hi this is the weekly horoscope for
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so this week Mars is forming a t-square with Uranus
in the fifth eighth and eleventh house so at this time whoever has to leave
your life let them leave your life this week this it can be expecting a certain
amount of loyalty from others or people in your life like friends or even lovers
can disappoint you at this time this can be differences in your way of
thinking about certain subjects or this can be power struggles with
relationships or you can feel like you have outgrown certain people in your
life Mars is also forming on Monday air trine in the first fifth and ninth house
so for some of you this could be thought to become things so keep the energy
positive and focus on the things that you love or make you happy you have an
easier time making new friends networking or getting along better with
people in your life friends can find you more of a mediator in their life then
this week Venus conjuncts with Pallas this could be you fighting about social
injustice or talking about social injustice on your social media page or
rooting for the underdog in your life or getting involved in other people’s drama
especially family drama or this can be being more about your own family drama
and not getting along with the women in your life you may need to learn to speak
up and create boundaries with certain people in your life you can be more
about your freedom and about what you want to do and you need to say something
in order to make that happen the first card I come up with is the
page of swords listen to your own wisdom and
this week I feel like the women around you especially sisters can be critical
of you during this time period the six of cups this can be the past tried to
reconnect or rehash frenemies coming back trying to rehash old fights with
you at this time or wanting their closure or their sorry from you for
others of you this could be rehashing old fights for some of you this can be
thoughts of the past or again the ex coming back into the picture the nine of
cups my yes card to whatever question I did not answer is yes the High Priestess
card trust your intuition this week with this energy also you could be very
charming as well and a little bit flirty energy going on the queen of Wands with
this energy you’re very creative during this time period also certain people in
your life can be very critical of you and nitpicky or you may not feel very
appreciated and you may be looking for thank you so make sure to help for the
sake of healthy I feel work can be a bit difficult at this time because you’re
not getting the ax validation that you want or need at this time or you may
need some kind of miracle or sparks and miracles to happen in order for you to
continue on this week okay the death card brings about changes happening for
you the magician card major change is
happening keep the energy positive this week the knight of Wands I feel like you
could be teaching someone a lesson around you the aid of Wands I feel for
some of you this can be traveling this week or good news coming in the seven of
cups definitely good news coming in lots of thoughts of future future future now
lots of thoughts of making plans for the future with the money that you’re going
to get with this energy also for some of you this can be promises made to you
that are moving in the right direction at this time the star card this is
putting things into perspective with this energy this could be having better
insight into certain situations certain situations in your life can be made
clear to you at this time the 10 of Wands I feel like for some of you you
may have to delegate responsibilities or you may need to relax a bit more and
take breaks this is a creative time for you with this energy your inspiration is
very high at this time so you can find yourself being like a prolific artist
we’re coming up with a lot of money making ideas with this energy the two of
cups I feel that you benefit through others this week people in your life
offer wisdom and advice to you and also through these conversations you are
inspired by others and what they are saying to you lots of online
communication going on this week so this could be back and forth with the email
so online businesses can also be busy this week I love you my my airbenders I
love you my Care Bears please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses mwah


  • Porschedude8 says:

    You're the best! Thank you Marie! 🌹🌹🌹

  • Sweet Liz says:

    I’m focusing on myself and I don’t care what people say against me. One more negativity coming from anybody around me, I am walking away. I feed, support & take care of myself. Once they start financially supporting me, then that’s the time I’m listening to their opinions! Otherwise, I could care less because it’s time for me to love myself now. Thanks for the reading.

  • Ethan Sweeney says:

    Yes. My. CARE. BEAR. KEEP. UP. THE. GOOD. WORK. ..💋💋💋💋 THIS. IS. LIBRA…..

  • Judith Franz says:

    Who are the airbenders? 😂

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