LIBRA Horoscope | Libra Monthly Forecast | May 2019 Astrology | Tula Rashifal May

LIBRA Horoscope | Libra Monthly Forecast | May 2019 Astrology | Tula Rashifal May

Hello friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria and
I welcome you all on this channel. I would like to congratulate and thank all
those viewers who have been associated with us for a long time now and regularly watch the
videos on this channel. Also I welcome all the new viewers and those
who are watching this video on this channel for the first time. In this video we have a lot for you. Along with the predictions for the month,
we’ll also share an important tip to make this month a success. In the predictions for the month, we are going
to tell you the General Trends of the month, Money, Wealth and Career, Family Life, Love
and Marital Life, Education, Health for this month. So please watch the video till the end to
get full benefit of Astrology. Before starting the predictions, let us quickly
understand the transit of planets over your horoscope this month. The lord of your zodiac sign Venus will transit
from Pisces to Aries on 10th May Mars will remain in Taurus for the whole month. This is your 8th house
After this the exalted Sun in Aries will move to Taurus on 15th May. Mercury will transit on 3rd May when it moves
from Pisces to Aries and again on 18th May to Taurus
Rahu – the dragon’s head is transiting over your 9th house in Gemini sign. This is your house of luck and long distance
travelling. Likewise, Ketu – Dragon’s tail will be
moving over your 3rd house. Jupiter will remain in retrograde motion in
Scorpio throughout the month. Likewise, Saturn will also remain in retrograde
motion in Saggitarius throughout the month. Now let’s now understand how the planetary
movement will impact the Libra natives this month. General Trends
As you noticed that in the beginning of the month, 3 planets would be in 6th house and
1 planet in the 8th house. This is not a very favourable position to
start the month. Career and Money
This month, your financial prospects look just about regular. There are no big promises, since the planets
don’t seem to be in an obliging mood for Libra natives. Whatever is your profession or business, you
must make a provision for rainy days. Especially, if you are in the field of arts,
music, drama or film-makers and other practitioners of the arts such as painting or sculpting,
you would do well to save money to face a lean period during the coming period. If you are waiting for some gain from government
the hurry up, follow it up and get it done before 13th of the month to avoid getting
disappointed. After that the outcome could be quite unfavourable. This is going to be a neutral month. That means, if you work hard and perform you
can walk away with rewards and appreciation. On the other hand, if you don’t work nobody
is going to be bothered about it. Therefore, you should opt to work smartly
to advance your career prospects. You are likely to come in contact with several
learned and skilled people and you can expect to gain a great deal from them. Apart from the professional gains, there would
an enrichment of your life which would give you a very fulfilling period. There would also be some travel of a beneficial
nature. The travel may take you to west or south west All told, it is likely to be a successful
month full of professional activities. Family
The family affairs may not be smooth during this month, and I have already shared the
reason in the beginning of this video. There is the possibility of serious difference
of opinion with your elders leading to unpleasant situations. The family atmosphere would not be too pleasant
either. Children may tend to be not in a listening
mood and may disobey the parents. You must not be rigid and or get irritated. Just keep your cool. Avoid getting into any debate and refuse to
be provoked if someone uses strong expressions. In the near future, this should help you in
diffusing tension. Before proceeding ahead with rest of the forecast,
here is an important announcement. This forecast is a general one for your zodiac
sign and is based on the transit of planets. If you want specific astrological advice from
us based on your individual horoscope, you are welcome. The individual predictions will be based on
your unique horoscope, position of planets, their strengths, dasha system and the transit. Just call us and book an appointment for consultation. And yes, that will be a paid consultation. And now let us continue with the forecast
of the month Love and Relationship
Looking at the transit of the planets, it is expected that love will fill your life
in the first half this month. If not throughout the month, you will enjoy
the loving relationship with your partner at least in the first half of the month. This will be felt by both those who are in
relationships and singles. This is because singles will have an easy
time finding a love partner as predicted by combination of the planets. Education Horoscope
This would turn out to be a busy month for your educational pursuits, due to a typical
combination of planets. If you enjoy your subjects, then you will
put in extra efforts to study. Technical students as well as the students
of humanites would do extremely well in their subjects. You will do well in your studies and also
help others in your class as well. Candidates for competitive examinations would
also succeed if they put in some extra efforts. Libra Health Horoscope
May 2019 is unlikely to be a very favourable month, as far as your health is concerned. You have to be extra careful and a number
of precautions need to be taken by you. Possibly, you might suffer from a state of
general weakness caused by over-exertion. There may also be some stress or some problem
related to the nerves. For this, you must reschedule your working
in a manner which does not over burden you. At the same time, you must plan smartly so
that you can perform your normal duties and activities. This would also give relief from some back
ache which you might face this month. There is further reason to guard against any
problem of the organs in the stomach area, especially if you have a history of such trouble
earlier. Tip of the month
If you are in some action sports or do heavy exercises like lifting weights etc. then you
must tone down this month to avoid any injury caused by a jerk or wrong posture etc. In case you want to watch this forecast in
Hindi, then the link to the video is given in the description box below. Friends, please do like and share this video. After subscribing this channel, also click
the bell icon. I wish you a very happy and prosperous month


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