Love Tarot Reading : Pick a Card –  If Its Meant To Be

Love Tarot Reading : Pick a Card – If Its Meant To Be

Hello everyone. I’m “The Guided Truth”, and today
we’re going to be doing a “Pick a Card” reading to figure out if whomever
you’re in a relationship with or if you have someone of interest that you want
to be in a relationship with and you just want to figure out if you guys are
meant to be. So to begin, what we’re gonna do is first, I would meditate and take a
deep breath in (*** Breathes In ***) and out (*** Breathes Out ***). Do that for 5 minutes. I would say about 5
minutes is good. And just do it to a point where you can, I guess, relax your
body, and relax your mind and everything just seems to be flowing clearly for you. Then, ask yourself which cards you should choose, while thinking about the person and thinking “if you guys are meant to be together?”. Also, your asking the universe to show you or
present to you which set of cards will basically describe what you need to know
and I would highly suggest ……… Usually, what happens is the first number that comes in your head between 1 and 4 is usually the one that you should
probably go with because that’s most likely what your intuition is telling you.
Even if your intuition tells you more than one number, like it can tell you
two, three or even all four numbers. So you can probably see all four numbers.
Just trust it and believe that the universe is going to guide you in the right way and that they are leading your steps and
guiding you towards what it is you truly seek to know. Now, I am going to begin reading these set of cards. Each set of cards displayed will be
presented right next to me in the picture right next to me.
This is a general reading for these cards so if it doesn’t resonate with you,
then, it’s just a general reading but that is why I have the cards
displayed next to me so that whatever your interpretation is, that’s what you
go with, even if it doesn’t resonate with what
I’m saying. So, without further ado, we shall begin. The decks I’ll be using are a manga
tarot deck by …… tarot deck by …… (muffled voice) What is her name? It is by Barbara Moore. This is the book that tells what they (the tarot cards) are. I’m using this and I’m
using the “Angel Tarot” deck by Doreen Virtue. This deck right here. I’ll also be using this
deck “Messages from the Guides” or your spirit guides, as well, in all 4 sets of cards. So, those are the cards I’ll be using. So, let’s begin. This is
for set 1. So, set 1; “Message from the Guides” or messages from your guides for this set is “BE OF SERVICE”. What be of service basically me
basically mean is basically the reason why I like this card is very straight A
to point B of service basically there is where meant to serve each other we’re
meant to help enhance the world and be make it a better place not to come here
like our soul wasn’t brought here to hinder it or to make it worse and as it
relates to if you’ve met you guys meant to go out if you have meant to be with
whomever it is your person of interest is what I do see is in that aspect that
you guys serve each other so whoever you’re thinking about you feel that they
are they deserve you are they’re compassionate for the community or they
do a lot for the community I guess like their humanitarian type type deal like
they may be the homeless or like what I’m feeling is that is basically
what I guess you like about them and what you guys if you guys were to be
together I do feel that is what would most likely because what will be created
with you guys is you guys would basically service the world in a way but
I can’t really say much more about anti seed of a cart so the next set of cards
is the angel Doreen angel cards from eggs of the Ring
I mean Doreen Virtue sorry so the first card is 10 up damn and that card says
the end of a difficult situation and fresh embrace the change and expect
things to get better now recovering from an incoming addiction okay so that
basically means that basically what I get from this car is that you’ve had a
bad relationships in the past prior and basically your time I don’t always
meeting the same people on the same type of person that keeps breaking your heart
are doing you wrong I’m not doing for you or not basically not enhancing you
but more tearing you down and make you be up a little or worse than you were
before you can even join in the relationship or even yeah like you just
feel topless in a way but but if only for
your a better girl the relationships you are in prior are only to prepare you for
the one that you’re meant to be in and I think we all get confused with
relationships that we’re in currently if it doesn’t work out we don’t embrace the
the are we rather we don’t let go of that relationship because we believe in
our heads that it’s meant to be it’s supposed to like we’re supposed to stay
with this person we’re supposed to do this we’re supposed to do that but if it
was meant to be then it wouldn’t be a mission in my opinion if it was meant to
be then just it wouldn’t you wouldn’t have to force force yourself to try to
be our state in the relationship basically you’re resisting the the
change of you just not being able to be with this person anymore
so with that car like a ton of air what it’s saying is that basically you’re
reaching a point where you’re leaving all that behind and now you’re starting
to look for how bitchin you’re looking for a new relationship and Hounds and
don’t worry everything will come together when I reach the set of cars
the next card is the lovers card of course which is very good if you’re
talking about if you’re meant to be so that already basically confirms that you
are and I’d like to take out the door but yeah you guys are there isn’t gonna
be a relationship ends please our relationship is going to flourish from
this basically whoever it is you’re thinking about the each all except one
