shame and you go out to the square and ask okay so what was up with this what
did you think here what was going on okay because I think you’re and you kind
of you get irritated but you make excuses and you take the blame that’s
what I’m feeling for some reason okay so this is the new bottom of the deck and
we have the Ace of Wands so the energy of taking it out to the square okay not
being scared not feeling shaken not feeling like you
are going to be exposed but actually standing your ground and being sure
about yourself knowing that you have good motives that things just needs to
be sorted out things just needs to be out in the air so this is you being very
brave and almost it’s like you’re rolling the dice and doing something
that before or still you might feel that it’s a little bit precarious like am I
really going to you know take the bull by the horn here and look my mother in
the eye or and talk my boss about this and you just do
because this sometimes comes you know like the devil on your shoulder you just
do things one day and just you get tired of trying to tiptoe and you just okay so
this is what I see you know and this is the old bottom of the deck and it’s the
five of cups and it’s kind of what you’re leaving behind and so instead of
just being disappointed and wither away and you know okay so one more person to
think I’m a better person instead you’re now taking the bull by the horn so
that’s that’s a better way and it will give you more life force you know like
this instead of the that sad posture of everything is destroyed okay and this is
the the reading itself or the layout of the cars and this is your situation this
is what challenged you in this situation this is how you deal with this challenge
this is your intuition and this is how you follow the instructions or the clues
you get from your intuition and this is what to relax and accept things we can’t
do much about and it’s what it is and and we need to learn to accept things
and this is the next level so when you have done gone through all this with
flying colors this will be where you were where we’re at okay so this is the
original reading it calls the lifting bird and it’s not my invention I got
this knowledge of this like in the 90s 1990s and this is what I have added like
resolved cards three cars for assault and it’s like a mini lifting bird with
just three cards to show what will be the next step kind of and together they
make up a heart okay so Union when you come into Union
more and more with yourself so here we have your situation and we have the
temperance so it kind of goes very well with the Ace of Wands that we saw you’re
taking a new part of yourself people can’t kidnap you anymore like
hold you down with guilt for example because you don’t feel guilty you just
okay so you stand up for yourself you believe in yourself you know that you’re
not a bad person you know that you’re worthy of love so when you are in a
difficult situation you stand tall so it’s like you’re integrating new parts
of yourself that before you were the demon you were the bad guy you were the
one to blame the black sheep or whatever and now you just own it so that’s kind
of beautiful and it it makes you very radiant very attractive to be courageous
like this and to not shy away from difficult situation but face it head-on
without wanting any kind of conflict just wanting to sort it out it kind of
makes you interpersonal I’ve that’s more you know not frozen not with the five of
cups just withering away and okay so and yet another person that doesn’t
understand me and walk like walking away and being sad instead you you’re owning
your life you’re owning the situations you’re owning up to it and and you don’t
become intimidated so good and we have the owl here so you’re also very wise
and this butterfly’s transformation and rainbows that’s the new beautiful
radiant you when you integrate your two different sides some of you might also
have might met someone because this is a very passionate card of like kind of
love in first sight and things like this and then we have the challenge and with
the tennis source it seems to be all the assumptions that you have made of
yourself and now it’s time to make up the reckoning so to see when like then
you will come into the same old situation that you have done before but
you will react to this in a different way and if you don’t it kind of will be
hell to pay because it will be like this situation will increase and increase in
volume so like down turn turn turn to higher and higher until you notice it
and and do this you know facing up to this and and and talking things through
and dragging things out in the open so it’s a very very very old assumption
that you have made about yourself and that you thought that maybe God made
about you as well and that people in your surrounding has picked up on and
adapted to so this is what they have mirrored back to you that you are not a
good person you don’t mean well you’re always you’re
trying to lie you’re trying to destroy you’re trying to are different things
and and might also be other things like jealousy and people wanting to take
control of you and things like this but whatever is your pattern and your
challenge is now to see it because this is not necessary for you to keep anymore
you can look at them through all these different things and and wave bye-bye to
them okay so this is how you deal with this and we have another 10 10 oh source
this is 10 it’s the main major Koerner 10 so you’re kind of aware that you are
going in cycles and that you are it’s like you get old lessons like going back
to school a little bit and and you know that ah this is this saying this old
thing I know this sense before okay so now the lessons is is up again this time
I will ace it so it would be kind of easy for you to to go through this
school here with flying colors because you have done this so many times before
it’s just two things in another way more courageous less you know feeling guilty
