Libra Daily Horoscope and Astrology Reading November 17th 2018

November 17, 2018 Here’s some news that will put wind in your
sails! Today, your ruler, Venus, wraps up a six-week
retrograde—one that’s been especially difficult for you ever since Halloween, when the planet
of love and beauty began backing up through YOUR sign. Those couple of weeks may have been marked
by general malaise or a case of the blahs: In your sensitive sign, it could have brought
on a bout of self-criticism. Mercifully, it should evaporate starting now,
and you’ll have the motivation to throw yourself into something uplifting. While you’ll need to process all of that,
don’t get caught up in endless venting. As mindful Mercury now picks up the retrograde
baton until December 6, treat every word like a prayer or manifestation and only speak of
what you DO want to have happen instead of giving power to your fears.

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