LIBRA Horoscope| You Have an Open Door — Where Will You Go?  | PSYCHIC TAROT 🌞

LIBRA Horoscope| You Have an Open Door — Where Will You Go? | PSYCHIC TAROT 🌞

hello libras this is Reverend Renee I’m
here with you to do a reading I’m doing this on October 18th 2019 so happy
Friday to you because you’ve just had quite a few fast-moving planets to leave
your sign and because you’ve got the Sun in your sign right now I want to do a
little bit of astrology as well so I’ll be talking to you while I’m shuffling so
please subscribe and share the video on social media let’s get started so Venus
and Mercury just left your sign and I’m thinking that since it did just leave
your sign and Mars is currently there now conjunct the Sun then I’m getting
the impression that some of these Venusian communications relationships
friendships that you may have just started are you’re still deciding
whether or not they’re going to be permanent because Mars is square Saturn
Saturn is direct at this point in Capricorn which means that what you what
you were going to do with some of these relationships would not be for the
long-term okay and since it’s making another positive aspect to Jupiter and
Jupiter is in a in a disposition right now to be somewhat naughty actually it
may be that you’re just getting your groove on but you’re not necessarily
getting your life choice on if you know what I mean in addition to that the Sun
is trying the moon so this is an emotional thing at square Pluto so it’s
not about the hard work again is sextile Jupiter who’s in one of those
mischievous moves it’s opposite Uranus retrograde which means that you
may not be feeling personally like you want change so what I will say to you is
this don’t put all of your attention in two arenas of new friendships right now
you can nurture those friendships you can put them to the side for a little
while you can continue on with them in a temperate temperate matter
make a decision about what you want to do with them and then you can move on to
whatever it is that you’re gonna do no pressure no pressure that is it no
pressure balance Libre now oh happy birthday to you guys happy belated
birthday is to the one that I missed happy birthday to you want you guys that
are having birthdays coming up or birthdays today now I wanted to pull a
Yamla Van Zandt card for you focus in with me on this okay I want to do this
directly for you so the question is how could you use your time productively if
you take one step the universe will take 210 steps on your behalf
all right and then on the other side you have an open doorway which I love what
would you do with the rest of your life of all of your needs were met today wow
that’s something for you to think about so it looks like you’re about to step
into an open door we’re gonna do let’s try three cards for you today to kind of
see where the Tarot is and how the Tarot clarifies your astrology at this time
again temperance this is what I told you it is so funny how even if if somebody
were to focus completely on astrology to the point where the Stars the moon the
Sun the planet Earth just communicate it with them even if they pulled out a
tarot deck the tarot deck is basically just going to tell them the same thing
that’s that’s all it is so some of this stuff okay here’s your open door here is
your open door okay all right no sudden moves here’s your open door take some
time to think about what you want to do no sudden moves you have an open door
before that open door comes you have some time to think about what you want
to do temperance you got your foot one one toe in the
waters of emotion one toe on the grounds of good common sense you’re not stepping
into anything suddenly this could indicate moves it can indicate new
resumes and applications that you send out jobs things of that nature that
you’re about to get but at this point you just have to decide what you want to
do and you have you were asked that question here’s your open door what
would you do with the rest of your life of all of your needs were met today of
what you were asking for here’s your boat so some of you about to go on
cruises or set sail even during hurricane season I’m not mad at you okay
what do you plan to do with this open door that you’re about to get but the
key is you do have a head start the door is not quite open yet it’s about to be
open okay it’s about to be open but when it does open be ready to walk through it
but having already decided what you want to do all right
take care bye bye

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