or feeling like a victim but actually owning up if you feel like someone is
rude then you tell them I think you are rude now I think you are acting rude
this is what you’re saying is rude so what’s your point with with with saying
this what do you want what do you need from me how can I help you to sort out
this ah so your own up to it you’re grown up and we are fortunate so it’s
like this with rolling the dice the little Ace of Wands there as well and
it’s like you’re more courageous you are not scared of the consequences anymore
it seems like you have faced a lot of challenges so maybe it’s like okay what
can you bring me now that I haven’t seen before
so you will be able to take most of the crap in the shitstorm coming your way
and with the intuition we have the High Priestess and through the High Priestess
is intuition she is hotline to God kind of and she has she trusts herself her
own instinct she knows that she is good and she had this little problem in her
relationship to Adam because this is Lilith and Adams first wife he didn’t
want to be equal with her he wanted to have control over her sit on top and she
wanted to have more equalness she wanted to sit on top in the lovemaking and he
said no so she got really pissed went to the desert to never come back so she’s
kind of a little bit pigheaded but this is how strong you are if people don’t if
they don’t want to meet you as the person you are or as the the soul you
are if they want to put you in a book somewhere and like this should be your
behavior you’re not going to take it okay with these kind of cars you’re not
going to take it you’re going to feel the hurt that they’re trying to do this
to you but your other spend time in the desert and like with the nines that we
saw on a shuffle the cards and then staying another second in a situation
where people doesn’t honor and respect and love you so it’s kind of easy for
you to put everything on a spot and take things out in the daylight because you
rather be without them to sacrifice or yourself or Bend yourself over backwards
to fit in a situation that’s what the high priestess is tummy only certain
issues in people will be able to come in into your paradise here so she’s like
the gate herself so will will they add up and most people will when you talk
with them and you see true the misunderstands people because many of
these misunderstandings is your own is your own perception of you and your own
assumption of what people mean and what implying – when they say certain things
to you so most people will add up and they will be able to join you to the
gate and there will be freedom there because you will see to your own
illusions and this is how you react to your intuition and we have a nine of
swords here again so and nine of swords here I think I want to take an oracle
card to understand this better while you’re tormenting yourself in this way so my old reliable Oracle of vision is
always good for this little freak shows that we can sometimes see okay so it
seems to be the past that is haunting you like how people have treated you in
the past how God treated you in the past and how your parents treated you how
your partners have treated you how your kids treated you and it’s something with
this it’s like it’s sadness that yeah I’m on my own I love myself I can stand
tall but in the same time you feel that no one else really knows you or really
understands you so I think I have a song for you I’m hearing a song that’s kind
of classical and sometimes came a lot in my readings for maybe like six months
ago or something it’s 6:00 a.m. and skin so I think this is like a little mini
reading for you so check out the song it will help you a lot
to understand what what this is all about so you can recognize it in
yourself and start digging you know start dealing with it before it shows
its ugly face in your life and when it does you know take the bull by the horn
remember that so this is what you need to relax and accept and we have the
Guardian so it’s like this card much old things going to come up to surface old
situations you have been in old use also from old life times and people you have
met in your life now and in lifetimes before so it’s just
going to start to bubble up things to the surface that needs to be dealt with
by this new strong courageous you so you’re not going to always feel strong
and courageous you’re going to wonder okay so what’s up with this why am I
feeling so vulnerable why am I feeling so scared or why why can’t I keep my mmm
my battlefield cool here so and it’s because things are coming up that is a
little bit old and it’s when you are dealing with them you are getting access
to more parts of you more parts that might be a little bit more sensitive and
less cool but it’s still great still you and and you need access to this if you
can’t be you know vulnerable and and you know heartfelt you can’t really enjoy
life to the fullest either and be you know truly genuinely happy so this is
it’s a good thing but it’s bubbling up a lot of things and you want to remember
what it all is about you’re just going to feel funny feelings and and remember
strange things and dream about things you might dream about things that is
buried and you know dream about maggots and mummies and graves and things like
this and it’s because you are doing this excavation we can say now this is she’s
a little bit like a scientist so we can say you’re a little bit like
an archaeologist okay getting to know your past lives is what I’m seeing here
with you and perfectly enough I have been putting up these VIP packages on my
website just dealing with these past lives thingies and here they are
bubbling up in your life so and as the next level we have the queen of
Pentacles she has come a lot for a lot of the different signs and so showing
this new self love and how it has paid off in your life making your life more
abundant more successful more happy more stable more reliable more reliable