the first set of cars then there’s relationship that’s going to happen and
the last car from the angel car deck is the night of it and that basically it
could be talking about the person you’re thinking about other could be talking
about you or it could just be talking about the situation itself but
apparently it is intelligent decisive idealistic and tireless I do feel that
as it relates to the VF service card I feel that they are idealistic and and
very decisive I can feel that and the card also talks about events that occur
with great speed to time to care because of carefully review your options and
creative solutions so what I am feeling that this copy could be a soulmate or
twin flame that’s you’re thinking about is what I’m feeling that this most
likely could be yeah the one the one you might believe it but just because it is
the one doesn’t mean that everything is gonna be roses and flowers of course
with any relationship it requires us to put put forth I would even call it work
but just put forth the common courtesy of one another to know that in order to
love somebody unconditionally you have to be able to withstand within a given
within a given amount you have to stay within your mom but also understand that
everybody is on their own particular journey and no one is going to be set in
the way you are set and you just have to accept indeed
you just have to accept every single part of you know what if this is really
true love you can unconditionally love that person and every part of different
personality or their being or whatever then yeah this is this is it but all
those cars together the ten of and the love is kind of not appear basically all
together just tell me that basically you’ve had a better past and now a bad
bad luck with relationship in past but now things seem to be coming together
this person you’re either defect you think enough I’m your delinquent
developing a relationship with and you guys are very good for one another and yeah you guys are just very makes you
what I see is that you guys are very compatible as far as your because of I
got put your experiences and because of the way you interact with others like I
feel there’s a mutual respect for one another as well you feel respected you
feel that you feel appreciated and yeah and the final cards is the last term
effect is the manga tarot deck so the two cards that I have are the four coin
and the seven apart and basically the coins of manifestation what I get is
that basically someone is saving up for something I feel that someone is saving
for marriage especially if someone is saving up evil to become stable within
their finances before moves are made or it’s telling you to become stable with
your finances or neither with finance but stability in everything in your life
and also what I do see is that one of you if you’re in a relationship one of
you might be saving for marriage or you guys are getting ready
and yeah and with patience yeah that’s basically something
basically something big is gonna happen and you shouldn’t be patient something
is being withheld it could also mean that emotions are being withheld like
you may not know how they feel but you just have to be patient basically
because the connection is so strong between whoever it is you’re thinking
about it’s going to happen so just keep the faith and just be patient don’t try
to force me to just go with the flow live your life and focus on yourself
don’t fuck this on dead person focus on you and building yourself up to prepare
yourself for whatever is coming to you even if it isn’t the person you’re
thinking about whatever it is someone big is coming into your life and they’re
gonna it’s gonna be great basically I can I
mean I can explain an alternate way it’s gonna be very good you feel connected
you feel in love that you feel you feel like it could be a better person that is
all that we can actually what I do feel to be a soulmate are all right twin
flame relationships so yeah so there’s a bit but if you chose that one basically
yet it’s meant to be they’re meant to be so congrats so yeah so that is it we’re
set one so set to the messengers card is
practice moderation when I feel coming from this card is basically sort the car
needs is that too much of a good thing is adapting drastically and yeah
practice moderation tactics mind eraser with everything in like basically having
balance what I do feel is that there’s someone that has a sexual addiction
either you are them via but someone has a sexual addiction and I feel it could
you’re probably thinking about some of you may be thinking about an ex that
basically did a lot of cheating but because of this conviction or as public
was you who didn’t do the I guess cheating or whomever but I feel that
someone was addicted to sex there’s a lot of sexual energy yeah but let me move let me get more
clarity with other cards so the angel cards are awakening and that card says
look at things from a different perspective
a temporary standstill it’s important to be yourself the next card is the plight
of fire and that causes a sudden event that needs immediate attention time is
of the essence the dings through carefully and the next
card is the page of water and then of course when the person enters your life
a relationship begins a new phase high insight exciting abilities so what I
feel with this danger content with hmmm I feel that there’s some infidelity
someone some of you might be thinking of someone that is either married or with
somebody else right now for a year probably the one with somebody else and
you’re asking about the person that is that your team are not cheating but
rather having an affair with and basically what I also feel is that if
this is an ex ex ordeal basically what the cards are telling me is that you
should that you’re reaching a point where you can I guess where you see an
understanding as to why why things happen the way they did basically I see
