Libra September 2019 IT’S TRUE LOVE Tarot Horoscope Reading | The Clarity Cure

Libra September 2019 IT’S TRUE LOVE Tarot Horoscope Reading | The Clarity Cure

hey everyone welcome to your September
2019 Tarot readings this Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys
I almost said who’s my future partner reading because I’m so used to saying
that but one of the let you guys know that I am switching up the Tarot spread
September I may leave it like this moving forward I like the spread it’s
more of a general reading but the messages that come through a really
powerful what’s going on behind the scenes in hidden influences so make sure
you check out those readings coming up here really quick I also want to mention
that I am using a new deck in conjunction with these are oracle cards
they called the Astro tarot the numinous deck and I fell in love I am so in love
with these cards I can’t even begin to tell you I was going to do an unboxing
but I I couldn’t help myself I wanted to start using them right away
well we’ve got one that’s upside down so you’ll you’ll notice these in the
readings also want to mention that I am doing a video within a video of me
shuffling the cards so you’ll notice and I’m sorry I forgot I lost Aries and
Taurus I made through you know deleted them by accident but anyway the video
within the video in the corner is showing me shuffling the deck for the
reading and I’m putting the cards face up so you know that it’s yeah it’s all
legit so legit I also want to mention that I’m available for private readings
you can book a Tarot session with me by going to clarity carat calm or in the
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couple of weeks really really excited new decade ahead guys so so much to look
forward to it’s gonna be a great great new year in 2020 lots going on
astrologically as well so it’s really kind of important to like stay connected
to who you are on a soul level so you can yea handle all the challenges in
life my free ebook is still available for download the body-mind connection it
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is that in my head or am I really hearing my intuition and how do I do
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that being said guys I’m with the readings god bless you have a wonderful
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we’ll be in touch soon take care guys all right bye-bye
hey Libra let’s jump right in let me take a quick look at the cards here Wow
love is here for you my friend Wow but you’re assessing it you’re not
quite ready this information you’re waiting for your little pessimistic
you’ve been guarded in the past this is your card actually the two of swords um
maybe you just want to be friends or they just want to be friends you can go
either way here but this brand new beginnings for you in September here’s
the full card maybe putting you’re putting yourself out there and telling
this person how you really feel cuz I’ll tell you this is a soul mate
this is soul mate energy this is a karmic connection this is a mutually
beneficial relationship this is a meant to be kindred spirit
maybe you possibly even known each other before and when I say that I mean like
in another life and it sees success here behind the scenes their success you’re
gonna reach a milestone with this person but there’s news coming in could be
unexpected maybe something comes to light that’s been something within you
holding you back from moving forward with this relationship whatever delays
have been stopping you in the month of September by the end of the month you’re
gonna have to go ahead you’re going to get the green light here and move
forward maybe there’s some chaos right now you know maybe there was a mistake
or something made here between the two of you or it could have just been you because I see the page of swords in your
media future you going still to be somewhat pessimistic but you have
exchange this reminds me of the generosity card exchanging gifts this is
like what you put in you get out so there’s a sense that what I’m picking up
on is that you know to get love you have to give love and I feel that you need to
embrace this notion of being in love look I mean you cut that you got Venus
here the planet of love with the two AQAP’s which is a soulmate card wow that
is so powerful Libra I mean this is all about love beauty peace harmony romance
receiving giving luxury diplomacy pleasure attraction love love-love-love
Venus is really gracing you for the month of September very powerful but
there there’s there’s something a little awry here now for each one of you is
gonna be a little different because this is a general reading but with the seven
of Pentacles overlooking or over the energy overall is you’re trying to vest
in you invest in your future and get focused but there’s also this energy of
what is my next move now maybe it’s a tedious time for you right now and
you’re maybe you laid the groundwork with this person but you’re not seeing
you know it can go either way here you’re not seeing you know the return in
the affection or the return in the reciprocation
and maybe it’s been a long hot summer you know or a long slow summer with this
relationship because this does this can indicate the timing could be slow but
it’s almost like an investment you know you you’re investing in this person
investing in yourself maybe maybe there’s been some delay in the past of
feeling stuck not sure where you stand with this person or if you even wanted
to go to the next level but it’s coming it’s coming the six of Wands it’s what
is excuse me hmm Wow hold on I just need a sip guys I’m
sorry I’m I’m like trying to get all these readings out a little behind for
September anyway sorry so with the six of one yeah six of Wands this is its own
triumph this is reaching a milestone it’s not like the chariot where it’s a
huge victory but it’s still a victory this is success feeling proud moving to
peace of mind moving forward possibly with this purse person maybe there was a
challenge between the two of you or something was
holding up the relationship but you put you put yourself out there see if you
put yourself out that I mentioned that earlier right this is exactly what I was