friends and more reliable you more beautiful inside where you feel
like everything is the summer’s day and you feel safe and taken care of and it’s
because you have done the cleaning work and so this is kind of wonderful it
gives a way that you might have success within your career within your family
relationships your role as maybe a parent your role as a stable committed
partner and things like this this is a Virgo so it’s very spiritual card but
it’s also very out giving card like a person that provides for both themselves
and others and it’s very like this self-love thing nine of swords is
connected to to hermit that’s also vertical but this is a better side to it
but we have this little for some of you you will still have a behavior where
you’re kind of easily let other people victimize you so that’s the only thing
you need to watch out for really in other case you can welcome all this
because it’s not really things that is really dangerous it’s old energies that
wants to be released and some old energies that wants to be remembered and
taken back so problems that you have had reappearing in your life over and over
and over again can be solved here if you start to see this like the patterns or
the knives that people you feel like people put them in your heart but if you
talk it through if you if you like go to the bottom of things you might see that
things will sort itself out and then when there’s different part of you
that’s as I said they’re a little bit fragile and when they see you’re being
strong like this and being able to take the bull by the horn they are going to
want to come back to you and that will mean that you will have more of you and
and you will have more talents and more ideas more energy and when you gravitate
like this when you are this kind of attractive you will attract a lot of
beautiful things into your life as well so that’s kind of gorgeous okay so and
the next level is to be self loving and successful
okay and this is your result and here we have the bullet was talking about and
it’s a crowd here with pitchforks and things like mob and this and this is Leo
in in Marsh so showing you needing to be the warrior and so just because you
become self loving it doesn’t mean that all the problems goes away you will
still have to add up and show the divine that you mean business that you have
real boundaries for sure and that you are going to protect your coastal gate
so don’t think for a moment to let yourself become codependent or to give
up something and you know some part of yourself just because some other person
said that this was not great so not for a moment you’re going to stand on the
barricades and be you like out in the fingertips so that’s what I’m saying
anything it will cost you but it will show yourself how strong you are okay
and the next card here for a source well and this thing where you have to over
and over again prove your boundaries and that you are worthy and that you are
allowed to be in society and you you are a good person and you haven’t done that
bad thing that people thought you did and all this suspicion and all these
things will make you feel a little bit separated from people okay it will you
will still feel like you are separate from from them and and they are a little
bit against you and and they don’t think good thoughts about you and they have
like the misunderstand yours or they they don’t just don’t know you okay they
see things from the wrong perspective so you will have this little bit feeling of
being victimized a little bit being martyr being misunderstood okay a lot of
this is in your own head but it’s fine okay let this thing play itself out and
let yourself be and a little bit disengaged the important thing here is
to take your side in this okay I’m not saying to blindly just
seeing your perspective but be able to have self-respect self-love and know
that if you have the best intentions you meant well if you know that you didn’t
have the best intention you can admit to it also because a big strong person like
this and is able to admit to their flaws it’s no problem
you’re still worth loving even if you have made mistakes or make mistakes so
try to stand on your own side it’s not you don’t have to feel loved by each and
every one just now because you’re going to the reckoning like the old old books
and pages that have been written to your different life lifetimes and you see a
lot of ugliness there and and this is where you’re at this is what you need to
see right now to make up the the reckoning with this and like the closure
the conclusion and this is going to in the end make you stronger a little bit
wiser a little bit more logic a little bit more upfront a little bit more
mature having your back a little bit more and not serving your head on a
plate to other people basically okay and the next card here is the tower and so
I’m going to have to take pod for that to the Tower of the means healing but
it’s like old structures that’s falling away and I want to know what that old
structure is okay so you are not going to be anyone’s puppet doll anymore so no
one is going to be able to be a puppeteer over you anymore so people
won’t be able with you know making you feel ashamed or like shameful or oh yes
I should have been here earlier or I should have done that when you couldn’t
okay and here it’s it’s like this old structure is falling and you won’t care
really for these social rules and structures
and that you have had in your life earlier and listen to very sharply that
has victimized you and for some of you and it has been a lot of defense in this
like you have shown up a facade that you didn’t really care and that you didn’t
really care about people and not being at your side but this time I think
you’re going to take out the ugliness in the at the square as I felt from the
beginning and if you feel like a person doesn’t like you like you for example
you might go up to them and say okay so it seems like we have come like we have
