Lizard Science | Balli Shakunam w/subtitles|బల్లి మీద పడిందా|Superstition or Belief|Nammakam Nijam

Balli Shakunam – Lizard augury Lizard, listening to this word itself
we would feel creepy The reason is, it looks like
a crocodile in miniature size Many people do not know that,
the lizards at our home not even bite Lizard which eat insects moving
around the light during night It could be seen rarely during day time Very rarely it would make noise If lizard make noise
during our conversation Some people believe that,
it would happen definitely There is an interesting reason
behind that belief The noise made by Lizard is
Thik thik thik… In Hindi Thik means correct one or the truth Normally Lizard would make noise three times When someone say something If they hear the noise made
by lizard unexpectedly They feel happy that,
what they are saying is truth Lizard which is roamed over the walls and roof When it fall down suddenly We would feel panic if it falls on our body
and also get irritated Some of the superstitions
were emerged from this People who do not like to believe that,
it would always foretell bad omens It is also believed that, if lizard falls on some parts
of our body would foretell good omens A kind of gel which is produced
under their feet with thin skin Would help them to stick to the walls Sometimes their legs lose grip due
to the chemical changes in their body This is the only reason and
they not even wish to fall on us Also because of the belief
that the lizard is poisonous When it falls on us or any food items One of the reason to be afraid But indeed lizards in our houses
are not poisonous Some of the species,
among more than 6000 lizard species Only some are poisonous to some extent If we touch the golden lizard in Kanchi It is believed that, we get rid of all ill effects
or doshas caused due to the falling of lizards. This is the information about Lizard augury We leave it to our intelligence
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