picking up on if you put yourself out there you’re going to be so happy that
you did right it’s time that you believed in the relationship this will
move forward for you it is love it is a soulmate it’s so powerful you have to
get over this three of cut like maybe even partying a lot maybe you know
you’ve been spending a lot of time with your friends and been really social and
partying and that’s very possible or you just see this person as a friend because
that’s the obstacle here maybe open your heart call me for a private reading
we’ll really look at it for you and dig deep and you don’t see it yet but I’m
telling you there is love here for you Libra very very exciting the energy is
so overwhelmingly beautiful you got the ada wants is your final outcome so this
is what’s gonna shift there’s something that’s gonna go down let’s clarify it
and see what’s coming in what is this antwon’s all about what’s gonna help
leave a shift here in September to this beautiful opportunity and love your on
this new path this is the potential and that you know the hope for your future let’s see I feel like you want to get
started you want to go the next level but yeah there’s there’s there’s them I
need to communicate mm-hmm you know the journey to the truth so maybe you just
need to speak your truth okay there’s a don’t be gossip II don’t I wouldn’t get
into it with other people keep it to yourself you
certainly don’t want to be hasty but there is the need to oh my god did you
just see this now if it flipped out and it was over but I’m gonna keep it
because when I turned it over will you look at this hello – Oh cups twice I
love in the cards repeat I get goose bumps this is so powerful for you Libra
oh my lord oh my lord you know and I’m actually clarifying the ADA wand so yes
by you opening up like I was just saying it’s gonna hit you that this is the real
deal like something is gonna make you realize I love this person or this
person is finally you know ready to move forward
trying to keep shuffling you let me just do a couple more shuffles I kind of got
distracted when that want to flipped out but I think it’s okay let’s do one one
more how’s that what else is coming through NIDA once okay so this could be
a fire sign Aries Leo or Satch it doesn’t have to be but the knight of
Wands is a great card to see because it it’s um it’s it’s taking action it’s
moving forward their speed okay especially with the oh wow in a wands in
the knight of Wands whoa your socks are gonna be blown off here you’re gonna
your heads gonna be spinning uh-huh Wow especially with the ADA wands this
is what needs to kind of come together mm-hmm
watch out baby lots of changes coming into your life it’s gonna turn around
your life is gonna change in a blink of an eye here
this is so beautiful now it could be very busy energy around you as well but
I think it’s positive energy I mean sometimes you can get overwhelmed too
when it’s really positive so your life is going to be whoa you know act first
think later in which get really kind of talk about the fool
energy but no legitimately this is an offer coming in this person’s gonna make
you an offer and they’re gonna recognize that as love and this is a communication
coming in for the success but the wind baby I mean look at this
poof no doubt about it else is coming through for Pentacles okay so maybe some
stingy energy but you know this is building a foundation okay you’ve got
this seven Aquino G where you’re looking to see the fruits of your labor or are
they worth it I’m putting all my time into this person you know where are we
going is the relationship legit kind of energy and it’s okay because I feel like
there could be some financial concerns on this other person’s behalf or there’s
something that could be related to a home finances real estate maybe some
stubborn energy here too as well you know just trying to get through the
changes and maybe you could even move in together to maybe there’s just a little
stingy with their feelings or they were okay bottom of the deck three of cups
now you got it twice Wow so there’s time to celebrate here you
know and what was an obstacle okay it’s going to turn around for a celebration
this is all about growth in advancement okay this is quite beautiful I really
think that you’re gonna be moving forward in this relationship Libra
without a doubt it is the real deal the exchanging of gifts have to be there and
even on that person’s behalf and this is something you can talk to them about to
you know love is an exchange of lifeforce energy between two people and
it grows when it’s reciprocated right so you have to give to receive to the flow
between the two of you so you know you have to start
accepting all the blessings waiting for you as well as any offer are as well as
offer the same gift in return okay and open your heart and allow it to be
filled with love whoa that message just came in loud and clear
that’s really amazing so Wow Libra I’m really excited for you this is
definitely uh the real deal so made energy I think you just have to get out
of your head get past the fear I’m seeing that maybe for a guy I’m also
what I’m seeing for a woman is that she’s kind of waiting for the balance to
come in it’s it’s it can go either way so if this resonated for you I mean it
hit me up for a private reading because this is really quite beautiful and I
don’t get this strong commitment so much all the time
and it’s nice to see it’s nice to see a general reading so all right guys I hope
that resonated for you I hope you enjoyed the reading we’ll see you in
October leave a comment below if you liked the video share it with your
friends like and subscribe to my channel I would really appreciate it and that’s
it we’ll see you god bless take care alright bye bye


  • Wonderful Sarah says:

    Loved this reading ❤️

  • Vivi Biancalana 1111 says:

    Awesome! I’m the libra, but you’re reading my DM, he’s been guarded in the past and now wants to confess his feelings and wants a new beginning with me but he’s afraid of rejection… he’s really fearful but it’s time for him to step up and I’m really feeling that he will 🥰💯🙌🏻❤️😀

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