found each other on the wrong foot what is it that you don’t like with me
and you you just ask them upfront so um it’s old things from your childhood
specifically that will start fall and it might be this with you know being on
time with things that if you are late say that traffic is really bad and it’s
not an excuse and you come already in your face and up to like the meeting and
you’re excused yourself hundred times and people look at you like you’re a
really bad person here you are going to you know own it and not give your power
away I think we all have a little bit of a karma of being royalties and after
that happened like some some thousands of years ago where you had the royalty
of over earth and maybe did a lot of mistakes and people have have
scrutinized you after that to see if you are a good person or not or if you are
going to go back to your dictatorship and you’re you being the
puppeteer master okay like it was in the past so you have proven yourself over
the thousands of years over and over and over and over and over again and most
most of you that listening here are going to have you have gone through
this you have learned all this you have humbled yourself but now it’s time to
take back a little bit of charge and not let people you know play on your old
mistakes so that’s what I’m saying and for other Leo’s if you are cross
watching what I can see for for other Leo’s here is that there might be a
heart opening and they these Leos can be very attracted to you but they don’t
want to so that’s what I’m seeing mainly and in the end it seems like commitment
and love and memories and you know nostalghia will win over this trying to
be autonomous and not having anyone that rule of you because we have another part
of Leo that will be like this they want they want subordinate themselves to
other rulers so release stubborn so and you can have a little boat if you are
Leo okay and so I’m going to take oracle cards for you I hear another song here
as well I don’t know what it is but trying to get to it I’m seeing the video
but it doesn’t really help so and here came two cars for you competition and
children and children come came in reversed so I think that you are not
going to act like it’s a born in a child anymore
those of you Leo that has this you know you have said a thousand million times
that you’re sorry for the thing that you did but you’re like I don’t know how
many eons ago and now you you won’t act like this you know child that had done
bad and needs to pay you know show humbleness and so instead we have this
competition and it goes very well with the six of one seven wants so for some
of you it might I see that most of you needs to stand on the barricades and say
no I’m not going to agree with this this I’m not going to wear the door
had anymore and act like everything is my fault
I’m not going to own up to that anymore so everyone will need to have to take
their fair share and for other of you it’s actually to admit to guilt and say
okay so it was my fault for those who you don’t know you have big problems
with saying I’m sorry it’s time to start to say that you’re sorry okay so
children know that your children are protected all parents first and foremost
responsibility is to keep their children safe from harm listen to this as I am
reading about your inner child okay so your biggest responsibility is to keep
your inner child safe from harm the Angels wants to reassure you that all is
well your children is in heaven and on earth are loved and protected by God and
the Angels your children’s function at their best when they are loved
cherished and feel secure within their home and family environment my children
are happy and safe and I think you have given out your inner shell to the wolves
a little bit because of this with you wearing the dog head and being like the
one that’s shameful or wrong so for some reason you have this pattern inside of
you and probably because of this old karma I told you and that’s not a way to
protect your inner child and to feed yourself to the wolves okay so from now
on when people are acting unfair towards you you are going to you’re going to
address it okay competition so you’re not going to you
know just bend and show okay your your throat and as soon as there’s a conflict
so that’s what I’m seeing some encourage and self-confidence draw upon yourself
believe and mental stamina assert yourself and go after what you want
you need to maintain your position and work business sport or study accept that
there are challenges ahead as you strive against others who ultimately want the
same recognition as you you may feel that you are struggling to keep your
head about water to the opposition gain around
but you are encouraged to defend your position without compromise or
negotiation you need to find the courage persistence and determination that will
ultimately lead you to victory mantra I have the competitive edge to overcome my
opponents so and your competitive edge is that you will not back down for truth
so you will drag it out on the square even if it’s awkward and you know
painful and and you don’t want to make you don’t want to be dramatic but
instead of silently suffering unfair behavior you are going to address it so
that’s what you’re going to do and this is an old old thing with you that you
are carrying around this and with letting people treat you unfair
you you have done something to deserve it somewhere some time you don’t even
remember anymore okay so my dealios I hope this helped I will come back with
the next a general reading for October in the middle of September I will also
do love bonus reading for liberal season in about two to three weeks time and the
one eight signs that shows most appreciation for these general readings
will have a reading by then so thank you so much for watching and take really
good care about yourself now and and don’t sell yourself off don’t give your
initial to the wolves and I will be happy I will see it in the cards if you
do okay take care and bye bye



