Love Nikki Update: Chapter 14, Help you get, and Zodiac Packs??

Love Nikki Update: Chapter 14, Help you get, and Zodiac Packs??

okay so today there are three new
updates I think for now I can’t really remember any off the top of my head but
I’m pretty sure that was three and that would be chapter 14 which is this one
oops and locked here this one and I’m ready stuck I’m stuck because I can’t
finish this suit I need to do a princess drop which is annoying so for those of
you who are looking forward to completing I don’t know chapter 13
maybe the Heidi song before you can get to chapter 14 maybe you can prepare for
this by buying these items first so 12:3 princess you need five of these and then
water color blend blue so the original dress would be water color blend and
this is oh you can’t really get this until your you reach chapter 14 and then
you can just save enough money to buy five sets of fire goddess because you
need this dress in order to get a capacity score for this chapter and as
for the shoes I don’t know if you necessarily need to make the shoes I
think you might need it actually but you need for twinkle high heels so you can’t
get that until you reached chapter 14 one and you need twelve eight of these I
couldn’t get any today so you can see that it’s zero five and then you need
delicate maroon so you can buy this from the clothing store so you need six of
these and I think twelve pink dyes so this is for the people who want to
prepare for chapter fourteen and they’re almost finished completing chapter
thirteen so number two this is something that confused quite a few people and
myself as well because at first I thought that this help you collecting
was this very nice feature that allows you to get I don’t know discounted items
to finish your outfits but no that’s not what it is
it’s just something where it probably just scans through your entire wardrobe
and whatever you’re closest to completing first it tells you what you
need to finish and then they just give you a screen to just automatically buy
if you want to if you don’t need to spend gems or sorry not gems if you
don’t need to spend diamonds don’t because there’s going to be a hell of n
so there’s no reason why you should spend it now and
yeah there’s no reward other than the normal reward gets you the reason why I
didn’t finish this one is because you spend 65 diamonds but then my reward
would be my reward would only be 50 diamonds so it would be a net loss of 15
and I don’t really need this here right now so I don’t care I’m going to leave
this alone but that’s it cuz when I was looking at the what is it called this
section it says that if you see something you are planning to buy buy it
it you don’t need to buy it if you don’t want to so you don’t have to do it’s
just like I don’t know it’s kind of like Momo’s guy but it helps you find
something that you’re closest to completing well that’s what I think it
is and it probably is so if you skip this one as in you
there’s a good countdown for 16 hours so tomorrow it just might go to the next
closest item or outfit I’m I need to complete this so the third thing and
probably the most disappointing thing that got updated was the zodiac lucky
pack I really thought that the zodiac lucky pack would include things like
related to your zodiac sign whether it be like an accessory with you know like
a necklace with the zodiac or a horoscope sign but there is nothing
because if you look at the pack there is nothing related to it so the first pack
would be this so this is how you look at it you see 50 diamonds and 50 VIP points
that’s what you’re going to get and then the plus thing is what you might get so
you might get 50 diamonds you might get one fantasy ticket you might get 25,000
gold and etc but I don’t think you’re gonna have all of them and as for the
big prize I really don’t know what that big prize is I’m not gonna like risk
anything because I don’t want to just in case that a big prize might just be a
million coins like yeah that’d be nice but just not worth it to me and then for
this one this is honestly the most jokes pack ever I’ve seen other people so my
lucky pack is not gonna look like yours because it’s just randomized it’s kind
of like our gift sets here off to the sides it’s different every day but for
this movie a cookie pack this is so garbage
because I’m gonna be spending $4 plus tax
so around like five to six dollars to just get possibly get either 7500 gold
extra or 1 million one hundred twenty-five hundred that like whatever
100,000 gold extra it’s not worth it to me because coins aren’t that valuable in
my opinion I like I rather have diamonds but on reddit I saw this girl her lucky
pack provided her with 2250 diamonds I believe and that’s great she she
probably spent like either one in 39 or 399 like this is a Canadian by the way
so it would be cheaper for a USD well not cheap cheaper but like the the
numbers would be lower for USD but the conversion rate should be the same she
got 2250 diamonds from either four dollars or two dollars that’s crazy
because if you go here if you get thirty dollars with the diamonds that’s only
1200 but like I have the times 2 so that’s 2,400 but that’s that’s like 20
dollars extra value in that pack so she got really lucky I’m very envious of her
but again like this is kind of like a lot machines I believe because it’s kind
of variable you’re not gonna have a fixed ratio of buying one dollar you’re
gonna get like 50 times for sure I mean well yes like 50 extra diamonds
for sure you might not even get any diamonds at all for sure so it’s up to
you if you guys want to spend it $1.00 98 like 39 isn’t that much but if you
buy two packs of it you might as well just save up for a recharge suit and
then save it for the cumulative event and you know what are you think you guys
shouldn’t even buy anything right now if you see is Lou deaq pack that’s really
worth it like maybe I don’t know 50 diamonds with a chance of getting an
extra minimum 200 diamonds then yeah sure go for it but if you can hold out
for it for like another few days because when the hollow event comes there’s
gonna be a cumulative event and then that means that the amount of diamonds
you spend add up to like specific points for example so let’s say you buy a pack
of $6.99 and that translates to like this is totally hypothetical so you buy
a 699 pack and then that translates to 260
points that’s going to add up and then you can claim different suits for that
it’s hard to explain now because it’s especially for new players but basically
let’s say you need 500 points to claim a hair and like a dress so you would need
a spend I don’t know like $12 like 10 and 12 dollars in order for you to get
it but if you spend your diamonds now it’s not going to add to the cumulative
event and it’s gonna be pretty waste there’s also one theory I forget if it’s
true or not if someday could just confirm for me if you buy the pack now
and don’t open it I think that you are able to save those points for the
cumulative event do you know what I’m saying so as long as you don’t open your
pack and leave it in the mailbox and you wait a few days and then open it those
points will then be considered that would be considered that you bought it
on that day instead of like today so that’s when your cumulative points
wouldn’t matter so I’m sorry if that was confusing but essentially what you
should do is that if you really want to buy it you can buy it today and put it
in the mailbox and wait a few days for it to open so then you don’t have to buy
even more stuff in order to get points to get any of the cumulative suits or
you can just wait a few days before that happens
but I don’t know why I just want to say this but I’m a Virgo I don’t I don’t
know every time I think about being at work like is so happy because usually
the things associated with it is more girly because what’s Virgo what is it
even it’s something like to do with meeting like virgins because very good I
don’t know but yeah I’m really hoping that the Virgo gift box would be or the
zodiac pack might be something I want but for now this Capricorn pack I’m
angry at you what is this what so shit okay so I hope this is helpful and see
you guys later