things coming together and working out for you and you guys do getting back
together or you guys might might be having an affair with one another not
affair but you know you guys may be still you guys still keep in contact and
I do feel it sexual as well and now both buildings are now building back up those
feelings are now building back up within you and basically you’re falling back in
love with them and I do feel that it is and it’s mutual
but someone’s afraid someone’s afraid basically to get back in there because
they’re afraid to get hurt again but I do feel that this if things basically
have changes are made and perspectives are changed and you basically make the
effort to actually do the work of I guess building yourself up and learning
more about yourself and being being able to say no and stand firm on what you
know is right for yourself in standing firm on your home then this will work
out but basically with either situation whether you are in
there or you with your ex I feel it’s all based off of you how you react and
your actions if it isn’t affair you just have to learn basically what centers
around this time billets trust you have to trust them and you have to trust one
another and that’s the only way it’s gonna actually work and if you don’t if
you come in with the same old same routine as you did before and nothing
has changed then nothing that’s going if you haven’t
changed and they haven’t changed then the relationship will be the same and
gonna be waste of time so basically yeah instead of things and listen to your
intuition listen to what your heart is saying don’t be afraid to I guess
express what’s in your heart because it’s important and you feel what you
feel because it’s it’s important it’s like it’s there for a reason it’s who
you are it’s mixed up who here it makes up the trueness and the fullness of who
you are so embrace your feelings embrace your heart embrace love embrace
everything that does work that’s all and we what you have found for yourself
and the final cards that I did are from the manga deck is the judgment card and
I get through what I get that basically that basically there was remember this
person is what you’re thinking up basically you are meant to be together I
do is post them are you even were supposed to be together there is
supposed to be lessons learned I was supposed to introduce you to a higher
higher calling or even to introduce you basically there’s something that was
supposed to be expressed in this and there is I do feel there’s a family involved if
you have a family so this could be it infidelity as well and I also see a
third party so this very well could be infidelity but it also could be a
calling to get married or to become American each other full of a
celebration I still feel like still based off of you but for the most part
it seems that it is meant to be so remember you’re thinking about
yeah it’s meant to be you just have to make sure you go in it with a clear head
clear mind and body and spirit and all that mumbo jumbo and a ball game well
game okey the guidance card as abundance is your life that’s basic very
self-explanatory so I believe just give the other card the angel cards are the
dreamer a leap of faith follow your dreams unexpected opportunities renewal
review and evaluate the federal assessment of the facts time to move in
a new direction and then the move important psychic insights events behind
the scenes release fears that hold you back okay in the final class father the ten
watts and age of source so if you chose set three I feel that this can also go home too late so I
think that there may be financial issues if you are with this person you guys may
be arguing like there’s a lot of tension there’s a lot going on basically its
dressing Justin you guys out if you’re not if you’re single they’re still faced
be a lot going on and it’s just hard to to juggle things it’s hard to talk to be
centered and within the moment and enjoy what it is you have everything you feel
loss and this year on this search to
basically discover who you are and are basically following your dreams and I do
feel that there is a point in time where you were and then and then you got into
this relationship and you let all that go because you basically had to
sacrifice for family and abilities for some women the Phyllis’s of finally
there’s a lady it’s just like the one of you maybe woman well some of you bunch
of the dignity or issue that may be experiencing this and you gave up on that and that’s all
source trucks and you feel overwhelmed and you feel unhappy and you’re good at
this isn’t it that’s why you’re here you feel that this isn’t the right
relationship for you and you’re basically afraid to let this go out so
hood this could be toxic relationship as well then you don’t feel appreciated you
actually feel like you’re being taken advantage of in a way but I feel that
all this needs is you guys to communicate someone needs to talk to one
another instead of jumping to conclusions and making it all illusions
thinking you know everything that’s going on because we all we all like to
assume assume the worst when I was doing the worst but we all make our own
assumptions and it’s usually not based out of reality reality of what the
reality is for that other person that’s why we all have different we all have
different is because we all have different perspectives on everything and
because we’re not because in this particular situation because no one is
communicating this more just I feel there’s more fighting and arguing rather
than communicating then it’s hindering everything and I do feel that you guys are working it out now I think
I’ve even worked out but it’s only if you guys decide to move past the pass
and strive to make a better future and take care of yourself as well is what I
feel is that you have to start putting yourself first if this is going to work