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    36:46 I call it 'Catholic guilt'.
    This was incredibly accurate. Thank you for answering my prayer. Sending gratitude and love 🙏💫💛

  • christina s says:

    This figure in 9 of swords seems like "Mora"..

  • exyne says:

    Lady, you made me cry a little…it feels really nice, when someone gets so close! 🙂 My mind can't grasp where all that hurt & (self)punishment comes from. I think I want to dig a bit deeper and accept the help you offer to understand this…but first things first: packing up shop here and moving to London to reunite with my beautiful husband. It is time, i am ready. 🙂
    Thank you! <3 🙂

  • Mythicwoe // says:

    The Sixx:AM song was a gift I shared with two my brother and my son: and then I listened harder and it was the song for me (too). Thank you ❤️

  • Angelic Elrod says:


  • Christine S says:


  • Mr Memper says:

    Wow. One of your best Leo readings. Thank you

  • vada Mccaig says:


  • Katie Proulx says:

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  • Kimberly Sanders says:

    I absolutely love and appreciate your readings. I’m a Leo sun and rising with Gemini moon. My Venus is is in Virgo. I check constantly in anticipation for your readings and your mature and thoughtful interpretation of the cards. I usually listen on average 2-3x so it really resonates with me.
    Thank you so much for your time and readings. 🦁😊💗🔥

  • Tia C says:

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  • Vanessa says:

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  • Arlette Smith says:

    Your New table looks beautiful & I LOVE the gift from your children. Suits you perfectly!!!!
    I wish I could find the words to make you feel the way you make me feel. In other words, the spot on accuracy of your reads proves to me you’re not like us mere earthlings. You are truly in touch with spirit & allow them to channel these messages to give us the insight & as importantly the guidance to handle things the right way. I’m always AMAZED & hope you understand what a gift to us you truly are, we all love you!! Ready to stand & defend myself again in the end of this karmic cycle I’ve been in all my life with a Gemini bully. Court 9-11 & I know I will win this war. I’ve been thru enough especially past 2 years. Thank you again for being you. Much love & Light

  • Arlette Smith says:

    Please listen to the commercials!! It’s the very least we should all do! 💕

  • Paula Lietke says:

    People need to have self respect, stop manipulation to satisfy them self . People need to look at themselves and their life.

  • Paula Lietke says:

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