  • Lydia V says:

    Thank you, I was wondering the same thing. It would have been awesome getting zodiac items.

  • 〜 ducky 〜 says:

    Aah sorry for not commenting on your recent videos but I can assure you I've been watching them all owo
    I love the new honey free suit a lot and esp the makeup, I didn't notice that it had a small ponytail tho~
    thank you for making videos~I'm so stoked for hell event I love the north guitarist but I don't have enough Dias for all nodes, best of luck

    edit: wtf is that Capricorn pack that's so :/ what

  • VonDa in Wonderland says:

    Yeah, don't open it until later ♥

  • Byon Slimes says:


  • Courtney C says:

    The zodiac packs are basically loot boxes, which I don't think anybody likes. The chance of actually getting something good is super low. Also the girl you mentioned from Reddit said she only got 30 diamonds instead of ~2200. I don't know what's bugged, the game saying she won 2200 diamonds or her only getting 30. 😬😬

  • - Ashlyn ⸝⸝ says:

    When I saw the Zodiac Sign page and saw the word “Capricorn”, I thought Love Nikki used my birthday to give me discounts (my b-day’s the 26 of December) 😆😆

  • Two Eyes says:

    I was very confused lol :3

  • Conni Wilson says:

    Had over 7000 stamina and managed to finish the entire chapter in about an hour. Now i have to go back and craft a bunch of suits and keep saving diamonds for tomorrow's hell event 😅

  • OZagud says:

    I saw some pictures of Chinese ver. zodiac packs and if those are the ones we get they are underwhelming. All you get is an accessory, like Scorpio gets a scorpion on their shoulder, Aquarius gets a bottle of water (lol). I was thinking of buying one of those packs, but now that I know that you might not even get an item I'm not going to.

  • Eris Hinto says:

    i am stuck too! on the same one!!!

  • XLovelessBelovedX says:

    You do need the shoes. I tried without any shoes at all and instafailed.

    I'm in the same spot lol Thanks for the video! I needed the extra explanation on the packs.

  • Cayenne says:

    oh, my other pack is all diamonds XD

  • Sim Sim says:

    I was very confused before. Thanks for the video! ♡♥♡

  • G S says:

    I thought it was going to be something to celebrate birthdays and I was like YES cuz mine is today but nope, just a reminder to buy a wig v:<

  • cherrie says:

    I got 9 diamonds……..

  • Haruko says:

    The gal she is referring to on reddit that got the outrageously awesome amount of diamonds later posted that she only actually received 30 dias in her mailbox so I think the lucky packs are glitchy as well as being pretty useless :I

  • Eau says:

    I find that the things that you find in both the tips and S tips you need (^^)

  • Fujoshi Gal says:

    Yes, suits you bought ahead of time and let sit in your mailbox you will get credit for on the day you open them. This is helpful for recharge events.
    1. Items expire! usually in 30 days so watch your expiration dates!
    2. Only vip points count, and it counts only for events where you have a vip point recharge suit(s). Most are like this, but there are exceptions. For example, they would not have counted for recent grab bag suits with Ode To Glory dragon, which was "diamond purchase only."
    3. Be aware you won't have use of those clothes (or anything else in the pack you bought) until you open the mail.
    hope this help you and your followers. 🙂

  • daddypjm says:

    hello can you please help me i've been trying to play the app but when it loads to 100% it says update download failed and you seemed to be a pretty experienced player please help me if you know how to solve it

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