and stop putting yourselves to waste time you’re allowed to be happy you’re
allowed to have whatever it is you want and desire and you’re allowed to have
everything that this lifetime offer and I do feel as well like that you have to let go of your burdens
and your passion we’re not your passion but let go of that energy of conflict
are wanting to fight back with everything and just give it back to the
universe to is all and you try to make strides to create a new beginning for
you and your end if you’re single for just make strives for yourself but as
far as you and person youth of interest at you’re thinking about if you guys are
meant to be together I feel that you guys are you just don’t see it it’s what
I see is you guys are but you you’re not realizing it you’re keeping yourself in
the dark percent rather than coming out into the life and realizing hey I’m not
perfect either and I may have done things too I guess cause this relation
to go arrived and reach a place that it is now where I’m not happy so oh no for
this one I do feel that this is more so yeah then it won’t work once you decide
to make it work basically itself yeah
so if you’re meant to be yeah if you want to basically last set of cards
except for one set for each the cards are gonna charge you with that painter
Carter is two of their nine of air and three or four and then the last set of car accidents
eight of cups and we have unfortunately so what I get from these set of cars is
that there’s a truth that you’re not facing basically the reason why you’re
even watching this video is because you already feel in your heart that it’s not
but there’s something that you want to confirm there’s something that you
you’re afraid to leave this relationship like you’re already in a relationship or
you’re probably not even in a relationship but you basically you’re
considering our thing about someone that you know is not good for you in a way
but there’s something about them that you keep holding on to and basically for
you rather you’re settling for less and what these cars are telling me is that
maybe I feel like this is this is a toxic situation basically someone is
cheating maybe this is a very miserable situation and what the colors are saying
is that you need to follow your heart and there were things I’m going to
continue or repeat itself you’re going to keep being in the same
situations until you decide that enough is enough enough is enough
and I am NOT going to I’m no longer going to allow myself to stay in a
situation where no I’m that happy or being taken care of even consider yeah
and if this is if the other one who’s cheating and you’re having infidelity or
whatever and you’re asking about be your partner in their infidelity that’s not
going to work as well because I was gonna do once again it’s gonna recreate
commands and Betsy I feel you need to figure out what it is you truly want and
if you’ve done everything that you can possibly do to get what it is that you
want and decide if you are in a relationship did you do as much as you
can to make the relationship work are you just basically taking the easy
way out and just running away from facing the reality what you’ve done is
well but I do feel that remember this you’re thinking about with these set of
cards that it’s not it’s that’s not you need to bet you let go
and move on and do what’s in the best interest of your heart or else things
will start will continue to go the same way until you learn the lesson that is
being presented to you you deserve to be happy you deserve to have everything
that you dream of and you deserve to be in a relationship with someone who does
love you the same way you do the same way you love death or rather even more
and if if this feeling of I feel doesn’t know enough for me or you we always make
excuses for why we stay in some situations that aren’t healthy for us
but we don’t have to be a point where we have to decide my hat you have to decide
that your happiness is much more important than being with someone who
doesn’t give a shit about you and you have to love yourself enough to know
that you deserve better because how can you didn’t expect someone to love you if
you can’t even love yourself enough to know that you don’t deserve to be put
through the type of stress and strife and misery death this person gives you
you deserve to be happy you deserve better
so as far as this being meant to be if you chose that for that’s a handsome
fuck about but I do want to leave you guys with
some encouragement that all-in-all listen to your heart and know
your heart knows what it wants and because your heart is connected to your
spirit your soul and if it’s not happy arms it doesn’t feel good then it end
good and you have every right to leave you you have the control to do whatever
it is you need to do to make yourself happy just like whatever you’re making
we live our lives based off of what we believe other people think we should do
or what we what other people might think of us or how other people are like we
always consider other people’s opinions and thoughts and how they would react
but that is not an issue that’s there we can’t control how they and we can’t
control anyone not anyone else but ourselves and that’s who we should be
focused on that’s what most of our efforts at work and everything else
should be put on it ourselves and the rest will work out for it so I
hope you guys enjoy this is my first video so apologize if it was the little
you know but I hope you guys can stick with me
and I do hope you guys follow subscribe it like and if you also want to book a
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you guys enjoy and I look forward to building this community and and embracing and spreading this message
of love and hope and prosperity basically making all your dreams come
true and yeah so until next time I thought peace


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